It Was all Destiny

Chapter 2: A Bond's Reveal and a Group's Celebration

Twilight and her friends were meeting for the night's party at the Library, and even the Cutie Mark Crusaders were present for the get together. Although at this point they were just really great friends who had all acquired their cutie marks. Rarity and Spike were late, but everypony just assumed that Rarity had a really big order that Rarity needed to be finished. Though after an hour, Twilight was starting to get a little worried.

Fluttershy approached Twilight who had a concerned look on her face. "Twilight, is everything alright?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, everything is fine Fluttershy, I was just wondering why Rarity and Spike still aren't here yet."

"Well, during our last Spa session earlier this week; Rarity did say that she had a big order that needed to be finished by today; we all know what Rarity is like when it comes to getting her projects done on time."

"Yeah, I guess you are right. It is just hard to get use to the idea that Spike is growing up, staying out late and spending most of his time with a girl....even if that girl is Rarity."

The two giggled at the thought, but both stopped and turned their heads as they heard the library door open. Everypony else was also looking and almost instantly dropped their jaws at the sight they had saw; Rarity and Spike walked slowly into the library, holding hand and hoof.

The silence carried on for a solid minute and by this point the new couple were both blushing from all the stares of their friends. This silence was broken by none other than Pinkie Pie, who launched a cannon of confetti over the two, she then bounced over to the two cheering loudly.

"WOOOHOOO, It happened, It finally happened." Pinkie then hugged the couple in excitement.

The rest of the ponies present also started talking after the silence.

"Well I'll be, Rarity and Spike together, and here I was thinking It was one sided."

"Oh my, this is a bit of a surprise isn't it? But you two look lovely together."

"HUH? WHAT? When did all this happen?" Rainbow Dash said as she was rather confused, she was oblivious to most ponies' feelings when I came to romance. "Well anyway, good going Spike." she said while hoof bumping him.

The now adult Cutie Mark Crusaders approached, each with different opinions; Scootaloo simply made a gagging motion as she thought romance of any kind was gross. She then proceeded to fly over Rarity and Spike teasing the new couple, before Apple Bloom told her to cut it out. Apple Bloom thought it was sweet said how nice the two looked together; "I knew I saw something between you two, y'all always spend all of ya time together" she said with a big 'I knew it smile.' Lastly Sweetie Belle approached the two, Rarity was hoping that Sweetie Belle would be accepting of Spike. Sweetie Belle went up and hugged Rarity and congratulated her on finally finding her special pony or in this case special dragon. "Wow Sis, it looks like we addition to the family, and I'm going to have a brother, I've always wanted a brother." Spike blushed at Sweetie belle's comment.

Everypony was happy, but Twilight had not said a word, which drew attention towards her. Spike was beginning to worry about what his best friend was thinking; "Ummm Twilight, are you al-"

Twilight interrupted Spike "Well, here I was thinking this would never happen, but I guess you know how to prove me wrong don't you Spike. You really are growing up aren't you?" Spike was happy to hear happy to hear this from Twilight, it gave him quite the vote of confidence.

Spike and Twilight both started to tear up slightly and hugged each other, reaffirming their bonds as friends and as a family.

"OK Rarity, you take good care of this one."

"Oh darling please, I'm sure it will be the other way around, Spike was the one taking good care of me today."

Twilight with a puzzled look on her face "Seems like there is a story about today that we need to hear."

Twilight was correct, everypony got into a group as Rarity started telling the story of the day's events that happened on the mountain and how Spike saved her from imminent death. I don't think anypony expected to hear, what they heard, the story was like something out of a romance novel. Tears were forming in the mare's eyes as they were emotional moved by Rarity's tale. Even Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were moved and were trying their hardest to not cry like the rest of the group.

It took a while for everypony to calm down and stop crying after they heard the story; Applejack was the first to comment about the story.

"Well shoot sugar cube, I don't think I have heard a story quite like that before, It almost seems like a greater power was at work to bring you too together. I'll be honest, I'm a little Jealous of you Rarity, y'all were able to find ya self a good man so early in life."

"Why thank you Applejack, Spikey Wikey is definitely the one thing in my life I am most thankful for, I don't think there would be another pony or dragon like him in a million years."

Rainbow Dash then quickly threw in her two cents to the conversation in an extremely blunt manner; "So what's next for you love birds anyway? Moving in together? Marriage? She then started making some not so subtle motions and lightly jabbing her elbow onto Spike "Maybe having some kids, stud."

Spike blushed a very deep shade of red as the feeling embarrassment flooded his face. He did not know what to say.

Fluttershy showing some backbone in this situation went up and moved Rainbow Dash out of the way. "Rainbow Dash, be polite to them, this is a new thing for them. Going fast may be good for you, but being slow sometimes is also a good thing."

Rainbow Dash was opening her mouth to say a retort, but couldn't muster something up in this situation and proceeded to cross her hoofs and flew off to sit on a nearby couch.

"Thanks Fluttershy" Spike said in lower toned voice.

"Oh, no problem Spike"

Pinkie then appeared from beneath the two instantaneous like she had Pinkie exclusive portals set up somewhere.

"So what is next for you too anyway, OH WE SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER PARTY! Oh! Oh! But what? Maybe a 'Spike and Rarity and finally together party,' or a 'one day anniversary party,' OH LETS JUST HAVE LOTS OF PARTIES! I'm just so soo sooo happy for you." Pinkie's face showing the biggest smile either of them had seen.

"Well, maybe later Pinkie."

Spike then looked towards Rarity and the two smiled at each. Rarity then came up to Spike with a mixture of seriousness and awkwardness on her face.

"Rarity? What's the matter?"

"Well dear, I suppose with Twilight here it might make discussing this easier......or possibly harder, but I was thinking that maybe you could move into the Carousel Boutique with me since we are together now, It is really big after all."

Spike's heart skipped a beat, for the longest time he had wanted to live with Rarity as to spend more time her, he was definitely sure about wanting to move in, but there was one thing he was forgetting as he tried to hide the excitement on his face, when he turned towards Twilight. Spike stood there frozen, not knowing what he should say to Twilight, she was like his sister after all, and been together for all of Spike's life.

"So umm Twilight......uhhhh well." Spike noticing a Twilight's face was anticipating some news, which may upset her.

"Well Twilight, I...I..........I WANT TO STAY WITH RARITY.........if that is alright with you? Spike felt relieved after saying that but didn't know how Twilight would take the news.

There was a brief silence until Twilight walked up to him with a small smile on her face, "Spike you are an adult and I am your friend not your mother. I know that staying with Rarity will make you, and her happy." She giggled lightly until her smile went to a frown; "I will be honest here and admit that even though I normally have my face buried in my books, and I don't see you physically that often, it was nice to know you were around the library and doing chores during my studies. It was reassuring to have some else in the house at night."

Twilight started tearing up and Spike hugged his best friend and comforted her.

She eventually regained her composure and walking over to Rarity.

"Well Rarity, I will be sad to see Spike leaving the library, but you and Spike are two of my very best friends, so I am confident you and Spike will be happy together."

Rarity's eyes began to water slightly; "My word, I never expected that to go so smoothly, thank you Twilight, from the bottom of my heat." The two quickly hugged.

"Well, shall we get back to the party then?"

"Sounds good darling."

So with all the talk about moving out behind them, everypony got back to enjoying themselves at the party.

After a few hours the party started to die down and the ponies present were starting to leave the library.

"Good-bye everypony, we'll meet each other again soon" Twilight called out to all the mares.

Fluttershy was the last to leave and approached Twilight one last time before she to return to her cottage.

"Twilight, you are OK with Rarity and Spike aren't you?"

"Well, it may be weird seeing them hugging and kissing, but I truly am happy for them"

"Well they seem pretty happy being together right now." The two ponies giggled to themselves as they saw a sleeping Rarity who had snuggled up to a sleeping Spike on the couch, who had wrapped one of his new fully grown wings around her, holding her close to him.

"Yeah, I think I'll leave them be for the night, they look like they couldn't be happier with each other."

"No arguments there Twilight, well I best be off before Angel gets too angry. Good night Twilight."

"Good night Fluttershy."

Twilight closed the door with her magic, and smiled as she saw the sleeping unicorn and dragon on the couch.

She made her way to bed and looked at them one more time and thought "Good night you two, I hope you can be this happy with each other always."

Twilight turned off the lights, leaving the two in a blissful darkness together, ending their first of many nights together.

The first night of them.....


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