It Was all Destiny

Chapter 3: A Couple's Daily Life and a Dragon's Realization

"So, Mother, Father, as you can see now, Spike and I are now a couple."

A few days after Pinkie Pie's get together party in which a newly together Rarity and Spike revealed their new relationship to everyone; The time had now come for Rarity, along with Spike, to tell Rarity's parents of her new dragon-friend.

After the news had been delivered, Rarity's parents looked at each other for a few moments and then started smiling and laughing slightly.

Rarity and Spike were definitely confused by their reaction.

Rarity then continued to speak; "Uhhh Mum? Dad? Are you both alright?

The two stopped laughing and looked at their daughter with smiles on their faces. Rarity's mother was the first to speak;

"Rarity dear, in all honesty we were kind of expecting something like this."

"What? Rarity said in a loud and surprised voice. How so mother?"

"Well, it doesn't take someone with amazing eyesight to see that you to are always walking around Ponyville together whenever you go out."

Rarity's father then jumped into the conversation; "That and little Sweetie Belle would always tell us that Spike was always present at your Boutique helping out."

"Oh is that so..." Rarity said blushing while trying to throw out a few chuckles to ease the tension.

"Rarity dear, you are a girl and Spike is a boy, even though you are two different species altogether, we figured that spending enough time together could possibly trigger some feelings for each other."

Spike then broke his silence; "So...sir, you didn't mind me spending all my time at the Boutique with your daughter? And you don't mind that I'm a dragon?"

"Well son, it will probably take a while to wrap my head around the fact that you too are an item now. But back in our day let’s just say my parents weren't too happy about an earth pony like me dating a unicorn. But times have indeed changed and...well...we can see that Rarity is happy and that's what really matters to us. We want both of our daughters to be happy in life, so if being together with a dragon is what makes Rarity happy, then that’s perfectly fine in my books."

Rarity was so happy with her father that she started crying and hugged him tightly. She then looked at both of her parents trying to hold back all the tears; "Thank you both, you don't know how happy I am that both of you are so accepting of Spike."

Spike then stood up, picked up Rarity and spun her around before moving in for a hug and a big kiss. They realized who exactly of course who exactly they doing it in front of and quickly pushed away from each other.

"So...sorry about that." Spike said with a awkward smile on his face.

"Well seeing my daughter kissing a boy is going to take some time getting used to, but I'm sure we my parents and Pearl's parents felt the same when we started kissing each other for the first time. Just..ahhh..try to behave yourselves alright?"

Rarity and Spike jumped for joy after hearing all this, and Rarity's parents simply smiled looking at the two.

"So Rarity"

"Yes darling, what is it?"

"I guess I should finish moving in soon?"

"Of course darling, let’s get to it."

A year had passed since the incident on the mountain top, which had bought the two lovers together. Life for the two couldn't have been better either; Rarity's popularity in the fashion world was only growing and with Spike's help, dressmaking had never been so easy.

Spike had to teach Twilight how to cook properly, which took longer than he would have liked, but he couldn't blame her for it, she never had time to learn how to cook back in Canterlot with all the studying she had to do. Eventually she got the hang of it and Spike officially moved into the Carousal Boutique with his sweetheart.

Yep, life couldn't have been better......

Except for one problem, which started weighing heavily on Spikes mind for the last few months?

Spike was sitting up in bed one night, Rarity snuggled up to him in sleep. Thoughts plagued his mind with a daunting problem. A problem which affected the rest of their lives.

"Oh, Rarity I want to be with you forever and ever.....but is that even possible?"

"I think that unicorns live the longest of all ponies that aren't princesses of course, but they are pretty much immortal anyway."

"I don't want to outlive Rarity, especially by tens of thousands of years.....that would be too horrible to live without her."

Spike sat there for the longest time until he came to a realization, a realization that would change him for the rest of his life.

"OK Spike, no matter what you must find a way of staying with Rarity forever. NO MATTER WHAT!"

Spike let out a sigh of relief, and looked down at a content sleeping Rarity right next to him. He stroked her mane and smiled, before lightly kissing her on the forehead and lying down and holding her close before going to sleep.

But how long could this happy little life of theirs last? Well that was for Spike to decide, and soon.

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