It Was all Destiny

Final Chapter: An Adventure's End and an Eternal Love Immortialized in Time

A confused white unicorn sat down at her kitchen table, using her magic to delicately pour some tea into a cup to calm down after the strange heart beat that had occurred earlier.

Hmm I wonder what that could have been about, sigh...I hope Spike-Wikey is OK.

Rarity's horn started to glow as she us lifted up her cup to have a sip of tea.



"AHHHHHHHHH!" CRASH! "Oh my word, what in the world was that?"

Rarity steeped over the tea covered floor, decorated with some of her fine china and looked outside her window at what had happened.

The mare's jaw dropped as she saw smoke rising from town "*Gasp* OH NO! That's coming from the town centre! Oh please let no pony be hurt."

The unicorn dashed off to the source of the smoke quickly to give her assistance where she could.

This looks absolutely HORRIBLE, Oh...I hope no pony has gotten hurt.

Rarity arrived at the centre along with many other ponies, including the rest of the gang, clearly everypony was very worried about what was happening.

Everypony noticed a small crater that had appeared on the ground, obviously something landed from the sky with somewhat of a powerful force.

Applejack arrived on the scene and calmed down any ponies who were scared from what had happened.

"Shoot, now what in Equestria is happenin' here?"

A confused Twilight Sparkle replied to her, "No idea, I was just reading a book, next minute BOOM!"

"Hmm well we can't really do a lot until all that smoke clears outta here."

The white unicorn went over to her friends, "Girls, is everypony alright?"

"Yeah we are, I have no idea what happened though, maybe something from space crashed."

"Oh I do hope no pony was caught under whatever landed."

As Rarity spoke to her friends, Applejack and Twilight's Jaws opened in disbelief.


Rarity turned around to see the smoke dispersing. Tears began to flow down the unicorn's face uncontrollably, biting her bottom lip she tried to keep her composure.

The smoke revealed a purple dragon, a purple dragon who realized where he was and who exactly the ponies that were looking at him were.

The purple dragon and the white unicorn eyes meet, they continued to look at each other for the longest time, Rarity was on the verge of collapse from all the emotions swimming through her body.

The dragon slowly stood up from the crater and began to speak.

"Rarity...I'm back."

The floodgates in Rarity's eyes had opened with no signs of stopping, along with the running water of her eyes, her legs followed suit as she ran at Spike. She jumped at the dragon landing on his chest, causing him to fall on the ground with a crying white unicorn atop him.

Rarity's hoof began to punch Spike's chest, emotions were running wild, she couldn't express all of them at once.

"What took you so long?!" The barely understandable unicorn said while sobbing fiercely.

Spike's arms reached over Rarity embracing her.

"I'm sorry; I'm here now...forever."

The unicorn just simply cried in the dragon's arms while he held her tight.

Everypony else there cheered for them, everypony in Ponyville knew that this reunion was a long time coming.

Spike carried Rarity out of the small crater to the rest of their friends.

"Hey everypony."

The young mares were either all crying or on the verge of it.

"Come on guys, we have a lot to talk about."

The dragon and the six mares all went off to the Library; where a lot of events needed to be discussed.

But at that moment with everypony being back together, everything felt OK.

"Then he teleported me back to Ponyville."

Spike's recollection of the events at Evermare sounded like some crazy fantasy story; no pony knew quite how to respond to it.

The lavender pony jumped up and started to ask questions as quickly as her mouth would let her.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Did Star Swirl Teach you anything? What did he look like? Where is he now?" Twilight said bouncing around so much that she'd give Pinkie Pie a run for her money.

Rainbow Dash flew over and pushed her against the ground to stop her from hurting herself or anypony else.

"Woah there Twilight, don't ware yourself out."

Fluttershy nervously asked not wanting to cause an argument. "So this was all true then Spike? It just sounds like a lot of unbelievable events all happening at the same time."

"Oh it is true, although I barely do believe it myself."

"So Spike ya'll back with us for good right?"

"You bet I am."


Confetti rained down on Spike from Pinkie's infamous party cannon.

"YAY! We can have a welcome back party, it will be huge! Loud! Exciting! And best of all SUPER DUPER FUN! I haven't done a big party for weeks now."

"Haha thanks Pinkie, although I think a bigger party will be needed for something else."

Spike looked at Rarity and gave her a huge grin. "I have kept you waiting long enough Rarity; don't you think we should stop keeping our friends in the dark?"

"Oh...well...alright darling."

A now composed Rarity stood before her friends, all of them extremely curious as to what the young unicorn was going to say.

"Well before Spike left, he said something to me...something very important."

"WHAT WHAT DID HE SAY?" Pinkie yelled wanting to know the answer.

"Well we agreed we would wait until he returned and now that he has I can say this in front of you all."

Everypony was on the edge of the seats, leaning in closer with anticipation.

"Well girls...WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!"

There was a brief silence while everyone was processing what Rarity has said, but the silence was short lived."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A ecstatic Fluttershy yelled and flew over to Rarity hugging her tightly."

"Oh my Fluttershy, this is unexpected." Rarity said while trying not to laugh.

"This is just lovely; my best friend is getting married."

"Thank you darling."

"Oh, you'll have the most beautiful wedding dress and someone will have to do your mane and-"

Everypony else looked at each other, quite surprised at how excited and talkative Fluttershy was.

WOW, she is really getting into this whole thing. Thought everypony collectively.

Suddenly, KA-BOOM! ka-boom! ka-boom!

Pinkie Pie outdid herself; the party cannon fired smaller party cannon's releasing even more confetti around the room.

Twilight looked at the cannon carefully analyzing it, "Uhhh Pinkie, How did you get th-"

"WOOOOOOO A WEDDING PARTY!!! I haven't done a wedding party since Princess Cadence...OH OH A WEDDING CAKE! I haven't done one of those yet...OH A VENUE...MAYBE THE CASTLE, if the princess will let us. OH OH!"

Rarity quickly tried to calm the bouncy pink pony full of energy. "Now now Pinkie, there will be time to sort out all of that."


"I think that we are all excited dear." Rarity said followed by a giggle.

Rarity than looked at Twilight and smiled, "I guess this means I have a new sister."

"I guess it does, should be fun...just ahh take care of Spike."

"Of course darling, nothing less."

"Why am I the one who needs taking care of?" Spike said crossing his arms and pouting.

All the mares laughed at Spike's expense.

Rainbow Dash then flew up and put her arm around Spike's shoulder and with a look on her face that showed she was just trying to cause something.

"So Spike...shall we be expecting some little pon....dra....some babies soon, huh stud?"

Spike pushed himself away from her, "Ra-Rainbow Dash...I...I, uhhh"

A lasso quickly grabbed Rainbow Dash and bought her to the ground, a less than amused Applejack putting tape over her mouth.

"Even afta all these years, this pony here has absolutely no decorum at all I swear. Any who, congratulations you two, Ah know ya'll be happy together."

"Thanks Applejack."

"So what is next on the agenda anyway?"

Spike and Rarity smiled at each other. "Well, I guess we have to plan out our wedding." After being said they gave each other a big kiss, which asides from Rainbow Dash caused a smile on everyone's faces.

"Umm Pinkie, dear, why does the oven look like it's about to explode?"

"Well Mrs Cake, I figured we would need a REALLY big wedding cake on account of how big Spike is and since he can eat more."

"I many cups of flour did the recipe say to use?"


"And how much did you use?"

"Hmmm about one hundred."



Cake mixture covered the kitchen and everything in it. Mrs Cake wiped away the mixture from her face and saw what had happened to her Kitchen.

"Oh NOT AGAIN PINKIE...I'll go get the mop."

Pinkie's tongue emerged from her mouth and with a blink of an eye the mixture covering her face disappeared.


"OK let's see, need ta sort out the cake, then get all the chairs and other furniture for the venue, then music, entertainment...Oh lord there is so much to do. Big Mac, ya'll getting all those decorations ready?"


"What about the apples will we have enough?!"


"And what about the-"


"Ah sis, maybe ya'll should calm down a bit, I mean the wedding is still a lil' while away."

"Maybe you're right *sigh* I just know how much this means to Rarity, I just want it ta be perfect ya hear?"

"Sis, Rarity will love whatever you do."

"I know but still..."

"OK now everypony your singing has to all be in tune, alright from the to-"


The entire bird choir flew away from the sound of a fallen tree.

"Oh dear, not again."

Fluttershy flew over to the tree to discover that a certain beaver was at work.

"Mr Beaverteeth, what have I told you about chewing down the trees around here?"

"Nyarr Nyyaaa Nyaaarrr."

"Please behave yourself!"


"*Gasp* Last warning young man, If you use that language again!"


"Oh that is it!"

Fluttershy's eyes opened wide given Mr Beaverteeth her infamous glare. Within seconds the now scared beaver moved slowly away towards a nearby river and swam away.

"Good, now back to the choir, Oh I do hope it will be good enough."

"Uhhh Twi, don't you think you should wait a while before trying to get Star Swirl to become your new teacher."

"What are you on about Spike, if I learn some cool spells now I could use them at the wedding, wouldn't that be cool?"

"*Sigh* Yeah I guess so, but you have been asking the poor colt every day and he is just no ready yet."

"Yes...but maybe today he will be!"

"Twi, could you please help me with my vows? Please."

"Of course...just after I talk to Star Swirl again."

Spike hand hit his forehead, a regular occurrence as of late.

"You never change Twilight."


VOOOOOOOOOOOM! An orange dash flew over a field just on the outskirts of Ponyville.

"Come on just a little more, lit-tle moooooore..."


"Oh man not again."

"Scootaloo what the heck are you doing?"

"I was trying to do a sonic Rainboom, you know so then we could both do one for the wedding."


"What's the matter?"

"Uhhh I don't know if you can do a rainboom, I mean it is kinda my thing after all."

"Awwww but I really wanna do one like you, but whenever I speed up I can't control my movement and I keep crashing into the lake."

"Well, have you ever considered maybe trying to come up with your own special move?"


"Well of course I am."

"I'll call it... THE SCOOTABOOM!"

"...Uhhh maybe work on the name just a bit. Anyway off to practice some more."

A rainbow was left behind as Rainbow Dash quickly flew into the sky.

"Hmm now what pattern should I attach to the base of the dress hmm...floral?

"HEY SIS! Still working on your dress?"

"Oh Sweetie, yes this will be the best dress I will ever make!"

"A little odd you aren't getting someone else to make this one."

"Maybe, but this is my one and only wedding dress, so it will be perfect."

"Hmm I suppose. So sis can I sing at your wedding please, please, please PLEASE!?!?"

A big pair of Sweetie Belle eyes looked right at Rarity.

"Oh why not, It is how you got your cutie mark after all."


"So need a hoof with your dress?"

"NO! I ahh mean...shouldn't you be practicing for the wedding?"

"Good point sis, I will see you later."


The night before the wedding...

A purple dragon was lying down on his bed with a white unicorn snuggled up against him with her head on his chest.

"Darling are you OK? Your heart seems to be beating quite fast."

"Huh, oh...well I guess I'm just nervous for tomorrow, I don't want to screw up or anything.

"Spikey-Wikey, you will be fine, I know you will be fine."

Spike wrapped his arm around her and removed any and all space between them.

"Yeah I guess, I just want the day to be special, everything needs to be perfect."

"Honey, seriously it will be perfect, do you know why?"


"Because I'm marrying you silly, how couldn't it be perfect?"

"I guess that is right, no other wedding could be perfect after this one, because no one else will get to marrying you Rarity."

"Oh Spike."

Their lips embraced each other softly yet passionately, before sleeping in each other arms. The last night they would sleep together unwed.

The day of the wedding had arrived. Fireworks were being fired throughout the skies. The first marriage between a pony and a dragon was taking place, not only that but one of the elements of harmony and the courageous dragon that had helped and stood by them over the years. The ceremony was taking place in Canterlot and Princess Celestia herself was residing as the officiant for the occasion.

Pinkie Pie along with help from the cakes had baked the biggest cake in their bakeries' history, It was as big as a house. A chocolate cake covered in vanilla frosting and pinkie floral designs throughout. The piece de resistance were the cake topper figurines designed after Rarity and Spike.

Applejack had catered and along with Pinkie Pie had sorted out all the decorations, seating arrangements and countless other tasks. Tables everywhere, all covered in dishes made from the Apple family.

Fluttershy had near one hundred bird stands filled with many species of birds and biota alike. They had been practicing and she had made what might be one of the best choirs Equestria had ever or will ever see.

Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom was as immaculate as ever, Scootaloo was making progress and although she hadn't created something yet, something would appear someday.

Twilight Sparkle wanted his soon to be sister in law and dragon brother's wedding to be something to remember. After much practice she had made a large Spike and Rarity picture glowing in pristine magic above the alter, along with precious memories of the two and their close group of friends slowing playing through the ceiling.

A tuxedo wearing dragon was waiting at the alter with all of his friends, the princesses and a large group waiting for his wife to be, he was sweating bullets and was shaking so much that his scales could fly off any second.

"Spike calm down will ya, it is just a wedding."

"Yeah sure Twi, you say that when it's your big day."


"Come on, stop being a scaredy dragon, you don't want Rarity to think you're a wuss now do ya?" Twilight snickered a little with this comment.

"Just you wait Twilight; you will be shaking in your hooves like this one day too."


"Oh Rarity, you look absolutely lovely."

"Yeah sis, you look amazing, Spike is one lucky guy."

"Thank you girls, you have been such a great help, Fluttershy when did you become so good with hair and make-up?"

"Oh well, I do have other hobbies and interests that I do in my free time."

"Oh Sis look at the time, we better get going."

"Oh already? Ok let's go...Pull yourself together Rarity, nothing to be afraid of, just don't faint body."


"Yes Fluttershy?" Rarity said stuttering slightly.

"I can tell that you are nervous and I cannot blame you, but you look even more beautiful than normal and there is a lucky dragon waiting for you OK, everything will be fine."

The two ponies hugged each other gently as to not ruin the dress.

"Thank you darling; really, you know just what to say."

"Years of practice I suppose." The pegasus said followed by a brief giggle.

"Alright time to stop my Spikey-Wikey from waiting!"

Fluttershy holding the back of Rarity's wedding dress, the mares walked onwards towards the main hall of the castle.

The doors to the main hall of the castle opened. Everypony present fell into silence, slowly the white unicorn donning the wedding dress slowly made her way to the alter. Fluttershy had really helped with the hair and make-up, two twirling purple bangs coming down either side of her face and the rest of her mane was carefully interwoven with flowers. Fluttershy was clearly hiding more talents than just caring for animals. As Rarity approached; Spike's jaw hit the floor, he couldn't believe that Rarity's beauty could get any better, but clearly there is always room for improvement.

HOLY CRAP! How does she keep getting more and more beautiful, that is crazy. Spike started to think to himself with a bit of droll almost falling from his mouth.

Twilight rolled her eyes "Hey Casanova, you may want to look a little more presentable."

Spike realized that his mouth was wide opened and quickly shut it with his hand. This didn't stop him from keeping a large goofy smile on his face as Rarity got ever closer.

OK Spike, this is It! Time to make her the luckiest pony in the world and time to make you the luckiest dragon in the world.

Rarity reached the alter, the two lovers turned their heads and looked at each other, they each got lost in one another's eyes and smiled, causing some faint red tints on their cheeks.

Fluttershy's choir began to sing with Sweetie Belle joining in, setting an ambient mood for the event.

Princess Celestia greeted the two and then began to start talking.

"Greetings to all on this joyous day; we are here to bring together two creatures in love today and to wed on of the saviours of Equestria, one of the elements of harmony, generosity and a loyal friend and brave dragon. Today will bring together Spike and Rarity, today will show that love knows no many bounds and the love can be shown in purist form between two beings. At request of Spike and Rarity, they have written their own vows and will now be read, alright you two."

Spike held Rarity's two front hooves in her hands. "Rarity, my love, I cannot begin to describe how badly I wished for this day. Ever since the very first day I have always wanted to be with you. At first it seemed like a simple child's crush, but that changed over time. The more time I spent with you, the more I learned how complex and wonderful Rarity the unicorn really was. You are exceeding beautiful, but that is still eclipsed by how generous, caring and loving you are as a pony. I can say that I love you and it wouldn't be enough, never in one million years. But today I will show everypony here just how much I love you and be together with you. Now and forever.

Rarity was emotionally moved, she got lost in his eyes as Spike said his vows. She was holding back the tears, but her eyes started to water. The peacefully bliss Rarity inched a little closer to Spike, closing most of the distance between them.

My friend, my companion, my lover, my one and only, that is you Spike. I had feelings for you for a long time, even if I didn't know that I had them. You have not failed to be there for me and literally would go to the ends of Equestria to help me. I am the element of generosity and you are a dragon, the personification of greed. But Spike that is not you, you are even more generous than me. I don't know if I could ever thank you enough, but I promise to love you forever my big Spikey-Wikey.

The princess smiled; "Spike do you take Rarity to be your lawfully wedded wife, from now till the day you die?"

"I do." Spike squeezed a little tighter on Rarity's hoof, not wanting to let go.

"Rarity, do you take Spike to be your lawfully wedded husband, from now till the day you die?"

"I do." One tear escaped her eye.

"I Princess Celestia of Equestria now pronounce you two; Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride."

Barely waiting to hear those words, the two now wed lovers quickly but gently kissed each other, embracing each other softly. It was as though time was frozen at this point in time, their moment in time, a perfect moment just for them.

Out the window a sonic rainboom as seen radiating the sky, the sky illuminated with colour and their hearts filled love it was their perfect moment. From this day forth they would be by each other's side, for better or worse, it would be Spike and Rarity together.

Spike and Rarity's lives together was just beginning and their friends lives were also changing slowly as the seasons changed.

Applejack and Big Mac took over control of Sweet Apple Acres and continued to provide apples and other such delights to ponies for generations to come.

Applebloom followed Cheerliee's path and became a teacher, even since her cuite mark crusader years, she has always had an urge to help ponies and help them learn the best they can.

Fluttershy continued to be kind and care for the animals; eventually she created a sanctuary nature reserve for all creatures in need. The three butterfly sanctuary was open for all.

Pinkie Pie continued to bring cheers and happiness to all ponies whenever she could. She also became an excellent baker and always donated food to poor ponies in need.

Sweetie Belle became a singing sensation, her concerts were in high demand all throughout Equestria, and she was regarded as one of the greatest singers in recent history.

Rainbow Dash after many years of service became the lead flier in the Wonder Bolts and an instructor at the academy. Scootaloo was also working under her and was another high ranked and well regarded flier on the Wonder Bolts.

Twilight Sparkle went on to learn under Star Swirl's guidance and also became a book writer. Surprisingly her first book and arguably her best book was a picture book, it quickly became an instant classic and became a favourite among many fillies, especially young mares. The book was titled 'The Love of the Ruby Heart' Inspired by the true love story of her dear friends and relatives; Spike and Rarity.

The two lovers eventually closed shop in Ponyville and Rarity finally accomplished her dreams of working in Canterlot with her lovely husband Spike always present. Over time she retired, but raised many young tailors and seamstresses to carry on her legacy. Spike was always there for Rarity, but also worked as one of Princess Celestia's personal guards whenever she needed him.

Destiny was pre-determined for everypony and each continued to live their lives, but every life has a limit to it and everyone aged as newer generations came to carry on legacies and start their own destinies.

Many years later...

Ever since the adventures of the elements of harmony, Equestria had forever been at peace, although as time went on, the friends slowly fell under death's always present demise. The elements of harmony slowly died in their later years, first the earth ponies and then the pegasi.

Twilight Sparkle was now and old mare, she had gone to Canterlot to visit Rarity and Spike, after not seeing them for some time.

Knock knock knock

"Hello, Rarity...Spike...anyone home?" Twilight rattled the door handle and to her surprise it was open.

"Guys I am coming in."

Twilight walked around looking for them, It was quite quiet, what is going on? This is giving me the creeps. She looked over at the couch in the living room and saw Spike's wing covering Rarity like always.

"There you two are, jeez nothing ever cha-" Twilight instantly went silent, a tear trickled down her face, she saw Rarity in Spike's embrace, but they were not moving. The two lovers has passed away silently in the night, together in one final embrace.

"Oh Spike, Rarity, *sniff* at least you two both had smiles on your faces."

A funeral was held, the fifth element of harmony and her dragon husband had both died. They were buried together in Canterlot in a special cemetery for important ponies and creatures who helped service Equestria.

Their tombstone stood next the other four who had fallen before them. Much like the others, atop of Rarity and Spike's tombstone was a now turned to stone element of generosity, forever attached and to never be awakened ever again.

Spike and Rarity lived and died together and that's just how they wanted it.

Twilight returned to her home, feeling lonely in the world, all of her closest friends were gone now...but she still wasn't completely alone in her life.

"Grandma Twywyght, you're back." A young purple filly came running up to the now elderly Twilight to hug her.

"Yes little one I am. Good to see my granddaughter is always full of energy"

"Where were you?"

"Oh I was just saying goodbye to some friends..." Twilight's face looked away as she frowned slightly saying that sentence.

"The ones from the story?"

"Yes, those were the ones."

Twilight's granddaughter ran off and returned with a copy of 'The Love of the Ruby Heart'. "Grandma, can you read this to me."

"Again? You really like this one huh?"

"Yep, it's my favourite."

"Well It is one of my favourite stories too.

Twilight sat down and picked up her granddaughter and put her on her lap, as she opened the book.

"So Granny, everything in this story is true?"

"It sure is, although there were still some ponies out there who didn't believe it."

"Why was that?"

"Well some thought that it was weird or a little hard to believe, some thought it was a fluke or some freak accident."

"Really? The young filly's face started to frown.

"Yes really, however there is something to remember, the truth about the story. Some ponies will have their opinions about Spike and Rarity, but there is only one thing you need to know about the two."

"What? What was it granny Twywyght?"

"Well little one that is simple, the love and bond shared between Spike and Rarity could only be described in one way...and that would be that It was..."

"It was all destiny."

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