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My Golden Love

Nico always had the blonde strip on his wrist. He never found any of the blonde girls he saw very attractive, and then he saw Percy. Percy had blonde on his wrist and Nico thought, no hoped, that maybe there was a mixup. Nico later realized that Percy already had his soulmate, Annabeth. Nico had given up on finding his soulmate, no matter how many golden-haired Apollo kids there were, and all the other campers that had blonde hair.

After a few too many shadow travels and a few too many days of not caring enough about his health, Nico ended up collapsing at the campfire. He was taken to the infirmary right away. Unfortunately, this was not the first time this had happened, but there had been a few changes to the staff, which meant that Nico had to get a new caretaker.

Will Solace had been at the campfire when he saw a camper collapse. He quickly called for help, and with help from Kayla and Austin, they carried him to the infirmary. Will noticed that he had a heavy jacket on. After taking the jacket off, Will could see the campers face a lot better. This was Nico DeAngelo, the child of Hades that Will had a crush on since he first saw him. It had been a really hot day and Nico had to take his jacket off and had his hair pulled out of his face. Will had been watching his siblings when one of the girls pointed at Nico and whispered to her friend about him. Will had looked where she was pointing and saw him.

Now Will was taking care of him. Ever since then Will had spent more time around Nico. He had found out that Nico’s soul mark was the same color as his hair after the first time he had taken care of him. However, Will didn’t know how to bring up the fact to Nico. After a few months, Will decided it was time to talk to Nico. He had already asked Nico to meet him by Nico’s cabin around dusk. Now it was time and Will wasn’t sure he could do this. What if Nico rejected him? What if Will was wrong and Nico had a soulmate? No time for that now. Nico was walking towards Will.


Will had told Nico to meet him at his cabin. Nico was definitely anxious. Had Will figured out about his crush and was going to reject him? Were Will and him soulmates and he didn’t want to “Hey,” Nico said shyly. He hadn’t felt this nervous about talking to Will since he first woke up in the infirmary.

“Hey Nico,” WIll replied. “Um... I have something to tell you.” Nico nodded his head to let Will know that he could continue. “I really like you, and I think we might be soulmates.” Nico almost fainted right then and there. Will looked like he was starting to panic. Nico then realized he should probably respond.

“I uh like you too Will. I guess we might be soulmates?”(And more)

“Yeah, I guess we are.” They had to go to dinner but they walked there together. Will had gotten Chiron’s permission a while ago for Nico to sit next to him instead of alone. Everyone could notice the difference.

They eventually both moved to the underworld for the rest of their lives and helped out Demigods when they could. Nico finally had someone that he knew would never leave him.

-The End-

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