The Return of the Green Goblin

Chapter 2

Harry wandered around his parent's room, looking for a secret compartment behind paintings on the wall or a hidden room. He walked to his dad's dresser, looking for Gobulin Green or anything that would make him strong again. He tried to lift a science award of his father's to look under it but it wouldn't budge. He looked closer and realized a slight opening in it. He lifted the top of the award and saw that there was a red button on the inside. Hmm, I wonder what this does… thought Harry, as he pressed it. Behind him, he heard a release on something and turned around to see a secret door hidden in the wall. He walked into the camouflaged area with caution. He found a light switch and put the lights on that went down a whole staircase into this unknown section of his house. He closed the door behind him slowly and made sure no one would follow.

On a mannequin, he saw his dad had a spare Green Goblin costume. He looked at the mask and shivered a little bit remembering his father's awful death. The moment he touched it, he wondered if he was doing the right thing.

Something inside him changed his mind. It was his heart that told him he had to get revenge on Spiderman even if he was his best friend. He couldn't let him get away with this!

He walked down the stairs and into a large room with a glass tank with metal stairs leading up to it. He gasped as he comprehended what this chamber was for: to turn his father into the Green Goblin. He smiled at the thought of Spiderman being killed by him, and then, whatever part of his soul that wasn't consumed in darkness, remembered that he was also thinking about Peter. He extinguished that thought immediately, remembering they were the same person and that Pete had killed, murdered his father.

He looked into the glass of the chamber and didn't see himself anymore but his father. His father would be so proud if he knew what Harry was about to do.

Near the tank, he noticed a control panel that regulated it. He pressed the on-button and a touch screen blinked on the middle of the expensive machine. On the screen, a sticky note said what everything had to be set on for the machine to give you strength, smarts and agility. He turned knobs and put everything right where it said. On another post-it note, it said to call a Gob-squad to capture Spiderman and lock him in some secret area. It had the number and everything. Harry looked around making absolute sure nobody was there. He got out his cell phone and dialed the number on the note.

It rang once before it was answered. "Yeah?" A man with a mafia-type accent said.

"Hi," Harry said. "This is the Green Goblin."

"I thought you was dead."

"There's a - new Green Goblin now. Go pick up Spiderman. And send him here; I want to have a talk with him."

"To ya' house? I don't think that'll be possible. We'll take him to the warehouse."

"What warehouse?" asked Harry.

"The one by the docks. Oh and do ya' want us to pick him up now. I believe somethin's goin' down at the bank."

"Yeah. I wanna see the look on his face when he realizes I know who he is," Harry grinned.

"Kay, meet ya' there."

Peter swung down the road, over police cars and under bridges to the scene of the crime. Inside the bank, the Sandman held bags of money and was opening the door but just as he did Spiderman swung in and kicked his face sending sand flying backwards.

"Ugh! Not that web crawler again!" He bellowed as he reassembled his face.

"Aw. A bitter reunion? I'm touched," Peter said as he smacked the Sandman upside the head. He jumped sideways to avoid the axe the Sandman created out of his hand.

"Come on! Axes are so unoriginal. You can do better than that," Spidey quipped.

The Sandman roared as he covered Spiderman with sand hands and started to squeeze him but Pete's spidey senses went off and he slipped through his fingers. He made a hammer and hit three times, Spiderman dodging each blow. Suddenly, he hammered into Peter's stomach sending him crashing into a wall.

Ow! My arm! Pete thought as his arm slammed against the wall. He got back up anyway despite the pain.

"Spidey!" A random bystander shouted. "Take this!" They through him a bucket of water.

"Thanks!" He took it and splashed it on Sandman's face.

Sandman cried. "No! Please! Stop!"

"What Sandy? Scared you'll turn into 'Mudman'?" Peter said, seeing that there was a drain just beneath Sandman.

He looked at the bystander who had friends with him, carrying other buckets of water which they handed to him. He splashed bucket after bucket of water all over the Sandman until he sunk into the drain and in a muffled voice said, "No!"

"Thanks!" He turned but the people who helped him were gone. Hmm, why'd they leave? He thought. And why's my spider sense going off? The bad guy's gone…

Unexpectedly, a towel covered Spiderman's mouth making him go unconscious, and he was put into a large bag and dragged away to who knows where.

Peter woke up and sat up groggily on cold cement floor in a dark room. His hands and feet were tied in tight ropes and he was blindfolded and remembered what had so abruptly happened. Oh God, Aunt May will be worried out of her mind, he thought.

Harry had a microphone to disguise his voice as to not let Peter know who he was.

"Hello - Spiderman. Or should I say - Peter."

Peter's eyes widened behind his blindfold. "Venom? Vulture? Mysterio? Doctor Octopus? Who are you?"

Harry laughed. "That's not the point. The point is I know who you are and I know who to hurt to get to you. Aunt May. Mary Jane. Harry." He put himself in to add to the element of surprise. "Gwen."

"I won't let you hurt them!"

"Oh but you don't have a choice. Do you, bug?"

Peter laughed mockingly. "Bug? That's the best you can come up with? I mean technically speaking spiders aren't bugs. They're arachnids."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Whatever, I'm saving better names for worse situations. And you shouldn't be laughing. I could be torturing one of your little friends right now."

Now Peter was scared and this was right where this guy (or girl since their voice was disguised) wanted him. "Don't you put your filthy hands on any of them!"

"Oh I won't - not yet anyway. I'm just warning you for the worst. Send him back home boys." He said, cruelly.

They nodded and made Peter pass out again with a poisoned cloth.

Peter woke up on his floor, noticing his window was wide open and that the people must have just brought him back considering the floor felt cold like he'd just been put there. He also saw that his red and blue suit was on and that it was almost midnight. Gwen! He thought. He had to know if she was okay! He knew it was late but he couldn't forgive himself if she were hurt by anyone.

A light turned on in the hallway.

"Peter?" Aunt May's voice called at Peter's door.

With a web, he shut his windows closed. He quickly took off his suit and web shooters and slipped on some pajamas and hopped onto his bed, pretending to be asleep.

She cracked the door open. "Oh! Peter! Thank the Lord!" She said, running to him and hugging him tight. "Oh, I better not wake him," she whispered to herself as she quietly exited the room.

Well that's one person that checks off as alright. Now for Gwen, Mary Jane, and Harry, Pete thought.

He dialed her cell and waited for three rings before she picked up. "Pete? What do you need?" She asked groggily.

"Oh - I just wanted to know if you were doing alright."

"Pete, it's - 1:30 AM. Of course I'm fine. Except that you and Harry totally ditched me at the Silver Spoon," she said, and Peter suspected she would be giving him the look if he was seeing her in person.

"Sorry about that - just, don't go down any dark alleys. Okay?"

He could tell she was rolling her eyes. "Okay, Pete. Get some sleep. Goodnight."

"Bye. Call me if you need anything!"

"Okay… Bye, Pete," she yawned.

"Okay, bye!"

"Are we gonna keep saying goodbye or will one of us actually hang up already?"

Peter laughed. "Sorry. Bye Gwen."

She hung up and he felt a whole lot better knowing she was alright. Heck, just hearing her voice made him happy.

He texted Harry and Mary Jane to make sure they were also okay. They both were still awake and replied soon after.

Peter took a deep breath and exhaled shakily. They are fine for now, but who knows what this man is going to do...He knows who I am and that puts everyone I care about in danger...

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