To Reassemble A Broken Heart: Everypony Deserves Love

A Battle in the Crystal Empire

Celestia was standing on the snow covered rocks of the Crystal Mountains. She was alone. All her friends were gone. Why did they leave her? How could...

"Celestia," came the blood-curdling growl from behind her.

She turned around, only to find Sombra, standing far from her with his back facing her. He glanced behind with eyes literally pouring darkness and a wicked grin sending shivers down Celestia's spine.

"S-Sombra?" she called with a shaky voice.

"Celestia, I'm waiting for you."

In one second, Sombra turned into black smoke and dashed towards her.

Celestia woke up with a quiet gasp and began to breathe heavily. A hoof landing on her shoulder almost made her jump in fright. But she glanced behind to see it was just Twilight.

"Princess Celestia, are you okay?" Twilight asked worriedly.

Celestia sighed in relief. "Twilight, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"You seemed to be having a nightmare, Tia," Luna said.

"Well, yes, I was. But it's okay." Celestia glanced behind Luna and found the others waking up. "They were all sleeping?"

"Yes. Even me. I woke up a few minutes ago. You know, we didn't sleep well last night due to your 'surprise'," Twilight answered.

Celestia smiled warmly, remembering once again how loyal and loving of students she had. "Thank you, Twilight."

"You're welcome, Princess. You've thanked us enough, don't you think?" Twilight replied jokingly.

"I can never get enough of thanking you for what you're doing now."

The train's brakes squealed as the wheels rotated in reverse bringing it to a stand still

Spike awakened to find he and Rarity leaning against one another. Blushing profusely he shook his still sleeping companion lightly,"R-Rarity?"

The purplette glanced around groggily before her eyes set on the drake, "Wu-what? What is it darling?"

"I...I think we've just arrived to the Crystal Empire."

Any sign of grogginess vanished from Rarity's bright blue eyes, "Really?! Let me see!"

Turning to the window, Rarity stared out and saw the Crystal Castle from afar. The golden rays of the sunlight reflected off the crystal walls of the castle, creating one of the most wonderful scenes Rarity has ever laid an eye on. It was as shiny and beautiful as she hoped it would be.

"Oh, thank goodness! The Crystal Empire in this Equestria is just as beautiful as the one in ours!" Rarity gave Spike a short hug, then stepped off the seat.

Spike took a moment to regain his balance after that hug, then jumped off the seat. "You know? What bothers me is that in this world, I didn't save the Crystal Empire."

"Oh, that's okay, Spikey-Wikey! You're still a hero for me." Rarity rubbed Spike's head as she spoke words of reassurance, causing Spike's fleeting blush to come back at full force.

As the train pulled into the station, the Elements of Harmony had finished waking up and stretching.

"Here we are." Applejack stated, fixing her stetson.

"Man, that was a short nap!" Rainbow stretched causing her bones to give a satisfying 'Pop!' in return, "It helped take off some of the sleepiness though."

"Come on girls, we have to meet 'Sir Discord' and 'Princess Trixie'," Twilight made a face and shuddered lightly, "I still can't get over how weird that sounds."

The group gathered their things and stepped off the train just before the train pulled out of the station.

Twilight happily took a deep breath of the fresh, cool air of the north and exhaled. "The Crystal Empire looks..."

"Look guys," Pinkie gasped, staring in the distance, "There's a fire!"

"Fire?! Where?!" Twilight asked in panic.

"There!" Pinkie pointed with her hoof at Crystal buildings near the castle that were on fire.

"Oh my goodness!" Celestia gasped, covering her mouth in shock.

"Come on, ya'll! Let's find out what's happenin' there!" Applejack said, before she galloped towards the castle, her friends following behind closely.

They stopped in front of the castle and stared in shock at the damaged and burning buildings. There were too many ponies in black armors destroying everything. The most shocking thing was that the Crystal Heart was missing from the castle's base.

As a crystal stallion raced past the group, Rainbow Dash caught him in her forelegs, "Hey, calm down! Can you tell us what's going on?"

"It's...It's Queen Cadance and King Shining Armor! They're attacking us!" The stallion replied, lurching himself from Rainbow's grip and galloping away.

Everyone, except for Luna, stood in silence and let that piece of information sink in their minds. Queen Cadance?

"QUEEN CADANCE?!" everyone exclaimed, except for Luna and Celestia.

"Oh, pony!" Celestia placed her right foreleg on her forehead.

"We have to stop them!" Luna said, pointing towards the attacking ponies.

"Look! There is the 'Bad Cadance'!" Rainbow Dash pointed up.

Twilight glanced up and stared in shock at the scene. Flying above one of the buildings was Cadance. Her mane had a shade of black on its end. She was wearing a padlock necklace and her Cutie Mark was an emerald heart split in half. She had four black, circular earpieces on her left ear. Even her face was scary. And standing on the top of that building was Shining Armor. He didn't seem a lot different from the 'original' Shining Armor, but he seemed a little worried and scared. Cadance was glaring at something on the ground. Twilight shifted her gaze to see what was that thing, only to see a blue Alicorn wearing a silver crown. Said Alicorn was also glaring at Cadance and seemed ready to pounce and attack at any moment.

"Is that Princess Trixie?" Twilight asked, pointing at the blue Alicorn

Luna turned to the blue Alicorn and widened her eyes. "Yes, she is!"

"Oh, poor Princess Trixie! Where is your dear Discord to protect you now? Hahaha!" Cadance said sarcastically.

"Shut up, Cadance! You won't get away with this!" Trixie snapped back, before she flew and fired a magic blast at Cadance.

The pink Alicorn dodged the blast and laughed. "Oh yes, I will!"

The two Alicorns sped towards each other. Cadance fired a blast, but Trixie blocked it with a magic shield, losing her view for a moment. Cadance hit Trixie with her right foreleg, throwing her crashing on the ground. Then, she fired a magic blast at her. But Celestia came at the right moment and blocked the blast with a golden magic shield.

"Are you okay, Princess Trixie?" Celestia asked.

Trixie shook the dust off her head before she replied. "Yes, I'm fine." she glanced at her savor and widened her eyes. "Wait a minute,'re..."

"Celestia?!" Cadance said in wonder. "No, you can't be Celestia! I know Celestia! Well, I don't care who you are, for no pony can defeat me as long as I have this..." Cadance opened her big saddle bag and brought out the Crystal Heart. Everyone gasped.

"Oh, no!" Luna said.

Cadance laughed wickedly. "Using the magic of the Crystal Heart, I will destroy the Crystal Empire, then rule Equestria!"

"Not if I have something to say about it!" came the voice of Chrysalis, before a tiny green beam of magic struck Cadance's hoof, causing her to drop the Heart to the ground.

Everyone turned their eyes to the source of the beam. It was the alternate Chrysalis, hovering in the air. She was much...well, 'cuter' than the original? She had a beautiful, green mane and wore small, circular glasses. There were also two, small blue hearts on each of her butterfly-like wings and she wore a blue amulet with a red heart in the middle.

"Chrysalis?! What are you doing here?!" Cadance yelled in anger.

"Just because I rule the Southlands doesn't mean I can't give my friends a visit. And now, I'm so glad I did!" Chrysalis replied.

"Duchess Chrysalis is here! Great!" Luna said happily.

"Duchess Chrysalis?!" Applejack said quietly to Rainbow Dash.

"How much more disgusting can this get?!" Rainbow Dash added.

"My head hurts!" Fluttershy said out of confusion, rubbing her head's temples.

"You insect!" Cadance flew down towards the Heart.

"Oh, no, you won't!" Chrysalis sped towards Cadance and impacted with her side, crashing both of them on the ground.

"Come on! I've never thought I would say this, but let's help Chrysalis in her fight!" Rainbow Dash prepared to fly to help Chrysalis, but was stopped by Applejack.

"How about helping us?" Applejack turned Rainbow's gaze towards a huge group of the black-armored ponies that were approaching them.

"Soldiers, attack them!" Shining Armor commanded.

"Show us what you have!" Celestia said in a challenge tone.

"Yes! Let's fight!" Pinkie exclaimed. She stood on her rear legs and threw a big cake at one of the soldiers' face, knocking him out immediately.

"Where did she bring that cake from?!" Applejack asked in shock.

"I told you to not ask these questions about Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash replied.

"Come on, Rarity. Show them what an angry fasionista is capable of!" Twilight said, patting Rarity's shoulder in an encouraging manner.

"I WILL!" Rarity charged her horn with magic and released a beam of energy, knocking off ten of the soldiers.

Spike widened his eyes and gaped his mouth in shock.

A soldier charged towards Celestia, but she just hit him with the back of her right foreleg, sending him into the wall of a building as if he was blasted with a canon.

Luna and Celestia hovered near the ground and and flapped their wings together so forcefully, producing a shock wave that knocked off many of the soldiers.

Shining Armor watched worriedly as his soldiers fought with Celestia, Luna Twilight and her friends, while Trixie went to fight Cadance with Chrysalis. He glanced down at the Crystal Heart. No one was paying any attention to it. He took this opportunity and teleported down the building he was on top of. Just before he reached the Heart, he was stopped by a paw on his face.

"I don't think so!"

Shining glanced up to fond non other than Sir Discord. He was wearing a red mask and a red super-hero suit and cape, with the litters 'C' and 'G' written on his chest.

Shining widened his eyes. "You?!" he fired a beam of magic but Discord dodged it and tried to punch him. Shining made a purple shield of magic, blocking Discord's punch, then used the shield to hit Discord in the face. Then, he pounced towards Discord and hit him with the shield again, throwing him on the ground. Shining smiled, thinking he was going to win.

Discord stood up and laughed, causing Shining's smile to disappear. "You're fun to play with, do you know that, Shiny?"

Shining glared and gritted his teeth. "I-I'm King Shining Armor for you!" he charged towards Discord.

"No, you're not!" Discord brought a large Baseball bat from behind his back and hit Shining with it. Though Shining Armor used his shield, but he was thrown at the wall of a building, breaking pieces of the wall.

Shining stood up and shook his head angrily. "That's it!" he fired a continuous beam of magic, but Discord blocked it with a tiny magic shield in the palm of his right paw. The beam continued, and Discord yawned.

A few seconds later, the beam stopped and Shining began to pant. Discord prepared himself and popped his fingers.

"Now, it's my turn!"

"Uh oh!"

Discord took a deep breath and made a loud burp that produced a strong shock, blasted Shining Armor back and throwing him on a group of his soldiers, causing them all to fall on the ground, eyes spinning in daze.

"Never mess with Captain Good Guy, especially when he has eaten eggs for a breakfast!" Discord said in victory. He glanced at the burning buildings and scratched his chin. "Ah ha! Found it! I'll be right back." With that, Discord flew away.

Meanwhile, Cadance and Trixie fired a magic blast at each other, which met midair and exploded violently close to Cadance, causing her to cover her face. Trixie took this opportunity, flew towards Cadance and punched her, throwing her at the ground.

Cadance landed on her hooves, but a circle of cracks was formed on the ground underneath her. She flew towards Trixie and fired a continuous beam of magic, which Trixie resisted with a magic sphere shielding her, but she was losing her ability to block the beam any longer.

Chrysalis flew higher than Cadance and fired a thick, continuous beam of magic, causing Cadance to stop her attack on Trixie to shield herself with a magic shield. Cadance was forced to the ground, but she managed to protect herself from most of the beams damage before it stopped.

Trixie and Chrysalis flew towards Cadance together with their horns aglow, but she blew both of them away from her with a big magic blast and flew towards the Crystal Heart, but just before the Heart was in her grasp, Spike ran and snatched it, leaving Cadance to impact with the ground painfully.

"Twilight!" Spike yelled and threw the Heart to Twilight.

Twilight jumped and caught the Heart midair. She turned to the castle and flew towards it to place the Heart in the base. Cadance flew after Twilight and was about to fire a blast at her, but Trixie dashed at Cadance and blasted her with a magic blast, throwing her near her dizzy husband.

Twilight placed the Heart in its place and it began to spin quickly, before a strong burst of light emitted from it and spread across the whole Crystal Empire.

"NO!" Cadance exclaimed.

Shining Armor shook the dizziness off his head. "What? What happened?"

Cadance groaned. "You're useless!" she punched Shining on the back of his head.


Discord came back with a huge barrel of water and poured it on the burning houses, extinguishing the fire.

"Let's go, NOW!" Cadance's horn glowed brightly, before she, her husband and the soldiers around them disappeared in a flash of blue light, leaving a lot of soldiers behind that were defeated by Celestia and the others.

"You won't escape forever, Cadance!" Chrysalis yelled angrily.

Some of the soldiers tried to escape, but Discord threw a huge cage on them, caging them.

"Yes! We did it!" Rainbow Dash high-hoofed with Applejack.

"Spike, you saved the Crystal Empire, again!" Rarity said in amazement.

"Wh-what? Really?!" Spike blushed.

"Of course, Spike! You threw me the Crystal Heart before the evil Cadance could steal it," Twilight said, trotting slowly towards Spike.

"That's my Spikey-Wikey!" Rarity hugged Spike and rubbed his head, causing him to blush wildly.

"Sir Discord and his friends saved us, but that dragon saved the Crystal Heart! I saw him!" a crystal mare said.

"He's our hero!" another mare said.

"What's your name, little hero?" a stallion asked.

Spike blushed and stuttered. "I-I-I...My name is Spike."

The crystal ponies began to cheer 'SPIKE' loudly.

"But, hey! We fought the soldiers!" Rainbow Dash crossed her forelegs.

"That's right! But Spike is a secondary character that did something heroic, which means he deserves the cheers more than us!" Pinkie replied happily.

Rainbow blinked in confusion. "What are you talking about?!"

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Discord asked Trixie worriedly.

"Yes, honey, I'm fine." she replied.

"Sweetie?!" Applejack whispered.

"Honey?! Ugh!" Rainbow Dash whispered disgustedly.

"How adorable!" Rarity commented.

"I was so worried about you!" Discord said, carrying Trixie by her waist.

"And I was worried more!" Trixie wrapped her forelegs around Discord's neck, giving him her best bedroom eyes.


Everyone stared in shock as Discord and Trixie kissed in public. Rarity sighed dreamily, while Pinkie Pie covered Spike's eyes. Fluttershy hid her face and blushed.

"A Princess kissing passionately in public? How delightful!" Applejack said sarcastically, covering her eyes.

"Oh, please, no! Mushiness Overload!" Rainbow Dash hid her face and pretended to be throwing up.

Celestia was staring in shock, and deep inside her, she envied them. She couldn't stand seeing two, happy lovers kissing in front of her. She remembered her first kiss with Sombra. It was a very long time ago. In the middle of the beautiful forest of this Equestria. She remembered the feeling of his lips pressing against hers. The feeling of his hooves wrapped around her. Gosh, how she missed those feelings!

Trixie finally broke from the kiss. She moved her head near Discord's ear and whispered. "I love you!"

"I love you too!" Discord whispered back.

Trixie turned her gaze to Celestia. "You...You're Princess Celestia of the 'other' Equestria, right? I've heard of you," she asked.

"Indeed!" Discord said, placing his wife back on the ground. "You're the one who used to be Sombra's marefriend, aren't you?"

Celestia blushed. "Y-yes, I am."

"I'm so sorry about what happened to him," Chrysalis said sadly, "He was a great friend of all of us."

Celestia's heart sank in sadness again upon the mention of what had happened to Sombra. Can't everypony please stop mentioning this?! she thought, "Please, there's no need to apologize."

"So, could you guys tell us what happened here?" Rainbow dash asked.

"Well, Duchess Chrysalis came to visit us and I took her in a tour in the Empire, leaving my Trixie in the Castle. And suddenly, BOOM! We were under attack!" Discord replied.

"Discord told me to go and help Trixie, while he stayed in the streets and fought the soldiers," Chrysalis said.

Discord stood in front of Twilight and leaned forward. "So, you must be Princess Twilight Sparkle. Am I right?"

Twilight was taken aback. "Well...yes! Does everypony know about the last time we were here?"

"No, no. Only the royalty of Equestria know about that," Trixie replied.

"Of course. Normal ponies don't need to know about an alternate universe. That would cause chaos," Discord added.

"And you hate chaos?" Applejack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course I hate it!" Discord replied.

"Gosh! This world keeps getting weirder!" Spike muttered.

"So, what brings you guys here?" Discord asked.

"Well, we were just passing by. We're heading to the Crystal Mountains to cure Sombra from the dark magic he absorbed, using our magic of the Elements," Twilight replied.

Discord, Trixie and Chrysalis widened their eyes.

"Really?! You're going to bring Sombra back?!" Trixie asked, her eyes glimmering with hope.

"Yes, we will!" Rainbow Dash replied, confidence clear in her eyes.

"So, you're going on an adventure?" In one second, Discord's suit changed into a blue super-hero suit with a helmet mask and he carried a circular shield with a symbol of the sun in its middle. "Captain Equestria is ready for any adventure!"

Pieces began to fall of one of the buildings and another building began to burn again.

Discord sighed. "But Sir Discord has a lot of duties."

"Well, I can accompany you!" Trixie said to Twilight.

Discord widened his eyes. "What?! But, sweetie, that's very dangerous!"

"Don't worry about me. With them, we're four Princesses. We'll be able to defeat Sombra easily and bring him back to his mind," Trixie replied, "You stay here and help repairing the damages, because you're better than me in fixing things."

Discord stood in front of her and leaned forward until his nose touched with Trixie's, giving her his bedroom eyes. "Take care of yourself, sweetie."

"I'll be fine, honey."

With a last kiss, Discord turned to the damaged buildings and flew. "I wish you good luck. Get back from your adventure with our Sombra by your side!"

Celestia smiled warmly, feeling the hope filling her heart. "We will...I hope so."

"Well, I'd really like to accompany you, but I have to go back to the Southlands. Cedance may take my absence as an opportunity to attack my subjects. So, goodbye for now. Bring Sombra back to us!" Chrysalis said, before she took off and flew away.

"Now, give me just a minute to bring my saddle bag," Trixie said, before she teleported inside her castle. Just a few seconds later, she came back with a saddle bag on her back. "Okay. I'm ready for the journey!"

"Thank you so much for accompanying us, Trixie," Celestia said.

"You're welcome. Sombra is my friend, too. And I would do anything to retrieve him," Trixie replied.

With that, the group of four Princesses, five ponies and a dragon headed to the Crystal Mountains, determined to save their friend, Celestia's love, Sombra.

"You know what? After all of this is over, we'll attend the next concert of the Dazzlings," Trixie said.

Twilight ears twitched and her eyes widened. "D-did you say the Dazzlings?!"

"Yes! They're one of the most famous musical bands in Equestria. A trio of Sirens. They're so talented! Their next concert takes place in Manehatten," Trixie replied.

Twilight smiled sheepishly. "Well, if you're sure it's safe, then we'll be there!"

Trixie blinked in confusion, but she just shrugged and continued trotting in her way.

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