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Melon Berry → KTH


"We're nearly step siblings. We can date without it counting as incest." Sam Bae's father is dating her brother's best friends' mom. As much as she wants to accept the woman, her memories of her mom—her real mom—prevent her from doing so. Not to mention her noisy, obnoxious, and perverted sons involved in the process. With many other side struggles of her own, Sam starts to question everything she's thought and learned thus far. On the flip side, there is Taehyung Kim, better known as Kim Taehyung. In a family with seven other sons, he struggles to make a name for himself, for him to be something other than just a brother. Hopping from girl to girl, he thinks he can find his answer...but never really does. Will Tae find himself? Will Sam find herself? Can they possibly find their answers lying in each other?

Romance / Other
Dope Snakeu
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Chapter 1

Dear Readers,
What's up my dudes! Okay...so...I hinted at an Inkitt exclusive story for a little while. So here it is. Originally, I had planned an x1 fic, but then they disbanded (which I'm still sad about as a true One It). Sometime after I decided to cancel the story, I debated whether to do a BTS or other fandom story. Though I started a Monsta X fic, it just wasn't as easy to plan as Melon Berry. At the moment, I do intend to write many fics covering many fandoms, but this idea was my strongest.

Since I'm extremely busy, I don't have a definite posting day and I can't guarantee that spelling and grammar will be perfect, but I do my best to edit and publish consistently. For now, a new chapter will come out every week. If I ever manage to find one, I'll let y'all know!
In advance, I sincerely apologize for my grammar and/or spelling. Though my English teacher thinks that they are amazing, I don't speed type in class...so...they'll probably suck. I do my best to go back and edit, but I'm still human. I'm just as subject to mistakes as anyone else.
That's all for me. Enjoy Melon Berry!
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