It Just Happened

Chapter 3


“Do I have to do this Luke?” Clementine asked.

“Yep.” Luke responded.

“Why? I’m pretty sure school doesn’t exist anymore.”

“You never know when you might need it.”

Clementine groaned from the backseat. It’s been a week since the whole kissing incident. Luke found a math and a writing booklet and some pencils in the last town they stopped at. He gave them to Clementine and insisted she filled them out.

“I understand writing, but math?” she said.

“You got one book down, you can finish the other.” he told her.

“I hate math, and when is it ever going to be useful?”

“If I had to do it, Clem. Then you’re going to. Be glad I didn’t find you a reading one. You know, maybe I should find you one.”

“Luke…” she exaggerated.

“Come on, kid. Just do it and you’ll be done.”

Clementine huffed in defeat before she layed down on her stomach in the backseat and opened the math booklet in front of her. She took the pencil in hand and started writing in it. They were fairly easy, she had to skip some of them because she didn’t remember the answer or they were story problems. Maybe Luke should find her a reading book, she could barely read. First grade was almost over when all of this started for her.

“Luke, what’s seven plus five?” she asked him. “It’s eleven, right?”

“Nope.” he responded.

“What is it, then?”

“Figure it out, Clem.”

Clementine knew how to count to ten, but she could partly remember how to count to twenty. She remembers showing her mom how she could count to thirty before they left for Savannah, but it’s been a long time since she actually counted. During the first grade, she did a little bit of adding and subtracting, but it never went above ten.

Clem made herself a number line at the top of the page to help her remember a little bit and to help her, but she didn’t even know if she could trust herself with that.

‘Okay, start at seven then go five up. One, three, four, five… Still, eleven? One, three, four, five. Eleven. This is so stupid!’

“Figure it out yet, kid?” Luke asked.

“No.” Clementine said.

“How high can you count?” he asked.

“Thirty… I think…” she trailed off.

“Show me.”

“One, three, four, five-”

“Clem.” Luke interrupted.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“You forgot the number two.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did.”


“Clem, you said, ‘one, three, four, five.’ You forgot two.”

“I did n-”

Clementine cut herself off before turning back to her number line.

‘I didn’t forget two, did I? Start at seven and go up. One, TWO, three, four, five… Twelve…’

“It’s twelve, isn’t it?” she asked Luke.

“Yep.” he said. “You didn’t forget two for every problem you did, did you.”

Clementine paused for a moment. “I don’t know.”

“Okay… I think that’s enough math for one day.”


“Yeah, I need to teach you how to count first.”


“Not now, but later.”

Clementine smiled before crawling into the passenger's seat.

“So, have you ever been to Mount Rushmore?” Luke asked.

“What’s that?” Clem responded.

“Well, it’s a mountain with the faces of former United States presidents.”

“That’s not real.”

“Yes it is.”

“A mountain with faces on them? No way.”

“Well, I guess I have to prove it to you, then?”

“So we’re going to this supposed Mount Rushmore?”

“That’s the plan. I’ve always wanted to go, so might as well take you with me.”

“Well, I don’t have a choice.”

“You do make a point.”

Silence filled the truck. Clementine looked up at the cloudy sky, wondering if she and Luke would be able to sleep in the truck bed tonight. She liked sleeping in the bed, the backseat was cramped. Clementine could lay down in the back and she’d be about the same size. Luke would let her sleep on his chest. As for Luke, he has to sleep leaning up against the truck door which is uncomfortable. Clem tried it once and regretted it.

“Luke?” Clem spoke. “How long will it be before we reach Washington?”

Luke thought about it for a moment. “Well, my guess is about a week or two, most likely the beginning of fall.”

“What do you think is in Washington?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve heard they have good apples.”


“Yep, I also know that the biggest city there is called Seattle.”

Clementine paused for a moment. “Luke?”

“Yeah, kid?” he said.

“What if there’s nothing there, or it’s over run by walkers?”

“Well, if that happens we can go back Mount Rushmore.”

“Enough with the mountain.”

“It’s real, Clem.”

“No, it’s not.”

Luke laughed a little on her stubborn act. Usually talking with Clementine was like talking to another adult, but occasionally Luke would have conversations with her that showed her child side. He tried to have as much fun with this side of her as he could, because it didn’t come around often.

“Believe what you want to believe, Clem. But we’re going there.” he told her.

“You’re so weird.” she sighed before opening the middle compartment between them, grabbing the CD case.

“What are you looking for?” Luke asked.

“I don’t know, anything than hearing you talk about a mountain that doesn’t exist.” Clementine responded, flipping through the CD’s.

After a while, Clem found a name that stood out to her, but she didn’t know how to say it. “Luke, what does N-I-R-V-A-N-A spell?

“Nirvana, man they were the best. How many Nirvana CD’s are in there?”

“Uh… Three.”

“Did you forget the number two?”

“No, Luke, I didn’t!”

“Great, we have all three. Go ahead, play one. You’ll love ‘em.”

Clementine inserted one of the three CDs and waited for sound to come out. When the music played, the kid sat back in her seat. Not a word spoken between her and Luke, Clem just wanted to listen to the music.

While listening to Nirvana, Clementine started to wonder why she forgot the number two. How the hell could she forget the number two? It’s just been her and Luke since winter. Two. Why did she forget it?

Luke had a faint smile on his face. Amazed that Clem forgot the number two. And the way she argued, brought out her child side. Man, she was adorable.

Both of their minds then started to wander to the time when there was another person in their group. Three. Then it became the reason why it’s just been the two of them.

They were running out of gas, and it was getting dark. Clementine and Luke were on their way to a city to try and get some more. They both knew the consequences of running out of gas, they would have to go on a wild goose chase to find some, or ditch the truck.

“We made it to the city, Clem.” Luke said. “Clem?” Luke looked over to her seat to find her curled up in it, facing him. She was completely passed out.

For winter being over in a couple of weeks, it was really freezing last night. They couldn't turn the truck on, because it wasted power, and could attract unwanted things. The kid didn’t have her jacket anymore, so she stayed up most of the night, because she was cold. He stayed up with her, trying to share his body heat with her. Hoping it would warm her up. Clem eventually shivered herself to sleep, but she was really tired in the morning. Luke then promised her that he’d find her a blanket.

After driving for a while, Luke drove into a neighborhood. It was too dark to try and get more gas, but he did make out a house with a garage. He pulled into the driveway before getting out and opening the garage door. Luke got back into the truck and pulled it in.

Once he was inside, he closed the garage door before he opened the door to the passenger's seat.

“Come on, kid.” he muttered as he picked her up in his arms and carried her inside the house.

The house sort of reminded him of the cabin he and his group were at. The living room was a bit bigger than the one at the cabin, but it had stairs in the same place that lead up to the second floor, which almost looked the same. At the top of the stairs to the right, there was a door, if you kept going straight there was another door at the end of the hall. Turning left from that door lead to another door a few feet away from it. Wooden railing went around the second floor ledge so no one would fall down from it.

Luke could see a few other doors on the first floor and he wanted to scope out the place to make sure it was safe here. He set Clementine down on the couch to let her sleep, he didn’t want to put her in danger if he found a lurker and it attacked them both. He did find a folded blanket on the couch she was resting on, so Luke covered her with that. Keeping his promise to her.

He pulled out his machete before making his way to the second floor. The first door he checked showed a master bedroom. The bed looked like a mess, Luke couldn’t tell if anyone has been sleeping in it. The next room he checked turned out to be a bathroom. The last room was another bedroom, but this one had a bunk bed. The room was messier than the first one, mainly because of the blood splatters everywhere. He didn’t want to know that happened here.

With the upstairs cleared, Luke went back downstairs to check the rooms there. Before doing so, he checked on Clementine who was still sleeping soundly on the couch. For a tough kid, she actually looked adorable.

He put his machete away for a minute so he could get a closer look at her. Luke tucked the blanket under her small body, making sure she was warm. After doing so, he knelt down in front of her, gently rubbing her arm so he didn’t wake her up. Just looking at her made him tired.

Luke nudged her hat up so he could plant a kiss on her forehead. He loved her. Platonically, of course. He’s never had such a strong bond with someone before. Nick quickly became second once Luke started hanging around Clementine. He adored her. Luke could see her grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman.

Suddenly a noise interrupted his thoughts about the kid. It sounded like a door. Luke looked towards the source then back at Clementine. He didn’t want to leave her, but he had to.

He stood up, pulling out his machete again before proceeding to the room where the noise came from. Luke pushed the door open to find a kitchen and to hear a gasp. It was a female.

She was tall, most likely in her early twenties. She had black hair and green eyes, trying their best to look into his soul. The only one who actually was able to that to him was Clementine with her golden eyes. Being around her twenty-four-seven, had hardened his soul, but he still finds himself surrendering to the kid from time to time.

“This… Your house?” he asked the woman.

“Yeah, it is. Been here for about two months.” she responded.

“Is it just you?”

“Yep, you never know who you can trust.”

“I believe you.”

“You don’t look like a rapist.” she said after silence.

“I’m not.” Luke told her as he put his weapon back in his holder.

“Good. I’m Melissa.”

“I’m Luke.”

“So… Luke. Are you on your own, too?” Melissa asked.

“No, actually. There’s someone else with me.” Luke said.

“Well, where is he?” she asked.

“He’s a she, and she’s passed out on the couch.” he explained. “I hope you don’t mind. I mean, she’s exhausted and she stayed up really late last night freezing her ass off.”

“Not at all, as long as your girlfriend isn’t crazy.”

“What? Oh, no she’s not my girlfriend.”

“Who’s not your girlfriend?” Clementine walked through the kitchen door, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Hey, kid. You’re up.” Luke said to her.

“Yeah, and where are we?” Clementine looked at Melissa. “And who’s she?”

“Clementine this is Melissa. This is her house. Melissa, Clementine.”

“Hey.” Melissa said.

“Hi.” Clem responded before looking up at Luke. “Luke, who’s not your girlfriend?”

Luke chuckled at the question. “Just forget it, Clem.”

“So… Are we staying here tonight?” Clem asked.

“Well, that depends.” Luke looked at Melissa.

“Yes, you can.” Melissa said.

“Thank you.” Luke responded.

“Oh, no problem. There’s actually a kids bedroom upstairs. It’s a bit bloody in there, but the bed should be sleepable.”

“Cool.” Clementine said.

“Come on, kid. We better get you to bed.”

“But,” Clementine yawned. “I’m not even tired.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Luke bent down to hoist her up on his shoulder before he walked out of the kitchen. Melissa not that far behind him.

After Luke walked upstairs and into the kids bedroom, he set Clem down so she could crawl into the lower bed. Luke tucked her in before walking out of the room and shutting the door.

“Cute kid.” Melissa said.

“Yeah, thanks.” Luke responded.

“You like her brother, or something?”

“No, we’re not related in any way, but we’ve been together since the beginning of winter.”

“So how’d you two end up here?”

“Well, believe it or not, we have a truck. We’re almost out of gas so we decided to stop here for the night and get some when it’s light out.”

“Smart idea. So, how old is she?”

“Clem’s eleven.”

“And you?”

“Twenty-seven. So, how about you?”

“I’m twenty-three.”

“So you’ve been on your own this whole time?”

“It was me and my boyfriend, but he got bit. I think he didn’t know about it, because when I found him the next morning, he was one of those things.”

“Wow, I’m sorry.”


“I was with a group before, that’s when I met the kid. We did get bigger, but then walkers and assholes happened. It’s just us now.”

“It’s not fair that good people end up with their face eaten off.”

“I’m with you, there.”

Silence filled the space between the two. It wasn’t until Luke yawned when he broke it. “I best be hittin’ the hay.” he said before walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Melissa said.

“I’m sure that other bed is yours, I’m sleeping on the couch.” Luke said.

“Oh, no. That thing is hella uncomfortable.” Melissa told him.

“I’ve been sleeping in the backseat of a truck, that couch looks like heaven.” Luke insisted.

“Sleep with me. My bed is big enough for the both of us.”

“No, I’m fine with the couch.”

“Come on. I don’t bite.”

Melissa looked at him doing her best puppy dog eyes. Clementine pulls them on Luke all the time and he’s become almost immune to them, so Melissa’s practically had no affect on him. But Luke figured that she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so he agreed.

The next morning, Luke was able to get some gas from a car across the street. After fueling the truck up, he went back inside to look for Clementine. He found her in the kitchen with Melissa playing with a deck of cards.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” he asked.

“Clementine here is amazing at bluffing.” Melissa said.

“We’re playing poker.” Clem said.

“Let me get this straight. In the half hour I was gone, you learned how to play poker.” Luke summed up.

“Yep, kid’s a quick learner, too.” Melissa said.

“Come on, Luke. Play with us, please?” Clem begged.

“Alright, but don’t start whining when you lose.” Luke joined the girls in their card game. Maybe they didn’t have to leave quite yet.

Winter was over and spring started to come. It’s been Clementine, Luke, and Melissa for about two weeks. Things started to change then.

Clementine woke up gasping for air, she just woke up from a nightmare. When she and Luke slept in the truck and Clem had a nightmare that caused her to wake up in the middle of the night, she’d sometimes accidentally wake up Luke because she jolts away from him. Luke would just pull the little girl back in his arms and hold her, asking her about what happened. Sometimes she’d talk to him, other times she hugs him tighter. That just tells him that she didn’t want to talk about it. He’d stay up with her until she fell back asleep. If Clem didn’t wake him up by accident, then she’d cuddle closer to Luke. Causing his arms to tighten around her, making her feel safer.

But this time they weren’t in the back of their truck. They were in a house and in different rooms. Usually Clementine wouldn’t talk to Luke about dreams like this, but this time she was going to. He should know. So the kid pulled the covers off and got up.

She opened her bedroom door and walked out and around a corner to Luke and Melissa’s room. Clem quietly opened the door and poked her head through to find their bed empty.

Clementine thought about going back to bed, but her dream really scared her. She walked downstairs to make her way through the living room and to the kitchen. Clem could hear something in the kitchen so she figured that Luke and Melissa were rationing their supplies.

She pushed the door open a crack and opened her mouth to say something, but she stopped once she saw what she least expected. Luke and Melissa were making out right there, not even noticing that Clementine is witnessing it. The kid’s mouth just hung open at the sight.

After about a minute or so, Clem finally was able to shut her mouth and slowly close the door. Maybe she didn’t need to talk to Luke. Clem knew that Melissa liked Luke and vise-versa, but she didn’t think that it would evolve that fast.

Clementine started making her way back upstairs, rubbing her tongue against the roof of her mouth. She was kind of thirsty. A drink of water wouldn’t hurt, then she realized that the water was in the kitchen where a make out session was taking place. Damn, she was thirsty.

Clem started to pace around the living room deciding what to do, go back to bed with a head full of bad dreams, or interrupting Luke and Melissa for water. Her pace started to turn into a dreading walk, rubbing her eyes every now and then. One of her steps actually made a creak echo throughout the house. This caused her to stop pacing and face the kitchen door as it opened.

“Hey, Clem. What are you doing up?” Luke asked as he walked into the living room.

“I-” the kid rubbed her eyes again. “I had a bad dream, and I wanted to get some water before going back to bed.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Luke asked.

Clementine nodded.

“Alright, but let’s get you some water first.” Luke said before taking her hand and walking to the kitchen. “Don’t worry, it’s just Clem.” he told Melissa.

After Clem clenched her thirst, she and Luke started to head back upstairs and into her room. Clementine sat on the bed pulling her legs in and wrapping her arms around them. Luke knelt down on the floor in front of her.

“So your dream…” Luke said.

“I was sleeping, then I felt something grab my ankle and pull me out and under the bed. It was like a hole under there. A deep, dark hole. I was scared. I looked down to see what was pulling me and I saw nothing. What ever it was let me go, and I just kept falling. Eventually someone caught me with one arm and he used his other to put a barrel of a gun to my head. He had my arms pinned down, I couldn't move. He started walking, and then he spoke.” Clementine’s voice started to quiver.

“Clem, you can stop. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Luke said.

“I told you I knew who you were, Clementine.” she quoted.

Luke went wide eyed at what she said. When they were escaping Howe’s he could hear something like that on his way out to let Kenny kill the one who said it.

“It was him. It was Carver.” she said. “We walked to this chair that was only visible by one white light, hanging from the darkness. He sat me down in it, pulling my arms behind the chair. I felt cold metal around my wrists, keeping them together. Carver walked around the chair to me, his face was beaten in this time.”

‘This time?’ Luke thought.

“He slowly shoved the barrel of his gun under my chin, forcing my head up. I didn’t want to look at him, so I just closed my eyes. But I could feel him press his bloody forehead against mine.”


“He whispered “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll make sure you enjoy this.” Then he lifted the gun above my head and flipped it around before he hit me with the butt of it… That’s when I woke up.” Clementine sniffed a few seconds after her story was done.

Luke looked at her in shock. “Clem, what did you mean by ‘this time’?”

“Those times when I didn’t talk to you about my nightmares, he was in them. Sometimes his face was caved in and bloody, other times it wasn’t. He- he told me not to tell you.” her eyes started tearing up. Clementine wiped her watering eyes before pulling her head down into her little ball.

Luke pushed himself up from the floor to sit next to Clementine on the bed. He pulled the kid’s small body onto his lap before rocking her back and forth. Luke took her hat off her head, causing Clem to lift up her head and press herself against him while she cried. Luke ran his fingers through her curly hair, the only way that calms her down.

“Shh… It’s okay, Clem.” Luke placed a kiss on her temple. “He’s dead, he can’t hurt you. And even if he wasn’t, I would never let him touch you or even fucking come near you.” Luke couldn’t believe that Carver was still tormenting the poor kid in her sleep. After all this time, she finally worked up the courage to tell him. Who knows how he threatened her? Who knows what he said or even what he did to her?

Clementine eventually calmed down and looked up at Luke. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I was just scared.”

“You don’t need to apologize, Clem. You had every right to be scared.” he said.

Clementine wrapped her arms around Luke’s torso, causing him to hold the kid tighter. Clementine can still hear Carver’s voice clear as day, haunting her.


“Yeah, Clem?”

“I- I don’t want to sleep alone. Can you sleep with me tonight?”

“Sure, kid.”

Luke pulled the covers back and pulled himself and Clementine in them. Since the bed was small, Clem moved as close to the wall as she could to give Luke some room.

“You going to be okay?” he asked her.

“Yeah.” she said.

“You’d tell me if he was in your dreams from now on, right?”

Clem thought about it for a moment. Carver said he’d hurt her unlike anything she could ever imagine if she told Luke. He never went into any detail on what he’d do to her, but that didn’t stop her from living in fear. In her dreams she’d always wake up before he could actually hurt her… physically, at least. He’d taunt her, threaten her, restrain her, call her ‘honey.’ That’s what always bugged her throughout the day, that stupid name echoing in her ears. But if he wanted to hurt her, he would have done it already. That’s why she decided to tell Luke. He’s right, Carver can’t hurt her, he was dead.


“You’re right, he can’t hurt me.”

"So, you're going to tell me when he gives you nightmares."


“Good, I don’t want you to torture yourself over him.” Luke gently caressed Clem’s cheek, causing her to smile. “Because, you’re too sweet to deserve that.”


“You know what I mean, kid. Still, you don’t deserve him coming into your dreams and do who knows what to you.” Luke’s hand rested against her cheek. Clementine held it there with her hand, his touch made her feel warm.

Clem yawned before wrapping her other arm around his before she continued to press his hand to her cheek and pull his arm closer, which caused Luke to smirk. “You feel like letting me go?”

“No.” she said as she closed her eyes.

Luke placed a quick kiss on her forehead before he rubbed her cheek with his thumb, causing her to tighten her grip on his arm and smile a bit more.

“Goodnight, Clem.” he said to her.

“Goodnight, Luke.” she softly whispered.

Once Luke was positive she was asleep, he tried to pull his arm away, but Clem wouldn’t let him go. He caressed her cheek again to make sure she didn’t wake up.

Luke heard the bedroom door open. He looked over his shoulder to see Melissa enter the room.

“Hey, I wanted to check up on you.” she said.

“The kid just fell asleep.” he told her.

“Good, so do you want to pick up where we left off?”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“She won’t let go of my arm.”

“Can’t you just pull it out? I mean, she’s ten.”

“Eleven, and I tried. Besides, she wanted me to sleep with her tonight.”

“So you're going to sleep in that tiny bed with her? I can help you get your arm out.”

“The kid had a nightmare that left her in tears, am I supposed to say no to her.”

“You really want to stay like that for the rest of the night.”

“If it makes her sleep, and she has someone to hug when she has another one, then yes.”

“Alright, fine.”

Melissa walked out of the room as Luke turned back to Clementine, who was sleeping peacefully, holding on to his arm like a teddy bear. He tried again to pull his arm out of her hold, only for it to tighten. Yep, he was stuck with her. Not that he minded, either way. He kind of missed her sleeping on his chest in the truck. Sure he was a bit uncomfortable, but Clem seemed to make him forget about it. They’d talk to each other until they both fell asleep. Maybe she missed it, too. It’s probably why she’s not letting him go.

Luke felt his eyes become heavy from looking at Clem, sleep was going to overcome him soon. He looked at the little girl one last time, before he joined her in dreamland.

“Luke, where are we?”

“You’ll see when we get to the top.”

It’s been a couple of days since they entered South Dakota, and they’ve already made it through most of the state. Luke wanted to make a quick stop to show Clementine something.

“Why are we here, anyways?” she asked.

“To prove you wrong.” Luke said as they reached the top of the steps. “Take a look.”

Clementine looked at the view in front of her. Four faces in a mountain. Mount Rushmore… Luke was right, it did exist.

“I told you so.”

Clementine punched Luke in the arm.

“Hey, no need to be a sore loser, kid.”

“I’m not, I just can’t believe it’s real.”

The two found a bench to sit at. Clem leaded against Luke’s side and he wrapped his arm around her before they looked at the mountain in front of them.

“You better not fall asleep on me, Clem.”

“I won’t, Luke.”

He rubbed her arm, keeping her warm from the cold breeze. “So what do you think?”

“I like it. It’s relaxing.” she said.

“You said you wouldn’t fall asleep.”

“I didn’t say it made me tired.”

Clementine wanted to tell Luke about how she had trouble reading, but after what happened with the math situation, she was a bit embarrassed to. She can read, just not a lot of things.

“Luke?” she looked up at him. He looked down at her, wondering what she had to say. “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” he asked her.

“I- I can’t really… well…” Clem looked down. “Read…”

“I know, kid.”

“How did you know?”

“You did practically every problem in the math book except the story problems.”

“Do you think you can teach me?”

“Of course, Clem.”

“Thanks, so who are these four people?”

“Well, the one furthest left is George Washington, he was our first president. The guy next to him is Thomas Jefferson, he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Then it’s Theodore Roosevelt, he had leadership when we had economic growth. The last guy is Abraham Lincoln, he kept the nation together during the Civil War.” Luke looked down at Clementine’s dumb struck face. “And now I realize that you don’t know half of what I’m saying.”

“Yep, but how do you know all that?” she asked.

“I had to do a group project with Nick in high school on a landmark. We got assigned Mount Rushmore. Nick, being his lazy-ass self, didn’t do any of the work, so I talked to my teacher before our presentation and she gave me all of the credit. I still can’t believe Nick graduated high school.” Luke explained. “Come on, let’s get a better look.” he said as he stood up.

Clementine followed suit as they walked towards the monument. Luke let her walk in front of him so he could lift her up and let her sit on his shoulders, so she could see better.

“You like the view up there?” he asked her.

“Yeah. Thanks, Luke.” she responded.

“Anything for you, kid.”

After a while, Clementine’s neck started to cramp up from looking in the same spot. She turned her neck around to ease it up, but she stopped when she glared at the parking lot.


“Yeah, Clem?”

“There’s someone here.”


“In the parking lot, I see someone.”

“Is it just him?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“It’s not a lurker is it?”

“It’s not, I’m positive.”

“Alright, let me get you down.” Luke knelt down to the ground so it would be easier to lift Clem off his shoulders.

Once she was off, Luke instructed her to stay behind him. She agreed and they both walked away from the monument and to the parking lot. The guy Clem saw was looking in their truck.

“Hey, buddy.” Luke greeted.

The guy jumped away from the truck, his hands in the air. “I don’t want any trouble.” he said.

“Well, neither do we.” Luke responded.

“You have a kid? Damn, I can’t remember the last time I saw a kid.” the guy said as he looked at Clementine.

She crossed her arms, Clementine wasn’t amused. She remembered when Omid first saw her, and how he reacted. Well, at least he’s with Christa and their baby.

The guy was about the same height and size as Luke. Blonde hair, blue eyes, black backpack, and he seemed nice. Then again, so did most of the people Clementine met.

“So, you have a name?” Luke asked him.

“Name’s David. How about you two?”

“We would have told you, if you hadn’t been looking into our truck.” Clementine said.

“Kid…” Luke started.

“I understand. I didn’t know this was your truck. I was hoping to find some faster mode of transportation to my uncle’s radio station in Wyoming. I’m hoping it’s not ransacked of it’s supplies. He always kept stuff there in case of natural disasters. But I guess the dead walking around counts.” David explained.

“Wyoming, huh?” Luke said.

“Yep. This being your truck, maybe you guys wouldn’t mind giving me a ride in exchange for some supplies at the radio station.” David offered.

“And if there’s nothing there?” Luke asked.

“You guys can have the radio station. It’s kind of in the mountains and maybe the power still works.”

Luke stayed silent for a moment. He looked at Clementine then back at David. “Alright then. I’m Luke, this is Clementine.”

“Oh, like the fruit? Damn, now I’m hungry.” David said.

“Luke.” Clementine looked up at him, she didn’t agree to this.

“You can ride up front with me, Clem can ride in the back.” Luke told David.

“Luke!” Clementine yelled. The farm boy looked down at the kid, her gold eyes showing that she didn’t like this.

“Can you give us a minute?” Luke asked David.

He nodded before backing away to look at the other abandoned vehicles.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Clem asked Luke.

“We’re running low on water, Clem.” he said, bending down to her height.

“We can find a river, or a lake, or something. We don’t have to go with this guy.” she said.

“What’s the guarantee we’ll actually find a water source? This place he’s talking about could be legit. Think about it, Clem. Water, food, medicine, and if it’s all gone, it should be a safe place.”

“What about Melissa? What about the last person we trusted?”

“If push comes to shove, I can take him. All I’m asking from you, is to ride in the backseat.”

“Why do I have to ride in the backseat, though?”

“For one, all of our supplies are back there.”

Clem stayed silent for a moment, she really didn’t want to go through with this.

After hearing nothing from her, Luke pulled her into a hug. “I care about you, kid. I just don’t want you to get hurt. You trust me, don’t you?”

Clementine wrapped her arms around Luke’s neck. “Of course I trust you, Luke.”

“Good.” Luke’s hand slid down her back until he felt the outline of her gun tucked in her jeans and hidden under her shirts. “Because I. Trust. You.” Luke pressed the gun against her back. “You understand?

Clementine nodded a slight smirk played against her face before it faded. “Yeah, I do.”

Luke released the girl before tilting her hat down. “That’s why I love ya, kid.” Luke stood up. “David, you ready to go?”

“Yep, so you two are alright with me tagging along?” David said

“You know where the radio station is?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, I’ve been there at least a hundred times.” David said.

“Then that’s where we’re going.” Luke said.

The three got in the truck. Luke driving, David in the seat next to him, and Clementine sitting in the middle in the backseat. To be honest, Luke was a bit uncomfortable with this plan, but he knew that Clem had his back if anything went wrong.

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