Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

10. Camping (Part 3)

Flora's POV

We are at the amphitheater rehearsing. We are going sing New Horizons by Flyleaf (which Musa is trying to get me sing with her.) and We're the Winx (We're planning to sing this all together) written by our very own Musa. And also they are trying to talk me into singing Good Enough by Evanescence to Helia. I'm not so sure about singing in front a lot of people let alone with Helia. Singing with Musa is one thing I wouldn't mind that since she's singing with me, but a solo? Oh boy.

"Oh come on Flo, you're amazing and this song is great for you two." Musa said trying to convince me.

"Let me get through New Horizons first." I said.

"Are you going to sing that with me?" She asked hopefully.

"Fine." I said rolling my eyes.

"Sweet. Now lets start rehearsing." She said.

A few minutes later…

We rehearsed New Horizons and We're the Winx. Now one more to go. The girls are still trying to convince me.

"Come on it will be cute and romantic." Stella said.

"And the total number of songs we can enter is 3. So if you sing that song we are sure to win." Musa said.

"Why can't we do 2 songs?" I asked.

"Then we will be the only band that does 2 songs since there is three bands entering each of us gets three songs. And if we don't sing this one we'll lose." Musa said.

"Then why can't you sing it.?" I asked Musa.

"Because, rumor has it, that Helia is going to recite a romantic poem for you." Musa said. I instantly feel my cheeks heating up. "He's going to recite a poem in front of a lot of people for me?" I asked nervously.

"Yep." Musa said.

"Okay, then I'll do the song. But we have to rehearse right away." I said running towards the piano.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am." Musa said saluting me. I just rolled my eyes and start playing the song.

The next day

The talent show is today, and man am I nervous. But at least the clothes Stella made me add a little confidence. No really, she put a confidence boost spell on them. Even though she broke the rules and got us into trouble. But she told them that if they wont let her use magic on the last day here then she will report them to Solaria. Needless to say they let her do what she wants now. Anyway, I'm wearing a mid-thigh dark spaghetti strap green dress with dark pink knee-length leggings, and a light pink leather jacket. I'm also wearing knee-high pink high-heeled boots with green belts. I have my hair in pony tail tied with a rose and have my bangs out.

Aisha's wearing a neon green short-sleeved ripped up on the front cropped top, a pair of dark blue cargo shorts, a dark blue leather jacket, a pair of dark blue combat boots with neon green laces. Her hair is the same.

Musa is wearing a short red puffy sleeve Asian shirt, a hot pink Asian mini shirt, with dark purple ankle length leggings, and red with a hot pink chain and a purple heel ankle boots. A red leather jacket. Her hair is in two Asian buns.

Tecna's wearing a lavender V-neck T-shirt with pale blue shapes on it. A pair of skinny denim jeans with chains, white high-heels, a dark purple leather jacket, her hair is the same, with a purple, green, and blue butterfly hair clip in it.

Stella haves on a mid-thigh strapless orange dress with black fishnets, a yellow leather jacket, orange and yellow zebra pattern stilettos. Her hair is in a high pony tail with a orange headband with yellow star on it.

Bloom's wearing a short-sleeved V-neck light blue two part dress. The shirt part has a big soft pink heart and the skirt part has little soft pink hearts. Soft pink knee-high stockings with light blue high heels. Her hair is in a side low pony tail with a hair tie that has a soft pink heart on it with a light blue outline. She's also wearing a leather soft pink jacket.

We are standing in front of the stage listening and watching all the other talents. It turns out we are right after Helia, also the last to perform. This should be interesting. I'm going through the words of Good Enough in my head until the counselor who's name is Madelyn comes up to the microphone again.

"Thank you Leslie, Lexi, and Alana for the drama skit. Now we have Helia who would like to recite a poem for a special someone." She said.

Aisha nudges me, the other girls smiled at me, and the guys smirked at me. I just blushed and look at the ground shyly.

"Here he comes, Flora." I hear Stella said. I look up at the stage and sure enough Helia's standing in front of the microphone with a piece of paper.

"This poem is for my girlfriend, I love you, Flora." He said smiling down at me. I blushed more and smiled back.

"Oh my sweet Flower

How I wish I can spend every hour

Of everyday with you

I hope you feel the same way too

I love how you are shy

Without you I will die

Your beauty is radiant as the sun

My heart knows you are the one

Your voice is like a whisper of windswept trees

Putting my trouble mind at ease

Yours eyes reflect the new stars aura

Oh how much I adore

My dear sweet Flora."

Once he finished I have tears in my eyes. That was the most beautiful thing I ever heard in my entire life.

"Thank you",I mouthed at him.

"Your welcome", he mouthed back. He bows then leaves the stage. Madelyn goes back to the microphone wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue. "Thank you, Helia, that brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. Anyway now for our next and final contestant, please welcome, The Winx Club band." She said. Everyone applauds while we are heading on the stage.

"Hello, Everyone! I'm Musa, I will be playing the rhythm guitar, and our last song the harp. On the keyboard and piano we have Flora. Aisha on drums and cello. Tecna is on synthesizer and violin. Stella is on electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Lastly, we have Bloom on the bass guitar and regular bass. We are the Winx Club band. And yes we all are going to sing." Musa said.

New Horizons


So you're tired but you're alive
So open up your eyes
And you can get your sleep when you are dead
Kill the clock inside your head
Bring your normalcy to the edge
And watch it drown in new horizons
New horizons

You said I'd only have to wait until I died
And that's no time
How did we come to thinking this was funny
Cheering and laughing at the dying
While we're riding the light in you

Flora and Musa:

You said I'd only have to wait until I die

Tecna and Aisha: (New horizons)
There is no such thing as time
Inside this moment no sun rising
Wait until I fly

Stella and Bloom: (New horizons)
Wait until I fly
Tecna, Aisha, Stella and Bloom: (New horizons)

Life floods in with a conquest
Life floods in with a new quest
Here's a voice for the voiceless
And a song for the soulless
Life floods in

Flora and Musa:
You said I'd only have to wait until I die
Tecna and Aisha: (New horizons)
There is no such thing as time
Inside this moment no sun rising
Wait until I fly
Stella and Bloom: (New horizons)
Wait until I fly
Tecna, Aisha, Stella, and Bloom: (New horizons)

When the times keep going wrong and we go right

When the times keep going wrong and we go right

Flora and Musa
You said I'd only have to wait until I die
Tecna and Aisha: (New horizons)
There is no such thing as time
Inside this moment no sun rising
Wait until I fly
Stella and Bloom: (New horizons)
Wait until I fly
Tecna, Aisha, Stella, and Bloom: (New horizons)

Flora and Musa:
When the times keep going wrong and we go right.

We go right.

After we finished thereis a loud applause. "Thank you. And now we are going to perform a song written by our very own Musa." Stella said and Musa blushed a little.

We're the Winx


We're the Winx

Girl power's gonna save the day


Rising up from the Earth to the sky

Other girls:(Ah-ah-ah)


That's the way we roll

Other girls(The way we roll)


Wings are glowing as we're flying high

Other girls(Ah-ah-ah)


Super sparkling everywhere we go

Other girls:('Cause you)


'Cause you believe in the magical ones


We came together


Friends forever

We're the Winx

Girl power's gonna save the day

We're strong, bring it on 'Cause we came to play

We're invincible

We're the Winx

There's a bigger applause for this then the last one. "Thank you again. Now get ready for a solo from our very own Flora." Aisha said and I feel a blush. Calm down, Flora, you can do this. I thought. I walk over to the piano and the other girls goes over to their instruments. "This is for my boyfriend Helia." I said. Everyone applause and Helia smiles up at me.

Good Enough


Under your spell again.
I can't say no to you.
Crave my heart and it's bleeding in your hand.
I can't say no to you.

Shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly.
Now I can't let go of this dream.
I can't breathe but I feel...

Good enough,
I feel good enough for you.

Drink up sweet decadence.
I can't say no to you,
And I've completely lost myself, and I don't mind.
I can't say no to you.

Shouldn't let you conquer me completely.
Now I can't let go of this dream.
Can't believe that I feel...

Good enough,
I feel good enough.
It's been such a long time coming, but I feel good.

And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall.
Pour real life down on me.
'Cause I can't hold on to anything this good enough.
Am I good enough for you to love me too?

So take care what you ask of me,
'cause I can't say no.

I played the last few notes and I'm finished. Everyone is silent. Oh no they didn't like it. I knew this was a bad idea. I thought. Then there's the most loudest applause I ever heard in my entire life. I looked to Helia to see what he thought. My jaw flies open when I see tears in his eyes. Is that bad or good? But then he looks up and I see him smiling at me. Thank goodness.

We walk off the stage just when Madelyn is coming on. "Thank you Winx Club. For those of you of you who haven't participated can now vote on the winner." She said and gets off the stage.

We go over to the guys. Once I get there Helia gives me a tight hug. "That was beautiful Flora, thank you. You sing like a angel." He said and pulls back to smiling at me.

"Your welcome, and your poem was really beautiful too. Thank you for that, again. And come on, I'm not that good." I said.

"Your welcome, again. And you are that good. You're amazing at everything you do." He said.

"Oh Helia." I said blushing, turning my head.

"Okay Everyone we have our winner. Lets give another round of applause to the….." Madelyn said. We all looked in anticipation as she opens a envelope with the winners name.

"The Winx Club band!" She exclaimed.

"We won!" Musa said excitedly. We all smiled at each other and run up on the stage to receive our trophy. "Thank you, guys, so much!" We all said in unison. Everyone cheered and we get off the stage.

"Thank you everyone to coming to Magix camp. We hope to see all of you next year." Madelyn said and we all cheered.

"This was really fun." Aisha said.

"Yeah it was, but now what are we going to do?" Stella asked.

"Well I didn't want to tell you all this till now. My mom texted me a while back asking do we want to have a vacation on Linphea. She said we can bring the guys and the pixies." I said.

They all cheered and agree. "On to Linphea?" Stella asked me.

I smiled saying, "On to Linphea."

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