Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

11. Linphea (Part 1)

Chapter 11: Linphea

Flora's P.O.V

We land the Owl right in front of the palace. I run outside and breath in the Linphean air.

"Boo." A voice randomly said which makes me scream and nearly jump out of my skin. I turn around and see Twyla a friend of mine from Mattel.

"Twyla, what the heck?" I asked clutching my chest.

"Sorry. But I am the daughter of the Boogie Man." She said giggling.

"Hey guys." I said to the Winx and Specialist. They turn towards Twyla and I. "This is Twyla she is from Mattel. The realm for monsters and fairytale princes and princesses daughters and sons. Also the realm of Monster High and Ever After High. Twyla is the daughter of the Boogie Man. Twyla, this Aisha princess of Andros, Musa of Melody, Tecna princess of Zenith (A/N: I know she's not in the cartoon but she is in the comics), Stella princess of Solaria, and Bloom the princess of the lost realm Domino. We are all call the Winx." I said introducing her to the girls.

"Hi Twyla." They said in unison. I turn Twyla and myself towards the guys. "And these are the Specialist. My boyfriend Helia (he beamed when I said that), Riven, Musa's boyfriend. Timmy, Tecna's boyfriend, Brandon, Stella's boyfriend. And Prince Sky of Eraklyon, who is Bloom's boyfriend." I said.

"Nice to meet you guys." Twyla said.

"Twyla, where are you!?" a voice yelled.

We all turn around and see Howleen Wolf and Draculaura.

"Twyla!" Howleen said once she sees her, and they start running towards us.

"Hi Vlora (A/N: Draculaura has and vampire romanian accent, for those of you who don't know about Monster High.). It is so good to see you again." Draculaura said.

"Nice see you too, Draculaura." I said to her.

I introduce Draculaura and Howleen to the Winx and Specialist. "So, what are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We're here for a school project. Each of us went to another realm to gather stuff for our potions class." Howleen said.

"Well, since you're here, wanna stay and hang out?" I asked them.

"We would love to but we can't. We've got to head back soon." Draculaura said.

"Wait. If its summer. Then why are you guys doing a project?" Stella asked.

"Its not summer in every realm, Stella." Tecna replied.

"Actually it is summer in our realm, but this is a summer project and the deadline is tomorrow." Twyla explained.

"Well if it's a summer project shouldn't it at least last most of the summer. Not the beginning." Aisha said.

"Tell our teacher that." Howleen said rolling her eyes.

"Flora!" another voice yelled. I turned around and smile when I see Eric running towards me with his arms out.

"Eric!" I yelled out running towards him with mine arms out.

Once he is in front of me he picks me and starts turning me around. "Eric, put down!" I shrieked.

"Oh fine." He said and puts me down. I introduce Eric to the Winx and Specialist. He already knows Draculaura and Howleen.

"Must you picked me up?" I asked Eric slightly annoyed once the introduction is all over.

"Yes." He said smirking. I just rolled my eyes.

"I bet you don't mind when Helia picks you up." He said and I instantly blush.

"Well that's different." I said.

"How?" he asked.

"Because you pick me up when we were little and when we were in dance competitions. And you still think I'm little now. Helia can because we love each other." I explained.

"Well, you are little. Not in little girl way but you need to eat more because you're light as feather." He said smirking.

"I eat just fine, thank you." I said annoyed.

"Hmm…not so sure about that since you're a vegetarian." He said teasingly.

"Ugh." I groaned and roll my eyes. All of sudden I hear laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You two are like brother and sister." Aisha said.

"Well, that's what we consider ourselves." I said.

"Yeah, but its still funny." Musa said.

"Anyway, we have to go. It was nice meeting you guys. And we will be back Vlora." Draculaura said. We all said goodbye to them and they walk down the trail in the forest near the castle. Their vehicle must be there.

"Alright lets get our stuff and go!" Stella said. We go to the luggage compartment get our luggage and then make our way to the palace.

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