Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

13. Linphea (Part 3)

Chapter 13: Lynphea part 3

Flora's P.O.V

I'm leading my friends through the City of Trees towards the Lab. My sibling and Eric decided to go back to the Palace, because they have stuff to do.

"We're almost there everyone." I said moving a tree branch of the way. All my friends groan, they hated walking through here. Helia and I enjoyed it as we walk together holding hands. We smile at each other and laughing at our friends groans.

"Hey, Flora." a voice called behind us. I turn around and see Lynos a paid intern at the Lab.

"Hey, Lynos, heading to the lab?" I asked.

"Yep." He said beaming. He loves it there. That is Heaven for him. And he really knows his stuff, so I'm planning on talking to the bosses and the manager about promoting him. "You guys going over there too?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said. Then I introduce him to everyone. "You guys are really going to enjoy it there, with all the plants, gadgets, and chemicals. Its awesome." Lynos said excitedly. I couldn't help but giggle at his enthusiasm.

"Gadgets?" Tecna and Timmy asked in unison.

"Yep, loads of them." Lynos said.

"Cool." They said in unison excitedly and run the rest of the way. We all burst out laughing at there enthusiasm and try to catch up with them.

A few minutes later…..

We are now standing in front of the lab. My friends looks at it in awe while Lynos and I share knowing smirks. The Lab is a huge white cylinder shape building with a dome pane glass ceiling. Vines is climbing all over it. Over top the double cherry wood doors is sign that reads Lynphea Lab.

We go inside and they are in even more awe. Inside there is people in white lab coats bustling about plants, mixing chemicals, and other lab stuff.

"This is awesome." Helia said.

"Fern and I thank you." I said smiling at him.

"Huh?" he asked looking confused.

"Fern and I are the ones that found and created this place. We came across an old burnt building and turn it into this." I said waving my hand.

"Cool, so you are like a big boss here." Stella said.

"Kind of. We left our cousin, Sara and her husband, Jason, in charge. They are kind of the big bosses now. And the manager is Laney a friend a Sara." I explained.

"Why did you and your brother quit being the boss?" Tecna asked.

"Fern quit because he is more into building and landscaping, so he has nothing to do with it anymore and decided to give the whole thing to me. But I was busy with Alfea other other things. So I decided to give half of it to Sara and Jason. I can make decisions and all that, but I have to tell them and Laney about it first and we have a meeting." I explained leading them to the lab coat closet. I hand each of them a white one and I get my pink one with my stitch green.

"Plain white, I don't think so." Stella said changing hers orange with her name stitch in yellow. The others just roll their eyes and sigh, while I just giggle.

"What? Flora has a pink one." Stella said.

"Yeah, but Flora owns this place." Tecna explained.

"Sara, Jason, Laney, and all the supervisors have them as well. So they know who to listen to. If we all are in white that will be confusing. And these are also for people who earned it. But its okay Stella you can change yours if you want." I said and she beamed a me. Then she snap her fingers and the rest of the girls are wearing color coats. Aisha's is green with her name in dark blue stitching. Musa's is red with her name in purple stitching. Tecna's is a purple with her name stitch in electrifying green. Bloom's is light blue with her name in soft pink stitching.

"Thanks, Stella." The girls said in unison.

"Your welcome, girl. You boys want me to change yours?" Stella asked the Specialist.

"Uh, no thanks, we are not going to let a white lab coat offend us, like it does you." Riven said smirking. We all laugh while Stella glares at him.

"Hey, guys, we need to go to my office first so I can log us in. I give you a tour of it afterwards." I said. Pushing the up button for the elevator.

"Okay." They all said as the elevators doors open.

"What exactly do you all do here?" Tecna asked once the elevator doors open.

"We grow and raise plants and flowers, breed them, create them, heal the dying ones, make them regain their beauty after its got wilted, dry, or dull, and all kinds of other stuff." I explained as we get on the elevator. "Cool." They said in unison excitedly as I push the second floor button. The elevator start to go up and stop on the second floor. The doors open and we step out. All of the upper floors have a landing looking out over the first floor. We are walking towards my office when all of sudden someone crash into me.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." A woman said with black hair and violet eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I see Helia eyeing her suspiciously.

"Its all right." I said smiling. She smiled back and leaves, Helia watches her head on the elevator. While our friends left us behind.

"Helia, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Hm?" he said turning back to me, "Oh, nothing, its just she looks oddly familiar, I just can't put my mind on it."

"We'll worry about it later. Come on, lets get to the office." I said tugging on his hand.

"Okay." He said following after me. We catch up to our friends who are talking near the railing that's across my office door with a plaque that reads Flora's Office.

"Come on in guys." I said unlocking the door and open it turning on the light. It's a pretty big office. I've done each wall in different colors. On the back and front wall is white, on the right wall is pink, on the left wall is green. It has pink and green mix carpet. A green sofa and a pink sofa, and two chairs both white. The desk is cherry wood with a desktop screen on top. I'm a bit of a neat freak so that's the only thing on top. And underneath is the desktop tower and a little trashcan.

"Have a seat while I login." I said sitting in the desk chair and turn on the computer. I log in and my I.D. magically appear on the desk. I log in my friends as guests and their guest passes also magically appear on the desk. I clip my I.D. on my lab coat. I stand up and hand my friends their guest passes.

"These are guests passes. We give every guest who comes here these. I gave you the unlimited edition, which allows you access to every room here." I explained. They all smile excitedly looking at their passes. All of sudden there's a tremor.

"What is that?" I said shaking a little grabbing a hold on the desk. Helia runs up to me and wrap his arms protectively around my waist. I lean into him. I look and notice that our friends in the same position. Except Aisha who comes up to hug Helia and I. The tremor stop and we let go off each other.

"What was that?" Stella ask scare with her hand on her chest and Brandon rubbing her back soothingly.

"A earthquake?" Bloom suggested. We look at her confusingly. She sighed and say, "A earthquake is when the earth shakes but it usually effects one spot, you guys never experience this before?"

We all shake our heads no. I notice a purple glow on the door then all of sudden the door flown off the hinges, we all duck and it crashes into the window and falls out of it. We all look at it shocked. Then we hear a cackle behind us, we turn back around and there is the woman who crashed into me smiling wickedly. Helia looks mad then transform into a hybrid. He jumps in front of us and growls at her. Wow, I never seen him so mad before.

"I know its you, Zatura, you might as well forget the act." He said angrily. All of sudden the woman change, her skin is getting darker, she is starting to look older, and her hair is starting to have purple tint, and she us wearing a purple black dress.

"Helia, who is she?" I said stepping up behind him and putting my hand on his shoulder.

"She's the witch who turned me into this monstrosity." He explained. I gasp in shock, is that what he thinks of himself?

"Helia, you are NOT a monster! You are so much more than that!" I yelled at him.

"Give up, sweetie, your boyfriend is a monster and is always will be a monster." Zatura said.

"Do NOT talk about my boyfriend like THAT!" I yelled. "WINX CHARMIX!" I yelled, starting to transform but something stop it. I look down and see negative magic rings. Now I'm starting to get dizzy and feel pain. I scream when the pain is starting to get all over my body, and I collapse on the floor.

"FLORA!" Helia yelled kneeling beside me.

"Helia get Flora out of here. We got this, WINX CHARMIX!" Bloom yelled and start transforming all of the other girls follow suit and start transforming as well. The guys takes out a device and push a button and theie specialist uniform magically appear on them and their weapons appear in their hand. Helia picks me up to his arms.

"Transport!" Helia yelled and we start to disappear to a new location. But not without Zatura blasting a dark force near us. Once we transport to a new destination everything went black.

Helia's P.O.V

"Flora! Helia! Wake up!" a female voice called. I wake up and see Flora's parents looking down on us. I turn to see if Flora's awake, but when I look at her I gasp in shock. Her forearms are tree branches and her shins are tree stumps. Even though I'm shocked, she still so beautiful. Her eyes flutter open but once she sees me she also gasp in shock. I look down and try to see myself but then I realized that my eyes are a little glassy and I see red on the sides. I continue to look down and see I have eight insect legs and insect body. But wait, not just any insect, not even and insect….HOLY CRUD! I'M GIANT SPIDER! I leap up and get on all eight legs. I put a giant mirror over me to see what spider I am. I gasp in horror. I'm a black widow, but raven blue, but still have a red spot. I get over my shock when I hear Flora screaming. I scurried over to her to calm her down.

"Flora, its okay, sshh, calm down, its okay." I said trying to hold her the best way I can with my two front legs.

"Do you still love me, looking like this?" She asked me and with tears running down her face. I look at her shocked. "Of course I do Flora, you are my one true love. You could look like anything and I would still think you are beautiful and love you. The question is do you still love me?" I said.

"Oh, Helia, of course I do." She said putting her arms around my spidery head.

"You're not disgusted?" I asked.

"No, of course not." She said and kiss my fangs where my mouth would be. Luckily for us I'm not poisonous.

"Are you two all right?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, we're fine." Flora responded.

"Flora!" a voice called. We turn and the rest of the Winx and Specialist are running towards us.

"Whoa, what happen to you two?" Stella and Riven asked.

"STELLA! RIVEN!" Everyone else yelled, they just shrug.

"Um, Flora we have some good news and bad news." Aisha said. Flora looks at them a little worry.

"Okay, we knock out Zatura, in time for us to get everyone out, we were going back and get the plants and flowers, but she woke up and create a fire that will burn the whole building. We were going to get to her but she disappeared. And the whole building got destroyed and so is the plants and flowers." Bloom said.

"Well, they can't be destroyed yet-" She starts to say but ends up screaming and writhing on the ground in pain.

"FLORA!" I yelled and hold her. She stops screaming and I look down and see that she fainted. I start to get worry but I feel a little dizzy, and everything went black.


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