Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

1. The Stalking Vampire

Helia's POV

I am in Flora's and her roommate Bloom's room, watching Flora sleep like a creepy stalker from her desk chair. But I can't help my self she is so beautiful when she sleeps. Oh, Flora please be mine, I thought. Anyway, I guess you read the introduction, so I wont have to explain who or what I am, right? Good. But I guess I'll have to explain how I know my precious Flora.

One day I was flying to Red Fountain. Yes vampires can fly. Now back to my story. I was going there to deliver paintings to Grandfather for the school. But when I was heading there, and was passing Alfea in the process, I heard the most beautiful voice. So I followed it to balcony and saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Thank God I was miles up from the balcony and she didn't see me. stared at her for good ten minutes watching and listening to her care for her plants. But then I realized I got to go to deliver these paintings. So I went to Red Fountain and asked Grandfather about her. All he knew was her name and her powers, which is nature. But that's it. So I went to ask my friends who goes to RF and they told me a lot about her. And ever since then I've been smitten. So I wrote poems about her, I drew portraits of her, and getting to the habit of watching her sleep. Since I never get tire. Vampires seldom do. Oh, I forgot to explain about me not being a student at RF. I dropped out to go to art school. But now I transferred back for Flora. Tomorrow will be the start of the new year party held for all the schools at Alfea.

Anyway back to here and now, me being a creepy stalker and watching the girl I love sleep. She turned over and face me with a troubled look. I hope she is not have a bad dream, I wish I can comfort her. I thought. But then she starts turning and groaning. Uh-oh better get going or else she'll wake up and see me. I went the balcony and saw the sun was about to rise I took one last look at her and thought, Till I see again my precious flower.

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