Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

2. The Party

Flora's POV

"Rise and shine, Flower Girl!" Stella screamed in my face.

"Stella!" I said whacking with of my many pillows.

"Come on, my dear, you don't want to miss the party do you?" She asked dancing around the room.

"You know the party is a way of saying 'Your summer vacation is over time to hit the books'." I said getting out of bed.

"Well, who cares? Its still a party and I get to my darling Brandon." She said with a dreamy sigh. "And I cant wait to see Sky." Bloom said getting out of bed also with a dreamy look.

I just rolled my eyes and snicker and went to my wardrobe to see what I can wear for the party. "Uh-uh, Flora I already go a perfect outfit for you." Stella said behind. I turned around and saw the most immodest dress ever. It was a green dress with a REALLY deep V-neck. With slits on each side of the hips, and two slits at both legs. I couldn't help but blush. "Is that for me or a hooker?" I asked pointing at the dress. "Fine. Be that way. Then I'll wear it." Stella changing it to orange and stomping out of the room.

"Wow, I didn't know you can joke like that, Flora. What's gotten into you?" Bloom asked while waking up her rabbit Kiko. "I don't know I guess I have to stop hanging around Aisha and Musa so much." I said giggling. Bloom started giggle, but then we were bursting out laughing like crazy. I stopped laughing and was looking for my pixie. "Hey, have you seen Chatta?" I asked Bloom. "No. She's not sleeping in her bed?"

I went to the flower bed I made her and seen that she wasn't in it. "Don't worry, Flora, I'm here." I turned around and saw Chatta floating in the air with Amore. Suddenly a realization hit me. "You were talking to Amore about finding me a boyfriend again, aren't you?" I asked her. Amore flew out of the room quickly and Chatta looked sheepish. "Well…I….uh….since it's a party and all…well look at the time. Gotta go bye." she flew out of the room before I could scold her. I just sat on my bed and sigh. "Why don't you want a boyfriend, Flora?" Bloom asked sitting beside me.

"I didn't say that. Its just I want to find him for myself. Every time Chatta and Amore pick out someone, he usually has a girlfriend or is not my type. I just want to find the right one first. Then ask for Chatta's and Amore's help. And besides I don't need a boyfriend when have friends like you guys." I said collapsing back on my bed. "Well what type of guy do you like?" Bloom asked me. "A guy who is sweet, sensitive, and is a gentleman, and for someone who loves nature as much as I do. But that's a lot to ask for isn't it?" I said sitting and looked at Boom.

"No, its not. I'm sure you will meet a guy who is exactly like that."

I sighed and said, "I hope so. Anyway lets get ready for the party." Bloom nodded and picked an outfit from her wardrobe. I zapped on my favorite dress which is a pink strapless dress with red band on the chest with a pink flower in the middle, and the skirt part is pink with red flowers all over it. And to go with it I wear my pick knitted short sleeve cardigan and pearl pink flats. Bloom and I went out into the living room to meet up with the other girls. Stella adjusted her dress so that it doesn't have that much of V-neck and the slits on the hips are gone but the slits on the legs remain. "You were right that dress was so immodest." Stella told me. "Well it kinda looks better on than it would me anyway." I said giggling.

"Doesn't it?" she said posing

"STELLA!" everyone but me yelled I was just shaking my head and giggle.

"What, Flora pointed it out." she said with a confused face.

A few moments later at the party.

The party is at the common grounds of Alfea. There is food tables, a huge dance floor, large speakers blaring out music, and also a stage for the headmistress Faragonda to give a speech. We were looking for the boys till Stella found them. "Yoo-hoo, Snookums!" She called out to Brandon. "Honey-boo!" Brandon exclaimed and run up to embrace her. Aisha looks at me and mouthed, Honey-boo?. I couldn't help but laugh. Then the couples went and hang out with each other. Leaving me and Aisha alone. "Do you want to dance and show every one how cool we are?" Aisha asked. I laughed and said, "No, I'm going to get some food."

"Okay, catch you later." She said and headed for the dance floor while I headed to the fruit table.

After I'm done loading my plate with food I went to eat near the lake. But once I got there I dropped my plate. Because sitting on a rock in front of me was the most BEAUTIFUL boy I ever seen. He had long raven blue hair in a ponytail, a long skinny handsome face, with beautiful midnight blue eyes. Then I looked down at his lap and saw he was drawing a beautiful picture at the lake. I couldn't help but sighed dreamily. But then he turned his head and saw me staring at him. I instantly blush and quickly start to pick up the food that was on the ground. "Do you need some help?" I looked up and saw standing there looking at me. I just gulped. Speak Flora. Don't just sit there like an idiot. "Well…I…uh" I uttered out. Smooooth Flora. I thought. I just shook my head and stammered out, "Y-yes. I-I do."

He bends down and start to help me. "I'm Helia." he said. "F-flora." I stammered. "That's a nice name." he said smiling. His smile is so breathtaking. I can feel my cheeks get redder and concentrate on picking up the food. But then I realized I could just use magic to make it disappear. I said a disappearing spell and the food vanished. Helia looks down at his hands confused. But he just shake it off and help me to stand up. And while still holding my hand he bows to me and said, "It's an honor to meet you." Then he kisses my hand. If my face wasn't red before I'm pretty sure its red now. I probably look like a tomato. Just then I see Chatta coming. Saved by the pixie. I start to feel less shy with Chatta around. "Flora! Where were you? I looked everywhere-" she stopped when she saw Helia. She looked down at our hands with a 'why didn't tell me you had a boyfriend' look. I looked down where she look and see that Helia was still holding my hand. He sees what I'm looking at and he pulls his hand back embarrassed.

"So how long have you been going to Red Fountain?" I asked him, starting to feel less shy.

"I went one year. But I dropped out cause I wanted to go to go art school. And I'm also a pacifist. But now I'm back." He explained.

"Why did you transferred back if you're a pacifist?" I asked. '

He just shrugged and said, "I started to miss the defense classes and some other classes. And even though I'm a pacifist its good to learn to fight and defend myself and the ones I cared about."

"Oh, well, I guess that makes sense." I said.

" There you are Flora!" a voice said behind said. I turned around and see all my friends there. They had a 'don't you how worry we were' look. But then they see Helia and start to breaks out into big smiles. Uh-oh I'm in for it. I thought. "Oh, I see you girls met Helia." Brandon said coming to front of the group. Thank you Brandon. I thought thankfully.

"Wait, you two know each other?" I asked.

"We all know him." Replied Timmy.

"How?" I asked.

"Well he's Saladin's grandson, so sometimes he comes and visit. And deliver art work that he did for RF." Brandon explained.

"Wow that's so cool." I said looking at Helia. He blushes and looks down at the ground.(authors side note: yes in this in this story vampires blush. Anyway back to Flora)

Oh wow he's cuter blushing.

"Anyway, Helia, this my girlfriend Princess Stella of Solaria. Sky's girlfriend is Bloom princess of the lost planet Domino. Princess Aisha of Andros. Riven's girlfriend Musa of Melody. And Timmy's girlfriend Princess Tecna from Zenith." Brandon said introducing everyone. "And I see you've already met Princess Flora of Linphea." Brandon said with teasing look. Both Helia and I blushed turn our heads. "It was nice meeting you, Helia, but we have to go to hear Headmistress Faragonda speech." Bloom said turning around

"Of course, I'll go with you." Helia said walking with us to hear Ms. F speech.

"I hope you enjoy your last week of summer of vacation catching up with friends. We will keep this rule of enjoying your last week summer vacation here."

Once she said that the crowd breaks out into a cheer.

"All right, settle down, settle down." Ms. F said before continuing on. "First welcome new freshman of all schools. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here on Magix. Sophomores and Juniors welcome back. And seniors congratulations on your last year and since you are seniors you will be helping teach the classes. Now tomorrow I suspect the sophomores and the juniors of Alfea in the dining room at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Now enjoy the rest of the party.Musa would you like to get up here and sing?" She said and gets off the stage.

Musa ran to the stage with a happy look on her face. Once she got there she said, "This song for my friend, Flora." Then Demi Lovato's Catch me started to play. Oh-no. I thought. Helia looked at me confused. "Uh…its my favorite song." I replied. "Well, would you like to dance to your favorite song?" He asked holding out his hand towards me. I just blushed and nodded. He smiled and led to me the dance floor. We started to dance and I was having the more fun than I have in my life. And it was the best day of my life.

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