Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

4 .Hanging Out

Helia's POV

It's 7:00 Monday morning when Riven and I tell the other guys what happened to me last night. They all seemed surprised at first but they got over it.

"At least you guys accept it. But Flora…" I said looking down at the floor. Everyone gave Riven a confused look. "He's worried that Flora wont love him." He explained.

"Are you kidding, she is the least shallowest girl I know." Brandon assured me. "She may seem that way. But she might changed once she sees me like that." I said.

Sky rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, how bout this, I text Bloom and see what kind of guy Flora likes, and see if she cares about looks." Sky said getting out his phone. I just nodded while he text Bloom.

"According to my calculations, there's a 75% that Flora will love you." Timmy said. "ONLY 75%!?" I exclaimed. "Nice going Timmy." Riven said bopping Timmy on the head. "Ow, and I was just trying to be helpful." Timmy said rubbing the back of his head. "Well, you are far from helpful." I said annoyed.

"Okay, Bloom just texted back and said that Flora likes guys who are sweet, smart, sensitive, and loves natures as much as she does. And she doesn't care about looks." Sky informed me.

"She didn't want know why you asked?" I asked him confused.

"I told her that you wanted to know. Duh." He replied.

"Oh gee, thanks for making me look like a fool." I replied sarcastically.

"Hey I didn't what her to think I was crushing on Flora." Sky replied defensively.

Just then Brandon's cell beep. "It's Stella, she wants to know if we can all hang out in Magix this evening after school." Brandon informed us. We all replied yes and Brandon sent her our response.

Same time at Alfea

Flora's POV

I wake up and realized I have an hour to get ready for breakfast. I quickly zapped on my outfit. Which is a white knee-length flowy V-neck dress with a built-in light pink shirt in the V part, a pink flower beading at the bottom of the V, and a belt on my waist tied with a bow. And with it I have cowgirl boots with a flower embroidery stitching.

I run out to the balcony and started to care for my plants. After I'm done I went into the living and find all the girls are awake and ready.

"Why do we have to get up so early?" Stella complained.

"I asked you that yesterday when we got up to get ready for the party yesterday." Musa said annoyed.

"Because we had to look perfect, and in case you haven't notice Riven couldn't keep his eyes off of you. And its all thanks to me. But this is just class." Stella said. Musa just rolled her eyes and headed out the door. And then we all followed her to the dining hall.

"Hey Flora, what did you think of Helia?" Aisha. I instantly blushed and look at the floor.

"I knew it, I knew that you like him. And its pretty obvious he likes you too." She said with a sly smile.

"You really think so?" I asked now getting redder.

"Of course, now stop blushing or else every one thinks you have a fever." She said laughing. I thought about Helia all last night. I know we just met but he seems really sweet and just perfect. But I don't know if he'll like a tree hugger like me. But I can hope right? Right.

Anyway I walk into the dining hall with the other girls. Once every one got to their tables Miss F stand up in the balcony where her and the teachers eat. "Once again, welcome back, sophomores and juniors. This year each of you will gain a new power. The sophomores will earn their Charmix and the juniors will earn their Enchantix. To earn your Charmix you have to get out of your comfort zone and do something you never done before. You have to reveal your deepest secret and that's how you earned your Charmix. And the juniors will have to sacrifice themselves to earned their Enchantix. Now enjoy your breakfast then head to class." She said and then went back to join their teachers.

"This should interesting." Musa said smiling.

"What are you smiling about? You have to reveal something to." Aisha said taking a bite from her muffin.

"Oh yeah that's right." She said sounding disappointed.

"I wonder if she's going to reveal that she hates Riven." Stella said giving Musa a teasing smile.

"I don't hate Riven." Musa said offensively.

"Well I don't know how you stand him. I mean he is always a jerk to you." Stella said taking a bite out from a crescent roll.

"He can be sweet sometimes." Musa said shrugging.

"Yeah, I'll see it when I believe it." Stella said laughing. Aisha laughed also.

"Seriously? Flo, what do you think?" Musa asked me. I looked up from my blueberry oatmeal and replied, "Well, I don't think he'll be sweet in front of us but with you…" I trailed off. Musa gave Stella and Aisha smirks before digging into her eggs.

"So Flora are you excited to see Helia today?" Stella asked with a smirk on her face. I dropped my spoon on the table, and I feel myself blushing. "W-what d-do you mean?" I stuttered. "I invited the boys to spend the evening with us. And I mean all the boys, including Helia." Stella said a with a teasing grin.

I looked at all the others and said, "Why wasn't I informed about this?"

All the girls looked sheepish. "Well we were but we had to come here." Bloom said. "U-huh." I said rolling my eyes and getting back to my oatmeal.

That evening at Alfea

Helia's POV

We are at Alfea picking up the girls with our Wind riders. Maybe Flora can ride with me. I thought happily. I smiled at the thought of Flora holding tightly to me on the rider.

"Hey look there's Aisha and Flora." Sky said getting out of my trance. I looked up and saw Aisha and Flora on Aisha's wind rider. I guess she'll be riding with Aisha. I thought sadly.

"Where's the other girls?" Brandon asked them.

"Well they decided to walk." Aisha explained taking off her helmet.

"Yeah in your version of the truth. She made that decision for them. We were supposed to walk but she got her rider and grab me and well here are." Flora said giggling. God, her laugh is cute. I thought smiling. Then Flora looks up and notice me and instantly start to blush. But just as we was about to say our greetings the other girls come running dot . They bend down and pant.

"Hey, girls did you enjoy your walk?" Aisha asked with a smirk on her face. All the girls, except Flora who was bursting out laughing, glared at Aisha.

Bloom straighten up and looked at me. "Hello Helia, its nice to see you again." She said politely. "

Its nice to see you too." I said smiling.

Then I look at Flora and said, "Hi Flora." She blushed more and look at the ground. I love how shy she is. I thought smiling.

"H-hi H-Helia." She stuttered and looks up. That's when I finally notice her outfit. Before I stop myself I blurted out, "You look stunning." All of the guys and girls, except Flora, burst out laughing while me and Flora blushed and looks down at the ground.

Stella wiped away her tears and said, "Come on, the mall is calling for me." She grabbed Brandon and they both get on his rider. And then all the other guys got on their riders with their girlfriends. Okay here goes nothing. I thought nervously. "Flora d-do y-you want t-to r-ride with me?" I stammered while blushing.

She blushed and replied, "W-well I was planning on riding with Aisha."

I looked down and said "Oh." Aisha winked then turned to Flora and said, "Actually Flora, the pixies wants to ride because they never rode a Wind rider before."

Flora looks down at the ground and blushed. "Oh okay." She said while getting her helmet. I get on then she got on behind me. Then I felt the most amazing thing, her wrapping her arms around me. But yet she was sitting to far back. "You can scoot closer if you want." I said nervously. "O-okay." She stammered and scoot closer. My heart skipped a beat when she snuggle her head against my back.

Back to Flora's POV

I didn't know what came over me. I don't know why I snuggled my head against his back. I quickly lifted my neck and instantly started blushing. "S-sorry." I stammered. "It's okay, I rather enjoyed." He said. I couldn't help but blush more. God, I have to stop blushing so much. I thought. There was and awkward silent but thankfully we get into the mall's parking lot.

"Yay! The mall! Lets go in Little Miss Fairy." Stella said excitedly while dragging Brandon and Bloom. Sky just sighed and shook his head and then follow them. Lockette and Amore flew after them.

"I'm going to see if I can get a job at the music store, Come on, Riven." Musa said dragging Riven. "Why do I gave to come?" He asked annoyed. "Because I said so and I need you to give in a good word for me." She said still dragging him. He just rolled his eyes and grunted, with Tune followed soon after.

"Let's go Timmy, I want to get a job at the Magix Apple store." Tecna said taking Timmy's hand and they both walked into the mall. Digit followed them talking about all the new gadgets they have.

"I'm going to see if I can get a job at Atheletixs." Aisha said running into the mall, with Piff on her head sleeping and Chatta on her shoulder.I guess Chatta wants to leave me with Helia.

"I don't get, if Aisha and Tecna are princesses then why are they applying for a job?" Helia asked me. I suddenly realized that we were the only 2 near the mall's entrance. I feel myself blushing. Great, just when I cooled off. I thought. "You know you blush a lot." He said giving me his heart-stopping smile. And I couldn't help but blush more.

"Uh, you didn't answer my question." He said while we walked in the mall. "What question?" I asked dumbfounded. "Why is Aisha and Tecna getting jobs if they're princesses?" He asked

"Oh, well, I guess they want to be something that they love. And we like to be independent. I'm planning to get a job at the flower shop." I said while we were getting on the elevator.

"Oh…I guess that makes sense. I want to be independent too. And not rely on my grandfather. So I'm planning to work at the art shop right next to the flower shop." he smiling. I couldn't help but blush again.

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