Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

5. Confessions (Part 1)

A few months later…on a Saturday

Flora's POV

It's almost summer and I haven't got my Charmix yet. All the other girls did. Man, I really want to have it before junior year. Well luckily there's only a few weeks left. So maybe I'll have time to get mine. I hope.

Anyway, about Helia and me. We've gotten to be really good friends but I want something more. And I hope he feels the same way. Everyone tells me that he likes me. But I don't know why would he like a nature freak like me. Although, every time I said that to the girls and Chatta they just yell at me and tell me to shut up.

I finally decided to tell him how I feel. I got up this morning and wrote him a letter and put in a envelope with a crystal flower of love picture on it.

Now I'm walking out into the quad carrying some books to read and the letter with Chatta flying behind going on how Helia would love me back. I just ignored and looked at the ground blushing. Yes I am in love with him. But I only used like in the letter so not to freak him out that much. I was thinking of a reaction when I bumped into someone and drop my books and letter. I looked up to see Mirta with a dazed look on her face and holding her with her han head. "I'm so sorry Mirta." I said bending down to pick my things. "

It's all right, Flora. Its not like you did on purpose." she said bending down to help me. And for all things she picked the letter. "Oooo, the crystal flower of love. I wonder who this for?" She said giving me a teasing look. I instantly blushed. "It must be for Saladin's grandson." She said handing me the letter.

"How did you know?" I asked shocked.

"Please, the whole magical dimension knows. Well, anyway, bye." She said and run off.

I just shake my head and head into the forest. But once I get there, I dropped my books and the letter again. Helia is sitting on a rock meditating with the sun shining down on him. He looks so handsome that I couldn't help but sighed out, "Helia."

He opens his eyes and turned around and sse me. I blushed and quickly bend down to pick up my books again. "Hey, Flora let me help you." He said taking me by surprise. He bends down and help me. Unfortunately I picked up my books and he picks up my letter. Ugh, why does this keep happening to me. I thought annoyed.

"The crystal flower of love." He said observing the letter.

"You know it?" I asked.

"Yes. This letter must be the one who has your heart." He said. I just looked down and blushed. "Well I gotta say, whoever is receiving this letter is a lucky guy." He said with a disappointed look. Could it be? I thought but I just shook it off.

"Actually it's for…my parents." I said. Whew, nice save, Flora. I thought to myself.

"Oh, well that's really sweet of you." He said handing me back the letter. Then he turned around and started to leave. "See you later." I said.

"Okay, bye." He said heading to the trail from here to RF.

"And that's what we call a missing opportunity." Chatta said coming from behind me. I start to turn around and leave for my room but I'm blocked by Chatta.

"Chatta, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I am not moving till you give him that letter and tell him how you feel." She said giving me a little push near the trail.

"I don't know Chatta." I said hesitantly.

"Oh, come on, did you see his face when he looked that letter? He so likes you." She said still pushing me.

"If he likes me how come he hasn't said anything?" I asked.

"Because he's a boy. Boys don't know how to this kinda of thing. Now go catch with him." She said.

Here goes nothing. I thought. I throw my books and the letter on the ground. And then I run into the trail and see Helia miles away. "HELIA!" I shouted. But he still keeps walking. I runs up the trail more. "HELIA!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. He stops in his tracks and turns around and see me. And then he comes walking towards me.

"That was so desperate of me." I said regretting my decision.

"He's coming back that's a good thing." Chatta reassured me.

"Yes, Flora, what is it?" He asked coming to stand in front of me.

"Well, the thing is…that…I'm sorry I never done anything like this before." I said.

"Well, Flora was it you're trying to do?" He asked.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is…" But I'm cut off from Helia's phone beeping. "Uh, excuse me Flora." he said getting out his phone. "It's a text from my grandfather. And he said for me to see him. So I have to go." He said putting it away.

"Oh, okay we can talk some other time." I replied. Then he turns around and start to walk away again.

"Flora, what are you doing? Don't let him get away." Chatta whispered to me.

"How about if he doesn't feel the same way?" I asked.

"Flora, trust your heart." Chatta said pushing me towards more up the trail. Okay, time to trust my heart. I pray to God that I hope its right. I thought. I run a few feet up the trail. I see Helia a few miles away. "Helia!" I shouted running a few more feet. It seems like he didn't hear me. I run more towards him and shouted, "Helia, I really like you."

The exact same moment in Helia's POV

"Helia I really like you." I heard Flora said. I stop walking. YAY! Flora likes me. Best day of my life. I thought. "And I like.." I paused then turn around to face her "you", I finished and blow her a kiss. She blushes but also have a big grin on her face. "I knew he'll say it back." Chatta said. I was going to turn around but then I see something glowing. "My Charmix!" Flora excitedly yelled. Then I see her do the cutest thing. She twirls around and hugs her pixie. Okay, I have to kiss her. Like right now. I thought. I walk towards hers. Chatta looks at me and winks then lest go of Flora. Once I get in front of Flora I cup her face in my hands. "Helia, what…" But I cut her off by crashing my lips on hers. She's a little surprise at first and I feel her blushing more. But she kisses me back while putting her hands on my face.

"Not in front of the pixie." Aisha said coming out of nowhere interrupting and kissed. Me and Flora looked at each other and instantly started to blush.

"Why not, Aisha?" Chatta asked annoyed

"Because, you and the pixies are like children." Aisha answered.

"But what about Amore? She is the pixie of love." Chatta said defensively.

"I'm just joking. But you shouldn't be watching people while they kiss. Its rude." Aisha scolded.

"What are doing here anyway, Aisha?" Flora asked.

"I was going to got to Pixie Village, and see how the other pixies are." Aisha explained.

"Okay have fun." Flora said then Aisha walks away.

"I must go now my flower. But lets meet later at the lake." I said taking her hand and kissed it. I looked up and smile that she is blushing.

"O-okay, see you at the lake, b-bye." She said blushing even more. I give a kiss on the cheek then headed back to RF.

Later at Red Fountain…

I walk back to RF with a huge grin on my face. Flora likes me. And I kissed her and then she kissed me back. I thought excitedly with my grin getting wider, if that's possible. I see the guys sitting near a big oak tree. Its our hangout spot. Riven is listening to music, Timmy's on his Ipad, and Sky and Brandon are practicing with their swords. I walk towards them still smiling. When I get there they gave me confused looks. "Flora said she likes me." I said excitedly.

"That's great." they said in unison

"Who admitted first?" Riven asked.

"Flora did." I said excitedly.

"Haha, yes. Looks like you and Timmy owe us Riven." Brandon said smirking.

"Wait, you guys bet on me and Flora about us admitting our feelings for each other?" I asked kinda annoyed.

"Uh, yeah, Riven and I bet on you and Brandon and Sky bet on Flora." Timmy answered.

I just rolled my eyes and head onto the elevator. The guys followed behind me.

"So did you kissed her?" Brandon asked as we got on the elevator. "Yes." I replied blushing.

"YES! We won this bet, Timmy, whoo!" Riven exclaimed high-fiving Timmy.

I just rolled my eyes again.

"So how was the kiss?" Brandon asked.

"Good, very good." I replied sighing and smiling dreamily.

"Dude, you are so gay." Riven said lightly punching me in the arm. I gave him a glare and lightly punch him back.

"You know, Riven I always wonder why you don't date Stella since you're not afraid to speak her mind like she does." Sky told giving him a teasing grin.

"Hello? I'm Stella's boyfriend and I'm right here." Brandon said annoyed. "Please I wont date that spoiled brat princess if she was the last person in the universe." Riven said rolling his eyes.

"Still Stella's boyfriend." Brandon said annoyed and pout. We just laugh at his face.

The elevator stopped on our floor. The guys got out and when they notice that I wasn't going with them Sky asked, "You're not getting of with us?"

"No, my grandfather needs to see me." I replied.

A couple minutes later…

"You wanted to me?" I asked walking into the my grandfathers office.

"Yes, you have to take your potions." He answered. Oh my God, I completely forgot.

"I'm so sorry I forgot." I apologized.

"It is quite alright my grandson. It's a good thing you have me to remind you." He said laughing.

"Yeah, you're right. I am lucky to have you." I said with a smirk.

"Just take your potions." He said annoyed handing me the bottle. After I'm done I told him about me and Flora. "I am happy for you my grandson. Does she know that you're a hybrid." He asked.

"No, I'm planning to tell her this evening. We have a date at the lake. Although I'm really nervous of her reaction." I said.

"Don't be. I'm sure everything will be fine." He assured me.

"I hope so." I said.

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