Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

6.Confessions (Part 2)

Helia's POV

I'm sitting near the lake drawing while waiting for Flora. I was drawing her and I on a boat in the lake. Until I hear footsteps.

"H-hi H-helia." I heard Flora stuttered. I set down my sketchbook and turn my headstowards her. But then my heart stop and my jaw dropped. She looks so beautiful in a pink strapless dress with a giant red rose on the shirt part, there was a green belt with a red rose buckle in-between the shirt and the skirt, the skirt part had vines climbing up to the belt with roses on them. And with the dress she was wearing a dark green cardigan and pinkish-white flats with a red rose on them and a red rose in her hair.

"You look beautiful." I tell her while patting the spot next to me for her to sit.

She blushes and looks down at the ground. "Thank you, courtesy of Stella." She said sitting down beside me. "

Should have known." I said laughing. "You know you don't have to get dressed up to see me. You look beautiful no matter what. But look you more beautiful now." I said gazing into her beautiful eyes.

"Oh well since its our her first date and all. I wanted to look nice. And you know how Stella is." She said blushing and laughing. I realized that now or never I need to tell her I'm a hybrid. I'm about to tell her when she does something totally unexpected. She lays her head on my shoulder. My heart skipped a couple beats and I stiffened, which she noticed and she shoot her head straight up.

"I'm sorry.." She said quietly and blushed.

"Its okay." I said smiling and put my arm around her. She's surprise at first, but she relaxed and rest her head on my shoulder again. We stay like that for a couple minutes. Until I realized I have to tell her.

"Flora, I have to tell you something." I said sighing.

"Okay." She said looking at me.

"I'm a vampire/werewolf hybrid." I said in one breath.

"What?" She asked confused.

"Its better that I show you." I said standing up. I start on my hybrid transformation.

Once I'm finished I look at Flora. She gasp and have shock in her eyes. "Flora?" I asked concern. She gets up and walks down to the lake, her back to me. Great she's scare of me. "Flora?" I asked again.

"Just give me time to think." She said. I just nod even though she couldn't see me.

"Do you harm people or animals?" She asked. Of course that will be the first question she asked me. "No." I answered. She sighed and just stood there for a fewe minutes.

"Flora, please say something." I said.

"There's nothing else to say." She said sending a knife through my heart. But then again I kinda expected it.

"Okay. I'll see you around Flora." I said sadly heading back to RF. "

Helia wait!" She yelled running up to me and grab my arm. I looked at her questionly. She smiled and said, "We have a date, remember?" That brought music to my ears.

"You're not breaking up with me?" I asked turning around to face her.

"Now why would I do that? I'm in love with you." Once she realized what she just said she cover her mouth with both her hands and turn around.

"You're in love me?" I asked with the biggest grin.

"Yes, but I understand if you don't love me back. I probably look like a lovesick freak. And you probably want to break with me now…." she keeps on rambling until I put my hand on her shoulder. I suddenly realized that I'm still in hybrid form and my hand had fur claws on it. But she doesn't seem to mind. I turn her towards me and she has tears in her eyes and she still keeps rambling. "Flora." I said giving her a gentle shake. She stops rambling and looks at me.

"I'm in love with you too." I said smiling.

"Really?" She asked. I nodded. Then she hugs me and I'm surprised that she's hugging me like this. But I don't care and hug her back. She pulls away and looks at me with a huge smile on face and blushing. I decide to turn back to human but she stops me. "I want try something." she said blushing more. I'm to ask what until I feel her soft lips on my snout. She's kissing my hideous snout? I thought. But I just closed my eyes and just enjoyed it.

Once she pulls back, she blushes and I turn back to normal. "How long have you loved me?" she asked curiously once I'm normal. "Ever since I saw you." I said grabbing her waist and pull her towards me. She blushes more and ask, "When I embarrassed myself and dropped my food?"

"Actually, before that." I said pulling her over to where were before and sit down. She looks at me confused and sit down beside me. I start to tell how I first saw her while I was headed towards RF and I instantly fell in love with her and went to asked my grandfather and my friends about hr and well you know the rest from chapter 1.

"Oh Helia.." She whispers. "You didn't have to transferred to RF for me."

"Of course I did. I wanted to know you. Cause I knew that you were the one for me." I said. Just then she notices my sketchpad near my leg. "What are you drawing?" She asked. But before I could respond she picks up the sketch pad and looks at the drawing I was doing before she got here. "Helia, this amazing. Its like looking at an actual picture. And it looks like we are on a boat in the lake." She said.

"R-really?" I stuttered and blush.

"Really she said. May I?" She asks with a pleading look. I sighed and nod knowing that she'll see the drawings of her sleeping. Well you have to tell her sometime. I thought. She flipped through my sketchpad blushing at every drawing, but smiling also. Then my worst nightmare happen. She flips to the page of her sleeping. "Helia?" She questioned and looks at me. I just couldn't meet her eyes so I just stare at the lake. "How did you know what my bed looked like?" She asked suspiciously. (A/N: Because he watches you while you sleep like a freaking creepy stalker!) I just sighed and explained to her how I watch her sleep. She widened her eyes and didn't say anything when I finished.

"Flora, please don't think me as a creepy pervert its just you look so beautiful when you sleep." I said blushing.

"No its that. I trust you. Its just Bloom and Chatta said I talk in my sleep." She said blushing and looking at the ground.

"Well you do." I said smiling at her.

"Oh my God, what do I say?" She asked.

"Well you say my name a lot." I answered.

"Oh my God." She said covering her face with hands in embarrassment. I couldn't help but laugh. I took her hands of her face and tilted her head to look at me. "I probably do the same thing when I'm asleep Flora. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. And I'm glad its my name and not someone else's."

"R-really?" She asked blushing.

"Really." I said then leaned in towards and kissed her with passion and love that was only met for her. She wraps her arms around my neck and deepens the kiss. After a few of minutes she pulls back for air. She looks at my sketchpad and then at me with a pleading look. I smiled and nod. She's flipping to the one that is a drawing of her face and a heart made of flowers around her util a separate folded piece of paper came out. Oh crap that's the poem I was writing about her. I thought remembering me writing that poem and drawing at the same time. Well not really the same time I went back and forth…I think you get what I mean. She picks up the paper and started to unfold it. "Um…Flora.." I said but it's too late she's already unfolding and now is reading it. I brace myself expecting her to laugh or I don't know say its to weird. But instead she tackles me to the ground and starts to kiss my face all over. "I love you. I love. I love you." She said with each kissed. I couldn't help but laugh. I pull her closer to me so that her head would rest on my chest. "This has been the best day and night of my entire life." We both said in unison. We looked at each other and laugh. "So want do you want to do for our next date?" I asked.

"Flora?" I asked when she doesn't respond I look down and see her sleeping on my chest. I chuckled then picked her up bridal style and headed towards the entrance of Alfea.

Later in Flora and Bloom's room

I lay Flora on her bed. Thank God everyone else is sleep. I thought. I'm about to leave when I turn around and looks at her. I boldly get in bed with her and put my arms around her. Geez she must be a heavy sleeper. I thought.

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