Flora and Helia: A Vampire Love Story

7.Ending the School Year with True Love

Helia's POV

I'm in Flora's bed with her head on my chest and my arms wrapped around her. Don't worry we still have our clothes on. I look at the alarm clock and see that it's 9:00 am Sunday morning. I look down at Flora and see that she's still sleeping. I smile at the sight of her. She flutters her eyes open and see me gazing at her beauty.

"Helia?" She asks shocked.

"Yes?" I said chuckling.

"This isn't a dream is it?" She said touching my face all over.

I laughed and said, "No, my love, I'm really here with you."

"Oh Helia!" She exclaims and lays her head back down on my chest. I smiled and put my fingers in her luscious hair.

"Helia?" She asked. "Hmm?" I responded stroking her hair and face. "Did B-bloom saw us?" She asked shyly.

"Yes but once she saw we wasn't doing anything she didn't judge." I said blushing a little.

"Oh…" She said. Then she looks at her nightgown then up at me confused. "Helia how did I get into my nightgown?" She said blushing.

"I changed you." I said simply and shrugs.

Her eyes widened and she blushes a deeper red. "Not like that. Since my grandfather is a wizard I have wizard powers too. So I used my powers to change you into your nightgown." I explained. She looks relieved then lays her head back down on my chest. "Helia did you stay with me the whole night?" She asked.

"The whole night yes. But at like 8 the rest of the girls got up. Once Bloom woke up we went into the living room. And I had a nice chat with the girls and pixies. But at like at 8:45 I came in here to watch you wake up. And well now here we are." I said smiling at her.

"What did you, the girls and the pixies talked about?" She asked looking up at me with curiosity in her eyes.

"I told them that I was a hybrid but they all knew because the guys told them. Never trust them with a secret. And they told me how much you adore me." I said smiling teasingly at her.

"Well…I…uh.." She said stuttering and blushing.

"Chatta told me how much you love my beautiful eyes and that you find my smile breathtaking and you want to run my fingers through my luscious long hair." I said chuckling. She blushes and looks down embarrassed. I just laughed. "Flora, don't be embarrassed when I think the same things about you." I said putting my finger under her chin and tilt her head up to face me and see that she's blushing more. I couldn't help but smile, I love her blush so much. "I love you my darling sweet flower." I whispered before crashing my lips onto hers. She's a little shocked but kisses me back gripping my shirt at the chest.

"Ahem, if you two are done your little make out sesh, I'm here to give Flora her mail." Musa said interrupting our kiss. Flora and I pulled away blushing.

Flora looks at the pile of envelopes in Musa's hand. "All those are for me?" She asked.

"Yep, letters from Linphea." Responded Musa handed her one of the letters. "I think that's from your parents. Here's one from Miele and Oak." Musa said handing Flora another letter.

"Whose Miele and Oak?" I asked Flora who' reading the letter from her parents. "My younger twins siblings. Miele is my younger sister and Oak my younger brother." She explained.

"Here's another one from your brother Fernito." Musa said handing her another letter. "And this one is from…oooo who's Eric?" Musa asked looking at Flora.

"What do you mean?" Flora asked trying to get the letter from Musa.

"Well, you told us all about your family. We even met Fern when he dropped you off. But you never mention Eric." Musa said giving her a teasing grin. I looked at Flora wide eyed. But she ignored it.

"Wait, I never told you guys about Eric?" Flora asked Musa.

"Nope." Musa replied, her teasing grin getting wider.

"Oh well, I could've have sworn I did. Anyway he's the son of the Grand Duke of Linphea. And my best friend. Now can I please have my letter?" Flora asked sticking out her hand for Musa to give her the letter.

"Fine. Here you go." Musa said handing Flora the letter then head out the room closing the door behind her.

"So Eric huh? You two were never a thing were you?" I asked Flora nervously.

"No. Basically he's like a brother to me. And he is totally in love with one of our servant girls Ariel. He's been dying to ask her out. But he gets so nervous around her. He starts to sweat and looks like he is going to faint by just talking to her. Poor boy, he has more insecurities than me." She said laughing.

"Man, I wanna see him get nervous. I bet its pretty funny." I said laughing too.

"Oh it is. Last time I was hiding behind a tree when he was talking to her and seen that he got nervous so I recorded it. But he got mad and deleted it off my phone." She said opening the letter from Eric.

"Darn, I wished that I seen that. Would you've put it on the internet?" I asked.

"No. He would seriously killed me then." She giggling and reading the letter.

"AAAAHHHH." She screams after a few minutes of reading the letter.

"What is it?" I asked concerned.

"He finally asked Ariel out. And she said YES! Oh I'm so happy for him I'm going to call him right now." She said excitedly setting the letter down opening her drawer on her bed side table looking for her phone.

"Found it!" She exclaims sitting back up and dialing his number.

"I'm going to put him on speaker so you can me him." She said pushing a button and the phone was on speaker.

"Okay." I said smiling.

"Hello?" A voice I presumed Eric's answered.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Flora answered back. I tilted my head back and burst out laughing.

"Ow, Flora, that was my ear!" Eric yelled.

"Sorry, I am just so happy for you." She said excitedly.

"I'm guessing you got the letter?" He said.

"Heck yes. I got the letter. Give me every detail." She demanded. I couldn't help but laugh again.

"You can be such a girl sometimes. And I'm not going to give you detail until you come home. I rather explain it in person." He said.

"Aw, man." Flora said sounding disappointed.

"So how's it going with Helia? The love of your life. With the perfect hair, eyes, and lips. And whose personality outshines the sun. And the person whole stole your precious heart." Eric said in a mock voice. I laughed and looked at Flora who's blushing a million shades of red.

"ERIC! HELIA IS HERE WITH ME AND YOU ARE SPEAKER!" Flora exclaimsburying her head in her hands. Eric and I burst out laughing.

"Hey, I'm Flora's boyfriend, Helia." I said to Eric.

"I'm Flora's best friend, Eric. Nice to meet you." He said.

"Yeah, my best friend who I really want to kill now." Flora said angrily. Eric and I burst out laughing again.

"Congrats and FINALLY! Who revealed first?" Eric asked.

"Flora did." I answered.

"Flora, the most shy and insecure girl I know did?" He asked shocked.

"Yup." I said smiling and remembering the moment from yesterday.

"Wow. Flora, how did you pulled that off?" Eric asked.

"Well remember Chatta my bonded pixie I told you about? Well she helped." She answered.

"Good, because with all of your insecurities you have, you need all the help you can get." He joked.

"Hey now. It took you YEARS to ask Ariel out. It only took a few months to confessed to Helia." She said smirking even though he can't see it.

"Touché." He replied.

"Well anyway, I have to go. Bye, Eric." Flora said.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you Helia." Eric said.

"You too, and thank you for telling me what Flora say about me." I replied.

Eric laughs, "Anytime bro. Bye." He said then hang up.

Flora groans and lays back down on her pillow. "What?" I asked her.

"All that stuff Eric said." She said putting her arm over face.

"About me?" I asked. She nods. "Flora, for the last time don't get embarrassed. I feel the same way." I said removing her arm and see tears rolling down her cheeks. I wipe them away. "Now lets see how perfect my lips is." I said in seductive voice and give her a teasing smile. She blushes a really deep red. I smiled and crash my lips onto hers. She wraps her arms around neck deepening the kiss which becomes passionate. My tongue begs for entrance and she gladly lets it in moaning in the process. She moves her fingers up and play with my hair. I hold her closer to me wanting more.

After a few minutes we breake apart for air. "I love you Helia." She whispers in my ear. "I love you too, my dear sweet flower." I said stroking her face. She puts my hand over top hers and we gaze into each others eyes. I lean down and start kissing her jaw line then I move up to her ear and nibble it some. Then I work my way down her neck. I can feel her blushing and I love every minute of it. I smelled her skin and she's smells like strawberries. I must have a taste. But no that's to intimate. But she smells so good. Without thinking I put my tongue on her neck. "H-helia, what are doing?" She asked nervously. I quickly pullup and look down at her. She had a shocked look on her face. "A-are you trying to give me a hicky?" She asked still shock and blushing.

"W-well, I-its just that you smell r-really good. I'm s-sorry F-flora." I said stuttering and blushing.

"Its okay. That's really sweet you know." She said giggling.

"Oh, really?" I asked with a smirk. I bend back down and start to kiss her neck again.

"Uh…Helia we, um, have to go to work."She said shyly.

"No we don't. I rather stay here." I said moving up to her jaw line.

"Helia. I have to go this is my last day before exams." She said rolling out from under me.

"Darn." I said getting up and zapped on my outfit. (season 2 and 3 outfit). And Flora zapped on hers which is a one shoulder, short sleeved green shirt with a pink flower on it. Two pink straps on her showing shoulder, qnd with it she wears a green denim mini skirt with black leggings that goes to her knees under the skirt. She has on fuchsia pink ankle boots with green chain around them. She have her hair up in a pony tail but left her blonde bangs out. All in all she looks gorgeous.

"You look so beautiful." I said.

"Thank you." She said blushing.

"Your blush is so adorable." I sigh out. Which makes her blush more. I just smile and then kissed her cheek. She blushes even more. "W-we n-need to g-get to w-work." She stuttered and stormed out the door. I couldn't help but laugh and follow her.

At the flower shop…..

Flora's POV

A delivery man comes in bringing new flowers.

"Flora, dear, do you mind going into the back room and get a new vase for these sunflowers?" Mrs. Fauna asked me.

"Of course, Mrs. Fauna." I said while heading into the back room. While getting a vase out of the box I hear the bell ring above the door. Thinking that it's the delivery man I hear a familiar voice.

"Hello, Mrs. Fauna. How are you?" I smiled when I recognize that the voice is Helia.

"Hi, Helia, I am fine, thank you. Are you here for Flora to eat lunch with her?" Mrs. Fauna asked.

"Yes, that and I need a bouquet of flowers. Can I get a custom bouquet with a sunflower, a lily, a rose, and a daisy?" He asked.

I wonder who are those flowers are for. I thought. As if reading my mind Mrs. Fauna asked, "Are they for someone special, like Flora?"

I blushed and smiled at the thought. "No, they're for another girl who is special to me." He answered. I frowned. He's not cheating on me is he?

"Is this girl more special than Flora?" Mrs. Fauna asked.

"Well I don't know, I guess I love them both and they are special to me in different ways." He answered. I drop the vase and burst out crying. I know he wouldn't love a girl like me.

The next thing I know Mrs. Fauna and Helia rushes into the back room. "Flora, are you okay? You're not hurt are you?" Helia asked me looking at my arms and hands. Like you care. I thought. Then he looks at my face. "What's wrong, why are you crying?" He asked brushing my hair behind my ear.

"Is there any other girls in your life Helia?" I asked.

"Well yes. Two." He answered.

"Oh my God." I said as tears are rolling down my face. I can't believe this.

"Well if you count my mom and cousins I don't know like twenty or more." He said.

I looked at him confused. "Huh?" I asked.

"Flora those flowers are for my older sister. Her birthday is Saturday. She just moved in a new apartment for her junior year at Magix University. And she said she wanted some flowers for her apartment. And those are her favorite kinds." He explained. Then he tilts my face for me to look at him. "Do you honestly think I love anyone else beside you?" he asked.

"I…uh…" I stuttered. He chuckles then leans in to kiss me.

"Ahem." We break apart and blushed when we see Mrs. Fauna cleaning up the broken vase. "Oh, Mrs. Fauna I'm so sorry let me help me you." I said.

"No no, that's okay dear. You go have lunch with Helia." She said.

"But…" I start but Mrs. Fauna interrupts me, "Go. Helia your flowers will be ready when you come back. Now get Flora out of here." She said. Before I could protest Helia is pulling my arm dragging me out of the flower shop.

"Helia we should've helped her." I said while he move his hand from my arm to my hand.

"You know what they say, respect your elders." He said giving me a charming smile and push the down button on the elevator. I just rolled my eyes and wait for the elevator.

Once we get in he put a piece of fabric around my eyes. "Um, Helia what are you doing?" I asked.

"Where we are going it's a surprise." He answered.

"We are not going to the food court?" I asked.

"Nope." Is his only answer.

A few minutes later….

Helia takes off my blindfold . "Welcome to The Garden." He said. We are standing in front of a café called The Garden.

"What is this place?" I asked with interest.

"Well it's a vegetarian cafe. I know you are vegetarian so I thought of here. Also they have a flower garden out in the back." He explained.

"A garden behind the mall?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yep. Do you like it?" He asked.

"I love it, Helia. Come on lets go in." I said excitedly and grab his hand and run inside. "Welcome to the garden. Would you like to eat in here or out in the garden?" A woman at a podium asked.

"Can we eat outside?" I asked giving Helia a puppy dog look. He chuckled. "Of course. As long as you're happy." He said. I couldn't help but blush.

"Oh, how sweet. What part of the garden would like to eat?" The woman asked.

"Near the roses." I answered then I look at Helia to see if this was okay. He gives me a smile and nods his head. The woman lead us to the garden.

The garden is beautiful there are flowers of every single kind out here. And in the heart of the garden there is a fountain. She leads us to the rose section. There is two-seated tables that are spread-out. There are a few people there but not a lot. The woman seated us in a table facing the fountain.

"What would you two like to drink?" She asked.

"Green tea." Helia and I said in unison. We looked at each other and laugh.

"So cute. Anyway your waiter would be here with the drinks enjoy." The woman, who I finally learn her name is Christine, said then leaves.

"I didn't know you like green tea." I said to Helia.

"Are you kidding, I love it. Although not as much as I love you." He said. I blushed and look down. Helia turned towards the bush near us and pick a red rose from it.

"A rose for my beautiful rose." He said handing it to me.

"Aw thank you." I said blushing more.

"I love it when you blush." He said putting his head on his hand and gazing into my eyes. This cause me to blush more. I just sit there gazing back at him. Our trance is broken when a waitress put our green teas in front of us. "Thank you." We both said and looked up. The waitress is pretty she has shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. And I see on her name tag that her name is Camila. "No problem. Now what do you two want to eat?" She asked, notebook and pen in hand. Helia looks at me and said, "Ladies first." With a smile.

"Okay. I'll have a slice of tomato basil pizza with bread sticks." I said.

"Okay, how bout you baby, what do you want?" She asked Helia giving him a flirty smile. I couldn't help but rolled my eyes. Can't she see that we are on a date?

"I will also have the pizza but with French fries instead. And there's one more thing you could do for me." He said giving her a flirty smile. I just stare in disbelief. What the heck is he doing? I just looked down and feel my eyes tear up.

"Sure anything you want, baby." She said in a flirty tone. I couldn't help but scoffed.

"Could you please stop calling me baby in front of my girlfriend who is my true love and the love of my life." Helia said annoyed. I looked up at him in surprise.

"Ugh. You cant possibly like this drab." She said gesturing her pen at me.

"Don't call her that!" Helia shouted standing up.

"Are you blind, what do you see in her? When you can date someone like me" She said.

"Are you asking for a beat down?" Helia said giving her a death glare. I couldn't help but be surprise, Helia is a pacifist, he doesn't believe in fighting especially with a girl. "Helia." I said shocked. He looks at me and sits down.

"My apologies. I don't believe in beating up girls. But I love Flora. Nothing you say or do can change that." He said looking at her. Then turned towards me and smile. I smiled back and blushed.

"I cant believe this!" Camila shrieked.

"Well believe it Cammy." A blonde, curly hair guy said behind her.

"How many times do I have to tell you, DON'T CALL ME CAMMY, NICK!" She shrieked again.

"I'm so sorry for this. She's just mad because her ex broke up with her for another girl. Now she falls for every guy she sees and calls girls that they are with names. And literally she's blind about you. You are not a drab, you are quite pretty." He said smiling at me. I instantly blushed. Helia gives him a death glare. Nick looked and see Helia's face. "Whoa dude, I have a girlfriend who I'm in love with. I'm just saying you have good taste in girls." He said.

Helia's breaks into a smile. "Thank you, I know I do." He said winking at me. Which made me blushed more.

"Anyway I'll take over for Cam." He said dragging her inside.

"Well that was interesting." Helia said.

"Tell me about it." I said. Then we burst out laughing.

Later at the Flower shop…

I'm done work for the day and is heading out the door untill Mrs. Fauna stop me.

"For all your hard work I want to give you these." She said handing me a brochure and coupons for Magix Camp. I always wanted to go there. But I never had time. Although this year I'm not that busy. So I planned on going.

"Oh, Mrs. Fauna you didn't have to do that. I could've spend my own money." I said.

"Yes, but its better to go with a coupon then spend your money." She said. I couldn't help but laugh. "I suppose you're right. Thank you so much." I said while heading out.

"Your welcome dear, and please come back next year." She said once I'm fully out the shop.

"Oh I will. Bye and have a great summer." I said waving to her. I turned and see Helia on a bench waiting for me. I walk towards him smiling holding out the brochure and coupons.

"What are those?" He asked once I get there.

"Coupons and a brochure for Magix Camp." I said excitedly.

"Cool. I always wanted to go." He said taking a coupon and looked at it.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. Hey maybe we should invite out friends. And since there only four coupons, we should give them to Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Musa." He said.

"Hey that's a great idea. I always wanted to go there and sleep under the stars." I said with a dreamy face. Helia chuckles, gets up and takes my hand. "And that is what we are going to do, my princess." He said smiling at me.

"Really?" I said excitedly.

"Really." He said kissing my forehead.

Saturday the last day of the year…

"Welcome students of Alfea. You pulled through another year. Congratulations. You are welcome to stay here for a week to spend last days with friends. We will have the graduation ceremony tomorrow at 12 p.m. Enjoy your summer." Ms. Faragonda finished. We all break out into cheers. Sophomore is year done.

"I say end of the year slumber party before camp. Who's with me?" Stella asked. We all agreed.

When I told them about Magix Camp they were really excited. We were going to sleep with our boyfriends. And no we will not be doing 'that'. Stella, Brandon, Tecna, and Timmy will be sleeping in a cabin. Musa, Riven, Bloom, and Sky are going to sleep in tents. Helia, Aisha, and me will be sleeping outside.


Helia's POV

The girls decided to spend the last night having a slumber party while the guys decided to spy on them. For the record, Timmy, Sky, and I are totally against this but we got suckered in. So right now we are outside the Winx's dorm in the hallway. Good thing every one else is asleep. Don't even asked how we got here. Lets just say it took a lot of sneaking around, which Timmy and I are not good at. Timmy is really clumsy and keeps nearly falling over and bumps into stuff. And me, well I never sneaked around before so I was quite noisy. Sky was shockingly good. But he said he's been best friends with Brandon since forever that he got used to it. Right now we are listening to Stella going on about the latest fashion trend. Needless to say we are bored to death. We're about to fall asleep when we hear Stella said, "Subject change."

"Thank God." Musa said, The rest of the girls burst out laughing. Out here we are snickering quietly.

"Okay, lets talk about boys." Stella said. Our ears perk up at this.

"This should be interesting." Brandon whispered.

"SSHH, Musa has supersonic hearing. Be quiet." Riven scolded Brandon.

"Cant we talk about video games instead?" Tecna said. Timmy smiled at this.

"We are girls so we are going to talk about GIRL things." Stella said annoyed. The rest of the girls groaned. "Lets start with our favorite nature fairy." Stella said. Now my ears are really perked up. I leaned so close to the door it's almost like I'm hugging it. The guys grin teasingly at me. Oh shut up. I mouthed rolling my eyes.

"W-why me?" Flora asked shyly.

"Well you just started a relationship and we want to know how's it going between you and Helia." Stella said.

"Its going r-really great. He's just so perfect." She said dreamily. I'm grinning from ear to ear while the guys try to hold back from bursting out laughing. I give them a death glare before listening some more.

"OOOO, girls got it bad." Musa said teasingly.

"Got what bad?" Flora asked embarrassed.

"The love bug. Flora you are in looooove." Stella said.

"I…uh….um…" Flora stuttered. *Sigh* how I love her shyness.

"Look at her blushing. Our sweet little Flora is in love." Stella said happily.

"Stella." Bloom scolded.

"What, its kinda obvious." Stella said.

"Yeah, but you know how insecure and shy Flora is." Musa said.

"Its alright girls. I am in love with Helia." Flora said. My heart is pounding with joy. I know that she already said it to me but still I love that she's telling someone else. "Did you tell him?" Aisha asked.

"Yes." Flora answered.

"What did he say? Come on don't keep us in suspense." Stella said.

"He said he's in love with me too." She said happily.

"Awwww." all the girls cooed.

"So Flora tell us." Stella demanded.

"Tell ya what?" Flora asked.

"What did you think when he told you, or more like show you that he was a hybrid?" Stella asked.

"Well, I was shock for the most part. I wasn't even sure hybrids exist let alone vampires and werewolves." She answered.

"Were you scared?" Stella asked.

"No of course not. Shock yes, scared no. I love him to much to be scared of him." Flora replied. I couldn't help but smile at this.

"But…" She started and trail off. I frowned at this. Did I do something wrong? I really hope I didn't.

"But what?" Stella asked.

"But I was scared if he hurt people or animals. I know he wouldn't hurt me I trust him. Thankfully though his answer was no." She answered.

"How about if he did hurt people or animals then what?" Tecna said.

"I'll work with him. And find a potion to help him but luckily Saladin did that." Flora said.

"Okay now onto a serious note. Flora, if Helia proposes to you, would yousaid yes?" Stella asked.

"What?" Flora said shocked. Yeah what? I mean, I love Flora and I want to spend the rest of my life with her and all but we just started to date. I was going to wait at least a year. But if she wants me to propose right now heck, I'll bust the door down and get on my knee and asked her right now. As long as she's happy.

"Stella, that is completely illogical. They just started dating." Tecna scolded.

"Oh, Tec, it doesn't matter if its illogical or not they have true love." Stella said."You really think so?" Flora asked Stella.

"I know so. Now answered the question." Stella demanded.

"I will say yes. No matter how long we dated I love him and know that he's the one and I want to be with him forever." Flora replied.

Once again the girls cooed, "Awwww." Oh Flora I want to be with you forever too. I thought.

"Alright now time for Musa, how's it going with Riven?" Stella asked her. Before Musa can answered Timmy trip on something on the floor and fell down backwards causing a huge crash. "Timmy!" We yelled.

"Girls I think we have unwanted guest." Aisha said.

We all looked at each other scared. "Uh-oh." We said in unison.

"Uh-oh is right." Aisha said behind us. We turned and there is Aisha holding the door wide open glaring at us. All the girls glared at us except Flora who looks at me horror stricken and runs into her and Bloom's bedroom and closed the door. "Flora, wait!" I yelled. I run past the girls ignoring all the glares and knock on the bedroom door. There's no answer. "Flora, can I please come in?" I asked.

"I guess." She said. I walked in and she's on her bed with her knees up to her chest. I look at her face and see that she is crying. "Oh Flora." I whispered sitting next to her on the bed. "Are you mad at me?" I asked.

"No, I could never be mad at you. I know that it was Riven's and Brandon's idea not yours. Are you going to break up with me?" She asked. I look at her shocked. "Flora, I will never break up with you. Why would you think that?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said looking down.

"Flora." I said cupping her face with my hands for her and tilt her head up for her to look at me. "I will love to marry you one day. I will get on me knees right now if you want." I said.

"Oh, Helia. You are the best." She said and hugs me. "I love you." She whispered in my ear.

"I love you too." I said hugging her back. She pulls back and smiled at me. "I want to wait at least a year before we talk about marriage." She said.

I sighed in relief, "Good, me too." I said then leaned to kiss her. Once we parted I stand up.

"Aren't you going to stay?" She asked.

"I would love to but I need to finish packing and rest. So I'll see you tomorrow my love." I said giving her a peck on the lips. I pulled away and see her blushing. "I love it when you blush." I whispered. This made her blush more. I took her hand and kissed it. "Bye, Flora, I'll see you tomorrow." I said heading for the door. "Bye Helia." She said.

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