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Taekook || My one and only Alpha ||


Not every day you see a delicious looking Omega for his Alpha that screams MATE.

Romance / Action
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|*| The beginning of a new start |*|

Hi i'm Kim Taehyung but you can call me Tae.
I am an beta which is really average, but if you don't know what a beta is than let me introduce you to Omega verse. We basically have a triangle, build with three stages, the tops or the leaders are very rare to find in other parts of the world, Alpha are what their called I came from Canada and Alphas are really easy to spot but on the other hand Omegas were really hard to spot.

Omegas have the lowest rank of the triangle because they are weak, they give off a really sweet scent that makes Betas and Alphas go crazy, what causes the scent is heat. heat happens every month. Betas are really easy to find plus it's an average.
I moved to Korea because I was getting bullied because I had a scent and people had smelled it, people say I acted like an Omega, but what gave off the scent was it was peach perfume.
people believe I am an Omega Because every time we had a scent accident in the class. I would never go crazy. They bullied me because they assumed I was an Omega. I take a daily test to figure if I am a Omega, it always said negative, yet people bullied me for that.

I also acted very feminine, fragile, I don't know what has gotten into me so I moved to Korea because I heard that they actually have accurate measures of the omega verse.
I will also enroll myself in a school called 'xxxxxx High school'.
Yes i'm in High school, i'm starting my sophomore years.
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