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Taekook || My one and only Alpha ||

|*| chapter 1 |*|

💜Taehyung POV💜

As I was starting my new school year, I see a really big school a head of me.

I walked by to the principals office, while I was walking down I had to notice that people were staring at me. I was wearing a pink hood and white jeans with black pairs of shoes, the hoodie was really large and I was very small the jeans were tight and the shoes were just right.

I went to the principals office he greeted me “Hello i’m Principal Joonie” ” Hello i’m Kim Taehyung” Principal Joonie looked at me ” are you sure you’re a Beta?” I was confused. Did I looked like an Omega already!?!?! I though to myself. “I’m not sure principal Joonie, I think we should give him a test” A voice behind me appeared. He was really beautiful, He had nice shoulders too, his lips were plumped, eyes were really gorgeous, I could tell that he was a student.

“Princess you’re only making him scared” Principal Joonie said as he walked up to the student and grabbed his waist, “stop!!! you’re making me blush!!!” the boy with nice shoulders said.

Somehow I ended up taking the Omega verse test.

||*|| Joonies POV ||*||

I was giving him a test until I heard something. “YAHH” I heard Jin hyung. yes i’m younger than my own students, because my father had died as he was owning the school he was the previous Principal of XXXXX High school, the assistant principal left the school to help kids.

“Jin hyung you okay?” as I looked over and to see....MY princess with a guy holding his waist. Jin hyung looked really uncomfortable, I rush behind to the guy who was holding my princess. “Back away from my property” as I whisper in his ear, “Ehh.. O-oh hey p..principal Joonie...” I looked at the guy who was holding princess, it was my top student.....

💜Taehyung POV💜

I was about to look at my test score until I heard a sound. It was coming from near the office, so I decide to go look for the noise. I heard very little and I got lost. I saw a guy, he looked at me very calmly, then smiled “Hello you must be new!” “Y-yes I am” I answered back to not make myself a mean person.

“I’m Jimin, you must be lost” “I need to get back to principal Joonie” Long story short, I asked him if he could help me, he then helped me, but little did I know I had a special something waiting for me.

While I was walking with Jimin, we both saw three people a head. It was a guy holding the guy with nice shoulders. ”YAH" I heard it again, then I saw principal Joonie rushing behind him saying something in his ear, “Sir is just worried about his favorite students” Jimin said.

||*|| Joonies POV ||*||

I saw my best student with .....

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