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Always Together Besides Me and Forever Inside My Heart


When two friends have been best friends for as long as they can remember, certain aspects seem impossible or can be hidden from each other. But over time, emotions and feelings can change.

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Chapter 1 - A Bond Which Has Always Been There

Eyes were open wide with dilated pupils staring at each other in utter shock, lilac fur and purple scales that covered their checks were the brightest shades of red. Spike and Twilight Sparkle were together lying on the ground with Spike a top of her, their lips in a tight embrace, both paralyzed almost as if they had both turned into stone, unaware of what was happening or what to do next...

Three months earlier

Carousel Boutique was in a hectic state, Rarity the store's owner was running around like a mare on fire, there were fabrics, materials and miscellaneous items scatter all over the ground.

"Oh dear, is that enough? Have I got everything that I need?" The white unicorn kept saying to herself while frantically packing stuff away into bags, suitcases and the like.

"Rarity, you need to calm down, everything will be fine, I mean come on, your work always looks great." Spike the young dragon exclaimed trying to calm her down even if only a little.

Rarity looked at Spike with a look that made it seem like she had killed a pony, "BUT SPIIIIIKKKKE.......What if I don't have enough and I become a laughing stock? I'd be ruined; it would be THE WORST POSSIBLE THING...EVER!!!"

The dragon began to rise from his seat and walk over the distressed unicorn, he put his arm on her shoulder as she then started to gaze at his face, she was greeted with a warm smile, "Rarity, you are one of the best dress makers and fashion designer in all of Equestria, no matter where you go I am sure that everypony will love it."

Rarity briefly began to feel a sense of relief, she started to calm herself, "Oh I suppose you are right Spiky-Wikey, I hope this will cover the next three months, It will be quite the long trip."

Spike's heart missed a beat and a frown starting to form, he didn't want to see his childhood and current crush go away from him for so long, but he knew this was important to her. "So three months, so where are you going again?"

"Well Darling I will head to Canterlot first and show of my new designs and then go to Manehatten and then continue around Equestria until I come back to Ponyville." The unicorn said with a big grin on her face.

"Well I hope, this makes you even more popular and makes your business even better." Spike said in an upbeat voice which he was faking to cover how upset he was that Rarity would be gone tomorrow.

"Oh dear, look at the time, I best be off to bed soon, I have an early train to catch tomorrow morning." Rarity gave Spike a quick hug, "Thanks for all our help today Spike, I will see you in a few months, have fun darling."

"Ohh..uhhh...yeah, bye Rarity, good luck on your trip."

"I will darling, bye bye." The white unicorn quickly dashed upstairs to get ready for bed. Spike let out a big sigh and exited the Boutique and started to head back home to the Library.

Walking slowly through the dim lit streets of Ponyville, the purple dragon walked with his head towards the ground. He occasionally looked up to see pairs of ponies trotting along together, enjoying themselves throughout the evening.

Why can't that be me?

He had returned back to the Library, as he stepped into the giant tree he was greeted on his arrival; "hey Spike, welcome back." The lilac pony and lifelong best friends Twilight Sparkle was lying down on the sofa reading a book as per usual.

"Oh...hey there Twi..." the dragon replied in a less than happy tone. Upon hearing Spike, Twilight became slightly concerned as it was a rare thing to hear Spike talk in such a way, "Spike is everything OK? Come and sit down and talk."

Spike didn't say anything, but followed her offer and sat down with her, his head still looking towards the ground. "Sigh....well Rarity is off on her three month trip to show off her latest line of designs."

Twilight was a little lost for words at first "Oh...ahh...wow, you still care a lot for her huh? Ahh well she will be back eventually." Oh for Celestia's sake Twilight, why do you always have to be so awkward around this topic...?

Luckily for Twilight, Spike knew her all too well when it came to dealing with stuff like crushes or relationships, books could only make her so educated with such a topic. "Yeah I know Twi, I guess that means you will be stuck with me a lot more often now, well I guess I'll do all the chores tomorrow, I'll try not to bother you too much." The dragon slowly stood up and slowly started to walk away to go to his bed.

Oh Spike, don't be like that

"Hold up Spike!"

He turned around at looked at her wondering what this was about; "What is it Twi?"

"Hey, I didn't have any plans for tomorrow anyway, and nothing really needs to be done asides from cooking meals. But we can forget about that, why don't we go out to eat, it'll be my treat." Twilight began to smile, hoping to cheer him up, even if it was just was just a fake smile. Silence filled the room; the two just starred at each other, Twilight began to perspire a little on her forehead, growing more uneasy as Spike failed to answer.

"....Fine, sounds good...I'm gonna go to bed Twi, I'll see you later." Spike continued up the stairs towards his bed.

"Good night Spike" Wow, I have known him forever and I still don't know how to talk to him, hmm maybe I need to study up on how boys or dragons think. Rarity is lucky even if she doesn't know it, having somepony always wanting to spend time with them; someponies have all the luck, maybe someday I'll be lucky too.

A small frown over took Twilight's face, "sigh I guess I'll go to bed as well." Twilight went upstairs into her room, she and Spike still shared a room although he had grown a bit bigger and had outgrown his basket, instead having his own bed. Twilight saw Spike lying on his bed without any sort of cover.

You always need somepony to look after you; Twilight's horn began to glow as she lightly placed Spike's blanket on top of his uncovered body. Twilight hopped into her bed and was getting ready to go to sleep, before drifting off, she found herself looking at Spike. "Hey Spike are you still awake?" There was nothing but silence asides from some cricket's making noise near the window. "I guess not....oh well, you know it gets pretty lonely around here now that you are always around at Rarity's, maybe we can hang out do stuff like we use to when we were young, wouldn't that be fun?

Twilight smiled thinking about the possibility, but it didn't last as she wasn't hoping for any miracles.

"....I hope you feel better tomorrow."

Twilight closed her eyes and slowly fell into her slumber. Meanwhile Spike was lying in bed, simply staring at the radiating glow of the moon.

Okay Twilight, that sounds good

The next morning

The warm beams of the sun shone strongly into Twilight's bedroom, landing on the lilac pony's face resulting in her to slowly open her eyes and wake up in a less than fully functional morning state. Stretching out her legs and letting out a big yawn the mare slowly made her way out of bed and downstairs to start her new day.

Hmmmm...Spike is already up? I hope he is feeling better today.

Upon arriving downstairs in the Library, she stood still and raised her head high as her nostrils had picked up on an inviting aroma.

"OH WOW! That smells really great." The mare followed the smell all the way to the kitchen, needless to say she was surprised as Spike had set out one hell of a breakfast spread; apple juice, a stack of daisy and gem pancakes, fruit salad and toast.

Spike was sliding some pancakes from a pan onto a plate as he looked up to see Twilight standing in the doorway, "Oh morning Twilight, good thing you're up now, I'm just finishing serving up the last of breakfast, I hope somepony is hungry."

Twilight sat down, still with a look of shock on her face, "this looks great Spike, what's the occasion?"

Spike took off his apron and sat down at the table as well, "ahh nothing really I guess, normally I go to Rarity's early in the morning before you are up, but since I'm home now I figured that I would make something nice for you after you tried to help me last night."

Twilight's face almost melted at the gesture, "awww Spike that is so sweet of you."

"No Problem Twi, although I noticed you didn't have much food or a big variety of it, what do you cook when I'm not around?"

"Oh...well...you know I just make some....." Twilight's head turned the other way as she covered some her face with her hoof as she slightly mumbled.

"Twilight Sparkle, you need to eat well and stay healthy you know."

Crossing her hoofs and pouting, Twilight replied in a snobby tone, "Sigh, well I'm not good at cooking Spike."

"You know it can be pretty easy with a cook book."

"Oh and where am I meant to get a cook book from? What is this a Libra-" Twilight fell silent as she slowly turned her head towards Spike, she was meant with a less than amused look from the dragon. "So anyway...we should eat."

A while later the two finished their breakfast. "Mmmmmmm, that was really good Spike, do cook more often." rubbing her belly in joy, Twilight forgot how good Spike's cooking was. "Well, I'll cook everyday for you then; somepony has to look after you." Spike said followed by some laughter. "Oh shut up, I can take care of myself......just maybe not so much with cooking."

Spike stood up and started to clear the table of the now empty plates and glasses. "So Twi, what are we going to do today? Looks like we have nothing but free time for waste."

Twilight was concentrating on using her magic as she levitated a cloth to wipe the table, before Spike's question broke her concentration, "Huh? Oh, well lets she, we can go out and get lunch and dinner today, although just for today, you are literally going to have to feed my addiction to this food of yours. But other than that....well I wanted to go pick up some new books, so would you want to into town for some shopping?"

"Some shopping? Yeah sure sounds good."

The two exited the kitchen to get ready to go out for the day; Twilight brushed her mane with her brush using her magic, which allowed her to pack her bag with all she needed for the outing. "Spike are you ready?"

"Yeah Twi, all set." Twilight quickly looked over Spike "Uhh, you haven't got anything."

"Yeah I have, I've got a few bits see," Spike held out his hand to show all of five bits. Twilight slowly lifted her head up to see his, "only five bits Spike...is that really going to be enough? That is all you are going to take?" Spike closed his hand and replied rather smugly; "come on Twi, you always over think things, everything in Ponyville is usually cheap, we'll be fine."

Twilight rolled her eyes at the dragon, "fine let's go then," "alright Twi." The dragon left the room to go outside. Twilight's horn began to glow as she opened her dresser up and grabbed some extra bits, "sigh...he still thinks like a filly or something." The lilac pony then rendezvoused with her dragon friend outside the Library as they continued into town.

The sun continued to shine on another peaceful day in Ponyville, fillies were playing without a care in the world and everyone was out enjoying themselves as they saw fit. The purple duo arrived at the bookstore where Twilight bought three new encyclopedia's, of course this was far more than she could carry; this left Spike stuck with the job of carrying them for her. The pair continued to walk around town and noticed that it was starting to get more crowded.

"What's going on here? Why is it getting crowded around here?" Spike questioned as he made his way around other ponies in the area.

"Oh it looks like it's a farmer's market Spike."

"Oh yes! We can pick up some food for home; let's see what they've got."

They began to check the stands and buy vegetables, plants and the like, although for Spike this was short lived; "Oh man, I'm all out of bits, who would've guessed that this would be on today." Suddenly he felt something bump against his face; "huh?"

Twilight was levitating a bag by his face; "here Spike you can use these." Spike looked inside the bag and saw a bundle of bits." Spike was confused at this offer, "I didn't think you bought this much."

"Well Mr Unorganized, when you left the room I took some extra bits just in case something popped up and wouldn't you know it, something did pop up." Spike's cheeks began to go red; he was embarrassed that Twilight had to do something like this for him. "Oh, well, thanks Twi."

"You know I am not your mother, you should really learn to think about things in advance."

"Sigh, yeah well it's not my fault that there is a market on today."

"Well it is your fault a litt-" The squabbling pair where interrupted by a familiar voice calling from behind them.

"Yoo hoo, Twy'light, Spike, come over here ya'll." Their friend Applejack was calling out to them, they stopped their bickering and made their way over to her. In unison they both greeted the orange mare; "hey there Applejack."

"Howdy ya'll, so what is with the lover's quarrel all of a sudden?"

"LOVERS!" The pair yelled together. They looked at each other, both of their cheeks turning red, following by them hastily turning their headings away from each other.

"We are not lovers and we are not having a lovers quarrel Applejack."

"Yeah, what she said."

The orange mare began a laughing fit after causing such a reaction. "Alright now settle down ya'll, I'm just pulling your tails, so anyway are you out shopping?"

"Yeah, we stumbled across the market and were just buying some goods until Spike ran out of bits and of course I had to look out for him." The dragon sighed and rolled his eyes after hearing Twilight.

"Well can ah interested ya in some apple sauce or some apple fritters? All made fresh this morning"

The two looked at Applejack's goods and they did look quite good, "Well that apple sauce could be good and those apple fritters look pretty tasty. Hmmm it is almost lunchtime....OK Applejack you have a deal."

"Thank ya for ya business, have a good day ya'll." Applejack waved off Twilight and Spike as they walked away.

They continued to walk until they found a park bench that was free. "Hey Twi, over there looks good, shall we sit down and have lunch?" Spike pointed out.

"Sure Spike looks good," they sat down and began to devour the delicious apple fritters.

After a couple of minutes the fritters were an after though, and gone without a trace, Twilight and Spike continued to stay on the bench, watching other ponies pass by and letting time pass with them.

"I know I'm not as exciting as Rarity and I'm pretty plain, but I hope you have had fun today so far Spike." The dragon was puzzled by Twilight's statement, gazing upon her with a question look; "Twi, what are you saying, you and Rarity are two different ponies, Rarity is great to be around, but so are you, this day has been great so far."

"Really?....kWell thans Spike, I've had fun today." The lilac mare rose from her seat, "well how about we head home before we go out to dinner later?"

Spike nodded, "Sounds like a plan Twi."

As Spike was beginning to stand up, Twilight began to walk but tripped over one of her encyclopedias on the group; she screamed and closed her eyes bracing for impact.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!..........Huh?" She slowly opened her eyes and looked around, she felt as though she was floating.

"You know you should be more careful Twilight, you'll hurt yourself." Twilight looked up only to see Spike's face straight up from hers, he had caught her in his arms before she collided with the dirt.

She looked at Spike for five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen seconds, her cheeks slowly started to turn pink and get darker still. "Ummm you OK Twi?"

"Uhhhh what?!" The Lilac mare quickly shot up and stood as straight as a pole. "Yes Spike, everything is fine......thank you for your assistance, shall we go home then?" Twilight was speaking on auto pilot, to embarrassed to look in Spike's direction.

Spike picked up all the goods they had around. "OK I have everything, let's go then." The two made their way back to the Library and spent the rest of the afternoon to do their own activities before dinner.

Twilight was downstairs in the Library reading a book, but she had been on the same page for a while, her mind was somewhere else. What was that about earlier Twilight, staring at Spike like that, what was that meant to mean? Still it was nice what he did though, I forgot how nice he could be, and being taller made things handier......yeah he is taller now, he really is looking older now, but he still acts like a kid and needs someone to look out for him, but it is kinda cute though. Wait did I just think he was cute, no not possible and anyway somepony like him wouldn't be cute anyway, he'd be more handso- "OK Twilight that is enough thinking for now, I think it's time I got ready for dinner."


Spike was lying down on his bed relaxing and waiting until dinner, Hmmm I wonder what Rarity is doing now, I guess she is in Canterlot by now...wow I can't remember the last time I didn't go to the Boutique, I normally went to see her every day and help her out. Well anyway today was pretty good, man when was the last time me and Twilight spent a whole day together.....back in Canterlot? Well she hasn't changed much anyway.....although what was that about her saying that she was plain and not exciting, she was always there for me when i was younger, not exciting to some, but it is always nice to have someone around like that. Plain?....Twilight?.....Nah she isn't plain, yeah she looks pretty good now....... Spike quickly sat up from the bed, "did I just say she looked pretty? Oh man what is wrong with me.....I'm gonna blame this growing body, not making me think straight now. Well I guess I better get ready while I'm up now anyway."

Twilight and Spike had left the library to restaurant on the other side of town; It was one of the better establishments in Ponyville. The streets of Ponyville were dimly lit as the stars were providing lights of their own on a flawless evening sky. Once the two had arrived in the restaurant, they were seated quickly to a table by a window, the candle on the middle of the table was warm and added and azure glow radiating from the table.

"Wow this place is pretty nice Twilight, have you got enough to pay for it?"

"Don't worry Spike, I have more bits than you'd think, I don't get much else asides from books." Spike laughed as he knew all too well about Twilight's big obsession in life. A few minutes later after they had looked at the restaurant's menus the waiter had come to take their order.

"And what will you be having tonight." The waiter said with a pen at the ready.

Twilight was the first to respond to him; "Well I think I will get Chef's Salad and Tulip slices."

"Ahhh yes, good choice, and for the gentle.....drake?"

"Ummm I guess I'll have the pasta," Spike's finger rose as he gave the signal for the waiter to talk to him in a more hush manner, "And do be sure to put these on it will ya." Spike handed the colt some emeralds, "you can have one too."

The waiter stared at his hoof blankly before looking back at Spike's grinning face, "sure....you got it." Twilight rolled her eyes once again at Spike's antics.

"Right, now with the food ordered, would the couple like anything to drink?"

"COUPLE!" The two harmoniously yelled out, instantly getting the rest of the diners in the restaurant to stare at them with puzzled expressions. Upon noticed the looks of the other patron's the two looked at the window to avoid more embarrassment.

"I'll uhh...just have some water...please." Twilight responded incoherently.

"Yeah...what she said."

"Very well, I hope you enjoy your evening." The waiter trotted off towards the kitchen, leaving mare and dragon by themselves again. Although a sense of awkwardness enveloped them as they sat still staring out the window.

First Applejack and now the waiter, surely Spike and I don't look like a couple, I mean he is a dragon. But I guess that wouldn't matter right? Ahhh there you go again Twilight, I've known Spike for as long as I can remember, we're best friends sure, but it'd couldn't be more than that right? Ahhh stop it Twilight stop thinking about this.

Sigh again with the couple thing, when will ponies get it that we are just friends...that happen to live together. Although not the worst outcome possible, I mean I guess she is always helping me and she does look pretty.......wait did she always look pretty.....DAMMIT! Spike end this thought now. Spike was trying to avoid the strange thoughts in his head by trying to start a conversation about anything; "So....Twilight....how have you been lately?"

Twilight snapped out of her thoughts as she realized Spike was talking to her now, "Ohhh, uhhh....you know...good." The two sat there straight in their seats, moving their eyes around the room to avoid contact with each other, which lead to many long pauses. "Well that is good I guess." Oh come on, could she come up with a topic to talk about or something.

The two continued to sit silently for a while, before as it seemed, Spike's prayers were answered.

"So ahh Spike....what do you do at Rarity's anyway?" Spike's attention was now all on Twilight, well it's a topic, but why would Twilight ask about this? "Well you know, I help with some dresses when I can, and make some food and stuff."

Twilight's face averted back to the window as she hid her now frowning face from Spike, "Oh really, so you're helpful with her as well, always like how we were back in Canterlot."

The tension around the two was growing, there were emotions present that neither the two had really experienced before, the two had no idea what to do.

"Thank you for waiting, your dinner is now served."

Spike let out a sigh of relief and mentioned under his breath "Thank Celestia."

The two had their food, but it didn't much change the atmosphere for them, they ate their dinner in silence. Afterwards Twilight paid and they went to return home. The soundless streets of Ponyville were life less, only the light foot and hoof steps of the pair could be heard as their shadows passed through the town under every new light they passed. The path they were on seemed familiar, Spike looked around and noticed they were passing through the park, "Hey there's the bench we sat at earlier, let's go rest for a bit." Twilight didn't respond but sat down with him.

Some moths were hovering around the lights of the park and occasional cricket could be heard, but Twilight and Spike were the only two in sight. Spike put his arms up on the back of the bench and stared at the laminating starry sky overhead, his head was clear as he saw the calm that the night sky could bring. "You know this almost reminds me of when Smart Pants lost her eye and you cried for most of the day and then just sat in your room being all quiet."

Twilight looked up at Spike, surprised at the mention of an old story such as that. "Smarty Pants? Oh yeah, one of her blue button eyes got lost and I couldn't find it. But how does this remind you of that incident?"

"Well don't you remember I found a red button and stitched on a new eye for her, and you were so happy you hugged me so tight I thought I was going to suffocate."

"You remember all that Spike." Twilight softly said

"Well yeah, you are my best friend and I hate seeing you upset."

"Awww Spike, I don't know what to say."

"Well I do Twi."

"Huh, say what Spike." Twilight said as she leaned closer towards the dragon.

"Well I realized today that we don't really spend a lot of time together anymore, after Shining Armour left to train to be one of Celestia's guards, it was just you and me, we did everything together."

"Well yeah, of course we did, but what are you talking about now?"

"Well since we don't really have many plans for the next few months, I think we should do more stuff together, how out more like best friends should, like the old days."

A tear slowly formed at the bottom of Twilight's eye, but it quickly left as she moved towards Spike to hug him tightly. "Thank you Spike, It looks like it won't be as lonely at the Library then."

"Well it is starting to get late shall we go back home then?"

"Sure thing....best friend."

The two chuckled lightly and smiled at each other before they started to walk back together. "So what did you want to do tomorrow anyway?"

"Who knows, I guess we will see what tomorrow brings for us."

"Sounds like a plan."

After one day, emotions and feelings have been to emerge and change, what would Spike and Twilight come to realize in the coming months about themselves and what they hold dear...

To be continued

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