Always Together Besides Me and Forever Inside My Heart

Chapter 2 - Being Seen in a New Light

A hotel door slowly opened and light began to fill an empty room, the room was not empty for long though as a tired unicorn slowly entered.

Rarity let out a loud yawn before collapsing atop the bed, "well if I must say, today was truly exhausting." The unicorn lifelessly moved her body to look at a calendar on the wall. "Has it already been one month? To think I still have another two exhausting months ahead of me."

The mare began to limp out of her bed towards a desk which held her dairy, "oh today was quite something, you would not believe," Rarity said while speaking to her dairy. She let out a sigh as she sat at the desk, "still two more months, and I've resorted to talking to a book, it does get lonely traveling like this.

She had risen from her chair and walked to the balcony where she looked over the bustling streets of Las Pegasus; she simply stood there gazing into the distance, flashing lights and attractions around her even during the dead of night.

I wonder how everypony is doing? This trip is so grueling and lonely, maybe I should just go back to Ponyville and see all my friends again, and If Spike is around the Boutique I won't be lonely at least. No Rarity, be a strong mare, you can do this, no YOU MUST! You have worked too hard to let an opportunity like this slip through your hooves. Only two more months and then I can see my friends again. I think I will also appreciate Spike's company more so than I did too, he knows how to be there for you, funny how it takes such escapades like this notice the simple things in life.

She let out another sigh as she leaned against the balcony's railing.

Yes, just two more months.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike hadn't even noticed that a month had gone by; they were spending for what seemed like every waking minute with each other. The two seemed to be finding one activity after another to do together, but they had never been happier.

As per usual Spike had prepared another amazing meal which Twilight devoured quicker than would have thought physically possible. But tonight she felt like something special for dessert, and although Spike was quite good at cooking, he wasn't the best when it came to sweet things and desserts. However the mare's faithful best friend went out of his way to find Pinkie Pie even though it was well into the evening.

Luckily for Spike, Pinkie Pie was so hyperactive most of the time, it seemed difficult to find a time when she was actually sleeping.

Pinkie Pie was bouncing around the kitchen of Sugarcube Corner getting all the decorations and packaging for the freshly baked cake that was placed on a bench. Spike's head was going left to right trying to follow the pink pony as she moved around the kitchen, but at points it was just like a pink blur.

"Once again thanks again Pinkie, sorry to request something like this and at such a late hour."

Suddenly the mare dashed in front of the dragon causing him to jump at such a surprise. "Awwww don't mention it Spike," Pinkie gave Spike a big hug, "anything for a friend." After that brief moment she dashed off again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaand DONE!" The cake Pinkie had baked was now finished and had been put into a carrying box; which she carried herself over to Spike, all the while having a big grin on her face after finishing her work.

"Once again, thanks so much Pinkie, Twilight just really wanted some sweet and tasty, this should definitely do the trick." Spike received the box and was getting ready to head back to the library.

"Like I said anything for a friend, and clearly that's what you were doing too. Isn't it great when everypony is happy?"

"Yeah you're right Pinkie; it is always good to be happy. But I best head back home, so I'll see you later Pinkie."

"Alright Spike, just remember if you need help or want to talk about anything to do with Twilight just let me know."

Spike stared at Pinkie, not quite sure what to think of that statement, "Uhhh sure, you got it Pinkie." Spike turned away from the mare and opened the door.


"AHHHH!" Spike was so started that he almost dropped the cake, he had to juggle it in his hands before getting it stable again. "PINKIE! HOW DID YOU GET THERE? You startled me."

"Oh well sorry Spike, well anyway I'll be here if you need me...for anything, byyyyyyyyyyye!" The pink mare said as she waved her hoof frantically at the dragon.

"Yeah, sure, bye Pinkie." Spike waved while putting on a forced smile at the pink mare, still pretty shuck up from that latest surprise from her.

Wow, how does that pony do it, can she teleport or something? Oh well, at least this cake should be delicious, I hope Twilight likes it too.

Twenty minutes later

"I hope somepony is ready for cake." Spike called out as he walked into the library, he was met with silence, it was empty, no Twilight in sight. "Hey Twi, where are ya?" Spike said raising his voice a little.

A voice was heard from a distance, "I'm in the bedroom Spike, come on up."

And here I was thinking she would be out here with a plate at the ready.

Spike headed up stairs, all the while wondering why Twilight was up there. "Jeez what's the big deal Twilight, I though you would have wanted your dessert."

Twilight was lying on her bed, looking at a book, she noticed Spike entering the room, "hey Spike come and see what I found." The lilac mare said tapping her hoof on a vacant spot on the bed next to her.

Spike approached the bed, putting the cake box on a desk and sat down next to Twilight. "So what is it Twi- OH WOW, where did you find that."

"Well I was waiting for you to come back so I decided I would tidy the room, I was cleaning the closet and this fell out of a box that was stacked at the top."

"I didn't know that you bought this photo album from Canterlot Twi."

"I forgot myself, I also forgot about a lot of these pictures too, just look at how small you use to be." Twilight laughed while looking at the pictures, annoying the less than amused dragon sitting next to her.

"Hey, I got bigger; I'm taller than you now." Spike said crossing his arms before looked down at the album and started to laugh, "Look at your foal pictures there twilight, you're drooling over all of your toys."

Twilight's cheeks started to go red. "Hey! I was a foal; I didn't know what I was doing." Upon blushing she started to pout and folded her hooves together.

Spike chuckled, "it's fine Twi, it's just funny to see how young we were, and now look at us." Twilight relaxed and continued to look through the pages. "Yeah you're right, it's funny how quickly we grew up, things seemed so different when I was a filly, but now everything really is different."

"Well, that is just how it is when you grow up I guess Twi." Spike turned the page in the album to a picture of himself and Twilight sitting and smiling together, "well, not everything is different I suppose."

"What do you mean Spike?"

"Well, the two of us are still together and smiling just like in the picture." Twilight looked at the picture and then directed her gaze towards Spike who was smiling himself. "Yeah, you're right Spike; we're still best friends after all." Twilight also starting smiling; it was truly infectious when Spike did it.

Completely forgetting about the cake the two continued to look through the album and reminisce about the past and enjoy their memories deep into the night.

Spike's eyes started to open, but he was forced to squint as he was blinded by a bright light. Spike raised his hand over his eyes to shield himself and try to find out what was blinding him. The dragon's vision adjusted, it was no surprise to why he was blinded, as he looked around and saw nothing but an engulfing darkness with only one illuminating source of light visible in any direction. In front of Spike was a white glowing aura of light with three blue diamonds, hovering over the light.

His mind was processing as fast as it could, what exactly was going on and where he was, he continued to look at the lights, drawn to the diamonds. Seeing the diamonds triggered one image in his mind, one which he had not thought of for a while.


Spike edged closer towards the light, his arm extended, reaching for an answer. He neared the light as his fingers were within reach of it, he extended a fingertip and placed it on one of the diamonds.

WOOPH! A large burst of light expanded from the aura, Spike covered his face with his arms not knowing what to expect. Some moments passed with nothing happening, Spike lowered his arm and opened his eyes once more, but he was welcomed with new confusing image in front of him. He was standing in what looked like an altar, decorated for what looked to be a wedding.

In front of the dragon the aura started to pulsate and shake, the three diamonds shot out of the aura and started to circle the room while the aura itself started to fluctuate in size and mold into different shapes.

What exactly is going on here?

Multiple weird shapes and forms appeared from the aura, but the images started to take on a more solid shape and began to look like something Spike knew all too well. The aura had taken form of a pony, but the pony figure was still glowing just like the aura.

Spike once again reached out to touch the radiating pony shape, but mere inches away from it the light started to chip and began wasting away like dust, slowly revealing lilac fur.


As the white light continued to chip away, Spike noticed that only some of it was disappearing, the rest of the light was taking another form and was looking as though it was solidifying. Spike could only watch in utter confusion as a white dress had formed on Twilight Sparkle, his best friend standing in front of him with a white dress. Spike wasn't stupid though, he had helped Rarity enough to know what the mare was wearing... a wedding dress?

Suddenly the three encircling diamonds zoomed through the air and landed in Spikes palm. After the impact Spike began to slowly raise his hand and looked in utter shock as in his hand was a ring with three diamonds encrusted atop of it.

The young dragon was at a loss for words, his jaw had dropped and a million thoughts were flowing through his head, before he could figure out a course of action, Twilight began to approach the dragon with a smile on her face.

She stood before Spike before raising her body and putting her hooves behind Spike's neck, she stared into his eyes and simply uttered the words; "I love you," before closing her eyes and slowly moving her lips closer towards his...

Spike's eyes opened faster than he had ever opened them before, he inhaled a large breath of air and continued to breath at an accelerated pace, trying to calm his heart which was beating quicker than it had ever beaten in his entire life.

What was that? A dream? Dammit Spike what is wrong with you? You cannot think about your best friend like that.

Spike was trying to calm himself and try to process what had just happened within his dream, however the longer he took to calm down the more he began to notice a weight on his chest. He peered down and was once again left speechless, Twilight's head was resting on his chest, the mare had fallen asleep and was resting against Spike in a warm embrace.

HOLY CRAP! I fell asleep on Twi's bed, oh no what do I do, what do I do? How do I explain this if she wakes up?

Spike tried to minimize his movement to not wake the sleeping mare. The dragon slowly lifted his hand and as gently as he could, started to elevate Twilight's head off his chest and onto a pillow.

Come on now, gently does it Spike. Twilight's head resting in his palm as he slowly lowered it onto her pillow, he started to move his hand away from her head, his fingers started to flow through her mane. Wow, this is such soft hair...It smells kinda nice too. Spike unconsciously continued to run his fingers through her mane, letting the hair fall in between his finger as he lifted his hand up, he continued to do this for some time. Spike was engrossed, not realizing the appeals certain features of his best friend until now, he eventually realized what he had been doing for the past few minutes and immediately removed his hand from her mane.

Wow, what is wrong with me, something must be seriously wrong with me. Spike let out a quiet sigh before beginning to move towards the edge of the bed. He raised his torso and had both of his legs of the bed, as he was about to walk away from the bed, he found something touch his one of his hands that was still on the bed. Spike's heart skipped a beat and his eyes were wide open in shock, he slowly turned his head towards his hand, expecting a furious Twilight to be looking back at him for being on her bed during the night.

As Spike's gaze reached his hand he was surprised, he wasn't met by an angry Twilight, no, he was met by a sleeping twilight that in her sleep had reached out and cuddled her face against his hand.

Spike's cheeks were turning pink and were getting darker by the second, he wanted to get off the bed, but he didn't want to wake up Twilight by removing his hand. As this conundrum continued he could only concentrate on his hand which was currently in an embrace from Twilight. He had never seen Twilight in a more relaxed state before.

Her face is really...soft and warm. Spike continued to look at Twilight's content sleeping face, slowly started to stroke her face with one his fingertips. He was mesmerized; he had never felt anything this soft before. Spike didn't notice right away, but Twilight's body started to rustle slightly. His heart started to beat rapidly; he was anticipating her to wake up cuddling his hand. However, her body eventually settled although she began mumble slightly. Spike leaned in a little bit to try and hear what she was saying, but it seemed that she had gone silent.

Spike turned away from Twilight and was about to remove his hand from her grip, this wasn't before Twilight tightened her embrace and lightly spoke one word from her mouth; "Spike." Upon hearing this Spike's cheeks were as crimson as an exploding volcano and he quickly removed his hand without thinking and jolted out of the bed and stood still like a statue. His body started to turn like a poorly maintained machine and to his relief Twilight was still sleeping. Phew that was a close one.

Spike then carefully covered Twilight in her blanket and then retreated back to his bed. Although Spike would stay awake for the next few hours, his brain trying to process everything that had happened to him; from his dream and to his escape from Twilight's bed. His gaze once again stared at the illuminating moon through an open window in their room, calming him and clearing his thoughts. Although it would seem that new thoughts were being to plague Spike's mind, thoughts he had never began to consider before...

"That...that dream didn't mean anything...right?"

A few weeks later...

Twilight was none the wiser after the actions performed by her or Spike the evening the both fell asleep on her bed, although this didn't stop Spike from remember and blushing on occasion when he looked her. But Spike never mentioned anything and continued life as per the norm, not trying to get any feelings confusing him about the matter.

The two friends had no work for the day and decided to go for a picnic on a hill which resided on the edge of town; the hill gave a nice view of the town and some of the surrounding areas of Ponyville.

They sat on the hill's summit on a large blanket, which was covered in sandwiches, cake and the like. Twilight and Spike sharing a picnic lunch together, letting the sun shine on their bodies, it was truly a perfect afternoon.

"As usual Spike that was delicious, I couldn't eat another bite." Twilight said as she began to lie down on her back. "Oh that sun is nice, I'd better be careful to not fall asleep."

Spike was packing away the plates and the small remainder of food into the basket before proceeding to join Twilight in lying down on the blanket; "Yeah it is a nice day, I could just stay here for hours like this."

The pair closed their eyes for a few minutes, gradually giving into sleep's tempting embrace, the hilltop was truly peaceful.


"Huh?!" Spike's eyes were quickly opened as he felt something wet hit his face, the warm sun had disappeared from sight as he soon learned. The sky was covered in nothing but grey clouds as far as he could see, "What was there some issue in Cloudsdale? Twilight get up." Spike nudged Twilight until she opened her eyes.

"What’s the problem Sp- WHOA?! What is going on, where did the sun go?" Twilight jolted up after seeing the sky. "I don’t know Twi but I think it’s really going to pour down soon, we should get home quick." Twilight stood on all four legs and nodded her head, "I think you're right Spike let’s go."

As the words just left Twilight's mouth, gallons of water began to fall down completely drenching the two before they had a chance to even move. "DAMMIT, let’s go Twi." Spike picked up the basket and the blanket and along with Twilight began to run down the hill.

"What is with this weather, normally we get a warning if something big like this happens."

"I guess this was out of the Pegasus' control, we can only hope they sort out this mess soon."

As they continued back to the library, the wind's velocity was picking up so much that small fillies could be blown away if they weren't careful.

Spike had to put his arm up to cover his face, the wind was causing the rain to hit harder, thankfully Spike's scales helped reduced the impact of the water droplets. "TWI, GET BEHIND ME NOW, THIS RAIN WILL HURT YOU AT THIS RATE." The wind was moving fast, making yelling the only viable option of communication between the two.

"OK SPIKE, BUT IF THIS COLD KEEPS UP WE MAY GET FROZEN OUT HERE." Twilight said as she clung to Spike's back.

As the friends battle the rapidly threaten weather, the wind speed and cold temperature caused the rain to become snow; now escalating the already poor weather conditions to a full scale blizzard.

Come on now, almost home. Spike trudged through the increasingly large layer of snow on the ground, getting closer to the library as he did.

Eventually he arrived, although the door was difficult to get open, the snow had become a barricade and practically sealed the door.

"Hrrrrgggghhhhh, oh Celestia this is tough with all the snow." Spike pried open the door and was able to get himself and Twilight inside although the door instantly slammed shut behind him.

THUMP! Spike turned around to see door now slammed shut, "well I guess we won't be going out there for a while.

Twilight was exhausted; she slowly trotted over the couch and sat down. Spike noticed his friend in such a state, damn Twilight doesn't have the benefit of having a resisting body like mine, I better get her something warm her up. Spike walked over to the kitchen to make something warm for Twilight, not before breathing some fire to ignite the fireplace to warm up the room.

Alright a nice big fresh cup of cocoa, hopefully this should warm her up a bit, Spike carried out the cup of cocoa over to the cold mare that was now lying down on the couch. "Come on sit up Twi, this should warm you up a bit." No response came from the lilac mare. "Did you fall asleep already?" Spike put the cup down and started shake Twilight a little to wake her up. This continued but to no avail, a look of concern started to appear the dragon's face. "Hey come on Twi," The dragon placed the palm of his hand on her forehead, "Oh no, Twi you're burning up! I have to get you to the hospital now!"

Spike quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped up Twilight and began to carry her to the down, once he reached the door he stood still, staring at the door with a face that was paralyzed in fear, "I can't go outside, the door's blocked with snow." The dragon stood at the entrance of the library, not knowing what to do, his mind was in shambles, OH NO! WHAT DO I DO?! Is this just a fever? What medicine do we have? Can I make some? Spike was beginning to hyper ventilate, he had never seen Twilight with a fever like this before. "No Spike, you have to stay calm, breathe properly dammit." Spike was trying to maintain his breathes while trying to process the best course of action in his head, come on Spike, you have to help Twilight, you're the only one who can do it!

Spike ran upstairs and put Twilight in her bed, she was now having trouble breathing as the fever was starting to get worse. Spike was running to every corner of the library to find anything to help; getting towels, a big bowl of water and various herbs and medical reference guides throughout the library.

As the hours passed, Spike changed a damp cool cloth on Twilight's head every twenty minutes for new water to keep it constantly cool. Flipping page by page through manuals to find both the best ways in which to help reduce a fever and tend to somepony with one and also best mixtures of herbs to help with a remedy. Spike diligently did all he could within his power and looked after the illness ridden mare all throughout the night with no rest what so ever, by her side no matter what.

The following morning

The skies over Ponyville had cleared and the sun once again radiated upon the land with it's warm glows for all to enjoy. Like most morning's the sun's rays were cast into the bedroom of the library, landing on the lilac mare's face. Twilight regained consciousness, but kept her eyes closed, her head still sore and her body still a little weak from the fever, which her body had not fully recovered from.

As she lay in bed she rolled her body away from the sun, in doing so she noticed her hooves seemed to be caught on something. Twilight's eyelids began to slowly pry themselves apart to see what the cause of her hoof being stuck. Twilight's vision adjusted as she see looked at hoof which looked as though it had a large lump, but upon seeing properly, it wasn't a lump, it wasn't even a part of her; holding onto Twilight's hoof was Spike's hand, holding it tightly in a firm embrace.

Twilight wasn't in the state of mind to comprehend what was going on, but she noticed the books, herbs and all the other things that Spike was surrounded by. Twilight averted her gaze towards the dragon who after an exhausting night had fallen asleep with his torso and head resting on the bed, an exhausted dragon, but still with enough strength to be holding onto Twilight, conscious or not.

The lilac mare continued to stare at Spike and then at her embraced hoof, even though she had a fever her face was turning red for another reason. Twilight closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep to rest more, although she kept her hoof embraced and held Spike's hand tighter as she smiled and moved closer to Spike.

Thought's fueled Twilight's head before returning to the realm of dreams; Thank you Spike, no matter what you really are always there for me. I'm sorry I ruined our day together like this though. But your hand, it makes me know that everything will be alright if you are here with me...

Anypony would be lucky to have somepony as great as you Spike...anypony, even if you don't realize who...

But for whatever happens, thank you Spike.

As the mare drifted back into slumber the two stayed asleep for many hours, but as the hours passed, that only meant the future would soon become the present, a calendar on the corner of the room with an X and the message "Rarity returns" written on it was only a few weeks away...

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