Always Together Besides Me and Forever Inside My Heart

Chapter 3 - A Surprising Chain of Events

My dearest student Twilight Sparkle

As I am sure you are aware, a recent freak weather phenomena caused a large blizzard over the Ponyville area of Equestria. A group of Pegasus scientists were working on methods to isolate particular weather patterns in individual regions of Equestria.

The error occurred with the experiment and the resulting snowstorm covered Ponyville. I hope you are well and that any and all of your own experiments in the future go to plan.

~Princess Celestia

Spike finished reading the letter which had just been expelled out of his mouth. The lilac mare was still recovering in bed; Spike left the letter next to Twilight's bed for her to read when she was feeling better.

Twilight's recovery took about a week before she was back to peak condition, although she didn't mind Spike looking after her while she was bedridden. After all the recent events Twilight's and Spike's relationship had changed although it wasn't visible or noticeable to each other. Their lives continued like normal; Spike cooked meals, Twilight read her books and the two still spent plenty of time together. However, what had changed was the fact that each of them had feelings for each other and whether they wanted to admit it or not they couldn't help but constantly think about each other in such a way.

Whenever one of the friends had their back turned to the other, the other would stare and no less than fantasies about their friend. Spike remembering such memories such as when he had fallen asleep on Twilight's bed and was utterly memorized by her.

Twilight also had similar memories she recalled upon; the week she had spent with a fever had made her so happy to have Spike looking after her and caring for her in such a caring way. Blushing, awkward pauses and the like were becoming more common between the two, but this wasn't a matter either of them was going to bring up but them.

The night before Rarity's return

Twilight and Spike were in their room, both in their beds, although the concept of sleep didn't look possible. Each of them were lying in their blanket's embrace all the while having theirs brains going in overdrive trying to process all the thoughts and emotions that tomorrow could bring them.

The lilac mare knew that Rarity's return could mean that Spike would leave her again; everypony practically knew that Spike was in love with Rarity, everypony except for Rarity it seemed. However, for the past few weeks leading up until this moment Twilight was forced to really think about what she really thought about the matter and what exactly her true feelings were.

Wow, three months sure flies by huh? Twilight's head rolled over to look at Spike on his bed, Oh Spike, I don't want you to go again, but who am I to dictate what you do in your life anyway. In such a small amount of time you have shown me some of the most fun moments in recent memory. I mean it has never been so fun to hang out with somepony, but is it more fun for you to be with Rarity? Even if she doesn't care for THAT way. Oh no Twilight just stop it, you can't have these feelings for Spike, I mean there is no way he would even have any feelings towards you that were more than just a mutual feelings between best friends.

I'm different though, I love the fact that he cooks for me and spends time with me, but that isn't everything, not even close. All these feelings I have, Spike I...I wish I could tell you that I think I might be in lo- no stop it right there Twilight, don't do this to yourself, surely this might just be a case of infatuation, I mean surely Spike holding your hoof while you were sick was just a gesture out of pure kindness....right? But what if it wasn't...AHHHHH I don't want him to leave me again. Twilight put her hoofs on her head and rolled over to let her inner thoughts confuse her more.

Spike too was questioning exactly what the following day's events would mean for him, what was he to do about Twilight? What of Rarity? He just didn't have the answers he needed, there was no reference book in the library to help him with something like this, he had no idea what he was doing or going to do. Rarity...what do you mean to me? Rarity is special to me, she always will be...but then there is Twi. I've known her my entire life, so what is so different now? I just don't get it, is this hormones or my mind just messing with me as my body is growing? Why is this stuff so difficult, why can't we just stay young forever, then I wouldn't have to deal with any of THESE feelings.

I need to be honest with myself though...I like Twilight, there I said it! But I've known her my whole life and we live together, we're best friends, there is just no way something like that would ever happen right? I think I should talk to somepony about this. Somepony who actually does listen and talk to me, it has to be her, tomorrow I need to talk to Rarity, I hope she can help me. She is the most mature of the group and knows a thing or two about 'love' and let's be honest if she did even acknowledge that I liked her, then she would have at least said something by now right? I need to know what to do next and she surely would understand this sort of stuff, so tomorrow I will go get some help from Rarity, things cannot stay like this forever.

Spike's eyes returned to the forever calming image of the moon through the window, he didn't know why but it always calmed him, and he knew he would need all of his energy tomorrow, both mentally and physically.

Twilight and Spike eventually both fell asleep, although they knew that tomorrow their lives wouldn't be the same as the prior months, they both knew it and didn't know what to expect or accept, the variable that was their white unicorn friend Rarity, exactly what would happen?

Present Day - The day of Rarity's return to Ponyville

The library was quiet; a lilac unicorn was walking back and forth around the room, her glowing horn levitating books around as she organized them around the room. The purple dragon meanwhile was busy preparing tea and cake for him and the busy mare in the next room.

Alright, Rarity should be home now, I'll let Twilight know that I'm going to see her, but hopefully it shouldn't take too long. Spike turned around from the kitchen bench he was working at to see Twilight's body briefly coming into view through the kitchen door every so often. Twi, what am I going to do? I know that all I will ever be is a best friend and assistant to you, but- Spike's thoughts were broken as he heard the hissing should of the kettle being heated. He poured the tea and prepared a tray to take into the main room.

As he stood underneath the door frame with the tray in his hands and about to step into the room to share refreshments with Twilight he could only say one thing; "please don't hate me."

Spike entered the room and placed the tray down onto the coffee table that was surrounded by a few chairs, "hey Twi, come sit down and have something." The unicorn stopped moving and turned her head to see what Spike had readied for her and himself, she lowered the books that she had encased in her magic onto the ground and trotted over to take a seat.

"Thanks Spike looks good as always." Twilight was busy eating a slice of cake which was hovering in front of her face, while Spike had just finished a cup of tea before communicating with the mare; Alright Spike, now to let Twilight know that you are going to Rarity, just let her know that it's for something important. "Twilight, just so you know in case you didn't know, Rarity has returned to Ponyville today," Twilight stopped eating her cake, No- Don't... "And I have something important that I need to discuss with her, so quite possibly for the rest of the afternoon I'll be at hers OK?" The cake encased in the magic’s glow suddenly plummeted towards the floor, causing frosting and chocolate to splatter across the ground.

"Uhhh, are you alright Twilight?" The dragon questioning as he saw the mare with her head looking towards the ground. "I guess you just couldn't wait any longer, but I should have realized that I was just meant to be the substitute while she was gone." Spike's jaw dropped, he couldn't believe the words that were coming out of Twilight's mouth. "Wait, what are you talking about Twilight? What is going on?"

"Well let's be honest Spike I'm sure that I played the part perfectly like you wanted." Twilight said raising her head a bit more towards the dragon. "Twilight seriously what are you talking about? What part?" The unicorn stood up as she began to speak in an upset tone; "Oh come on Spike, I was just a distraction until your beloved pretty unicorn came back am I right? Now that she is back of course you have to go to her for something 'important' and I'm sure we can all guess what that 'important' task of yours is going to be."

Spike's heart skipped a beat, "Y-you know what I was going to talk to her about?" Twilight looked at Spike as her eyes were on the brink of releasing the floodgates, "Of course, you are finally going to confess and then leave me all alone again right, even after how fun and amazing these past three months were, but then again I guess you probably didn't care about them as much as I did." Spike was utterly speechless; did his best friend really just say all those things to him? "Twi, I do have something to do, but confessing to Rarity isn't it."

Twilight looked right into his eyes, now with tears starting to trickle down her face, "then tell me Spike, what is so important that you have to tell her right away, please tell me!" The dragon's heart was starting to ache, never had he seen his best friend in such an upset manner before, but the longer he looked, the more he knew that he didn't have the courage to talk to her about his feelings, he turned his head away from her and replied, "I'm sorry Twi, but I just can't tell you, you wouldn't understand."

The lilac mare's lips were twitching as she was trying to keep it together, "we're meant to be best friends, you're meant to be able to tell me anything, anything Spike!" The dragon still failed to make eye contact as all he could say was "I'm sorry." Twilight was a wreck, she didn't want to accept that his best friend was going to leave her again, "and to think I thought that I really lo- no I guess I was wrong about that." Spike's head looked back the mare, "You thought you what Twi?" Twilight turned away from Spike and began to walk away.

Spike stood up from his chair, "Twi wait." The dragon reached out his arm to grab onto the distort unicorn, Twilight began turning back to him as he heard him coming.

But from that moment then, everything would change...

In his haste, Spike slipped on the slice of the cake that Twilight had dropped a few moments earlier, causing his foot to lose its grip and sending his body crashing into Twilight's. The pair was frozen on the ground, neither was damaged as they fell, but the two were both paralyzed with shock. Something that each of them had only fantasied about was happening, their lips touching in an embrace. An accident, a misunderstanding, feelings, emotions and a bond had bought them together to this moment.

Their eyes staring right into each other's, their bodies shaking from the shock. The entwined lips staying joined, the sensation and feelings of the other individuals, never before had they felt anything like this before, and never before had they been so together. Their shock started to fade as a feeling of calm began to emerge from their body and as they continued to gaze into captivating glistening eyes of one another, their eyelids started to close as they had come to find peace in the situation.

Twilight and Spike both started to push their lips harder together, their minds going blank but their bodies letting instincts taking over. Spikes arms started to wrap around Twilight's bodied, pulling her ever closer, her fur and his scales against each other, blending shades of purple as their bodies rubbed together.

Suddenly images of Twilight started to flash into Spike's head, memories of her as a filly, their time together in Canterlot and Ponyville and those three months that they had spent together. The dragon's eyes shot open as the rest of his body jolted backwards off of Twilight's body.

Wh-what have I done, I just to-took advantage of my best friend. Spike was stunned, he believed that after the accidental kiss that he took advantage due to him growing and all the hormones in his body almost forcing him into doing the acts just committed.

"Tw-Twilight, please don't hate me, it was all an accident, I wasn't taking advantage or anything I swear." Spike said frantically as he his breathes grew heavy and started to take steps backwards as he spoke.

The mare still lying on the ground sat up on the ground and looked at the dragon, her eye's opened wide. Spike was having a melt down over the current situation playing out before him; I know, that's it isn't it, she hates me, our friendship is over, accident or not I ruined everything. The dragon's back hit the wall, he turned his head to the side to see that the door was right next to him; he grabbed onto the handle and looked at the sitting lilac mare in the middle of the room.

"I...I'm so sorry Twilight," Spike closed the door behind him as he left the Library. Twilight could only keep her sight fixed at the door before raising her hoof up to her mouth and lightly touching her lips, a lone tear stared to roll down Twilight's cheek. The sudden events were still playing through her head, her mind trying to piece together what happened. All the while she could only remember the warmth, sensation and touch of the purple dragon’s embrace. She reached out her hoof towards the door as she softly muttered a lone word from her mouth; "Spike..."

Spike could only run, his own little world was crashing around him; Oh no, that's it, I just ruined my friendship with my best friend, what do I do now. The dragon continued to run into the middle of town before stopping to breathe, as he bent over to put his hands on his knees to try and get some oxygen in his body.

After resting briefly he stood up straight to look at his surroundings. "Where *huff* am I *huff* now anyway?" As Spike looked around, by a twist a fate or a cruel joke he was only moments away from the Boutique, Spike could see a lot of empty boxes and bags outside. That's right, Rarity is back now.

The dragon walked up to the front steps of Rarity's shop and took a large breathe, followed by a large exhale, he raised his hand and put it on the door handle, "OK Spike, Rarity has always listened and talked to you, surely she can help with something like lo-, Spike stood silent for a moment before knocking and finally entering the Boutique, Rarity, please help me, you're the only one I can turn to for this.

Meanwhile at the Library

Twilight had yet to move from the floor, sitting on the spot and thinking of the events that had just happened to her. Spike and I, we kissed each other...Spike I'm sorry, I lost control and snapped at you, it wasn't even your fault. Tears started to flow from her eyes as she put her head in her hooves and let out a frustrated growling yell. "WHY IS THIS SO HARD? WHY DO I HAVE TO FEEL THIS WAY? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO LOVE SOMEPONY?!" The mare's head shot up from her hooves, she had realized what exactly she had said, she couldn't deny it any longer, "I- I love him, I love my best friend, a- and I yelled at him, but I don't hate him, I just don't want him to leave me again."

The lilac pony finally moved from the floor and made her way to the door, "I have to find Spike, I need to talk to him, I must tell him how I feel, but Rarity...." Twilight believed that Spike was trying to be with Rarity, but she knew that she had to tell him even if he didn't return the feelings.

"I- I need to find Spike and get this mess sorted out, but where would Spike have gon-. Twilight's head shot right up as she knew where Spike would have gone; "Carousel Boutique!" The mare moved towards the door and stood before it about to open it, "but if he isnt there...maybe Rarity could give a mare some advice about these...feelings."

Twilight opened the door and headed towards the Boutique.

Spike walked into the Boutique, a white unicorn turned her head at the sound, "Oh why hello there darling, so good to see you, it has been far too long, as you can see though I'm still doing some unpacking, but after that I'd love to catch up." Rarity said as she was busy levitating dresses and other clothes out of suitcases. Spike found a chair to sit down on as he continued to look at the mare packing away her wares throughout the shop.

The dragon fiddled with his hands awkwardly as he sat quietly on the chair, trying to muster up some form of speech, "H- hey Rarity, you know uhhhh that ummm... a lot of stuff happened in three months," Spike said letting out a small laugh and a forced smile. The unicorn continued to unpack, but replied to him as she continued to walk around the shop, "oh darling tell me about it, you would not believe some of the stories I have for you, the ponies in Trottingham are just so strange, I'll have to tell you more later."

"Yeah, some strange things have happened to me too Rarity, I know you're busy, but I'd really appreciate somepony to talk to and help about certain....topics." Rarity stopped in her tracks and looked at the dragon, "Oh why of course, you can always talk to me darling, but I don't have time to sit down at this moment, but I promise you that I'll listen, just talk while I finish off all this unpacking," The mare went back to her unpacking.

Spike let out a large sigh before speaking, "Rarity, over the past three months you see, a lot of things changed and I think I'm in lo-" Spike started stuttering as he could not finish the word, "what was that darling, I can't quite make out what you are saying at the end." The dragon's scales could have fallen off at this point from how much he was shaking, "I- I- I think that I'm in love with somepony and I don't know what I should do about it," Spike said quickly without having a single breath.

Rarity stood still when she heard this, "Oh my, that is something isn't it Spike, well having strong feelings for somepony is going to be natural, and we all like different ponies, it is just a matter of how you approach them and talk to them about it," a smile appeared on Rarity face as she faced away from Spike.

"Well, you see I don't think she would be interested at all and I'm sure that she would rather not see me I bet."

"Oh, now why would you say that Spike, you didn't do anything wrong I'm sure." I wonder what he is talking about, but is he finally going to confess?

"But that's the thing, I think I might have ruined our friendship and we have known each other for a long time."

"Well time heals Spike, you must remember that." Go on Spiky-Wikey just say it.

"I just don't know what to do Rarity, I really love her and I want her to known, but I don't want to hurt her."

"Now Spike, you should relax, maybe all you need to do is just tell this mare how you feel and get it off your chest, would that help?"

"I don't know, maybe." Spike put his head in this hands, he was so confused about what to do.

"Well Spike, I don't mean to be nosy, but who is this lucky mare that you are so interested in, who knows, maybe it will be easier than you think."

Spike's body was that of a statue's, not moving, not making a sound, he wanted advice and help so badly, but he still didn't want to reveal his secret. He began to take in some deep breathes and exhaled before calming himself enough, "Rarity, I'm in love with, I'm in love with...." Rarity's attention was all on Spike, she was across the room but still eagerly awaited his answer as she stared at him, twinkles could be seen in her eyes.

"I'm in love with...Twilight Sparkle..."

Rarity's eyes had opened wide, she turned around as to not show Spike her face, it wasn't me? Her jaw dropped as she comprehended what she had been told, her throat felt dry and her feelings of anger, sadness and even betrayal circulated throughout her.

"Oh, well, that is quite the surprise there Spike, quite a surprise indeed..."

Twilight had made her way through town, and was approaching the Boutique. Why is this so hard? What am I meant to do? Hopefully Rarity can help a mare with this; she has been through it all.

The lilac mare stood at the entrance, but before knocking on the do she heard voices inside, it sounded like Rarity and Spike? Of course, I knew he would be here. The side of her head pressed against the door, hoping to make out exactly what was said. Twilight could only make out the sounds of muffled voices coming from the shop.

Her horn began to glow as she casted a spell on one of her eyes to eavesdrop on what was happening inside.

"What are they saying?" Twilight said as she could only hear silence.

What are you talking about in there? Come on say something.

This silence was short lived as the next words she heard froze her body on the spot; "I'm in love with...Twilight Sparkle..."

Spike's heart was beating like crazy, revealing who he loved most to his childhood crush of all ponies, although there was some relief that came from finally getting it off his chest.

"It just kind of happened, before I knew it she was all that was on my mind, but something happened recently and I don't know what to do." Spike looked up at Rarity who stood with her back turned, "Uhhh Rarity?"

The white unicorn turned around and walked slowly towards Spike. “Is everything alright Rarity?" The mare continued to walk up to the dragon, now with a small smirk on her face, "Oh why yes darling, everything is just peachy." Rarity stood in front of Spike and suddenly encased the dragon in a blue glow which pushed him and the chair right against the wall.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Rarity put one of her hoofs next to Spike's head and against the wall, "Well you see darling that was quite an interesting story you just gave me, but...." Spike was starting to sweat, as he nervously replied, "but?"

"Well you see darling," Rarity moved her head so her mouth was right next to Spike's ear, her warm breath being felt by Spike's cheek and ear, making Spike shutter slightly.

The unicorn slowly began to speak to the dragon, her voice was soft and light, the sensuality of her words entering the dragon's ear filled him with uncomfortably inviting messages as she said;

"I'm not done with you yet!"

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