Always Together Besides Me and Forever Inside My Heart

Epilogue - The Wings of Love that Fly Beyond the Stars

Many years later...

The lilac unicorn mare of Ponyville was no more, after proving herself in the ways of friendship and hardship she became an alicorn and a princess, not only that, but along with being a princess; she now had her own kingdom under her own rule.

In taking her kingdom she invited her friends to stay with her; some of them came, some of them stayed as their lives required them to be in Ponyville.

Many of the ponies from their generation had succumb to time and grew older, losing a lot of the freedoms that came with youth, but they were all more experienced and mature. This newfound maturity helped them to find what they were meant to do with their lives and exactly where they needed to be most.

However, the life of one being hadn't changed much; he was still an assistant, a best friend, a comrade and even a lover.

Spike the once young baby dragon was growing into his teenage years and had grown much taller; the rooms of Twilight's palace and many other areas of the kingdom could easily contain his new scaly size and growing draconic size. This did make him of course very recognisable; being the only dragon and tallest living creature in the kingdom.

The dragon was still as loyal to his love Twilight, even more so than he had ever been. Spike maintained a lot of the affairs that came into the kingdom and tried to ease the load of busy lilac princess. But he still had time to himself, which he utilized in very particular ways, some ways that not even Twilight would know about, not until…

"The building will be fixed as quickly as possible and reinforced to be stronger in the future."

"Thank you Princess Twilight Sparkle, thank you."

A pony ran out of the throne room with a huge grin on his face, dashing past the purple dragon in doing so.

Twilight let out a large sigh and slid deeper into her throne, "wow what a day, at least now it’s over."

The mare wiped her eyes and stretched, thankfully I can enjoy my days off from my princess duties soon.

Spike entered the room to see Twilight in a less than pleased state; the dragon continued his to approach lilac princess, "what's wrong Twi? Are you feeling OK?"

The mare's gaze moved over to the dragon, "Oh Spike it's you, yeah I'm fine, it was just a really REALLLY long day, so I'm a little tired is all."

He gave the exhausted alicorn a tight hug with a big kiss one on the cheek, "Don't worry, now you can have some time to yourself." succeeding this sentence, Spike made a big goofy smile at the alicorn.

She couldn't help but smile back at him, he really hasn’t changed, "you really do now how to make feel better, you know that Spike?"

“But of course, I am still your number assistant am I not?” Spike said as he gestured by flexing his arm muscles, trying to intensify his image.

The alicorn rolled her eyes at the display of male masculinity, yep hasn’t changed a bit. The mare sighed before responding to the dragon, “alright Spike, don’t hurt yourself know, let’s get back to our room okay?”

Twilight stood up and stretched out her wings as they started to walk back towards their bedroom. The couple walked down a hallway leading towards their room.

"So my elegant sweetheart, did you have any plans on how you would like to spend your days off?"

The lilac alicorn looked up at the dragon and smiled, she was quite fond of Spike’s sweet-talk; “well Spike, in all honesty…I have absolutely no idea. I just want a nice quiet few days together where nopony whatsoever can find us.”

Spike let out a small chuckle, followed by one side of his scaly mouth rising up to form a cheeky grin.

Twilight noticed Spike’s smug looking expression, before questioning further about what the dragon was up to, the pair had arrived at their bedroom.

Their room hosted a rather large door window, which opened onto a large marble balcony, the view from which was one of a kind; tussock scenery sprawling as far as the eye could see and the moon boldly and largely present behind hilly grassland, all the while over the faint lights of the kingdom. Spike opened the door to see the peaceful night sky, millions of illuminating flickers in the sky, all out done by the presence of the radiating moon; its bright glow providing some light to the lands.

As the dragon continued to look at the night landscape before he started to talk to his lover, "you know I think I may have found a place that we could go to, you know just us for a few days, no other pony in sight."

A hasten dash of lavender flew across the room, before Spike could realise it; the princess was now in eye contact with him, all of her attention directly towards him. “REALLY?! Where Spike? You have to tell me.” Twilight said sounding more like a school filly excited by a fieldtrip.

"Well you know that on my free time I like to fly around, and I’ve gradually been flying further and further away from the kingdom. Recently though I found a certain place, one which was not on any map."

"And?" The alicorn's eyes were wide open with anticipation, wanting to hear more.

"Well over the hills surrounding the kingdom and heading directly north from here, there is a large meadow and a lake on a mountainside in the middle of a cluster of small mountain ranges. It is quite far away from any other settlements or civilization. But anyway Twi, what I’m sure you will like most is that it looks beautiful, the ecosystem is great and everything is green, that and the water is crystal clear and reflects the sun that shines brightly all over the meadow. Best of all though… no pony else can find us; it’ll just be us Twilight."

Twilight dashed up and wrapped her hooves around Spike, she hugged as tightly as she could, almost trying to represent how happy she was, "Spike that sounds amazing, we should go as soon as possible." She said with her eye’s sparkling with anticipation and excitement.

Spike was a little shocked at first by the sudden inquisition, "right now Twi? The night just started and it's not even the weekend yet."

The princess gave the dragon a pouted face with puffed up cheeks, "as the princess I demand it" She expressed in a tone that wasn’t so serious, yet still had the tone of voice that meant she like something to be done.

"Well as your number one assistant I-" Spike left his mouth open with Twi's faced starting to look disappointed, “I couldn’t agree; we should go."

Twilight lunged at Spike with full force, causing him to spin as she deployed another large hug.

Spike sighed, "You know it is kinda funny Twi, you really haven't changed at all."

"Oh, really now? Look who's talking, you haven't either, just when I wouldn't expect it, there you go again making me as happy as possible again." Spike was speechless; the lilac princess could only grin as she saw what her words had done to her dragon.


A short time later

"Is everything packed sweetie?" A few accessories and essentials encased in a violet glow lowered their way into a backpack.

"Yep, everything is ready Spike." Twilight levitated the bag over to Spike as he was more than happy to carry anything as his larger body can easily carry bags more so than Twilight could.

"So Twi, don't you think the castle might panic a little if they find you to be gone by the time they wake up?"

The alicorn mare let out her own exhausting sigh knowing that the purple dragon had made a valid point, "I suppose I should inform them." She looked up at Spike as a nostalgic idea popped into her mind.

"So Spike, are your hands up for that?" At first the dragon raised an eyebrow as to whatever insinuation the alicorn was making, until a spark rushed through his brain, their minds in sync.

Green flames burst forth from Spike's mouth as a quill and paper appeared in each of his hands. Grabbing them bought back memories of the past, countless lessons to Princess Celestia about the lessons of friendship. Only this time the letter was from a different princess to her servants, explaining the plans that the lavender pair's relationship, "already Twilight."

My dearest subjects

Your Princess and her lovely dragon Spike shall be away on a vacation for the next few days

I trust you will all maintain the castle well in our absence

We do not wish to be disturbed, so please; do not go looking for us!

~ Princess Twilight Sparkle

"Is that all?"

"Yes my darling that will be all."

The letter was curled up and place neatly on the bed, in a position to be easily located.

The royal pair stood in front of their opened window, seeing the lunar light glistening over the grassy darkened lands sprawling into the distance.

“I really can’t tell you enough about how excited I am for this Spike.”

“I figured you would be Twi, however before we go its best you get the thing that you forgot.”

The alicorn instantly was thrown into a state of confusion, looking behind her at the room, looking for the item that Spike said was forgotten.

“Uhh Spike, what is it that I forg-“

The alicorn was stopped mid speech as a pair of scaly lips met hers, the same warm and embracing feeling the same, ever since the first time those lips accidentally met on that fated day so long ago.

The princess blushed slightly, caught off guard by the quick display of affection. “Yep, still haven’t changed at all.”

Spike chuckled, "still good to see that you can still look so cute after all this time." Twilight's eye's rolled, just accepting the still childish and yet loving affection of her partner.

They stepped outside onto the balcony, their wings extending and beginning to flap as it allowed their bodies to hover in the air.

"So Spike, where to?"

"That's easy Twi; we fly beyond the stars, to the place that will be just for us?"

"Lead the way my number one assistant."

"Shouldn't it be number one lover Twi?"

The mare giggled, "that too sweetie."

The couple flew off from the castle, flying into the distance until they could not be seen by asides from lights of the moon or the stars.

They would keep flying, together, beyond the stars.

Towards Eternity.

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