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"I want true love" [Suga FF]


Jeon Yoonkook and Min Yoongi... Two different personality, fell in love with each other... But is it true or fake love ?

Romance / Scifi
Suga's wife
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Hey ! I'm Jeon Yoonkook and I'm 16 years old ! I'm from Busan, South Korea. My mom is a famous actress and my dad is a powerful business man. They don't have time for me and my older brother Jeon Jungkook (18 years old). They just bought a big house who seemed like a castle and guess what, it's our house ! Jungkook was bad, hot and super popular at school and all the girls wanted him ! But I was that nerd who was bullied by people... Jungkook tried his best to protect me but couldn’t... We don't have the se age, we don't have the same sheldure and we aren't at the same class... Maybe people know Jungkook as a bad person because he was always fighting with boys who speaked bad about me, but for me, he is the best brother I can have on earth !


Finally, after waiting so long, we are moving to a bigger house in Seoul, wich means.... NEW SCHOOL !!! I really hope I will make some friends same as Jungkook because I don't want him to feel lonely...

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