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"I want true love" [Suga FF]

#2~first day

I was sleeping peacefully, but something woke me up. Something or someone... I took my phone who was vibrating along with the song... I rubbed my eyes to see who was calling me... And the person was Jungkook. Without thinking twice I answered.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT AT 6:00AM !!!" I said in a lazy, sleepy but angry tone.

"You will thank me later young lady. Wait did you forgot ?" Jungkook answered teasing me knowing that I'll get more angry.

"JUST TELL ME WHAT I DID FORGOT !!! WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT I SHOULD WAKE UP THIS EARLY !!!" I said trying tp remember what day it is. It seem crazy but I'm too lazy to take a look on the phone, I just want to sleep...

Then I heard a sight before hearing his answer...

" Today we will go to our new school ! Bye Hyujin, bye Jackson and bye to all those person who maked our lifes hell itself ! Do you want to be late ?" Jungkook said from the other line making me happy and exited

"OPPA OF COURSE NOT ! BY THE WAY COME TO PICK ME UP I'M IN OUR NEW HOUSE ! AND THANK YOU !!!!" I said in a cute tone making him giggle.

"You see, I told you you'll thank me later !" He said trying to tease me.

"If you won't come in one hour, I think I have no choice but to eat the kimchi and ramen alone..." I said teasing him back making him choke.

"K-kimchi and R-ramen....? Yoonkook I'm coming in a few minutes please cook more quantity for you and me..." Jungkook spoke in a serious and stressed tone, making me smirk.

"Okay, I'll cook some surprise too, and I'm pretty sure you'll like today's breakfast." I said making him super happy.

"OMO JIJJA !!!!! THANK YOU YOONKOOKSSI" Jungkook yell in happiness and that made me giggle at his reaction

"Yeah yeah I know and now are you really Jeon Jungkook because you just thanked me !" I said with a teasing voice

"But, But---"

"Byeeeeeee~~~" I said before hanging up and preparing myself.


I walked next to Jungkook to take our sheldure... All the people were staring at us, I mean... Jungkook... I started to feel inconfortable and Jungkook seemed to notice it so he placed an arm around my shoulders to calm me down, we quickly took our sheldure and got into the school, then Jungkook leaved me to search his first class and maybe have some new friends...

I was on my way to my locker, running as fast as I can...


I puched someone, I looked up to see a beautiful sexy young girl, she seemed older than me but she doesn't seem kind or friendly... And she seems really angry right now...

"Sorry I didn't notice you..." I looked up, feeling like a mess...

"Awww, you didn't notice me.... How a beautiful baby ! Do you know who I am??!?" Spoke the sexiest girl I've ever seen in an angry tone.

"...No..." I answered the girl like an idiot

"Aahh yes I forgot that you're new here, little baby ! So I'm Hwasa,the queen of this school and this is Mamamoo...And now,you will regret what you've done to me..." finally answered the so called 'Hwasa'

"But I did nothing... Sorry please forgive me..." I really did nothing, but I said sorry not wanting to fight with her

"I forgive person in this school bitch!Girls,show her what we can do to a nerd like her!"

Suddently, the three girls who were next to her started hitting me and puching me... Jungkook wasn't here, I was alone and no one can help me, I had no friend... Back to the old life, but worser... Cool, it's already the first day and I'm bullied by the so called 'Mamamoo'...

Suddently, a voice stoped the girls who were puching me...

"Yah let her go" the person spoke

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