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This one is the one thing that drove me crazy on my first reading of the book. I kept expecting George to come barreling around the corner any second. Why on Earth were the twins separated at such a critical time? Upon my third or fourth rereading of this book I came to the conclusion that they must have been separated without consent. This is the end results of that.

The spells that were being thrown about, both friendly and non, had the twins ducking and skirting what was once a familiar hallway turned maze. They had to split from each others side for a second as a blue light went flying in between the pair, but were side by side again and ducking towards the next hallway, only to find their brother Percy duking it out with three hooded death eaters. Leaping to his side at once, now that the fight was evened out the cheating masks were taken down and quickly gagged and left to rot. Percy wiped a bit of sweat from his brow as he inspected his immediate younger brothers.

"You two do seem to have good timing, I'll give you that." He said, glasses flashing bright colors in reflection of the still raging battle. The twins exchanged amused looks at such praise from their newly reinstated brother, but all three quickly ducked again as the whole building shook, from what the three didn't particularly want to know.

"Come on" George said, walking towards an old secret passage that cut right to the dungeons "lets-" then the building shook again, harder this time. One twin passed through the fake wall, stumbling down a few stairs before catching himself.

He turned around and slammed back into what was now a blocked off entrance, with his two brothers still on the other side yelling out for him. Part of this wall must have collapsed, leaving him sealed off from them. It was a small miracle he could still hear there yelling for him, rather than crying out in pain.

"I'm alright" he called out "I'll meet you two down there. Don't try and blow this apart Fred, you'll get yourself killed."

He heard them agree to this plan, but couldn't make out the exact words. He would have bet if he still had his other ear he could, but hey what could you do. Finally he heard twin calls of ascent, something Percy surely would deny later when he mocked him for that, and he smiled to himself. Safe in knowing his two older brothers would look out for each other until he could take his place back at his twin's side.

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