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Gorillaz: Amarillo

By Kristen Wheatley

Adventure / Mystery

Run Away

It was dark, quiet, not a sound was heard.  Off in the distance a light began to grow.  Calm breathing and footsteps were heard as a hand started reaching out to the light.

“Stuaaaaaaaaarrrrt.” A female voice came from the bright light.  “Stuart, I’ll never hurt you.” The hand finally reached the light as it formed into the shape of a female.  “Oh Stu, I’m all you need.  I’ll be here to protect you forever.”

“But….I’ve been hurt so many times before.”  Came the voice of 2D.

“You’ll be safe in my arms.” They started to hug and his body became so warm but then he started feeling squeezed.

“That….that kinda hurts.”  Exclaimed 2D.  He began to get suffocated as the woman wouldn’t let go.  “Please…stop!  You’re hurting me!  You said you wouldn’t hurt me!” She started to laugh maniacally.

“You really think I meant that?!” The voice started turning more manly.


“You belong to me!  I own you!” 2D looked up to see her face was Murdoc!

“No!  No go away!” The laughing increased as his grody face got closer to 2D’s.

“You’ll never escape me!”


That’s when he was jarred from his sleep.  He looked around at his messy room and sighed.  He closed his eyes to drift back to sleep when an explosion was heard.  He was once again jarred and stood up out of his bed.  Wearing only boxers he ran downstairs to see a suit covered kitchen with Murdoc holding a beaker.

“Thought you said this was gona work!” He exclaimed at the 22 year old Noodle.

  “Well, I thought it was!” She yelled back.  A rumble was heard as Russell’s eye appeared through the window.

  “Did you figure out a potion to make me small?” He asked.

  “No Russell, another failed attempt…” Noodle sighed.


  “Well, let’s try again!  Can’t let him be living on our roof forever!  He’s eventually going to bring the house down with his massive weight!” Murdoc said.

  “Don’t tempt me to do it prematurely.”

  “Hey, settle down guys!  We’ve all had a rough week, okay?  Just got done filming “DoYaThing” and we’re all pretty tired!” Noodle said.

  “You?  All you did was sleep through out that whole video.” Murdoc retaliated.

  “I smiled, that took some work!” That’s when she looked up to see 2D standing there.  “Oh 2D!  You want some breakfast?  I made toast!”

  “No, that’s alright, not really hungry.” He poured himself some coffee.  “Just got woke up by the blast.”

  “Oh, yea sorry about that.  We were trying to figure something out to make Russ smaller, but it’s not really working.”  2D chuckled then yawned.

  “Yea, we’re all doing that about now!” Murdoc said.  “I been up since 5am!  You’d think I’m turning into one of them old fogeys!”

  “You are an old fogey.” Russ said from outside.

  “Aye!  I still can strut my stuff , I’ll have you know!” He stretched and looked down to his crotch.  “Yup, ol’ boy still works good down there.”

  “Aw man! That’s nasty!”  Everyone “ewed”.

  “Well it’s the truth!” Murdoc looked at 2D.  “Have any dreams last night?  Do you even dream?” 2D cringed.

  “I did actually, quite disturbing really.” He replied.

  “Oh yea?  What about?” he said while taking a bite out of Noodles toast.

  “Story time!”  Noodle shouted.

  “Oh, you really wouldn’t care.” He said uneasily.

  “Oh, c’mon 2D!  You always have the most interesting dreams!  Probably from all those drugs you took, but anyways!”  2D looked around.

  “Well, I had a dream that there was this amazing light and it turned into a woman, but then the woman turned into Murdoc and suddenly the light wasn’t so amazing.” They all looked at him, and started to laugh.

  “Imagined the woman turned into Murdoc?” Noodle snorted. “What did he say?  ‘Am I pretty 2D?’” They laughed again.

  “Was I?” Murdoc asked.

  “No he didn’t say that, he was actually suffocating me, and I never saw the woman’s face, it just was Murdoc.”

  “Well, suffocating you does sound about right.”

  “That’s not a good thing…” 2D mumbled.  They all looked at him.  Suddenly a shoe was thrown at him, Murdoc started laughing.  “Ow!  What was that for?”

  “Cause I felt like it…and it’s funny!”

  “Well, it’s not funny to me.” Everyone was surprised that 2D said this, he normally didn’t speak against Murdoc.  “I’m actually, getting real tired of you abusing me, Murdoc!  Always hitting me, saying I’m dumb and stuff, why can’t you just be nice to me?”

  “Nice?!  Have you lost your bloody head?  When am I ever nice to anyone?”  2D thought for a moment.

  “Well, you don’t treat Russell and Noodle near as bad as you do me!”

  “That’s cause I’ll beat the shit out of him if he does.” Said Russell.

  “2D, what’s got you all worked up?  This is so, all of a sudden.” Asked Noodle.

  “I’m tired of living like this!  We keep moving from place to place, our house is a mess, and we have a bowl of ears in our kitchen!  Why do we need a bowl of ears??”

  “That is disgusting…”

  “And the only time I’m ever happy is when Murdoc isn’t here, which he always is because he doesn’t have anything better to do then to make radio broadcasts that nobody hears!” They all were shocked.

  “2D…this is very uncharacteristic of you…” She said worried.

  “I…I just need to…get away for a little bit.” He said sighing and hanging his head.

  “Get away?  Fine then!  You can leave and not come back for all I care!  I can find another singer just as easily as I found you!” Murdoc said furiously.

  “You mean by ramming your car into his head?” Russel asked.  Ignoring the comment, Murdoc continued,

  “You can call me abusive, and call this house a mess, but you leave my radio broadcasts out of this you hear?!” Murdoc fumed for a bit then threw 2D’s jacket at him.  “Go on then!  You want to leave so badly then just go!  Go ‘clear your head’ or whatever!  We don’t need you here!”

  “Murdoc!  Calm down!” Noodle exclaimed.  2D held onto his jacket and stared at Murdoc.  He turned to the door, opened it and yelled,

  “I will then!  I won’t ever come back!  EVER!” He slammed the door behind him leaving silence and a shocked Murdoc.  He then reopened the door, came inside, ran upstairs and put some clothes on then grabbed a piece of toast.  “I’m kind of hungry….but after this, NEVER!” He then slammed the door behind him again.  They heard a muffled 2D exclaim about he slammed it on his finger as he walked away.  Noodle sighed.

  “Ahhh, don’t worry about him!” Murdoc said turning toward upstairs.

  2D walked down the streets of London all the rest of the day, sight saw, watched families be joyous with each other.  Oh how badly he wanted for all of his band members to get along like some of the families he saw.  That’s when his stomach growled, it had been 8 hours since he last ate, and all it was, was just a burnt piece of toast.  He hadn’t thought this through very well.  Luckily he had his wallet in his jacket pocket and had enough cash in their to last him a couple days.  But he hadn’t brought any change of clothes.  He sighed and put his face in his hands.  That’s when he heard a train blow its horn.  He looked up and saw the local train station.  That was it!  Get on a train to go as far away as possible to start a new life!  Brilliant, 2D, brilliant!  He excitedly ran over to the ticket booth and slammed the cash down.

  “One ticket to wherever be the farthest place from here!” The man in the booth stared at the money.

  “Sir, you’re going to have to tell me where you want to go.  The ticket prices rage on the distance.” He said condescending.  2D thought…

  “Oh, well uhhh….i don’t know then…”

  “How about Aberdeen?” A young girl voice came.  2D turned to see a short, tan, brown hair, green eyed, preteen.


  “You want to go to Aberdeen?” The ticket master asked.

  “No!  I’m talking…” He looked once more at the girl.

  “Yea, Aberdeen!  I’ve always wanted to go there!” Her voice was definitely American, sort of southern sounding.

  “That’s all the way on the other side of England.”

  “Well, you did say the farthest place from here.” He thought. 

  “Well then yes!  To Aberdeen!”

   “Wait!  Will you take me??” She exclaimed.  2D looked at her.

  “Take you?  Where are your parents?  Why don’t they take you?” She frowned.

  “I don’t have any parents, not that I know of anyways.  I just kind of live on the streets.  Please mister!  Something about Aberdeen has always caught my attention!  Can’t you just take this poor little girl with you?” She puppy dog eyed him and puffed out her lip.  2D looked at the cash he had; it was going to be pushing it if he did buy her a ticket too.  But she was living on the streets with no family.  And she was only a little girl.

  “Alright then!  Two tickets to Aberdeen!” He said to the ticket master.  The guy looked at him strangely then handed over the tickets. 

  “The train to there will be here in two hours at 10:00pm.” He said.

  “Two hours…well then let’s get a bite to eat.” 2D said to the girl. 

  “Thanks mister!” She said happily.  “Oh, by the way, my name is Ruth, what is yours?”  His name?  She really didn’t know who he was.  He smiled and replied,

  “Stuart Pot, but you can call me Stu.”

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