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Bangtans Angel


Amelia is a ARMY with a gift. She asks the boys for their help and protection. But who is helping and protecting who?

Fantasy / Romance
Sarah Van Belle
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Amelia woke up under the rays of the sun shining through her window. She blinks her eyes and stretches. Then it hit her. "Got to bring that bread." She sighs as she gets up. She walks half bored to the bathroom. "Every day the same. Go to work, come home, be alone." She pushes the play button on her CD player and 'So what' is playing. "Great this song always energizes me." She smiles and starts humming and eventually singing along while entering the bathroom. Her eyes grow wide as suddenly in the bathroom mirror she sees her reflection. A pair of 2 pure white wings are sprouting from back. "IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!" she screams loudly. She stumbles back and falls down, losing all the strenght in her legs from shock. She sits there, for 10 minutes, 20, 30, an hour. Her phone is ringing on her nightstand. After about 1,5 hour she gets up and walks to the mirror again. She touches them in disbelieve. Can i move them? How do you move them? Can i even feel them? She closes her eyes and tries to feel them. Suddenly there is a clinging on the floor. 1 wing is completely stretched and has hit the plank with some smelling candles. Incredible! They move! She tries to pull it back in. The wing responds. She stretches it again but it is again in full strenght. Okay i need to moderate it. Slowly move them... let's practice in the bedroom, less stuff to break and more space. She walks to the bedroom and sees her phone ringing. She picks it up and looks at the screen. It is her job. She smiles. I can't come in today. Got to wing it. Sorry. She laughs loudly. She keeps on practicing. Can I fly? I want to try it but I can't go outside... people will see. So she tries to practice as much as she can inside until the night falls again. Around midnight she goes out in the small garden and stretches her wings fully. Okay here goes. She swings her wings. 1 powerful stroke and she doesn't feel the ground anymore. 2 seconds later she's back touching the ground. Okay I got to keep flapping them. She repeats it 2 times, 3 times and is high up. She stops after 3 but is immediatly dropping again so she flaps again as she is lifting up. Maybe practice landing first. She stops the flapping until she almost is at the ground and softly flaps a few times. Yoshya! Did it. Watching all those birdvideos payed off. She softly lands. It is not even tiring. She goes back inside. She tries to sleep but she is forced to lay on her side.

The next day her colleague rang her door. She panics and doesn't answer it. I am sorry, jules, i can't open it. I can't show you me. Then the thought hit her. How am I supposed to live in this world now? How did this come to be? What should I do now? She is getting so scared, and is hyperventilating. Who can I tell? Who can I trust? She runs upstairs to her room. BTS on posters is smiling at her, but she runs to her bed to manage her panic attack. Covered in blankets she shivers and tries to control her breathing. Why me? She cries. Suddenly she doesn't want them anymore. After she calmed down she grabs her phone and sends her boss the message she quits. Then she calls her best friend to come over.
Her friend enters the house and is in shock too. "How is this possible? What happened?" She touches them, in awe. "I DON'T KNOW, OKAY?!" She is half crying again. "Oh Amelia, don't cry!" She goes in for a hug but it is a bit hard to do it normally. "We need to let someone know. They can do tests and.." "NO! No.... no tests... no one can know. Anything that is different always ends up dead. They will experiment etc... no not a chance." "But we need to do something, I mean what is your plan now?" "I...I don't know..." Amelia turns depressed again. "Let me make some tea." She dissappears into the kitchen. After a while she comes out again and they are drinking a calming cup of tea. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Amelia drops the cup out of her hands. "What have you done?!" She jumps up and her friend does too. "Don't be angry, it is some friends from the science department of my university. I called them over." Amelia stumbles back in a panic. "No. No NO!" She runs towards her room. She grabs a bag and some clothes. She goes back down only to be greeted by 3 guys with cameras in their hands. She holds her hands in front of her face while walking to the kitchen. "We just want to see it." " Can we touch it?" "Wow this is freaky, are the nerves attached too? Can she feel pain in them?" Amelia quickly fills her bag with food and drinks and grabs her wallet and passport. "Amelia? What are you doing?" Her friend tries to ask but amelia opens the window and jumps out. She starts to fly. She can hear her friend shout her name but she is way up high in just a few more flaps. She puts the backpack on her belly and flies up. Higher than ever. People in the street are pointing fingers at her.

Tears are rolling off her face. Where in this whole wide world can I hide? How will I find food? What can I do now? That moment she just thinks one thing. "Let me try and go to Korea. By flying." She starts to set a course. Her phone rings again. It's her friend. She declines it. She looks at the sun trying to determine east and sets course.
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