The Mercenary

Chapter 10

The Mercenary Chapter 10
Hello hello hello! Welcome back my fellow readers and writers! The big final fight scene is in this chapter. If you want to, play duel of fates for the battle from Star Wars or Anakin vs Obi-Wan for the duel.

Jack draws a rapier well his Terminator bodyguard takes up a fighting stance. Aron draws his bayonet for his FG 42 and uses it like a short sword. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable also take up fighting stances.

For a moment, the two side3s stand still. Then they lunge at each other. Aron slams his shoulder into Jack, knocking him back into the next room. The Terminator leaps and swings both metallic fists downward, creating two craters where the teen duo were just standing. "Ugh, the one time I really need my battle suit since junior year, and now this," The frustrated redhead says. "KP!" Ron shouts. Kim spins around to see the robot towering above her, ready to pummel her.

With a yell, the blonde does a flying kick, only for the robot to grab him by the foot and spin him around, slamming him into the wall. He then slumps to the ground, alive but with the breath knocked out of him. Kim quickly recovers, doing a backflip, using her momentum to kick the head of the Terminator. The humanoid robot is knocked back about a foot, but doesn't fall. Kim's eyes narrow a little bit. "This might be a challenge," She mutters.

In the other room…

Aron barely manages to sidestep a thrust of Jack's rapier, slashing with his sword. The skilled duelist parries with his blade. "You're going to have to do better than that if you want to even have a hope of winning," He taunts. Aron takes the moment to kick out into his arch-foe's breadbasket.

The older man grunts and staggers back a step. "Low blow, even for a hired gun," He growls venomously. Aron just shrugs. "You said I had to do better," He retorts with another swipe. Jack parries again, but this time, he flicks his wrist to knock the blade out of Aron's hand. The bayonet goes skidding behind him.

"Oh, looks like its game over for someone," Jack says with a fake sing-song voice. Aron growls, getting very annoyed by the taunts. Jack pulls his arm back, preparing to skewer his adversary like a pig….

"FALL, DAMN YOU, FALL!" Curses a flustered Kim. Her boyfriend still knocked out, she is left fighting the Terminator. She tries to deliver a round-house kick to its head, but it blocks her leg with a robotic arm. Quickly recovering, she narrowly dodges a right hook that would have been able to knock her head off.

Behind the deadly robot, Ron stirs. "Did someone get the number of that bus that hit me?" The blonde groans as he pushes himself up. Then he remembers where he is, and what knocked him out. "KP!" He shouts to his girlfriend, rushing up and body slamming into the humanoid killer.

Seeing the android pushed off-balance, Kim does a flying kick that sends it smashing through a wall. At first nothing moves, but then a skeletal hand made of metal bursts through the rubble. Despite being battered, the Terminator stands up. Despite having one of its arms sparking and moving slowly, their robotic foe steps forward. The two lovers look at each other. They now that come hell or high water, they will do it together.


"DON'T STOP! PUSH FORWARD! FOR GOD'S SAKE MEN, FORWARD!" Johan shouts to the soldiers following him and Nichole. With the arrival of the Tiger II, the tide has changed once more, in the favor of the attackers. The "New SS Army" is now reduced to a pitiful 200 men and two Panther tanks. The four hundred attackers are now pushing these numbers into an encirclement, hoping to end the battle by forcing them to surrender, but also willing to wipe them out to a man.

Soon they are surrounded. "Throw down your arms and surrender! This is your first and only warning!" Nichole shouts. For a few minutes a tense lull occurs. Then a private steps forward and throws down his assault rifle. He is followed by another, and another, and another, until almost everyone has surrendered. The officers, who like their predecessors, refuse to surrender and try to fire off more shots with pistol, but they are quickly killed by their own soldiers, fearing for their own lives. One of the two Panther tanks tries to aim its gun at the KV-1, but the other fires first, destroying its comrade. Then the crew dismounts, leaving the tank still operational.

In the turret, Unteroffizier Harti Krause observes this. Seeing that it is safe, he pops open his hatch and signals for Johan to come over. "We got to push into the mansion and assist the boss," The tank commander informs the German infantryman.

Back inside the mansion…..

With a flick of Jack's wrist, a streak of blood forms over Aron's right cheek. "Stand still!" Jack growls. Unable to get close to his short sword, the Lithuanian ducks and weaves the swipes his foe makes. Seeing an opening, Aron sends a strong kick to the crime lord's stomach, knocking him back into the doors of another room.

Seeing two empty suits of armor, one on either side of the doorway frame, Aron snatches a broadsword from one of them before running in to confront a recovered Jack. With a growl, the two men engage in a fierce display of sword dueling.

Soon both foes are sweating, Jack having a shallow cut over his forehead, Aron's right cheek still leaking blood. The two charge at each other, when they both gasp. Jack's head lands on the floor with a dull thunk, his body still standing for about half a second before toppling to the ground. Aron drops the blood-splattered broadsword and removes the rapier stuck in his left side. Grimacing, Aron feels that it has just barely missed his gut. That means that while it will be painful, the wound is far from lethal.

Aron now stares at the headless body and spits on it in contempt before limping away, wanting to assist his two friends in their battle against Jack's bodyguard…..

With a strong punch to the jaw, Kim is sent flying into the wall, the breath being knocked out of her. "KP!" A concerned Ron shouts before a kick to the chest sends him flying right next to her. The two teens struggle to gain the strength needed to get back up as the Terminator calmly walks towards them. Ron closes his eyes, while Kim stares defiantly at it. When the robot is about 6 feet away, the two prepare to enter the void when the unexpected happens.

A rocket slams into the right side of the robot, sending it flying through the doorway. Five more rockets follow it into the neighboring room, causing such an explosion that the room collapses in on itself. A few seconds go by and the only sounds heard are Kim and Ron coughing and some rubble sliding down to the ground.

Once the dust settle, the two look to see a squad of Aron's men and women being led by Johan and Nichole. Several soldiers are kneeling, holding Bazookas or Panzerfausts. Then a bleeding Aron stumbles in on the scene. Johan rushes up to his leader, concerned. "Sir, you're bleeding! Are you hurt badly? What happened?" He asks.

Aron just waves them aside. "Where are the teens? Are they okay?" He asks in return. "Aron!" An excited redhead shouts as she tackles her friend to the ground, Ron helping the wounded Aron back up. "You're alive," The three say to each other at once. "You guys are safe now. Jack is dead. And it seems that his robot is down for the count as well," He remarks drily, seeing the carnage.

Knowing that by now the authorities are on their way, there is little talk as the KV-1, Tiger II, FCM 36, and captured Panther tank are loaded first along with the wounded in the damaged LST. Seeing a merchant ship lying by Jack's private docking facility, it is commandeered for the survivors and the prisoners to also escape.

Once the two ships are a safe distance away from the battered island battlefield, Aron looks for his two charges. "I will arrange for a private jet to take the two of you home immediately. I am going to have to go underground with my group, to spend time recovering our strength," He informs the weary teens.

"Will we see you again?" Ron asks, Kim also nodding. Aron chuckles. "Count on it," He says with a grin.

And only one more chapter left. Sorry if the ending is a bit shoddy. Just been following way behind, this was supposed to be posted two to three weeks ago.

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