The Mercenary


The Mercenary Epilogue

Two Lithuanian policemen walk into the gutted remains of Jack's mansion. The whole day has been spent trying to figure out what the hell had occurred here, and they were the last ones on the island, simply doing a simple check for anything they might have missed.

They stop near a caved-in room, pulling out cigarettes and lighting them. They idly converse about possible theories of what caused the burning wrecks and large number of bodies.

Suddenly, in the darkened room the noise of shifting rocks is heard. One of the men investigate. Climbing through the rubble, he tries to peer through the inky darkness. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his chest, then nothing.

Meanwhile, the other waits. After five minutes, he grows concerned. When he sees his companion's jacket, he starts to call out, asking what happens, when he notices something covered in a sticky red substance extending through the back. Drawing his pistol, a rock hits his head, causing massive brain damage and killing him. His comrade's body is thrown on top of his as the killer steps into the dying rays of the evening sunlight.

"Pathetic. You and your species don't deserve to be the dominant species. Now it is time for a new age," It thinks while the light glints off a damaged silvery metal. The Terminator, missing an arm, still functions. With its master dead, now it plans to make the perfect world. "Now enters the dawn of the age of MACHINES!"

And done! Thank you all sooooooo much for reading, following, favoriting, and reviewing this story. When I started this I thought that it would be a stupid idea that no one would like. Well, guess I am wrong. So, if you got any questions, please PM at any time, and I will get back to you as soon as I can, unless I am at school, in which case I will answer by 3:15 PM Eastern Time zone.

PS: There will be a sequel ;)

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