The Mercenary

Chapter 2

The Mercenary Chapter 2

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The man known as The Mercenary chuckles as he sees the unconscious short man being arrested by GJ agents. He had already grilled the man for all he knew. In exchange, he got to live, but he also had to tell the GJ interrogators the complete opposite of what happened.

Satisfied with his task, The Mercenary walks back to his bolt hole. It is a small, run-down house, or so it seems on the outside. On the inside, it is a soldier's dream home. The walls are covered with weapon racks. The Mercenary takes off the night's weapons: a yumi bow, much like what the Samurai used; an M16 specially modified assault rifle; a Luger, and several knives.

He then turns on a custom-made computer. He checks his e-mails. Mostly spam, discount offers, news reports. Then he comes across a news report that makes him stop. It was from last year. "Drakken almost took over the world?! I never thought that clown could ever do something remotely close, aside from screwing up the few good ones," The Mercenary thinks to himself.

Intrigued, the young man clicks on it. Apparently he tried to use toy robots to do so, but at the last moment was foiled by a red-headed teenager. The Mercenary raises an eyebrow when he sees the picture of the teen. Aside from the suit, she looks exactly like the girl he had just fought. "Hmmm, her name is Kim Possible. I'll remember that," He muses, filing that nugget of information away for later.

Then a ping comes from his computer. He sees that there is a new e-mail. He scans it. A new contract. But not just for him. Ten others have gotten it. He snorts at the list. Wanna-be gunslingers, all of them.

As he reads it, his eye twitches slightly. "I know he is a sick bastard, but what the hell is this? No way will I work anymore with this piece of šūdas. In fact, I think I better do something about it," He decides, his mind already working on a plan. He shuts down his computer and decides to pick out his weapons.

A G-11 assault rifle, stolen from a German military base. The gun fires cassless ammunition, making for a simpler design and ease of use. He packs his bag full of disposable magazines for the gun. He takes his trusty Lugar pistol and eight magazines. He also packs several grenades. As a close up weapon he brings a dirk. Once all his equipment is packed, The Mercenary locks his door and heads out. "Let's hope I get there first before they collect that bounty," He prays.

Middleton High School….

"I'm telling you KP, there is something weird about this," Ron says. Kim sighs. "No kidding. I had Wade look up everything about this guy. I think he should be done very soon," She says as the dynamic duo start to walk home. Just at that moment Kimmunicator goes off. "What's the sitch Wade?" She asks.

On the screen, the young super-computer genius is reading through some pages. "Yeah, I pulled up everything I could find and then some. Kim, this man is an utter badass, for a lack of better words. I mean, he has killed thousands of people, though most seem to be rival gang, cartel, or terrorist members. He has, oddly enough, a strong ethical code. He once killed a partner for rapping a women. In fact, he has only ever done 100 missions with partners, and 75 of them ended up being killed by him for violating his ethic codes. Recently however, he has been doing unpaid hits on men, in addition to paid contracts. Kim, this guy seems to be very bad news. I'll keep you updated. Wade, out," He says as the screen of the PDA goes off. The duo look at each other. Before either of them speaks, a Hispanic person casually walks up to them.

"Excuse me, but would you happen to be Senorita Possible?" He asks with a South American accent. Instantly alert, Kim replies hesitantly. "Yes, I am. What do you need?" She asks. The man smiles widely as he speaks. "My boss wanted to send you a message. Buenos Noches," With that, the man pulls out a snub-nosed pistol and is about to shoot the duo at near point-blank range. The teens instinctively close their eyes, waiting for the unavoidable bang of a gun being fired. They hear it.

But they realize they are still alive. Kim opens her eyes to see the man looking down at his chest with a startled expression as a red spot slowly grows. A familiar voice is heard hissing to the would-be killer. "I think you meant to you. Naktinis maurai," The Mercenary growls.

The man slumps to the ground. Shocked, the crime-fighting teens look at the man, expecting him to kill them as well. After all, wasn't he supposed to be a killer for hire? But what they here next startles them. "Come with me if you want to live, vaikai," He says, his normally accent-less English replaced with the accent of a Slavic nature.

Before they can protest, several gunshots are heard from behind them. "Quickly vaikai!" The Mercenary shouts, holstering his Luger and pulling out the G11. He fires a three round burst, then a second one. The stunned teenagers just stand there in shock. "Move it!" The man barks, irritated. That gets them going. I left a car running. Get in it and if I am not there in two minutes, DRIVE!" He shouts, firing a single shout and nailing a gunman in the heart. He starts firing at full auto, laying down suppressive fire.

Then his gun clicks. He growls as he rips out the empty magazine and slams in a new one, cocking the gun. Once the first round of the magazine is in the gun, he aims. But then he sees an empty car. Swiveling his upper body so he was pointing at the car, he fires three three-round bursts into it, hoping to set off the gasoline inside.

His hope is granted, for a massive explosion is made. Using the smoke as a cover, he ducks and runs towards where he had parked the car. When he sees that the teens are in the car, he almost smiles as he gets in. "Hang on vaikai, this will get a bit bumpy," He warns, slamming down the gas pedal. With the tires screeching, the car zooms off, leaving the remaining gunmen behind.

For five minutes no one says a word. Then the red-head speaks. "What the heck is going on?!" Kim demands. "There is a bounty on your head, Red. Yours and Yellow back there. It seems you have pissed off someone. And that someone is a very powerful man. Don't worry, the bounty is only on you two. The contract said that if anyone in your family was harmed or killed, there would be no payment," The Mercenary finally replies. "And those guys were…..?" Ron prompts.

"Enforcers of the infamous San Paulo Delgado, leader of one of the major drug cartels in Columbia. There are others though who were offered the contract. I believe you will know at least one of them," He answers.

"I was also offered it, but declined it. So for now, I am taking you two to a safe location. That is what we are doing," He continues. However, The Mercenary underestimates Kim Possible. "Two things. First of all, it is not Red, it is Kim. Kim Possible. Second, this kind of sitch is not the kind I run away from. So either you will help us, or I am kicking your butt and getting there myself," The red-head exclaims, making her position clear. Frustrated, The Mercenary sighs. "Fine, after all, you don't even know his name, let alone where he is. Just give me a second. I have some old friends interested in grinding an ax," He grimly chuckles.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe….

A remote mansion that looks heavily guarded is all that surrounds the nearby area. Inside it is the man known for calling hits on famous people. "Damn it! The smug bastard outdid me! Just like his family has been with my family! Well, I know Just how to deal with him!" The man chuckles as he posts an even bigger bounty on The Mercenary's head.

And done! What do you think?

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