The Mercenary

Chapter 3

The Mercenary Chapter 3

Hello hello hello again! Man, I can't believe that you guys find this story good. My stories seem to be so-so to me. But enough of that. I hope you enjoy! Also, anyone care to guess what country The Mercenary is from?

North Carolina…..

It had been 12 hours since Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable had their narrow brush with death. Currently they were renting two rooms in a motel. The Mercenary pretended to be Ron's uncle and booked the room for a few nights.

Outside, The Mercenary is speaking rapidly in a mixture of his native language and English on a cellphone. The man in his mid-twenties holds a cigarette in his free hand. Kim and Ron are listening to him with some interest as he gets more flustered.

"So the fact I had to haul your ass out of the fire suddenly means nothing now?! You don't feel at least a small bit of a commitment to assist me after I got you out of Cuba by faking your death? Well, forget you too!" The Mercenary snarls as he hangs up. He puts the phone down and sits in one of the chairs outside. He puts the light cigarette in his mouth and smokes furiously. Even though they are inside, Kim and Ron can hear him muttering about what he will do if he ever finds that man again.

The blonde teen looks at his long-time friend and now girlfriend. "KP, I am scared right now. First we are told that this man is dangerous, and then he says he is here to protect us? Do you think we can trust him?" He asks her. The red-headed teen sighs. "Well, I don't think we really have a choice at the moment. So far though, I think he is honest about protecting us. I mean, he had a chance back there to kill us, but instead saved us. I think that, at least for now, we trust him," Kim replies.

Ron is about to say something in return when the duo hear The Mercenary speaking on the phone again. "Yes, I need traveling arrangements for three people. Make sure it isn't public, I am carrying weapons. Yeah, I can talk to you about it tonight. Where do you want to meet? The same place? Ok, got it. See you tonight," The Mercenary chuckles as he hangs up. He then knocks on the door Ron and Kim are sharing. "I got good news. I think I found someone willing to make traveling arrangements. I'll have to take the two of you out shopping for a dress for you," He says pointing at Kim, "and a suit for you," He finishes, pointing at Ron.

The two look at each other before looking back at the man. "What for?" Ron asks. The Mercenary gives a shark-like grin. "Why, because we are going to a dance club tonight!" He says, removing the sunglasses, hat, and bandette that he had been wearing around the lower half of his face, along with the baseball cap. When the two see their protectors face, they are rather stunned. They both pictured him as being a scarred brute, but instead they see something different.

The Mercenary has bright blue eyes, a light twinkle of amusement reflected in it. Aside from a small scar on his right cheek, his face is unmarked. His hair is a mess of dark brown hair. He grins, showing near-perfect teeth. "Don't worry about costs, it is all on me."

That night….

The trio stand outside the entrance to the dance club. A glowing neon sign says 'The Old Haunt'. A lean Irish bouncer stands in front. "Ron, stop fidgeting with your tux," Kim Possible chides her boyfriend. Tonight the red-head is a stunning beauty. She wears a simple blue dress, much like the one she had worn when she was briefly undercover during Drakken's whole take-over-the-world plan. Ron wears a simple black tux. "Remember, act like you are twenty-one and twenty-two. Your names are Madeline Accomplishable and Bill Haltable. Tonight they are having a karaoke thing. You two pick a song and sing it, while I'll meet up with my contact. Try not to attract attention to yourselves, ok?" The Mercenary reminds them. Ron gives a mock salute. "Sir yes sir!" He says in an attempt at humor.

When they reach the entrance door, the bouncer stops them. "Look, boyo, I am afraid that we are booked tonight. Come back another night," He says, a slight accent giving away his heritage. The Mercenary is unphased, however, and simply looks at the man. "We're here to see Senor Amigo," He says, slipping two hundred bucks as well. The bouncer takes the money and nods. "Oh, of course, you are on the list. Silly me. Enjoy your night at 'The Old Haunt'," He says, holding the door open.

The trio step inside. Rather loud noise is being played while people either order drinks or dance to music. The Mercenary quickly scans the crowd before finding his contact. "Ok, I found him. Remember, stick to the plan," He says. Then he starts making his way to the private booth near the back of the club. "Ah, how are you my old friend?" A man in his mid-fifties greets The Mercenary. "Senor Amigo," The Mercenary speaks. "Come, come, and sit. Allow me to pay for a drink, eh?" The Panamanian offers the man. He is about to decline it, but then realizes that it might be the last one for some time. "Some vodka, if you mind," He orders. Senor Amigo orders a bourbon.

While waiting for the drinks, The Mercenary takes a look around. "My, you really have improved this place, haven't you?" He remarks, clearly impressed by the number of people simply present. Amigo shrugs his shoulders. "But this is thanks to you, my friend. After all, you're the one who helped me start all over!" He chuckles. Then he gets to business. "So what can I do, Merc?" He asks, using The Mercenary's nickname. He also is one of the very few who actually know his real name.

"I need a plane to get to Europe. A non-stop flight, closest airport on the mainland. I will need three seats, and be able to carry my weapons. Do you think you can pull some strings to do so?" He asks his old friend. Senor Amigo takes a sip of his drink, a look of concentration on his face. Then he answers. "I think I can. Why the extra seats though?" He asks, knowing that having one partner for a job is a rarity for The Mercenary, let alone two.

The man sighs. "I think you know." The Panamanian's eyes widen. "You mean you are protecting Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable?! Oh-no," Amigo realizes. "What?" The Mercenary asks. "The same man has now placed a bounty on your head. The reward money is huge," He confides. "How much?" Amigo shakes his head. "Trust me, you don't want to know," He says, trying to end the topic. The Mercenary instead gives him a look. "Fine. Eight billion for your head, plus a huge bonus for the rest of your body AND your two, ah, wards," Amigo finally admits.

At this, The Mercenary whistles. "Ok, that is a lot of money. Crap, now most of villain community will be after me. Plus roughly half of the world's nations. Oi vey," He sighs. "You know, you could always retire," Amigo offers. But The Mercenary shakes his head sadly. "And do what? I can't exactly quit, even once this thing is over. But, back to the topic at hand. Can you get me that flight?" The Mercenary asks his closest friend and contact. "For you, my comrade, I do anything. I have a plan waiting. It is a military transport. The troops are being deployed for a war game exercise near France. I can get you on board. It is about fifteen minutes away," Amigo says with a small smile.

Before The Mercenary can continue, he hears clapping coming near the stage. He turns around and sees Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable standing there. "Listen," He whispers to his colleague. The song they picked is 'Ain't no mountain high enough'.

Ron takes the first line: "Listen Baby. Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, Ain't no river wide enough baby."

Then Kim replies in the song. "IF you need me call me no matter how far." "Don't worry baby," Ron chirps in. Kim then continues. "Just call my name I'll be there in a hurry, you don't have to worry."
At this they both sing together. "Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no mountain low enough, Ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you…"

While the couple continue the song, The Mercenary turns back to Amigo. "So, can you promise me that the military will give us a free flight to France? I don't care if we might have to jump out over the country, just want to know if we can get there," He asks. Amigo nods.

Once the duo finish, everyone stands up and claps. Kim and Ron take a bow and then step off the stage. The Mercenary almost gives a rare, full smile when Amigo stiffens and taps his shoulder. "Merc, trouble at the door," He says pointing. Three huge men, hired muscle, have barged in. The Mercenary reaches down for his hidden Lugar pistol. "Tell your contacts to ready the plane. And get the kids out to the car. Now!" The Mercenary orders, the killing soldier within him taking over.

The three drug cartel enforcers are unaware of what they started as they pull out handguns, two of them Glock 18s, one of which has a 50-round drum magazine, the other a regular magazine. The leader has a Desert Eagle. When the people see the guns, the majority panic and flee the building. The leader turns to his two cohorts. "Find 'em!" The one with the normal Glock magazine suddenly cries out and goes down with a red stain over where his heart should be.

"Yo, f***ers! Over here! Come get me you bitch-and-a-half!" The Mercenary taunts, trying to create a diversion. It works rather too well. The one with the large magazine switches his pistol to full auto and starts firing at the general direction of the Slavic man. He ducks behind an upturned table, the 9mm bullets smashing splinters around him. He waits and pops up to fire two shots when there is a brief lull before ducking back down. While both gunmen open fire, The Mercenary sees Kim and Ron being led out through a secret back door. "Come my friend!" Amigo shouts.

Needing no further prompting, the man sprints towards his friend, who slams the heavy metal door shut behind him. "That should hold them for a few minutes. Quick, get to your car. I will tell them that you are coming. Drive! Don't stop!" He shouts.

With a nod, The Mercenary thanks Amigo for his help. Then the three pile into the car and drive off. Ron looks out back and turns to The Mercenary. "Um, we got company," He warns. The Mercenary looks back briefly to see five cars chasing his. "Take over," He tells Kim as he pulls out his Lugar and all his spare magazines. As the red-headed teen starts to drive, The Mercenary starts to get ready to fire when all of a sudden, lights start twinkling as the cartel enforcers open fire.

And end! Sorry for the cliffhanger, but the rest of the car chase scene will continue… the next chapter. Hope you enjoy and review! Until next time!

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