The Mercenary

Chapter 4

The Mercenary Chapter 4

Hello! Wow, either this is a decent story, or you all are gluttons for punishment! Well, so I don't bore ya'll to tears, I will release the nationality of our favorite villain/hero/gun-for-hire in the story.

Several pistol rounds slam into the empty trunk of The Mercenary's car. Up front, Ron Stoppable ducks underneath the seat while Kim Possible steers the car while it goes at top speed. The Mercenary cocks the Lugar pistol, which had seen service in World War II (with a different owner, of course), and points it towards the lead car. He aims the sight along the barrel, and lightly squeezes the trigger. The 9mm round spins out of the barrel, and is quickly followed by three more. One hits the road, another hits the driver's side mirrors. The third one, however, hits the front left tire. With a loud pop, it breaks, the car veers to the left before skidding into a ditch. The remaining cars are still close-by.

The Mercenary fires off the remaining five rounds of the clip. Several of them smash into one of the car's engine and causes it to start smoking. Ejecting the now-empty magazine, he slams in a fresh one and cocks it again. He sees a gunman exposing a large amount of his upper torso while trying to get a better shot of one of the rear tires. The Mercenary, knowing that to stop now would mean instant death, quickly aims at the gunman. With a single shot, the expert killer nails the cartel enforcer in the head, killing him.

Now the car with the smoking engine stops, no longer having any power. The one with the dead gunman speeds up, the driver appearing to intend to ram the cars together. However, The Mercenary is not out of tricks just yet. He prays that this works as he pulls out an old, British-style 'sticky grenade' out from a bag with his weapons. He removes the cover, pulls the pin to arm it, and then quickly tosses it out at the car.

The Columbian man smirks as he quickly closes the gap between his car and the target. Then a look of befuddlement shows on his face as he sees an oddly-shaped object thrown at him. He is even more shocked when it sticks to the hood.

A few seconds later, the grenade explodes, killing the driver. The flaming hulk of the car flips over before landing on the road on its roof. But now three more cars have joined the chase. The Mercenary sees them and curses. "Kim, when I tell you to floor it, do it!" He shouts as he holsters his pistol. "Ron, do you see the rifle?" HE asks the blonde boy, the heat of the moment making his Lithuanian accent be more apparent. "Yeah, I got it sir," Ron replies, handing to the gunman his G-11 assault rifle.

Once he has cocked the first round of the currently-loaded 50-round magazine, he pops out and shouts towards the car. "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" The Mercenary says, firing at full-auto. The currently lead car runs head-first into the hail of bullets. The deadly rounds slam through the windshield and thud into the bodies of the occupants, killing or fatally wounding all inside. A second car suffers a similar fate.

Up front, Kim does her best to block out the signs of gunfire behind her. The last thing she needs is to be distracted on a chase like this. She is still wearing the blue dress from the club. When she sees the lights of a military airfield, she grins. "Hey Ron, I think we're home free," She says.

With a terrible sense of timing, a series of lucky pistol rounds destroy the two back wheels of The Mercenary's car. A shotgun slug hits home near the fuel tanks, rupturing them. Gasoline starts to trail behind them. "EVERYONE OUT! Kim, pull over and get you and Ron on that base. Don't stop for me!" He orders, tossing the bag of weapons to the red-head's sidekick/boyfriend. Once Kim uses the emergency break to stop the car, the trio pile out of the disabled transport. The pursuing cars quickly speed up, forming a circle around the group.

This pisses off The Mercenary, who tosses his rifle to the side. "Come on you mišrūnai! Fight me like men!" He challenges the drug enforcers. The over-confident thugs swarm out of their cars, some having brass knuckles on their fists, others have knives or just plain old fists. With a guttural yell, The Mercenary charges at the group. A big thug with a brass knuckle swings the fist holding it towards the left side of the Lithuanian, expecting to feel the thud of metal hitting flesh.

The Mercenary, however, has absolutely no intent whatsoever of giving the man as such. He dodges and grabs the extended arm. He puts it into a joint-lock and with a grimace twists it, causing it to point in an unnatural position. The thug lets out a shrill scream before blacking out from the pain. Then a man with a knife stabs into the lower left side of The Mercenary's back. But he just simply grunts as he spins around, knife still embedded in his back, and slams his fist into the man's nose, breaking it and sending bone splinters into the brain.

Meanwhile, five of the thugs have surrounded Kim and Ron. The red-headed teen takes a defensive stance, even though she is still wearing her dress. Ron takes a Kung-Fu stance. The thugs at once rush the two teens. Ron tries a flying kick. His foot connects with the chest of one of the goons. But the man doesn't even flinch. Ron falls to the ground, embarrassed. "Ok, new plan," He mutters to himself.

Meanwhile, the world-famous heroine is surrounded by the other four. The first one to try to tackle her winds up with a broken jaw as she kicks him in the jaw, hard. The stunned man falls backward. With a quick series of punches, a second goon falls face-forward. The reaming two drug enforcers now warily circle around the teen.

The Mercenary, bleeding from several cuts to his back, picks up a thug over his head with both hands. With a massive yell, he slams the man onto his thigh, breaking his back. Another goon jumps at him. The Mercenary is unphased, however, and simply grabs him by the throat. With a simple application of pressure, he snaps the man's neck. As he tosses the corpse away, however, his disabled car is hit by a green bolt of plasma. The fuel tank is lit up, causing a large explosion.

The Mercenary turns to see a former, one-time partner of his. "Shego," He growls. "Aron," She snarks back at him. The Mercenary takes out the knife that was embedded in his back and tosses it at the thug Ron was facing. Ron was being pounded into dirt when suddenly the man grabs the back of his throat before collapsing onto Ron, trapping him.

The two foes charge at each other. Shego tries to connect a plasma fist with The Mercenary's head, but he dodges and does a slide-kick. Shego, having seen this trick once before, flips over him and kicks out at him. The boot of her green-and-black outfit connects with part of his back. The Mercenary grunts, shrugging off the pain. He can't ignore the regular punch she throws, connecting with his left side. "Sorry, 'Merc', but Kimmie is mine," Shego taunts as he grabs his side with his right hand.

With a final spin kick, Kim Possible knocks out the last two goons. "A little help here, KP?" Ron asks, still stuck. Kim briefly eyes the fight going on, but then rushes over to her trapped boyfriend. Once Ron is free, the two pause to catch their breath.

With a quick right hook, The Mercenary knocks Shego backward. The mint-skinned villainess quickly gets back up. The two stare off at each other. The two share a look that Kim and Ron are unable to fully understand. "I can kill you right now," Shego warns. The Mercenary snorts at this. "You could, but I don't think you will," He quietly says, his English being accent-less again. Then something happens that shocks Ron and Kim. Shego walks up to The Mercenary, her hands in a normal state, and gives him a hug and a peck on the cheek. Shego whispers something, then runs off.

Meanwhile, Kim and Ron just stare with their lower jaws hanging. "What was that?" A stunned Kim asks her boyfriend. "I have no idea KP," He replies. They watch as The Mercenary (slightly) limps over to them. He picks up with discarded G11 rifle and more ammunition for it. "Come on, we need to get on that plane,"" He says.

After that, it is a blur for the trio as they board a C-17 with 100 army paratroopers. The Mercenary lies down on a blanket. "It's going to be several hours. Better let your folks know that you are safe," The Mercenary says, closing his eyes so as to avoid being asked about what happened, or what happened that time in Budapest.

Kim quickly pulls out her kimmunicator. First she finds Wade. After giving a quick run-through of what was happening, he connect the duo to their families. Once they are reassured that they are safe (for the moment), Kim hangs up on the PDA. The duo curl up together to get some shut-eye, wondering more and more about their companion.

Back at the Club…..

The bodies of the bouncers who worked for Senor Amigo lie motionless on the floor of the mangled club. In a secret room, Amigo quickly finishes an e-mail to several people. It says a simple message: 'Merc en-route. Gather everyone'. With that, Senor Amigo sends it.

"Ah, Senor Amigo. My boss wanted to speak to you," A robotic voice echoes. The Panamanian turns around to see a large robotic form standing in the shadows. "And what does 'he' say?" Amigo asks, knowing what will happen next.

The robotic man lifts an arm up, which morphs into a cannon of some sort. "This," It says. With that, a glowing white ball flies out and hits Amigo in the center of the chest. Then the robotic enforcer turns around.

Behind him, Senor Amigo's mouth is open in a soundless scream. The glowing energy ball compresses his innards together near the center. As the pain become more unbearable, suddenly everything flies outward in a gory explosion. The Mercenary does not know it, but the noose has now tightened around his next further.

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