The Mercenary

Chapter 5

The Mercenary Chapter 5

Hey, welcome back to this chapter. Heads up, not much action, more of personal type stuff.

I would like to say something for all the people who have reviewed, read, followed, and favorited my fanfic. Thanks you sooooo much. Currently I am fighting for my sanity because of stress and fighting the return of my depression. I feel like a failure, losing my confidence in myself as well as my girlfriend, feeling like a terrible friend, and an overall burden. These days I have only been able to be relaxed and care-free in my fanfiction stories. All this feedback really means so much to me. Maybe it seems trivial, but for me this means soooooooo much. It helps me feel wanted when people review/pm saying how much they love my fanfics and to please update. I know I sound like I am a super-old man, but for me, I feel like an old dog in a puppy's body. God bless all of you.

Now, getting away from the emotional portion, back to intro. I plan on updating weekly. So without further ado, on with the story!

With a groan, The Mercenary stretches his sore back. It has been several hours and are about halfway to Germany. While Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were snuggled up together napping, the medic on the plan had treated to The Mercenary's wounds. They are mostly light ones, not really fatal. But damn, they sure as hell sting.

After checking and cleaning his Lugar pistol and his H&K G11 assault rifle, The Mercenary turns to look at the sleeping forms of Kim and Ron. Despite his outward appearance of a hardened, emotionless killer, The Mercenary can't help but smile at the couple. It is a small smile, of course.

Quietly he pulls out his highly modified laptop, which is able to hack into any Wi-Fi channel for 25/8 Internet access. He pulls up a secret email account, one that hasn't been used in a long time. He briefly cocks an eyebrow when he sees a message from a few hours ago. He opens it. The message reads:

We have gathered at our base. We got some of our armor already there, a few heavies en route. Having scouts trying to confirm the location of specified target. Just received word. Bad news. Your friend Senor Amigo was executed by target's enforcer.

The Mercenary re-reads the last line over several times. A link to a happier part of his life, gone. His left hand twitches slightly as a cold rage courses through his body. He replies with a simple message: Understood. Will give further info of ETA when in Poland.

With that, he closes the screen and puts the small computer away. 'Amigo, my old mate, you will be avenged,' The Lithuanian man promises. He stretches out on his make-shift bed and closes his eyes to give the impression of sleep. But a soft, fake cough shows that someone isn't fooled. Mentally sighing, he opens his eyes and sees Kim and Ron looking at him. "Spill," The red-headed teenager says, giving the infamous puppy-dog pout. The Mercenary stretches. "What do you want to know?" He sighs, being too tired at the moment to attempt to resist.

"First off, what did Shego call you?" Ron asks. The Mercenary gives another sigh. "Well, since we are going to be together for some time, I guess I should give you my name, at least. Aron. My real name is Aron, but I prefer 'The Mercenary' or 'Merc'," Aron says. The two teens look at each other briefly. "And what is with this guy trying to kill us? Not the drug lord, but the name of the one who put out this bounty?" Kim asks, a serious look on her face.

"Honestly, no one knows his true name. Some call him the 'Butcher Devil'. Others call him similar words. I call him Jack," Aron says. "Why Jack?" Kim asks. With a small smile, The Mercenary explains. "Short for Jackass," He chuckles. "Aside from that, why did he put a bounty on KP and my heads?" Ron asks.

"Jack is an extremely wealthy man, with no morals or ethics. It is said that when he was eleven he killed his whole family with a fork, a knife, and a spoon. He entered a large gang as a lowly goon, hired muscle. He advanced both with his skills and his slitting the throats of any rivals. Eventually, he took over and slowly expanded into major companies, even governments. There are few places where he doesn't have some sort of power. Because of that, he is a MAJOR criminal kingpin," Merc explains.

A confused Kim asks the next question. "But why doesn't GJ do anything about it?" The Mercenary scoffs at the mention of the name. "Cause in reality, he funds 'Global Justice'. He has made himself virtually untouchable to nearly any threat. Except for the two of you. Kimberly Possible and her boyfriend, Ronald Stoppable. You two are the only people who are truly untouchable to corruption by him. You are his greatest threat. And because of that, he has hired some of the world's deadliest drug lords, gunmen, and assassins in the world," He informs the crime-fighting duo.

Ron is about to ask a question when The Mercenary answers. "The reason I am here, as I said, is to protect you. I swear to you on my life and honor that so long as I live, no harm shall come to either of you," The Mercenary pledges boldly. Kim reaches out and gives a friendly hug. "Thank you Aron. Now, get some sleep. You look half dead," She orders the young man. Knowing her stubbornness, he just nods and curls up in his bed, falling into a (light) sleep.

Now the duo look at each other. "Ok, I get the whole two mercenaries knowing each other and all, but Shego?!" Ron exclaims quietly to his girlfriend. Kim shrugs. "I know, but you got to admit, that is gonna be one heck of a story, huh?" The red-head says. "Fine, that is true. But speaking about stories, do you think he is still hiding some things from us?" The blonde asks Kim. "Yes, but I get a feeling that it is more about there being a personal thing in this. Did you notice how he acted to hearing GJ's name? It was like with Gemini, but more than sibling issues."

Suddenly the two look at each other with a small grin. "Wade!" They whisper/shout at the same time. Kim whips out her signature Kimmunicator and activates it. Wade is already aware of the whole thing, along with the Possibles and Stoppables, still looks concern.

"Wade, can you look up everything on a Lithuanian man named Aron?" The crime-fighting teen asks. "One sec," The computer whiz replies as he uses his computers. After a few minutes, Wade reads his results. "Aron, last name has been removed. Born in 1988, single. Wow, this kid has quite the track record," He whistles. "Go on," Kim prompts the stunned youth. 'Says his entire village was wiped out by a gang. He was the only person not accounted for. He disappeared for six months, then got caught on camera for shop-lifting. Then he has just disappeared," Wade finishes.

Ron's eyes widen when he sees a picture of the twelve-year old missing person profile. Sure, the scar isn't there, and there is an age difference, but maybe…

"Thanks Wade. You rock," Kim says as she turns off the Kimmunicator. Turning to her boyfriend, she gives him a peck on the cheek before getting up. "Come on, let's see if we can use the bathrooms to change," She says.

The duo quickly change in the two bathrooms in the C-17. They come out wearing their signature black tops and grey cargo pants. Several hours later, The Mercenary is awake and double checking his gear. While doing so, he speaks to his charges. "In about an hour, we are going to sky-dive out of the plan and land near Berlin. I got another ride to get us to a safe house in Poland. When we get there, I will let you know what the plan will be from there. We all good?" He asks.

Kim has a big grin on her face at the mention of sky-diving, one of her favorite activities, along with cheerleading and crime-fighting. Ron looks slightly uncomfortable, being not quite so much excited about sky-diving.

The trio then use the rest of the time checking the chutes, and before they know it, they are near the drop zone. The C-17 slows down and the rear ramp is lowered. The Mercenary flashes Kim and Ron a rare, childish-like smile. "Race you to the finish," HE says. Kim, her Kimness kicking in, takes the challenge. "You are so on," She replies.

"See ya down there," The Mercenary says, still not wearing a chute. "BANZAI!" He shouts as she jumps off the plane. The teen duo looks at each other. "Did he," Kim starts. "Jump off the plane without a parachute? Yes, yes he did," An equally stunned Ron says. Not wanting to find out Aron went splat, they jump out.

After enjoying the thrill of free falling (at least, Kim did), the two pull the cords to their parachutes, and slow their descent. When the two reach the ground, they look around till they see a floating Merc grinning while hovering a few feet of the ground. "Gravity boots, prototypes," He reveals.

Inside Berlin…

"So Aron, where is this ride of yours?" Ron asks, a wee bit nervous. "Relax Ron, She should be here any moment," The Mercenary replies. The trio are sitting in a café, drinking some coffee. Kim just closes her eyes and reclines on the chair.

A few floors up on a building across the street, a man with a sniper rifle lines up the cross hairs with the center of the red-haired teen's head, the laser pointing right between her eyes. He exhales as he ever so slowly squeezes the trigger…..

And done! Evil cliffhanger, I know, but I had too. Sorry for the poorer quality, next chapter should be more improved. Until next time!

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