The Mercenary

Chapter 6

The Mercenary Chapter 6


Kim just closes her eyes and reclines on the chair. A few floors up on a building across the street, a man with a sniper rifle lines up the cross hairs with the center of the red-haired teen's head, the laser pointing right between her eyes. He exhales as he ever so slowly squeezes the trigger…..

The Mercenary's eyes widen at the red beam. "KIM!" He shouts as he tackles the red-head. A moment later, the sharp report of a rifle is heard as a bullet streaks past where Kim Possible was sitting. "KP!" Her concerned boyfriend shouts, diving towards her. The Mercenary scans the area, looking for something.

"Shit," He mutters. Kim looks at him. "What's wrong? Aside from a sniper?" The teen asks. "Not just a sniper. The sniper. The deadliest one in the world. The Berlin Butcher. A sociopathic killer so skill confidant in his shooting that he never uses a silencer. Stay down," The Mercenary orders. He sees the fact that his bag is by the overturned table, which he left his G11 rife in. Knowing that it would be suicidal to try to get it. Luckily, he has his Lugar still with him. Drawing it, he turns to Ron and Kim. "If you see a man in a vehicle pull up, shout 'Lilly pad'. Only follow him to the vehicle if he says 'Lollipop'. He is the man who will give us a ride. If I am not out in five to ten minutes, tell him to get driving," He adds.

With that, The Mercenary crawls towards the building The Berlin Butcher is hiding. He sees a masked gun man guarding the rear door to the building. The Mercenary takes a deep breath before charging at the man. With a deft flick of his wrist, he draws his dirk and, with a quick throw, buries it into the throat of the guard. With a muted shriek, he crumples to the ground, hands still trying to remove the blade.

Storming inside the room, he sees a set of stairs. When he reaches the next floor, he sees something bad. The Columbian drug cartel gunman have joined up with The Butcher, and about a half-score of them are guarding him. With little time, The Mercenary draws his Lugar and fires a shot. "FOR FREEDOM!" He shouts, the first bullet drilling a hole through the forehead. A second goon goes down with three bullet wounds in his chest. With the last two rounds hitting the wall, the magazine is empty. The remaining goons draw their own weapons and take up fighting posts while The Mercenary reloads his pistol.


Kim pokes her head out of the table. "What's going on?" She wonders. Ron pulls her back to cover when another two score of cartel enforcers charge out. They are much well-armed then last time. They carry H&K MP5 and M16 assault rifles. "Get ready Ron," Kim warns her boyfriend. The two give each other a quick kiss, thinking that this is it.

Then a sound is heard. An engine. Kim looks behind them to see two WWII half-tracks racing towards them. A flash of light is seen on the bigger of the two as a tracer whizzes pass them. The MG 42 provides covering fire as ten German soldiers flood out. Eight have bolt-action rifles. Four Mauser Gewehr 98 rifles, and the other four have the shorter Kar 98 carbines. One with the symbol of a medic on his helmet carries an MP 40, the last, the squad leader, carries a Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.

Kim, rather shock, shouts out the code word Aron had told her. "Lily Pad!" The squad leader turns to her. "Lollipop!" He replies with the proper code. He looks around briefly. "Where is Aron?" He asks with a slight accent to his English. "Inside the building. He told KP and me to wait for him," Ron explains.

He quickly turn to his men. "Form a firing line. Driver, have the MG gunner focus on the building. Riflemen, fix bayonets," The man orders. With a yell, the Columbian thugs charge towards the overturned tables. With a hand gesture, the soldiers open fire. Half a dozen men instantly fall dead, with a seventh clutching an injured leg.

As the rifle men fire off another volley, the squad leader turned to Kim and Ron. "Get inside the scout half-track. Tell the gunner to get ready to fire at these drug cartel scum. After all, we got orders from up top," He tells them. "You mean that you work for Aron?" Boo-yah!" Ron shouts excitedly. Before Ron gets carried away, Kim grabs his arm and hauls him with her to the safety of the second, smaller half-track.

Back inside….

The Mercenary, aka Aron, is pinned down by enemy fire. Now five cartel fighters are now dead. However, now The Mercenary has only three magazines, including the half-empty one already inside his gun. When one of the five surviving South American goons pop up to fire a burst from his Glock 18, The Mercenary fires the rest of the magazine into the threat.

The four 9mm bullets make a bloody mess of the man's chest as the corpse slides down against the wall. As The Mercenary reloads his second-to-last eight-round magazine, he hears a sound. As he hits the deck, a wave of 7.92mm machine gun rounds rip through the room, making bullet holes through the wall.

It also goes through the four remaining gunmen. The remains of the thugs slump to the ground as blood flows out. The Mercenary rushes out to the remains of one of the windows. He starts to grin slightly like a mad man. "Heinz!" He shouts to the soldier with the Stg 44 rifle. Having finished firing off the last of his loaded magazine, Heinz waves back. Suddenly, one of the riflemen gets hit in the chest by an assault rifle. He falls to the ground, motionless. A second man takes an SMG round to the shoulder. As the medic discards the MP 40 to treat the wounded soldier, he doesn't notice the red laser beam. The Mercenary does, however, but before he can shout out a warning, a loud crack¸ the retort of a rifle, is heard as the bullet drills a hole though the helmet of the young man, killing him.

The Mercenary heard the sound of the gun directly above him. With a shout, he storms a final set of stairs. He kicks down the door, finding the Berlin Butcher waiting for him. "Ah, now ze prey haz finally decided to show up. A pity you zan't zee me killing ze blonde, or ze normal prozedure to vomen to the red-head," The sadistic killer leers in his thick accent.

Few things truly piss of The Mercenary as what the man just said. "On my life, you will NOT TOUCH THE VAIKIA!" He screams, firing off the whole magazine so fast the barrel is smoking. However, in his rage, the rounds were not aimed, so most are dodged by the German. He fires his rifle in return, the bullet just grazing the left side of The Mercenary's torso. The Mercenary drops the Lugar, not having the time to reload before the Butcher can fire a second round.

With a roar, he charges the now-stunned German. The Mercenary is briefly stunned by a hard slam to his forehead by the butt of the rifle. He reaches out and grapples for it. "You have killed many people in sick and twisted ways. Several of them were my comrades," He growls. The Berliner growls back. "I killed so many, but I don't recall any," The man replies, still trying to free his rifle so as to club The Mercenary.

"How about the raped woman in Paris? Or the man from Poland found with lead poured into his stomach when you shot him? This stops now," The Mercenary promises. With that, the Lithuanian man kicks out with his right leg. His boot-clad foot slams into the left knee cap of his foe. With a sickening snap, the knee breaks. The injured German briefly loosens his grip on the rifle, but that is all that is needed for The Mercenary. He clubs the man to death with his own club, unable to think straight. He hated rapists. Lowest of the low. And the worst were child rapists. No, they could never leave, not without a body bag.

When the red mist lifts from his vision, he sees the bloodied pulp of what used to be a human face. He discards the rifle. Standing up, he rushes out the room, briefly stopping to reload his Lugar pistol with the last magazine he had. While most of the sounds of fighting have died off, there is still some fighting. This needs to be quickly wrapped up, before any more help came to the remaining enforcers.


Kim grips the edges of her seat hard. Unlike Ron, who is doing it out of nervousness, she is frustrated that she can't go out and help like she wants to. Though, she doesn't like the sound outside. She hears the sounds of the wounded. Then she hears rustling and sees the last seat being taken up by their guardian, Aron. He has a cut on his right eyebrow, and a red stain on his shirt.

Happy to see him relatively unhurt, she gives him a friendly hug, much like if she was hugging her parents. Ron just settles for a high-five. "Viakia, we got to go. Now. We talk more later. Rest easy now, please," The Mercenary tells the two teens, he himself being exhausted.

Several hours later in Poland…

The Mercenary gently shakes the shoulders of the two teens curled up with each other. "Kim, Ron, wake up. We're here," He says. The two sleepy teens stumble outside into a large, single room house. "Aron!" A Scottish man says. "Good to see ya laddie!" With that the two shake hands. A mixture of other nationalities have also joined up. Kim, now awake, turns to The Mercenary.

"Whoa, time out. What is going on Aron?" She asks him. "These are my men. They are to help us take down Jack. We are a secret group," Aron says. Now Ron speaks up. "What do you mean 'secret group'? What for?" He asks the next logical question.

"During World War II, there was a horrible man who served in the SS. HE was the worst of the worst. Murderer, rapist, thief. When war ended, he and several score of his soldiers left. The man was Jack's father. My grandfather formed this society to combat the SS, especially Jack's father. Ever since then, we have been chasing down all of Jack's branches. GJ calls us the scum of the earth. That we are murders. Thieves. Criminals. We fight for freedom though. My grandfather, and my father, fought for and died for this cause. Now is the time though for us to bring everything to full circle. Tonight, we rest, sleep, celebrate, and honor the dead. Tomorrow, we leave for our main base, and then to Jack's private mansion. TO VICTORY!" The Mercenary shouts to the soldiers. Men of British, French, and other regions are dressed and armed in both modern-day and WWII-era uniforms and weapons. Drinks are passed around and tales are told.

Aron turns to his two companions. "When we attack, I would like for you to stay close to me. I plan on returning the two of you home, safe and sound. I also have a special plan to tell you tomorrow. For now, spend some time together, enjoy yourselves." Ron grins. "Boo-yah!" He says with a smile. As The Mercenary turns around, a hand grips his right arm.

He turns to see Kim Possible looking at him. "I just want to say thank you for saving me today," The red-head says. Aron gives the duo a kind grin. "Not a problem," He says.

Jack's Mansion….

The man in his forties, known as Jack, slams a fist onto his oak desk. "Damn it! Now they are on their way here! Well, I have some surprises for them as well. Guards!"

And done! Sorry if some parts were sloppy, just wanted to condense the plot of two chapters into one

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