The Mercenary

Chapter 7

The Mercenary Chapter 7

HK II: Hello my fellow writers! We are nearing the end of the story. But I have plans for a sequel. I want to mention my uncle BP, who passed away from cancer Monday. RIP uncle.

The next day….

Standing on the coast of Lithuanian, his native country, Aron, aka The Mercenary, looks at his target, an island that serves as the home of the villainous criminal Jack. Aron turns back to look at the men and women assembled behind him. Kim Possible and her boyfriend/sidekick Ron Stoppable are dressed in their famous mission clothes. A total of three thousand men and women are also armed and ready.

This was going to be an all-or-nothing fight. Every member had been called up. All weaponry save WMDs would be used. They had a small armor force. A large amount of the corps is made of secretly captured WWII prototypes and/or modified versions of famous tanks. A single Tiger I is present, as well as five Panzer III Ausf J models. One is a command tank with a dummy gun. The next three are all armed with the long-barrel, high-velocity 50mm (2 inch) KwK 39 L60 gun. The fifth tank is an infantry support model. It mounts a short, low-velocity 75mm (3 inch) KwK 37 L24 gun.

The Japanese branch brought with them their three Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tanks, all armed with a high-velocity Type 3 75mm gun. They also brought five amphibious Type 2 Ka-Mi tanks. Each can be fitted with pontoons in the front and rear to provide floatation, and are detachable, as well as armed with a 37mm main gun.

The Russian branch brought mainly the amphibious T-40 light tanks. Each is armed with a 12.7mm DShK machine gun, and there are a score of them. They did bring a heavy tank. A modified KV-1, armed with a long 85mm gun. In addition, a platoon of four T-26 light tanks, led by a T-46 is present.

The American branch brought enough LVT-1, and some Landing Ship, Tank (LST) for all the people present, and the British branch brought a small, light passenger propeller airplane. It can only fit four people, including the pilot, but it is prefect for what The Mercenary has in mind.

"We attack tonight. Long have we awaited this day, my comrades. Long have we watched others suffer to do the scum that we will attack tonight. Men, women, even children will not be safe unless we succeed here and now. The time for us to come full circle is at hand. Some, maybe even most, possibly even all, of us will not be here after tonight. But we must know that we are sacrificing our lives for an even great cause: Freedom! The time of hiding in the shadows ends now. Our name will, for good or ill, be forever remembered as it was meant to be. The name my father's father had picked. The shrike," Aron finishes his little speech.

The German sergeant, Heinz, speaks now. "You heard him lads. Let's get ready to give them a taste!" He says. Cries of "Victory!" and "Let's give 'em hell!" are then heard. Tankers load up their tanks, or refuel them. The LVTs are prepped for landing tonight. Aron turn towards the two he promised to protect.

"Kim, Ron, can you come over here?" He asks the two, who do so. "While they are fighting, we have a mission of our own to do. Before it starts, a pilot is going to fly us over the mansion. We are going to be infiltrating it and take down Jack. Will you be willing to do this?" At this, the teen couple nod. "You have led us this far and not fail in your promise. I doubt you will start now," Kim says, speaking for both her and her boyfriend.

"Good. Now, we will not be using parachutes, but something I think both of you will enjoy. We will be using my gravity boot prototypes. I will teach you how they work," Aron finishes. Kim just smiles, while an excited Ron shouts his trademark line. "Boo-yah!"

Over the next hour, Aron teaches the crime-fighting duo everything about how to use the gravity boots. He also goes over what to expect from Jack. "He has a small private army of elite killers and mercenaries. Inside the mansion he also has several automated defenses. Mostly lasers. Most of his amen will be out front to try to repel the main assault, but a small number will be inside. So stay alert."

At the island…..

The man known as Jack surveys the camp/base. His hired army have been digging trenches and foxholes for several days now. Several 105mm howitzers that his father had owned are dug in, as well as two 88mm Flak guns. "Let nothing on this island, or die trying. Because if you don't, I will kill you. And that is not a threat. Merely a fact. Am I understood?" He says in a monotone. "SIR YES SIR!" His hired muscle shout as one.

"For every grunt you kill, you will be rewarded with $100. Every officer, $1,000. For the leader's head, I will pay the person so much money you would drown in it. No mercy, my Corpse-makers," Jack says for encouragement. A look of greed passes through everyone's faces as they set-up, now eager for the fight ahead.

Jack turns and sees a figure standing atop a rock on the opposite shore. "Let's see who us truly the better killer. Aron, The Mercenary, or me, The Human Carver."


The sky turns from a reddish-orange color to the colors of night. Everyone is assembled. "Kim, Ron, tell the pilot to get ready, but do not turn on the engine just yet," Aron says to his wards. The red-head nods and leads her blonde boyfriend to the make-shift airfield. "First wave will be half of the T-40 tanks, with two of the Ka-Mi tanks as escort for the 'Tracks. The rest of the T-40s and Ka-Mi tanks will be the second wave with the rest of the LVTs. Third wave will be the rest of our heavier tanks. Now, I have one last thing I wish to do," Aron says, taking out a flask.

He uncorks it and takes a small sip. "Let our memories live on forever!" He says, passing it to one of the nearby soldiers, who takes a sip and passes it to the next. Other officers do the same thing. Some soldiers put on war paint. Others just run razors over their head, putting on finishing touches to their Mohawks. Sticks of gum and cartons of cigarettes are passed around as well. Aron takes his own one and lights it up.

"If we die tonight, let all know that we died standing up! That we died facing the true enemy! If they try to shower us with so many shells the sky goes dark, then we will simply fight in the shade! Do not count the miles you have marched to here or the minutes it takes to get across the water! Count only the number of the enemy dead! And most importantly, don't stop at the beaches. Only two kinds of people will do so: The dead, and the dying! Now let's get the damn bastards!" Aron shouts his final speech.

At that, men start filing onto the vehicles. Aron rushes to the airplane, checking his weapons. He lost the G11 in Berlin. He has his trusty 9mm Lugar pistol with him, plus one of the only two known models of the Lugar chambered for the .45 ACP. The Shrikes took a fair amount of experimental equipment from Allied testing grounds after World War II. His main weapon is an FG 42 assault rifle. He has twenty-five 20-round box magazines for it with him. He also has a bayonet attachment for it, which he keeps in a scabbard at his side. He climbs into the airplane, and the three wait for him to give the signal to advance. Amphibious tanks start to enter the water. As the moon rises, the stage is set for the final battle between two major forces.

And done. Sorry for it being short, but was on my time constraint. Next chapter will be part one of the battle!

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