The Mercenary

Chapter 8

The Mercenary Chapter 8

Silently the first wave moves forward. The leader of the T-40 tanks taking part in the first wave is a rough-speaking man. Serzhant Mikhail Ivanich peers out of his hatch. The amphibious Landing Vehicle, Track are fully loaded to the max, each containing 18 soldiers. Slowly, almost to the point of being painfully slow, the first wave creeps closer and closer to the sandy shore. Serzhant Ivanich then closes the hatch. "All tanks, get ready to be fired upon," He warns the rest of the T-40 tanks. He cocks the 12.7mm DHsK machine gun.

BANG! CLANG! BOOM! The sound of an 88mm gun firing its target, the shell hitting the front of one of the two Type 2 Ka-Mi tanks, and the ammunition rank detonating, blowing the turret off into the water. A second 88mm shell splashes near his tank. "Meeting enemy fire. Keep moving! If you stop in the water, bail out or you're dead!" The Russian equivalent to a sergeant shouts.

The sound of a 105mm gun distracts him. 'What the hell…

Lance Corporals Nichole Wright looks at the burning remains of the T-40 with fear as the LVT she is on moves on The CO of her squad, a former Gunnery Sergeant named Joe Sledge shakes her shoulder slightly. "Don't focus on the tanks, just keep your head down," He advises. Nichole nods and looks towards the front of the vehicle. 'Dear God, what are we walking into?' She thinks to herself nervously.


The Mercenary, aka Aron, sighs at the sight of burning and sinking vehicles in the water. Even though his comrades knew what would happen, it is still painful to think about. A tap on his shoulder distracts him as he looks over at the French pilot. "About there, sir," The young man reports.

Aron nods and informs the two teens he has come to care about. "Stick close to me. As much as it galls me, we got to stay focused on our mission. The whole reason they are out there fighting and dying is to buys us time. Let it not be in vain," The young man says.

BOOM! The plane is rocked by something. "What the hell was that?!" Aron demands. "Triple A fire, sir. I think-Oh shit sir!" The pilot curses. At the last moment, a rare example of a 128mm flak gun was set up for anti-aircraft purposes. The massive gun is being aimed at the relatively small plane. "Sir, get out!" The pilot screams, knowing that a single shot would spell doom for the mission if his passengers perish.

"Kim! Ron! Get out of here! I will be right behind you!" Aron shouts, understanding what the man is saying. Ron hesitates at the door. "Um, are you sure we should jump now?" The blonde teenaged boy asks nervously. His girlfriend rolls her eyes in frustration. "Yes Ron, now let's go!" The red-head says, lightly nudging him. With that, the two jump out, activating the gravity boosters in their boots.

"Ok, KP, this time, I gotta admit, this is awesome," Ron says as they float to the ground. The Mercenary sighs in mild relief once they are ought. "Ok, now your turn pilot," He says before said pilot shoves him out the door. "Sorry sir, but this is for your own safety," The pilot says as he sets the controls on a collision course.

Aron stops his fall and looks up just in time to see a 128mm shell hit the aircraft in the cockpit, shattering it and undoubtedly killing the pilot. However, the plane simply starts a barely controllable dive to the gun. A bright explosion marks the mutual destruction of both.

On the beachhead…..

Nichole gasps as her squad commander is killed. Several LVTs lie on the sand, burning. Only three T40 tanks are still working, the rest burning on the beach, or sunk in the water. The sole Ka-Mi is still working. It tries to fire its 37mm gun at the bunkers that are raining fire on the invasion force. The defenders have set up several MG 42 machine guns that are spraying the beach. The second wave is being attacked by 105s and the 88s. She loads a fresh 30-round magazine to her M1 carbine and grips it hard. "WE GOTTA GET OFF THIS BEACH!" A German shouts, firing a round from his Gweher 43 rifle. "But how?"

Behind the defense….

Aron lands next to the two teens. "Come on, we need to move," He says gruffly. Kim gasps. "What is it KP?" Ron asks her. The normally unshakable redhead is stunned at the carnage in front of her. "They're getting slaughtered out there! We gotta help," She says.

Aron thinks for a second. Part of him, the cold rational killer part is telling him to stay on the mission. The other part, the caring part, agrees with Kim 100%. "Alright, but we just take out those guns. The third wave will take care of the bunkers. Just stay close, ok?" He says. The dynamic duo nod.

The three creep along the field, following the nearest sound of a cannon being fired. Gesturing for Kim and Ron to stay down, Aron pops his head up from the hedge they are using for cover. He sees a 105mm LeFH 18 howitzer. There are only the five men needed to man the gun. All of them are dressed in Waffen-SS uniforms.

"Five guys. Three have rifles, the other two MP submachine guns. Kim, Ron, for this one I want you to stay back. And Ron, I need to give you something," Aron says, pulling out the Lugar that's chambered for the .45 ACP. "Just in case, since you aren't quite as strong in hand-to-hand as Kim is. But only use it to defend yourselves," Aron says, cocking his FG 42.

As the gun crew fires off another HE round, they fail to sense the lone fighter running up behind them. "Oi, bastards! Eat lead!" Aron shouts, spraying the position with all twenty rounds. Three of them are killed, the other two wounded, one mortally. The non-fatal wounded tries to pick up his rifle, but a 9mm bullet to the back of the head puts an end to that.

Aron holsters the smoking Lugar and quickly rifles through the maps. He finds the coordinates and radios them in to the LSD. The crew are given the coordinates to the other two 105 guns and the 5-inch gun crew rushes to take aim.

Meanwhile, Aron rushes back to his two wards. "I took care of the other two. We got to go now though," He urges. Kim and Ron nod and the trio rush towards the main objective, Jack's mansion. Only a single guard stands in front of the back door, while ten stand in the front. Aron looks around the perimeter to make sure nothing else is there before finalizing a plan.

"Ok, here is the plan. We will take the back door. Once inside, you two must find the radio room and help get those soldiers moving here. I will find and hopefully take down Jack. Let's move."

Outside the back door….

The lone sentry whistles to himself as he leans against the door. 'At least I get a quiet post,' He thinks to himself. Suddenly, a gloved fist knocks him senseless. Aron catches the body so as to make sure it doesn't make a sound, while looking at Kim. "Nice left hook," He says. Ron steps up. "So how do we get in?" The blonde Jew asks. Aron walks over to the locked door. He hisses slightly in irritation at seeing how it is locked. Voice encrypted, hand scanner, passcode, the works. "You two might wanna stand back," The Mercenary says, taking out explosives from his sack.

They stand back as he places them around the door, along with an odd-looking one. "Short-range EMP pulse. Gonna scramble any online systems inside the house. The others are designed to 'quietly' breach a door. Regardless, let me lead in first."

Kim, not wanting to have someone risk his life yet again for her, reluctantly nods. Aron sets the ten second timer and the trio dash for the nearby rocks for cover, which they reach just as the door blows open.

Back on the beach…

The five Panzer III tanks roll onto the beach. Immediately they started firing at MG positions. Nichole whoops at the sight. The same German soldier from earlier shouts out as well. "Oh you beautiful babies, you! COME ON! LET"S GO!" He shouts, charging towards one of the long-barreled versions. He climbs on and knocks on the hatch, communicating with the commander for better fire support. Quickly the enemy positions on the beach are overrun and the survivors fall back towards the mansion, where the rest of the still admittedly large force is.

At the rear….

Before the dust even fully settles, Aron charges in, Kim and Ron close on his heels. A stunned guard tries to raise the alarm but a single round from his FG 42 rifle silences him. "Let's go! Today, we're taking down Jack, once and for all!"

And done. Sorry for the wait, shit happened, blah blah blah. Read, review, and enjoy!

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