The Mercenary

Chapter 9

The Mercenary Chapter 9

Sorry for the long wait, had some stuff going on. This chapter will be mostly covering the battle outside, because I want to make this interesting. Only a few more chapters left. Please read, enjoy, and review!

The first rays of light that herald the morning illuminate a scene of gloom. The men and women who had followed The Mercenary have been repulsed all the way back to the beach, incurring near-crippling losses.

"Gunner, enemy Panther at 1 O'clock! Load AP," Unteroffizier Harti Krause orders in his Tiger I. The loader, Panzeroberschütze Wolfgang Krebs. Once he puts in the armor-piercing round into the breech of the 88mm gun of his tank, he shouts to the gunner, "Clear!" Upon hearing that, Gefreiter Volkard Battel, who has trained the gun on the weaker side armor of the enemy tank, instead of the thicker, sloped frontal armor, shouts, "ON THE WAY!" and slams his foot on the firing paddle.

With a loud boom, the 88mm AP round spins out of the barrel, slamming into the side of the target, penetrating the armor and hitting its ammo rack, detonating it and blowing the turret clean off. Meanwhile the driver, Gefreiter Hermann Hübner, sees a squad of Jack's "New SS Army" charging towards the tank. "Hey, hose those bastards down!" He shouts to the radio operator/bow machine gun operator, Panzeroberschütze Johan Backer. He grabs the MG 34 mounted in front of him and cuts the enemy squad down.

Out of all the tanks that were landed, only the Tiger I, the KV-1 with its modified 85mm gun, a single PanzerKampfWagen III Ausf J (with a long barreled 50mm (2 inch) gun), a Type 3 Chi-Nu, two recently-arrived light tanks (a Polish 7TP and a French FCM 36), as well as a few LVTs. About 400 men and women are left out of the 3,000 who had landed. Everything had been going well, until they had run into two, five tank-platoons of Panther tanks. They had been positioned in an ambush, and with the remainders of the 1200 strong "New SS Army" division, had smashed the advancing elements and forced them back to the beach. But now there will be no more running. This is the last throw-of-the-dice stand.

Inside Jack's mansion….

Groaning, Aron pushes himself off of the floor. "Aron!" A familiar female voice is registered by him. Putting his right hand to his left side, he feels something warm and moist. He looks to see blood, his blood, dripping from the bullet wound. He looks and sees Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable locked in combat with Jack's four personal "New SS Guardsmen". He sees Jack walk down the hall with his robotic bodyguard as the security door closes behind them. With a roar, The Mercenary grabs his FG 42 and rushes at one of the two soldiers fighting Ron, his assault rifle held like a club.

Flashback 15 minutes ago

With a yell, Aron hoses down the five "New SS" solders with his FG 42 rifle. Two more pop out of a doorway in the hall while Aron needs to reload. Not skipping a beat, he pulls out his faithful Luger and fires several shots. The first one goes down silently with a simple head shot. The second one, however, gets closer before taking five shots to the chest, turning it into a bloody mess.

Once he reloads both guns, he turns to see his two friends finish taking out the two thugs they were fighting. "Come on! We got to get to Jack and finish him off before the rest of his allies can converge here!" Aron urges.

Kim nods. "Well, lead the way!" She says in her normal determined voice. Ron nods. "Yeah, I'll show Jack my mad karate skills!" He says, miming said moves…..then accidently backhanding one of the men he just finished with. Both Kim and Aron stop for a moment with a look of shock on their face. Then all three start chuckling at the humor of that being much like a cartoon. Then they move on. Together they kill or (in the two teen's case) knock out any of the "New SS" that try to stop them.

Finally the trio reach Jack's war room. But before they can do anything, a stun ray knocks the teens backwards, and a bullet hits Aron in the side….

Flashback ends

The warm splatter of brains and grey matter on his hands snaps Aron's mind to the present. A grunt is heard as Kim delivers a strong right hook, knocking out the soldier she was fighting. "Come on! We got to cut him off!" Kim shouts. Aron shakes his head. "You and Ron go ahead, I'll fight Jack and his bodyguard in the meantime. No time for buts, get going!" The young warrior says sternly.

Fearing that their new friend may very well be going to his doom, the two teens nod and run off, hoping to head of the crime lord.

Back at the beach…

Battel can feel that something is wrong with the turret after destroying their third Panther tank. He tries to rotate it. "Oh shit! The turrets' jammed!" Shouts Battel to Krause. "We're out of ammo as well," Krebs reports. Krause sighs. "Ok, all crew members, bail out!" He orders. Before Backer gets out, he hears a quick burst of info from command. His face contorts to a look of a mixture of excitement and shock.

Backer quickly gets out and gathers his crew mates. "Guys, we're getting a new tank!" He shouts eagerly. He quickly informs his stunned friends that the reserve force of 300 men and women are being sent in along with a spare tank that didn't have a crew to operate at the time.

Krause looks to see the tank commander of the French FCM 36 infantry tank, Brigadier-chef Nihel Dutertre, pop out of the back of his turret quickly to signal by hand for all French infantry to get either on or behind his tank. The Polish tank was hit by a 75mm shell, disabling the tracks. The stubborn Poles remain in their tank, fighting off Germans with the 37mm main gun, co-axial machine gun, and any hand weapons, as well as being supported by surviving Polish and Lithuanian troops who are crawling up to the tank.

"BANZAI!" Screams the gunner of the Type 3 Chi-Nu, Ittou-hei Jiro Matsumoto. The tank commander, Joutuo-hei Osamu Furukawa, nods appreciatively. "Another enemy half-track destroyed. Loader, keep putting in AP shells," He tells Nitou-hei Yoshitsune Oyama, who grabs yet another shell to be loaded. The driver, Ittou-hei Santaro Kinoshita, fiddles with his mustache while he waits. Next to him, Nitou-hei Shu Hirata, the radio operator/hull machine gunner, pushes up his glasses as he waits for any targets. The fifty-odd surviving Japanese infantrymen and women are crouched behind the tank, waiting to move out at any moment.

Near the front where most of the fighting between infantry is occurring are Lance Corporals Nichole Wright and her new-found German friend, a 22-year old private named Johan Vaerst. The single Panzer III is slightly ahead, blasting aside Jack's half-tracks and mowing down any infantry that tries to stop it. Suddenly, a gout of flame shoots up from the front. "Aw shit! They got it with a Panzerfaust!" Johan cries. Suddenly, one of the side doors on the turret opens up and an injured man falls out onto the ground. Nichole turns to some of her squad. "Give us covering fire!" She shouts as the duo rush towards the wounded tanker. When Johan gets closer, he shouts "COUSIN!" and runs even faster. When she gets closer, she sees that the man was the tank's gunner. The two grab him and drag Gefreiter Lucas Vaerst back to friendly lines and to a medic.

The Russian infantry keep up a heavy storm of machine gun and submachine gun fire, along with a few rifles. Behind them lies a massive KV-1 tank with an 85mm gun. At his own risk, Starshiy Serzhant Potap Grebenshcikov pops his head out of the command hatch to try to get a better view of his tank's surroundings. "50mm AT gun, 600 meters. Load HE!" HE shouts to the gunner and loader. When he has placed the HE round into the breech, Yefreytor Vladimir Nelogichnyy shouts clear. Meanwhile, the gunner, Serzhant Fedot Ruchkin, finishes training the gun on the anti-tank cannon. Grebenshcikov then shouts an order.

"FIRE!" At that, Ruchkin presses on the foot pedal to launch the shell. The HE shell hits just behind the gun, killing or disabling the five-man crew. A second AP shot simply smashes the gun into scrap metal. In the front, the radio operator, Mladshiy Serzhant Leonid Sukharev, keeps his hands on the 7.62mm DT machine gun in front of him while looking at the driver, Yefreytor Rustam Pogudin. Pogudin says, "Keep your eyes on your periscopes."

Suddenly the area is rocked by 75- and 37-mm rounds from Panther tanks and anti-tank guns, respectively. Only 6 of the deadly medium tanks are left, but at the moment that is more than enough to crush the dwindling defenders. The 7TP, finally out of ammo, is abandoned by its crew and the 100 Polish soldiers pulling back with the crew. The German, French, British, and American soldiers are also pushed back towards the Japanese and Russian position.

Krause and his comrades wait near the edge of the water once they see the lonely, damaged LST moving towards them. Furukawa pops out of his hatch to direct the Japanese soldiers when a 75mm slams right into the fuel tank area. The fuel ignites inside the tank, creating a raging inferno inside. The Chi-Nu commander tries to get out of the turret when suddenly he throws his arms into the air screaming, before falling back into the turret as a gush of flame erupts. A half-dozen infantry that were on the tank are also engulfed in flame, causing shrieking forms to roll in agony on the ground. A second shell slams into the burning hull, setting off the ammo rack, blowing the turret off. The Japanese infantry is quickly mowed down by machine guns and HE shells as they vainly scurry for new cover, having been left fatally exposed.

Johan grimly fights on, firing his Gweher 43 self-loading rifle. Despite being down to only 200 men and women, the survivors fight on twice as hard for every comrade killed. Nichole fires a burst with her M2 carbine, nailing an enemy soldier in the chest with five shots. Johan blasts the head of an officer standing nearby.

Krause and his crew quickly rush over to the LST as soon as it opens its doors. Battel gives an excited shout when the five men see their new tank: The deadly PanzerKampfWagen Tiger Ausf B "Köngstiger", or more simply known as the Tiger II. The tank they see before them is mounted with the main production 'Henschel' turret, which contains one of the deadliest tank guns of the Second World War, the KwK 43 L/71 88mm gun. The tank has sloped frontal armor, and can be as thick as 7 inches in some places of the war machine.

As the additional reinforcements of 300 men and women rush forward to help their comrades, the five Germans quickly get inside their mount. Hübner starts the V-12 Maybach engine. Krebs places one of the AP rounds into the breech of the 20.5-foot long main gun while Backer loads his machine gun in the hull position. Krause looks in his cupola, getting ready to spot any possible targets. Before the tank is even on the beach, he has already found one: The lead Panther of the second, fully-intact "New SS" Panther platoon. He calls to Battel.

"Target, Panther tank, straight ahead. Range 800 meters," He says. Battel quickly lines up the gun sights on the front of the Panther's hull, confidant in the armor penetration of the 88. "FIRE!" At that, Battel pushes the trigger, sending the 88mm armor-piercing shell straight through the armor of the command tank, destroying it. A second Panther is disabled by an 85mm shell destroying the left track. A second 88mm shell leaves it a burning pyre. "Driver, forward! Load HE! Gunner, 37mm AT gun 1,000 meters, 1 0'clock, FIRE!" Krause commands, wanting to push forward while the remaining enemy Panther tanks are in disarray.

Johan and Nichole, along with the two-man crew of the FCM 36, rally the battle-hardened and weary troops into one last charge. "COME ON! YOU BASTARDS WANNA LIVE FOREVER?" Shouts Nichole. Johan also shouts encouragement. "COME ON! FOR THE FATHERLAND! FOR HOME, LAND, AND FAMILY!" With a cry, the 500 men and women charge towards the disorganized "New SS" lines, the Tiger II in the lead. With a bang, the turret of a third panther is blown off when an 88mm shell detonates its ammo rack. Slowly, bit-by-bit, Jack's men are forced to give ground, despite having originally outnumbering them, now at a force strength of two undamaged and one damaged Panther tanks, and roughly 700 soldiers.

Inside the mansion….

Aron runs as fast as he can to catch up to his query. Already he is down to six spare 20-round magazines for his FG 42. But the bullets have been well used, leaving two dozen bodies behind him alone. As another soldier tries to gun him down with an MP 40 submachine gun, Aron simply fires a single, well-aimed round that hits the man just below his right eye, killing him. Two more soldiers, each with bolt-actions, are gunned down in a short five-round burst.

Finally, he catches up to Jack and his robotic bodyguard, which looks a lot like a metallic human skeleton. "Ah, look what the cat dragged in. You're an insistent bastard, I'll give you that. Sadly, that will not be enough to save you. Your forces are on the ropes, and your friends have deserted you. Poor, poor Aron. All alone with no one to save him. Don't worry," The crime lord coos. "We'll be making sure that nothing bothers you ever again," He finishes with a smirk.

Aron, determined that if he does die he will still take Jack with him, rises his weapon. Suddenly it is ripped from his hands by the bodyguard, who tosses it to a corner in the room. Then he grabs Aron by the throat and, with only one hand, lifts the young man off his feet. "Oh, I forgot to mention my new bodyguard. I call him Terminator. You like?" Jack asks rhetorically, as Aron struggles to breath.

Just before the robot can tighten his grip and snap Aron's neck, a grappling hook wraps itself around his right leg and, with a sudden pull, is knocked to the floor, releasing Aron. Jack looks around, infuriated to have this moment be interrupted. "WHO DARES TO INTERFERE?" He angrily demands. A female voice is heard.

"You forgot one minor detail, Jack. Aron is not alone," Kim Possible says, hands on her hips while her boyfriend Ron helps up a coughing Aron. Jack simply shrugs as his Terminator bodyguard gets back up. Very well, this make things easier. Now all three of my targets will be removed at once," He smirks. With a single look, the three friends charge at the two, determined to give it their all in this final battle.

And done! The next chapter will be the final tle. Please stay tune and review!

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