Cruel Punishment


It was very cold and the sun was beginning to set when they exited the airport. After a long flight, Bryan and Anna were finally in a taxi on their way to a hotel. They had separate seats on the plane that were far from each other. Now they both were mere feet apart, but were sitting in absolute silence.

Anna felt extremely awkward. She could sense that something was wrong. Bryan hadn't uttered a word much less look at her since their trip had begun. He simply sat there and blankly gazed out the window. He acted as if she didn't exist.

She knew why and she felt guilty for it. It was the wig, plain and simple. She looked too much like her sister in it. She knew it all along and it was the main reason why she bought it.

She clasped her hands nervously as she tried to figure out how to handle this developing dilemma. She didn't expect this outcome to occur, not at all. She simply wanted him to notice her; to gain his attention. She wanted Bryan to look at her the same way he does to Nina.

Her feelings had grown towards Bryan over the time they had spent together. But deep down inside, she could sense that he didn't quite feel the same way. It bothered her that his emotions did not go past mutual acquaintanceship.

Anna knew that he regarded and cared for her to a certain degree, but it wasn't to the same level as her sister. Nina was on a much higher pedestal than her. One that was impossible for her to reach. As much as Bryan hated to admit it, Anna knew his feelings for her sister went beyond respect or camaraderie. It made her… envious.

The taxi finally arrived at their destination. They both gathered their belongings and entered the hotel. Anna glanced around the building as they walked towards the registration desk. The hotel was very small and modest. It definitely lacked elegance and the five-star accommodations to which she was accustomed to. She felt slightly disappointed by its lackluster quality but, she reminded herself they were there strictly for business purposes. The hotel was sufficient enough to meet their basic needs.

They checked in and got separate rooms located right next to each other. They walked to elevators and waited silently for one of them to arrive. Anna felt uneasy, but she wanted to try and break the tension and silence that was slowly growing between them.

"S-so um… What's our next move?" Anna asked quietly as she timidly stared at the elevator doors in front of her.

"I gotta get some weapons tomorrow…" He muttered without looking at her. "Lee told me of a place where I can get everything I need."

Anna felt slightly relieved that he was finally talking to her, but she could tell that he was irritable. "So what time should we leave to-"

"We?" Bryan interjected as he gave her a scrutinizing look. "I'm going alone." He said sternly. "You'll wait here where it's safe."

The elevator arrived and they both entered. Bryan pressed the button that will take them to the appropriate floor. Anna gently smiled as she looked down. Knowing that Bryan was concerned for her safety made her happy in some way.

They exited the elevator and walked down the hallway towards their rooms. Anna slowly unlocked her door to her room while Bryan rummaged his pockets to look for the keys to his own. She was a little hesitant to go inside. She wanted to stay with him a little longer.

"So…" She said shyly. "Do you want to go get something to eat or… explore the city a bit?" She asked sheepishly.

"No, Anna." Bryan groaned; feeling annoyed by her ridiculous question. "We're here to complete a mission, not to have fun. And besides… I'm fuckin' tired." He said coldly.

Bryan finally found his keys and quickly unlocked the door. "Later." He muttered as he entered his room and shut it behind him.

Anna sighed solemnly before entering her room. She closed the door and gazed around her. The room was small, cozy and inviting, but she still felt very uncomfortable. She wasn't used to being alone. She hated it.

As long as she could remember, she always had someone around her. There was always someone there to keep her company. She made sure that whenever one relationship ended, a new one began shortly after. Now the only person she had was Bryan. And Bryan was a man that liked to be left alone.

Things were good when they were living out of his apartment. Bryan had no choice but to let her stay there, but now things were vastly different.

Anna slowly walked towards her bed and sat down. She sluggishly pulled off her blonde wig and stared at it regretfully as it rested in her lap. Somehow she felt the night would have gone better if she had never worn it.

Bryan groaned irritably as he rolled in his bed. He heard someone knocking on the door repeatedly. He tried his best to ignore it, but the insistent noise was quickly getting on his nerves.

"Just fuck off already!" Bryan yelled. He took his pillow and put it over his head to help block out the noise.

"Uh… Bryan, it's me… Anna!" He heard her muffled voice through the door.

Bryan removed the pillow from off his face and sighed resignedly. He thought that Anna was a bit too attached to him and he wasn't very comfortable with it. In all honesty, he had himself to blame for it. He had allowed it to happen. There were moments when she treated him as something more than a business partner of sorts. He could have stopped her; tell her that he wasn't interested, anything to clear up the confusion, but he didn't.

Her new wig made things even more awkward than before. Whenever he looked at her, he thought of Nina and he wasn't sure how he should feel about that. Content?... miserable?... enraged? He didn't know. He wished he could just grab the wig from off her head and chuck it in a fire. They were on a mission and he didn't want his mind to be muddled with conflicting thoughts.

Bryan begrudgingly got up from his bed. He glanced at the clock and noticed that it was only 7a.m. He frowned. It was still early and he should have been able to sleep for a few more hours. He drowsily walked towards the door and opened it.

"What do you want Anna?" He groaned as he leaned against the door frame. His eyes remained closed as if he was still trying to catch some sleep.

Anna smiled nervously. Bryan stood in only his boxers. His hair was messy and he still looked incredibly tired. She suddenly felt a little guilty for waking him.

"I was wondering … Do you want to go and get some breakfast?" She asked uneasily.

"Why don't you go without me?" He said tiredly as he finally opened his eyes to look at the woman. She was fully dressed and ready to go out, but she still wore the wig.

"I can't…" she said glumly. "We're in a different country and neither one of us knows the language and I don't want to get lost by myself." She reasoned playfully.

"Then order room service." Bryan said bluntly. "The people here speak English."

Anna was a loss for words. She stood there and stared at him inanely. She had a rough night and hadn't slept much. She desperately wanted some company.

"Well…" Bryan yawned. "Now that that's been settled, I'm going back to bed." Bryan said sternly.

"Wait!" She yelled as she stopped Bryan from shutting the door.

"Now what!?" Bryan groaned angrily.

Anna looked down nervously; too embarrassed to look him in the eye. "Do you… Do you mind if I stay here for a while?" She asked quietly.

Bryan paused and looked at her disbelievingly. He then sighed and opened the door, allowing the woman to enter.

Anna smiled at his invitation and quickly walked inside. She sat in a recliner that was in the corner of the room. She pulled the lever to allow the leg rest of the recliner to rise. Bryan glanced at her with an annoyed look in his eyes. Anna watched Bryan as he sluggishly climbed back into bed. He was fast asleep moments later.

Anna slowly blinked her eyes open from underneath the covers. She heard someone moving about the room. The noise had awakened her. Anna quickly sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was surprise to discover that she was in bed.

"You're finally up I see."

Anna turned and saw Bryan sitting on the floor. He was emptying a large duffel bag of its contents. Anna watched in surprise as he pulled out a shotgun from the bag.

"Where am I?" Anna asked sleepily.

"You're in my bed." Bryan said simply as he examined the weapon.

"Huh!?" Anna said in disbelief. "How did I ge-" Before she could finish asking her question she already knew the answer. Bryan had put her there to rest. She felt embarrass for continually invading his personal space, but felt happy at the same time.

"You slept for a long time." Bryan said as he stood up. "I just got back… I went and got all the weapons already. The deal went by smoothly."

Bryan walked over to a desk located at the corner of the room and picked up a small carton of food. He walked over to her and carelessly tossed it on her lap.

"Burger and fries." He said simply. "Eat up… we're gonna have a long night." Bryan walked back to the desk and sat down to eat his food.

"What are we going to do?" Anna questioned as she opened the carton and began to nibble on her fries.

"Reconnaissance." He said simply. "We gotta go to the Zaibatsu and see what kind of security they got and figure out when is the best time to attack." He explained.

Anna was impressed. "Wow… You seem very eager to get this mission over with." She said feeling slightly concerned.

"Yeah." Bryan said simply. "I want my perpetual generator fixed as soon as possible. I don't have much time left." He reasoned.

"Lee didn't give you any stimulants?" Anna questioned.

"He did… I'm just tired of living this way." Bryan said quietly. "I want to get on with life already."

Anna couldn't help but feel a little sullen by his words. "…What will you do… after Boskonovitch repairs your body?" She said quietly as she looked at him.

"I don't know…" Bryan said as he looked at her. "But the first thing I'll do is move fuckin' far away from all of this… from everything. I don't want to see Lee's fuckin' face and his fake ass smile of his ever again." He said and chuckled.

Anna was sadden by his response, but was happy to notice that Bryan was in a better mood. She wondered why. Anna quickly felt her head and noticed that she was no longer wearing the wig. She looked around the room from where she sat and saw the wig on the recliner. Anna sighed. No wonder he is in a better mood, she thought.

She wanted to address the issue, but Anna decided to remain silent about it. She did not want to ruin Bryan's pleasant demeanor. They continued to sit and eat in silence.

It was late at night when Bryan and Anna took a cab towards the Mishima Zaibatsu. The building was located in the middle of Tokyo. The city was still alive and bustling with activity when they arrived. They both exited the cab when they were a few blocks away from their destination. They walked the rest of the way.

Luckily the building was located right across the street from a public park. Bryan and Anna sat on one of the park benches and closely observed the building. Bryan quickly pulled out a pen and some paper and handed it to Anna.

"Here, take some notes on what you see. Make sure to look for any signs of weaknesses in security." Bryan commanded calmly as he looked at her.

Anna was wearing the wig again, but Bryan was inwardly grateful that she wore a hat and a scarf with it. It made her resemblance to her sister less obvious and he didn't have to deal with those uncomfortable emotions brewing inside him.

"No problem." Anna said simply and smiled. "Spying is one of my specialties."

Bryan glanced at her and smirked.

They sat there for several hours and observed the building. There were armed guards located both inside and outside the building. They wore helmets and heavy, black armor as if they were prepared for war. They paid attention to protocols and procedures that were followed and carried out whenever someone entered and exited the building. They made note of all the entrances as well as the security cameras located outside the building.

There were moments when they thought the guards were looking at them. It made them feel very uneasy especially since it was obvious that they are foreigners. Luckily the streets were still busy so they still blended into the crowd.

Bryan sighed heavily as he continued to observe the tall, massive structure through his enhanced vision. He told Anna what he saw and she would quickly jot it down on paper. He secretly believed that invading the Mishima Zaibatsu will not be an easy task. It will be arduous and deadly. It was basically suicide, but Bryan was determined to try. It was his only real chance at freedom.

He didn't know whether he should trust Lee or Boskonovitch, but he will do what they both had requested of him. Hopefully one of them will follow through with their promise.

"Let's call it a night, shall we?" Bryan said as he stood up from the bench.

"Are you sure you're ready to go?" Anna questioned as she rubbed her gloved hands together. Her fingers were numb from the cold.

"Yeah, we'll come back in the morning and see what the security is like then and then I'll make my decision." He said simply.

"You know… normally I'll spend an entire night doing reconnaissance …possibly several nights. You never know what things you might miss." Anna reasoned as she looked at him. She thought that they needed more time to spy on the building.

Bryan laughed. Anna was confused by his sudden outburst.

He looked at her and smiled. "Nina is the same way…" He explained.

"When we were in Brazil she insisted that we waste away three full days in a hot car just staring at a glass building." He said as he recalled the moment. "She always said 'this is how it's done' but to be honest, I don't have the fuckin' patience for it… I liked the more direct approach." He chuckled.

Anna was surprised by what he said. She was simply astonished that he had opened up and mentioned something about her sister at all. She couldn't help but feel elated by his words. She and her sister had something in common. It might have been small an insignificant, but it meant so much to her.

However, Anna was still very curious to learn more about Bryan's relationship with her sister, but she felt like she would never gain clarity on the subject. She fought her urges to question him about it. She knew it was a very delicate subject and she didn't want to upset him. She was simply grateful for the little nugget of information he had given her.

"Alright then… Let's go." Anna said and smiled. She stood up from the cold bench and they both left the park and took a taxi back to the hotel.

It was late in the afternoon. Bryan and Anna were sitting on the park bench observing the Mishima Zaibatsu again. They had spent the entire day in the cold. They had closely observed the traffic going in and out of the building. They were mostly interested in spotting the elusive Jin Kazama. They hadn't seen him enter or exit the Zaibatsu, but they strongly believed that he was in there somewhere. They both assumed that he must have a secret entrance somewhere around the building.

The day went by very slowly. They spent it in silence. They only spoke to each other when they spotted something interesting about the building or other mundane things.

"Alright… I think we are done here." Bryan said tiredly "We'll attack tomorrow night." He said simply.

"What!?" Anna said in disbelief. "Are you sure, because I think we need more time here." She tried to reason.

"Time for what, Anna?" Bryan said in annoyance.

"We need to figure out how to get inside undetected… How else are we going to find that Alisa robot and destroy the building!?" She said anxiously as she looked at him.

"Look, the Zaibatsu is a death trap no matter how we approach it. Jin has his ass covered from all sides." Bryan said reasonably. "The security is top notch and we can't even get close to the building without raising some sort of suspicion."

Anna looked down sullenly. She hated to admit it, but Bryan was right.

"As far as I could tell, the night is when security is at its weakest and that's not saying much." Bryan explained as he looked at the guards patrolling the building.

"I have a lot of weapons… ammunition… and explosives. We'll try our best to sneak in, but we just gotta face reality here Anna." He said as he looked at her concernedly. "This is not gonna go down smoothly. Shit is gonna happen and we just have to accept that."

Anna sighed anxiously as she looked down and examined notes she had taken; trying her best to think up a better plan. "There must be a better way. There just gotta be one."

"You should stay in the hotel and let me tackle this alone." Bryan said simply as he pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke.

"No way!" Anna yelled feeling thoroughly insulted by his suggestion. "I'm coming too! I will not allow you to do this alone! I cannot bear to live with myself if I allowed you to go off and get yourself killed!" She said angrily. "Boskonovitch thought that I could help you in some way and I am determined to do just that." Anna crossed her arms and looked away defiantly.

Bryan looked at her amusedly and chuckled. "Look at you, playing little miss tough girl… I like that." He said as he took a drag of his cigarette.

Anna began to blush by his comment. It felt good to be complemented by him.

Bryan exhaled some smoke and noticed that the sky was getting gradually dimmer as the sun began to set on the horizon. The day was slowly coming to a close.

Bryan didn't want to admit it, but he felt worried about attacking the Zaibatsu. He had some serious concerns and doubts as to whether he could succeed in this mission or not. He was always a ballsy person and he had done some crazy things in his life, but they all pale in comparison to this. Attacking the Mishima Zaibatsu was absolutely insane.

Bryan leaned his head back and looked up at the sky. This could very well be his last night alive or his first steps towards freedom. It seriously could go either way. He wasn't sure, but he wanted to make the most of the time he had left.

"Let's get out of here and eat something… You know… at restaurant or something." Bryan said quietly as he continued to gaze up at the heavens.

Anna slowly looked at him dumbstruck. This was the first time he actually wanted to do something with her. It has always been the other way around.

"Um… Are you okay?" Anna said concernedly.

Bryan turned and looked at her. "Yeah… Why?" He asked skeptically.

"No reason!" Anna said nervously; deciding not to press him any further. "Well… I saw this restaurant that's not too far from here that I am curious about." She smiled.

"So let's go." Bryan said bluntly as he stood up from the bench. He took a final drag from his cigarette before dropping it on the ground and stomping it out.

They both walked into a small, quaint, hibachi restaurant. The place was almost empty so they were able to get seated quickly. Bryan noticed that Anna seemed very excited. For some reason he was pleased to see her this way. They took their seats and Anna immediately took off her coat, hat and scarf. In an instant, she had transformed into Nina. Bryan felt very uneasy. He immediately asked the waitress for a drink.

The waitress returned with his liquor and Bryan quickly guzzled it down. It deeply angered him that he may never see Nina again. The closest he'll get to her is her look-alike; the imposter that sat next to him. Bryan quickly asked for another drink. Anna noticed his odd behavior.

"Are you sure you're okay Bryan?" She asked softly as she gave him a concerned look.

"I'm fine." Bryan said angrily. "Let's just enjoy the night." He muttered.

Anna begrudgingly complied with his request. She did not question him any further even though she noticed that Bryan was consuming a lot of alcohol.

They ordered their food and they watched in amusement as the chef performed tricks and cooked their meals in front of them. Despite Bryan's odd behavior, Anna was having a good time with him. He laughed and joked with her, but she deeply thought the alcohol had something to do with his more pleasant mood. She sensed that Bryan was actually feeling miserable inside. His behavior reminded her of the last time she saw him intoxicated and she also recalled the reasons behind it.

Bryan was very drunk by the time their meal was over. He was sleeping on himself as he sat in the chair. Anna carefully searched his pockets for his wallet and paid the bill.

"Come on… Wake up Bryan." She said as she gently shook him. Bryan woke up and drunkenly looked at her.

"It's time to go." She said worryingly. She wondered what was bothering him. She couldn't figure out what it was.

Bryan slowly stood up and staggered out the restaurant. Anna quickly stood by his side to give him some support. Bryan sluggishly draped his arm around her shoulder.

"Thanks… Anna." He slurred.

Anna smiled warmly. "No problem… I'm happy you had a good time." She said softly.

"Yeah… I don't know if it'll be my last."

Anna was taken aback by his comment. "It won't." She said reassuringly. "Trust me, it won't be."

Bryan chuckled to himself. He thought that she was being naïve.

Anna sighed solemnly. It saddened her that Bryan thought that way. She also figured it was the reason behind his heavy drinking… well at least part of it. Anna she proceeded to wave her hand in the air to try and hail a taxi. One eventually slowed to a stop. She helped Bryan enter the car and then told the driver where to go.

When they arrived, Anna shook Bryan to wake him up again. She helped him out of the cab and into the hotel. She noticed that he seemed tipsier than before. She helped him walk to their rooms and uncomfortably searched his pockets for his keys. She quickly opened the door once she found them.

Bryan suddenly pulled away from her and sauntered inside. Anna followed and shut the door behind her. When she turned around, she was surprised to noticed that Bryan was standing right behind her; just a mere foot away.

She looked up at him speechless for a moment, but before she could utter a word, Bryan had bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Anna instinctively shoved him. Bryan staggered backwards, but kept his balance. He looked at her and drunkenly smiled.

Anna was immediately filled with mixed emotions. She slowly lifted her hand and tenderly rested her fingers against her lips. She quickly recalled the moment they shared in the bathroom stall. She remembered how much she enjoyed his kiss and how he touched her.

Bryan slowly walked towards her again. He wasn't convinced that her acts of protests were genuine. Anna looked at him wide-eyed as he approached. She wasn't sure what to do. The right thing to do was to stop him. Bryan was drunk and clearly not in the right frame of mind, but at the same time Anna wanted to experience those feelings she had with him again. She wanted to feel loved, appreciated and wanted.

Bryan stood closer than before. He lifted his hand and caressed the blonde hair of the wig she wore. He twirled a few strands between his fingers as he leered at her sensually. He slowly bent down to kiss her once more. Anna closed her eyes with her lips slightly parted and waited.

Bryan kissed her and this time Anna accepted it. Their tongues entwined adoringly; hungrily as he embraced her. Anna slowly wrapped her hands around his waist. Her body suddenly felt warm as she felt butterflies flutter throughout it.

Bryan slowly caressed her body as he kissed her. He began to step backwards pulling Anna along with him. Bryan fell back on the bed with Anna falling on top of him. Anna sat up while straddling him and quickly took off her coat and nonchalantly tossed it aside. Bryan watched her with eyes half-lidded as she did it. Anna began to kiss him once more.

Bryan continued to caress the contours of her body and then began to pull on her sweater until he finally managed to pull it off and over her head. Miraculously, her wig stayed atop her head. Bryan proceeded to unhook her bra and pulled it off her.

Anna sat on top of him with her legs straddling the sides of his waist. She was blushing and breathed heavily as she crossed her arms in front her; trying to cover her bare skin. She suddenly felt uncomfortable exposing herself to him.

Bryan gently grabbed hold of one of her arms and pulled it aside. Anna closed her eyes; feeling too embarrassed to look at the drunken man. She felt his fingers lightly glide across her sensitive skin.

Bryan sensed that she was feeling uneasy. He slowly sat up while Anna still straddled his waist. He brushed a few strands of hair away from her face and placed a hand under her chin. He gently caressed her lips with his thumb before kissing them.

Anna then felt his lips pressed against her neck and enjoyed it. He repeated it again and again; each time his lips ventured lower down her bare skin. She was suddenly overcome by unbridled pleasure and softly moaned every time his lips connected with her body.

Anna slowly opened her eyes and kissed him again. She was totally lost in the moment and wanted to be taken by him. Bryan leaned back in the bed. He groaned quietly as he felt her small hands slide down his body and waist. Anna began to fumble with his belt until she finally managed to unbuckle it and unzip his pants. She watched him as her hands slowly slide under his boxers.

Bryan groaned loudly as her hands made contact with his bare skin. "Nina…" He muttered softly.

Anna was shocked. Hearing that name was enough to bring her back to reality. Anna pulled her hand away and slapped him hard across his face. It took the man by surprise.

"Ouch!" Bryan yelled loudly as he rubbed the side of his face. "The fuck you did that for!?" He slurred angrily as he scowled at the woman.

Anna glared back. Her lips quivered and tears began to well up in her eyes. She quickly got off the man, picked up her sweater and left. Bryan heard when she entered her room and slammed the door behind her.

Bryan groaned as he drowsily sat up in his bed. He looked at the clock and saw that it was already four in the afternoon. He was surprised that he had slept most of the day away. Bryan scratched his head as he tried to recall what happened last night. The last thing he remembered was eating at a restaurant. He couldn't remember anything else after that.

Bryan sighed dismissively as stood up and entered the bathroom. Soon it will be time to attack the Mishima Zaibatsu and he had to be prepared. He showered, dressed. He made sure all of his weapons and equipment were ready. He then sat on the bed and watched some television. He couldn't understand any of the shows since it was all in Japanese, but he watched anyway and enjoyed any little entertainment they provided.

Hours passed and soon it will be time for them to leave. He was surprised that Anna hadn't bothered him yet. She was normally eager to be around him and now she was suddenly keeping her distance. Bryan got up and decided to see if she was okay.

"Hey Anna, are you in there?" He asked as he knocked on her door.

It took a while but she finally opened it and stared at him wearingly. "What is it?" She said softly.

Bryan immediately noticed that she was fully dressed, but was surprised that she didn't wear the wig.

"Soon it'll be time for us to go…" He said curiously as he examined her melancholic expression. "Do you wanna order some room service… and get something to eat?"

"I'm not hungry." She said flatly.

Bryan was puzzled by her behavior. "What's the matter? Did something happened?"

Anna gave him an astonished looked which puzzled him even more.

"Did something happen last night?" He asked carefully.

"You don't remember?... None of it at all?" She asked skeptically.

"Did I do something?" Bryan asked suspiciously.

Anna shook her head in protest. "It's nothing… I'll get over it." She said quietly. "I want to be alone… Just call me when you're ready to go."

Anna quickly shut the door leaving Bryan dumbfounded by her request.

"She wants to be left alone?" He muttered quietly to himself.

It was 2a.m. when Bryan and Anna arrived at the Mishima Zaibatsu. Bryan was well equipped with armor and gear. He made sure Anna had a few weapons of her own. They both crouched nervously as they hid behind the bushes in the park across the street from the building.

"Are you ready for this Anna? This is your last chance to change your mind." He asked as he continued to observe the building.

"Yeah… I'm sure." She said quietly.

"You know how dangerous this is right? We may not get out of this alive."

"I understand." She said flatly.

Bryan looked at her concernedly. He wondered why she was acting so strange. "How come you didn't wear your wig tonight?"

Anna sighed. She was a little hesitant to answer his question. "I realized that it was bad idea…" She said quietly. "I shouldn't pretend to be something I'm not."

Bryan was puzzled by her words.

"Well, let's get this show started, shall we?" Anna said as she looked at him.

Bryan seriously wondered what transpired last night but he knew Anna will not speak any further on the subject… at least for now.

"Alright then…" Bryan said simply as he unclipped a grenade from his belt. He hesitated for a moment before pulling the pin. He secretly hoped that everything will go well, but it was hard to have hope considering who they were up against. Bryan quickly pushed his doubts aside. It was too late for him to go back. His whole future was riding on this one mission.

Bryan quickly pulled the pin and chucked it at the front of the building. They quickly got up from their hiding spot and ran towards the other side of the Zaibatsu. There was a rear entrance that they can enter from only if their plan works. They ducked behind some bushes and waited.

A loud explosion soon erupted causing alarm beacons to blare loudly throughout the building. The guards who were watching the rear entrance quickly left their post to investigate.

Bryan gave a wide grin as he stood up from his hiding spot. He pulled out his hand gun and emptied a few rounds into the thick, glass doors as he ran towards them. He threw his body into the doors causing the glass to shatter on impact. Anna followed closely behind him.

They were finally inside the Zaibatsu. Bryan couldn't believe that he had made it this far. It was a lot easier than he thought.

They both slowly walked down a hallway that led to a huge, open lobby. Bryan saw the elevators in the hallway on the other side of the lobby, but it was incredibly dangerous. There were armored guards everywhere and on alert.

"What do we do now?" Anna whispered nervously.

"I don't have a fuckin' clue." Bryan said flippantly. "My plans didn't go any further than getting inside the building. So your guess is as good as mine." He chuckled.

"We have to get to that elevator but it seems impossible… We can't do it with all these guards around." Anna said anxiously.

"Hey! You two!" A guard yelled from behind.

Bryan cursed under his breath as he turned around and quickly shot the man dead. The gun shots alerted the other guards in the lobby they all came rushing in their direction.

"Anna, stay close!" Bryan commanded. "When you see an opportunity, run towards the elevators!"

Bryan ran out from the hallway and fired his shot gun at any nearby guards. He laughed gleefully as he watched them drop like flies with their blood staining the white walls and floors. The guards also returned fire.

Anna quickly saw her opportunity and ran. She managed to reach the elevators safely. She hurriedly pressed the button and hoped that one will soon arrive.

Soon dozens of guards came storming through the front doors of the building. There were too much for Bryan to handle. He quickly darted back into his hiding spot and plucked two grenades from off his belt. He pulled the pins and chucked it at the approaching guards.

The grenades detonated and loud screams rang and echoed throughout the building. Bryan quickly ran across the lobby towards the other side where Anna waited for him. The elevator door slowly opened and two guards ran out and attacked them.

Anna screamed as she was tackled to the ground. Bryan tried to come to her aid but the other guard swiftly punched him. Bryan swung back and the two of them fought as Anna wrestled with her opponent on the ground.

The guard pinned Anna on the ground and wrapped his hands around her neck. Anna clawed at the man's fingers as she struggled to breathe. She then quickly reached down and pulled out a knife that was strapped to one of her legs. She jammed the blade deeply in the man's side. The man let out a painful cry as he released his grip on the woman.

Anna quickly got up and ran towards Bryan who was having trouble fighting the guard. Anna quickly and angrily drove her blade into the man's back. Bryan swiftly pulled out his gun and shot him point-blank.

Anna breathed heavily as she gripped her bloody knife. Bryan gave her a reassuring nod and patted her on the shoulder before entering the elevator. Anna followed closely behind.

Not knowing where they should go, Anna nervously pressed the button for the top floor. The doors closed and elevator began to make it long assent.

Anna tiredly looked up and let out a sigh of relief. She noticed a camera hanging from a ceiling.

"They will find us soon." She said as she pointed at the small device.

Bryan smiled as he raised his gun and fired a single shot at the camera; completely destroying it. Anna looked at him condescendingly which only made him laugh.

The elevator suddenly stopped as if someone had hit the emergency button.

"It looks like they found us sooner that I thought." Anna muttered.

Bryan quickly climbed up and balanced himself on the narrow railing on the sides of the elevator. He searched for the emergency exit. He quickly found it and opened the latch. Anna was secretly impressed by his quick thinking.

Bryan jumped down and held out his hand to her. Anna took it and Bryan quickly hoisted her in the air. Anna grabbed hold of the opening and quickly pulled herself through. Bryan jumped up and did the same.

They both quickly looked around the elevator shaft and realized that the doors to the next floor were right in front of them. Bryan slowly walked towards it and used his enhanced strength to push the doors apart. They both cautiously exited the elevator shaft with their guns drawn. The floor was very quiet and desolate. It seemed liked they were safe for the time being.

Anna noticed that they were walking past another security camera and quickly grew nervous. She was certain that someone was watching them. She saw an open office nearby and quickly ran inside.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Bryan whispered loudly.

He followed her into the office and saw her typing away on the computer. "Boskonovitch said that I can help you and I am going to prove it." She said softly.

Anna hurriedly typed away as she hacked into the Zaibatsu security systems. Bryan watched as she quickly and successfully disabled all the cameras in the building. Bryan grinned; impressed by her ability.

"Good work." He said and smiled.

Anna walked past him with a triumphant look plastered on her face.

They both entered a stairwell and climbed the rest of the way up to the top floor. They didn't know where they was headed, but it was better to go up where it was safer than to go back down where there was plenty of guards waiting for them.

They finally made it to the top floor of the Zaibatsu. Both of them grew increasingly nervous as they slowly exited the stairwell. They noticed a pair of tall, wooden doors at the end of the long hallway before them. They wondered if Jin Kazama was waiting inside.

Bryan slowly walked down the hallway with his gun at the ready. Anna fearfully clung to the sleeve of his coat. At first it seemed like coast was clear, but they were quickly ambushed by three guards.

They brutally fought in the hallway. Anna nervously stepped back with her gun drawn and shot one of them dead. She quickly pointed her gun at the other guards but they were too close to Bryan and she didn't want to risk hitting him.

Bryan fought back with all his might as the two remaining guards pummeled him mercilessly. These guards were a lot different from the ones he fought before. They were tougher and more resilient.

Bryan finally managed to punch one of them hard in the face. The guard immediately passed out and collapsed on the ground. The last guard quickly grabbed Bryan from behind and put him in a choke hold.

Anna quickly fired a few shots into the man's back while Bryan angrily elbowed him in the ribs. The man eventually released him and Bryan quickly shot him dead.

Bryan suddenly began to cough up blood. He believed a few of his ribs were broken from the fight.

"A-are you alright?" Anna asked nervously upon witnessing his condition.

"I'm fine." Bryan grunted. "Let's just get this over with."

They slowly made their way to the tall wooden doors. They made sure their guns were loaded and ready before opening them. They cautiously walked through and into a very large, darkened room.

They both were surprised by its décor. The room looked like it used to be a part of a church of some kind. It had wooden floors, stone walls and tall, vaulted ceilings. Bryan looked up and couldn't see where the ceiling ended. They simply disappeared into the darkness.

Candle light was used to illuminate the place. They did a poor job at the task they were given. There were tall, tinted windows on the other side of the room that offered a breathtaking view of the city below. In front of the windows there was a desk with no one behind it. The place was empty and quiet.

Bryan and Anna lowered their guns and examined the paperwork that rested on the desk. Suddenly Bryan felt a sharp pain in his shoulder that left a burning sensation in its wake. He looked down befuddled as he noticed the paperwork was splattered with fresh blood. The perpetual generator whirred in his chest as he realized what had just occurred.

"Run Anna! There's someone here!" He yelled.

Bryan turned and ran, but he was silently shot again through the same shoulder. Bryan growled in pain as he collapsed on the floor. He gripped his wounded shoulder tightly; wanting to stop the hemorrhaging.

"Bryan!" Anna yelled as she turned around and ran to his side. She helped Bryan get back on his feet.

Suddenly someone jumped down from the rafters high above; preventing their escape. Both Bryan and Anna gasped in shock. Bryan wondered if it was a figment of his imagination or some sort of hallucination.

The person that stood before them was none other than Nina Williams.

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