Cruel Punishment


Nina yawned and stretched as she sat up tiredly in her bed. She slowly rummaged through her sheets in search for the TV remote. When she found it, she turned it on and flipped through the channels until she found a news program. She didn't understand the topics that were being discussed since the reporters spoke in Japanese. However, she didn't mind, she was only interested in the weather.

"Cold and sunny." Nina muttered to herself as she watched the meteorologist point to various pictures and graphs.

Nina got out of bed and pulled open the curtains to her room. She stood in front her windows and admired the beautiful, panoramic view it offered. It was still very dark outside. The sun wouldn't rise for another hour. The city looked tiny, small, and insignificant. Its lights seemed to twinkle like stars in the sky.

The view wasn't the only thing Nina enjoyed. She also adored the isolation. Her condo was near the top floor of a very tall residential building. It was away from all the people and noise. Completely quiet and desolate; just the way she liked it. She loved her condo, but a part of her missed her home in America even more.

She didn't know why she missed it so much; there was nothing for her there. She believed her homesickness was due to her new and very foreign environment. Japan was so different from the home she left behind; the culture and customs were vastly different from her own. Also the language barrier definitely made it harder for her to adjust. She thought those were possible reasons, but maybe she simply just misses Him.

Nina sighed solemnly as she left her room. It was time to begin her daily regimen. She walked around and opened every curtain in her condo. When she was done, she started to walk towards the bathroom, but suddenly stopped when she was by the front door. She looked at it uneasily. She wondered if He was already there, silently waiting for her.

Nina slowly walked towards the door and cautiously looked through the small peephole. Sure enough, she was right. The man was leaning against a wall just outside her door. His dead eyes seem to stare directly at her; as if he knew she was right there.

Nina gasped and quickly looked away; breaking any eye contact they seemed to have had. She slowly unlocked the door and opened it; allowing Dragunov to enter her apartment.

The tall, pale, silent man slowly walked in as Nina closed the door behind him. Without saying a word, he sat on one of the couches in the living room and waited. His presence made her uncomfortable.

He always came to her apartment at exactly the same time every day. He was never a minute early; never a minute late. He never knocked on the door or called when he arrived. He would simply stand in front her door and wait. He seemed to be a very punctual and prudent man.

Nina stared at him worryingly; unsure of what to say. It has been about two weeks since she last seen him. Jin sent him to America to bomb and destroy Violet Systems. He was successful in his mission, but he failed to capture her sister. He returned to Japan badly injured from his ordeal and had to stay in a hospital to recuperate for a few days. Nina noticed that he wasn't fully healed. He still had small cuts and bruises on his face and bandages were wrapped around one of his hands.

Dragunov glanced at her momentarily and then quietly removed his phone from his pants pocket to check the time as if to tell her to hurry up.

Nina took notice and swiftly turned around and walked towards the bathroom. She made sure to lock the door behind her. She quickly showered and put on some casual business clothing that was set aside the night before. She made sure to grab her purse before exiting the room.

Nina walked towards the living room and watched Dragunov as he stood up and open the front door for her. It was something he did every day. She quickly put on her coat and slowly walked by him. She looked at him uneasily and gave him a nod to thank him for his kind gesture. Dragunov shut the door and followed closely behind.

They took the elevator to the ground floor and exited the building. The sun was finally beginning to rise. Nina followed Dragunov to his car. He opened the door for her yet again. Nina slowly entered the vehicle and he shut the door behind her once more.

Nina was constantly baffled by his bizarre behavior and believed she would never get accustomed to his eccentricities. Dragunov always emitted this cold, menacing and deadly aura, but strangely acted like some sort of creepy gentleman. He was chivalrous and frightening at the same time. Besides opening doors, he also followed her around as if to protect her from some unknown threat.

Dragunov walked over to the driver's side of the car and entered. He quickly turned the ignition and drove off.

Nina pulled down the car visor to use the vanity mirror. She started to put on some make-up. She could feel Dragunov's eyes constantly darting at her as he drove. He looked at her studiously as if she was some sort of strange anomaly to be understood.

His actions always made Nina feel incredibly uncomfortable, but she tried her best to ignore it each and every day. She often pondered why he do the things he do, but she felt she would never understand the man sitting next to her.

In all honesty, Nina truly believed that she could get along very well with the Russian if only he talked just a little. Dragunov seem to comprehend the English language and was the only person Nina can communicate with, but he refused to utter a word no matter how hard she tried. His strange pledge of silence constantly frustrated her. Nina also liked her solitude and silence, but even she needed someone to chat with from time to time.

Nina quickly finished applying her make-up and sighed dismissively as she leaned back in her seat. She blankly stared out the car window as her thoughts began to meander on Bryan.

Oddly enough, Dragunov often reminded her of him. She believed the two men shared a lot of similarities. They both have a strong, stoic, and confident demeanor. They are also very cruel and unscrupulous individuals. However, Dragunov was cold and reserved whereas Bryan was arrogant and vulgar.

Deep down inside, Nina missed him. In some strange way, Bryan was the only person she ever connected with on a more personal level. She really and truly wanted to see him again or at very least, talk with him. She still had Bryan's phone number, but didn't dare call it. It was too risky.

She suddenly wondered what happened to Dragunov when he went to America. Did he see Bryan? Was Bryan the one that hurt him? Is he okay? There were so many questions anxiously racing through her mind and she knew the man will not answer any of them. However, she was desperate for answers and decided to try anyway. She swallowed hard before she spoke and hoped that the silent man will comply.

"Did you… see him?... Did you meet Bryan?" She asked in a clam and cool demeanor.

Dragunov remained quiet and didn't even bother to look at her. He simply kept his eyes on the road. However, his silence did not deter her in the least.

"Did you fight him? …Was he the one that did this to you?" She asked a little more urgently.

Her questioned garnered a glance from the emotionless man, but Nina didn't know how to interpret it.

"Why don't you talk!?... Just say something!" Nina said angrily.

The man refused to respond and was totally unfazed by her anger.

Nina glared at him as Dragunov slowed to a stop in front of a small café. It was the same one they go to every morning. Nina quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and angrily waited. She knew the routine all too well.

Dragunov reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his wallet. Nina watched closely as he opened it. Inside it rested another mystery she had yet to comprehend. His wallet had a picture of her sister, Anna. She was very curious to learn why it was there. Nina sensed that the Russian and her sister had history together, but didn't know whether it was good or bad. She didn't particularly care if Anna was in danger with this man. She was just felt a bit… nosey.

Dragunov silently pulled out some money and calmly handed it to her. Nina angrily took it and exited the car. She walked into the shop and asked the cashier for two large coffees. Even though he had never verbally told her, Nina knew exactly how Dragunov liked his cup. She watched him prepare it several times before. However, she was determined to try and make the man talk.

The cashier gave her what she requested. Nina carried the cups to a table that held condiments. She opened Dragunov's cup of coffee and angrily poured a lot of crème and sugar in it; making it way too sweet and milky. She knew what she was doing was immature and quite possibly very childish, but she was determined to get some answers from the man.

Satisfied, Nina picked up the cups and returned to the car. She handed Dragunov his coffee and watched him as he calmly took a sip.

Dragunov immediately glared at the woman the very instant the liquid landed on his tongue. The overly sweet taste almost made him recoil in disgust… almost. Nina gave him a wicked grin. It was unmistakable. She knew for certain that the Russian was angry. There was definitely no other way to interpret his gaze.

"Now…" Nina said haughtily. "If you answer my questions I will gladly-"

Before she could finish speaking, Dragunov quickly opened the door and got out of the car. Nina was utterly shocked by his actions. She watched in awe as he walked towards the café. Dragunov nonchalantly tossed the sweetened cup of coffee in a nearby trash can before entering the shop.

He returned to the car moments later with a new cup of coffee. Nina was astonished. Dragunov calmly took a sip before placing the coffee in a cup holder.

"How?... How did you order the coffee without saying a word?" Nina asked feeling utterly confused. She sighed resignedly in defeat as she looked out the window. Her silly plan seemed to have failed. "I just wanted to know if he is okay." She muttered quietly.

Dragunov looked at her observantly and then proceeded to search his clothing until he found a small pocket knife. He quietly handed it to Nina. She was surprised by his actions. She glanced at him suspiciously before taking knife. She examined it closely until she found the letters 'B.F.' crudely engraved on the red, plastic handle.

She immediately gasped when she realized that the knife belonged to Bryan, but she didn't know what to make of it. Was he alive or dead? The realization shocked her and she couldn't help but furrow her face in pain.

Seconds later, her phone began to beep. She timidly pulled the phone from her purse and looked at it. She was surprised to see that she had received a text message from Dragunov. Nina had his number programmed into her phone, but she had never used it nor have she ever received a call or text from him before. She opened the message and it simply said… 'Alive.' Nina immediately looked at him. She was completely astonished. This was the first time Dragunov had ever communicated with her and she was grateful that he did.

"Thank you." Nina muttered quietly.

Dragunov remained emotionless and unmoved by the woman's pleasant demeanor. He quietly started up the car and drove off.

Nina and Dragunov finally arrived at the Mishima Zaibatsu. They parked the car in the underground lot, below the building. They both entered the Zaibatsu and were immediately greeted by a group of soldiers. They stopped and saluted them as they walked by.

It has only been about six months since Nina and Dragunov started working for the Zaibatsu and they had already garnered the respect of the employees and soldiers that worked there.

It didn't take them long to climb the ranks and become Jin's most trusted soldiers. Nina believed they had their reputations to thank for their success. It was hard not to be feared and respected when you are known as 'The Silent Assassin' and 'The White Angel of Death.'

On the other hand, Nina thought Jin was very naïve for a man of his stature. He trusted them way too easily; especially since he was the most hated man in the world. It should have been second nature for him to despise everyone that surrounded him. Virtually, anyone could be his enemy.

His problems started the very instant he had taken over the Mishima Zaibatsu. He used his wealth and power to start wars with smaller, weaker countries all over the world. He would eventually win the war and take control of all the country's vital resources. No nation stood a chance against him. His military was massive, highly trained and equipped with the best weaponry and armor.

Many people feared the day when he decides to attack the countries in North America and Europe. The world will be thrown into chaos if that ever happened, but it was only a matter of time.

Nina and Dragunov took an elevator to the top floor. They walked by several guards before entering the huge cathedral office made of mortar and stone. At the far end of the room sat Jin Kazama. He was sitting behind his desk typing on a laptop.

Jin believed the church-like office will keep him centered, focused and in control of the curse he was born with. He was infected with the devil gene; a terrible plight that was passed down to him through his father. He must keep a calm and cool temperament in order to prevent the devil gene from taking over his body and mind. If it did, the entire world would have something far worse to fear than global wars.

Out of desperation, Jin fashioned his office in such a manner in order to deal with his predicament. He would often meditate at the center of the room thinking it will benefit him somehow. Nina understood why Jin designed his office in such a way but, she secretly doubted any of his efforts worked. No sane man would do the appalling things he had done so far.

Nina and Dragunov stopped a few feet away from his table and stood quietly; waiting for their boss to acknowledge their arrival. Jin continued to type on his laptop; completely ignoring them.

Suddenly, a small figure quietly strode from the dark corners of the office. It was a young woman who appeared to be in her teens. Her hair was colored in two shades of pink and she wore a very unusual purple dress with white boots and gloves. Nina was instantly taken aback by the young girl's unexpected presence. She knew who it was… or rather… what it was.

The young girl gracefully walked towards Jin and stood by his side. She turned and looked at Nina and Dragunov. Her bright, green eyes gave off a very unearthly and ethereal glow. Her smile was very pleasant and warm.

"Good morning." The young girl said and politely curtsied.

Nina was speechless as she eyed the mechanical being before her. It was the first time she seen it functional since it was stolen in Russia. She thought it looked disturbingly human-like. Dragunov simply rubbed his chin as if he was intrigued.

Jin looked up and gave a short laugh upon seeing the stunned expression on Nina's face.

"Good morning." He said sternly in a thick, Japanese accent. Jin closed the laptop as he looked at Dragunov and nodded approvingly. "Welcome back Sergei. I see you have made a speedy recovery."

Jin's greeting suddenly jarred Nina back to reality. "Good morning sir." She said in a professional and confident tone. "I see you have finally gotten that thing to work." She said with a hint of disgust.

Jin chuckled. "Yes I have." He concurred. "Those doctors finally figured it out last night. Her name is Alisa by the way."

"Alisa?" Nina muttered with repulsion. She thought it was ridiculous to give that thing a name. "Are you sure it's safe?" She said as she glared at the android skeptically.

"Don't worry." Jin said coolly; feeling slightly amused by her anger. "Please have a seat."

Nina and Dragunov sat down on the chairs that were in front his desk. Nina continued stared at the artificial girl who would only look back and politely smile.

"Impressive isn't she?" Jin said admirably as he looked at the girl. "She seems so young, innocent, and harmless, but will quickly decimate anyone with a simple flick of my hand." He said nonchalantly.

His comment made the android giggle in a cute, child-like manner. Nina squirmed uncomfortably in her seat at the sounds of her artificial laughter.

"Alisa, show them." Jin suddenly commanded.

"With pleasure ." The android said with glee.

The young girl balled her hands into fists and suddenly a pair of chainsaws jutted out of each arm. Nina gasped in fear at the sight of them. The android revved the gruesome weaponry with a cheerful smile; its noise echoed and bounced off the stone walls of the office.

Jin laughed enthusiastically. "That's enough Alisa, you may put them away now." He commanded.

The girl did as she was told and politely bowed.

Nina stared at the android girl nervously. Her presence brought back bad memories of her mission in Brazil. She began to remember those hideous machines she had to fight.

Jin noticed her fearful expression. "No need to be alarm Nina, I have no desire to harm you." Jin said calmly; cutting into the woman's thoughts. "Not yet at least." He teased.

Nina looked at him worryingly and tried her best to calm her nerves.

"I need you two to guard the Zaibatsu this evening." Jin said sternly and to the point. "I am meeting with a potential client."

"No problem." Nina said quietly. "May I ask with whom?"

Jin leaned back in his chair and smirked. "I believe you have met this person already."

"Have I?" She said befuddled.

"I want to hire him to do research on Alisa, but he needs some more… coaxing." Jin said deviously and chuckled. "I'm taking Alisa along for added persuasion."

"Who is this person?" Nina pressed.

"Dr. Abel." He said bluntly.

A small gasp escaped Nina's lips. She never believed that she would hear that name again. She thought the doctor was dead. She was sure of it.

"H-how is he still alive!?" She said; feeling thoroughly astonished.

Jin chuckled evilly. "I don't know… He supposedly died in an explosion somewhere in the amazon forest, but it appears that he had survived."

Nina was stunned. The doctor's survival must mean that Heihachi is still alive as well. "You trust that crazy, old man!?" Nina said disbelievingly.

"He is the best candidate for the job." Jin said sternly. "He can reverse engineer this android so they can be reproduced en masse." He said with a sinister flair. "I would have an entire army of sophisticated and highly intelligent machines."

Nina was inwardly troubled by what he had said. She felt like it was Brazil all over again only tremendously worse.

Jin chuckled. It appeared that he had shocked the woman again. "I know it was you who destroyed that secret lab in Brazil." He said and smiled. "I must say… I am impressed. You are truly an experience soldier and mercenary Nina... Can I trust that you will do an excellent job at protecting my empire?" He spoke with sincerity.

Nina hesitantly nodded in agreement.

"Well, then." He said; satisfied with her response. "I'll leave the office tonight. Protect the Zaibatsu while I am away." He concluded.

Jin dismissed Nina and Dragunov from his office. They both went their separate ways to carry out their daily duties.

Nina was very troubled by what she had heard. It seems like Jin's plans were advancing very quickly. It wouldn't be long before he accomplishes his goal. She had to do the same in order for her plans to work. It was the only way they can succeed, but she was far from ready. She needed more time, and time is quickly running out.

It has been three hours since Jin left for his special meeting. It was very late at night and everything seemed to be going well. Nina guarded and patrolled the upper floors of the Zaibatsu while Dragunov guarded the lower floors and exterior of the building.

It seemed like it was going to be a very typical and uneventful night, but suddenly a grenade clattered on the ground and detonated near the front doors of the Zaibatsu. Its noise rang through the building's lobby. The glass doors and windows shattered from the blast. The explosion sent both men and debris flying across the room.

Dragunov was outside when it happened. He heard the loud explosion then quickly took out his gun. He ran towards the front doors of the building. The entrance was already consumed with flames when he got there. There was no way he was going to enter from there.

He saw a few soldiers who were on fire outside the building. They screamed, ran and rolled on the ground desperately trying to put out the flames. Dragunov coolly walked by them; ignoring their pleas for help. He suddenly heard gunshots and men screaming from inside. The Russian quickly ran towards another entrance that was nearby.

When he arrived, he noticed the glass door was already broken through. Dragunov then heard the sounds of another explosion. He slowly raised his gun and cautiously walked through the broken door.

The Russian slowly walked down the wide hallway with his gun at the ready. The hallway was hot and a little smoky. The building was eerily quiet as if the battle was already over.

Dragunov eventually reached the main lobby. The place was completely destroyed. Fire burned by the front doors and there were bodies everywhere. The smoke made Dragunov cough, only a little, as he surveyed the damage around him.

A fallen soldier grabbed the leg of his pants as he walked by. Dragunov stopped and quietly looked at him.

"They're in... the elevator." The soldier wheezed as he pointed where the assailants disappeared to.

The Russian calmly walked towards the elevators. He noticed that one of them was going up. He quietly pulled out a large set of keys from his coat pocket and leisurely flipped through them until he found the elevators keys. He inserted it in a keyhole just below the button panel on the wall and turned it. The display screen flashed repeatedly, indicating that the elevator had stopped on the thirtieth floor. Dragunov silently returned the keys to his pocket as he entered the nearby stairwell.

Nina was in Jin's office hastily searching through all the security cameras in the building. She was using Jin's laptop to conduct her search. She just had gotten word that the Zaibatsu was being bombed by two intruders. She wanted to find them quickly before it was too late. They could ruin everything for her and Dragunov.

Nina's phone began to beep. She had received a text from the Russian. Nina quickly opened it. It only had the word 'Elevator' in the body of the text.

Nina began to look through all the security cameras that were placed inside elevators. She managed to view all except one. It was completely blackened out with an error message stating it was unavailable.

Nina angrily cursed under her breath as she began to flip through the cameras once more. She was determined to find the bastards no matter what the costs. Suddenly, all the camera feeds went black. A message popped up on the computer screen stating that they were offline.

Nina angrily slammed her hand down on the desk. She was certain that the intruders were responsible for this new development.

She quickly stood up and walked towards the entrance of the office. There were three guards standing outside. They quickly turned around and saluted her.

"Be alert." Nina commanded sternly. "I believe they are headed here."

"Yes ma'am!" They said in unison.

Nina returned to the office and tried her best to get the security cameras functioning again, but nothing seemed to work. Several minutes passed before she suddenly heard guns firing just outside the doors. Nina quickly shut the laptop and picked up her sniper rifle that was leaning against the desk. She made sure it was fully loaded and ready to fire.

She quickly ran towards a dark corner of the huge room. There was a ladder that led to rafters high above the ground. It was a good place to hide and snipe the intruders if they dare enter the office.

Nina quickly climbed the ladder and found a good vantage point to shoot from. She rested her rifle on top the railing for extra stability and peered through the scope. She kept her eyes fixed on the doors.

Nina calmed her breathing and got rid of any emotions that can hinder her accuracy. She listened closely to the fight that was ensuing outside. It lasted for a couple of minutes, but quickly ended with gunfire. The entire place fell completely silent. Nina peered down the scope of her rifle with her finger attentively on the trigger.

She heard the door slowly creaked open. Someone cautiously stepped inside. Nina zoomed in on her scope. She watched eagerly as the person stepped into view. Nina suddenly gasped in shock when she realized who it was.

"Bryan!?" She whispered in utmost surprise. She couldn't believe it. Nina raised her head away from the lens to see with her own eyes. It was undoubtedly him. He was right there, standing in the very same room that she was in.

Nina was suddenly overcome with emotions. She was so happy to see him. She thought of him constantly ever since she left America. She deeply regretted that she left without saying goodbye.

Nina was about to go and greet him, but she suddenly saw someone else enter the office. She quickly peered through her scope and growled angrily when she realized it was Anna. Nina immediately began to wonder why her sister was there…. More importantly, why was she with Bryan.

Nina had heard of Anna's betrayal. That she spied on Lee and the Zaibatsu. Her sister's actions caused the destruction of her former lover's company. Nina was beyond furious when Jin ordered Dragunov to bomb it. As much as she hated Lee, she knew that Bryan needed him and his company in order to survive. Because of Anna's actions, his only lifeline was taken away from him.

Nina couldn't figure out why Bryan was with her sister. It baffled her completely. He should be furious; fully and utterly upset over what she had done and how she treated him, but instead it seems like they were working together.

"Why!?" Nina urgently whispered to herself; desperately wanting to know the answer.

She tried to think of a good reason; a logical one that can explain the appalling sight before her. She badly needed one in order shake off the growing feelings of betrayal. But sadly, she couldn't think of any.

Nina's mind began to race with irrational thoughts. She was quickly overcome with rage. She picked up her rifle, aimed and fired. The bullet silently pierced through Bryan's shoulder. Seconds later, Nina heard Bryan cried out to her sister. He was warning her; protecting her from a potential threat in the room.

He was protecting her sister. The thought angered her even more. She felt deceived… betrayed. Nina lifted her rifle and fired again. Even though she was furious, she made sure that her bullets did not hit his vitals.

Bryan collapsed on the ground and Anna quickly ran to his side. She slung one of his arms over her shoulder and tried her best to help him off the ground. Nina scowled at the sight. She swiftly jumped down from the rafters with her rifle in hand. She landed just a few feet away from them.

Bryan and Anna were absolutely shocked to see her. They both stood with their mouths agape.

"N-Nina?" Anna muttered in disbelief as she took a cautious step towards her.

Nina quickly raised her gun at Anna as if to tell her to back off. "What are you doing here?" She asked sternly as she glared at Bryan.

"We are here to-"

"I wasn't talking to you." Nina said gruffly; cutting into her sister's words.

Bryan chuckled weakly as he gripped his wounded shoulder. "Now that's not nice." He said teasingly. "Is this how you greet someone you haven't seen in months?" He said as he pointed at his shoulder.

"Answer my question." Nina commanded coldly. "Why are you here?... Why are you with her?"

Bryan laughed; amused by her inquiry. He slowly stepped away from Anna and managed to stand unaided. "Don't tell me you are jealous… Nina." He let her name slide off his tongue mockingly.

He saw Nina's face flicker with anger as she swiftly change targets and pointed the gun at him.

Bryan gave her a deceitful grin as he stared directly into the woman's eyes; gauging her emotions. He could tell that she was hesitant and indecisive.

Bryan smirked deviously as he slowly walked past the barrel of her gun until they stood mere inches apart from each other. Bryan suddenly and swiftly pressed his lips against hers; stealing a kiss. Nina instinctively shoved him and gave him a solid kick in the stomach. Bryan staggered backwards and landed on the ground. He coughed groaned in pain as he sat up.

"It seems like you haven't change a bit." He said sarcastically. "Perhaps we'll give each other a more appropriate greeting later." He said and winked. He missed toying with the woman.

Nina blushed and was inwardly happy to see him, but at the same time, she felt thoroughly confused by his behavior. She didn't know what to make of it, but tried her best to keep a serious, stern demeanor.

Anna was both shocked and sadden to see this unfold right before her eyes. She also felt a hint of jealousy as well. As much as it bothered her, Anna decided to sort out her feelings later. Now wasn't the time to sulk and be angry.

"Answer me!" Nina demanded more urgently.

"Isn't it obvious?" Bryan said with a little humor to his tone as he sat on the ground. "We're here to destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu."

"Lee sent you!?" Nina said incredulously.

"Yeah…He did." He said as he rubbed his bloody shoulder and winced in pain.

"That's crazy…" Nina said in disbelief. She slowly lowered the gun to her side. "He just sent you to your death." She said quietly.

"He said he'll fix my generator…" Bryan said calmly. "I'm not sure he'll keep his promise this time, but either way, I don't have much of a choice… I don't have much meds left." He shrugged.

Nina's face suddenly flickered with anger. She raised her gun at her sister. Anna nervously stepped back in fear.

"It's your fault." Nina spat with contempt. "It's all your fault!"

"Sister…" Anna said fearfully as calmly raised her hands in surrender. "Please let me explain. Everything will become clear to you if you let me explain." She tried to reason.

"Bryan wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you!" Nina yelled.

Anna suddenly felt a pang of guilt.

"Your selfish actions have sentenced him to death!"

"N-Nina… I'm sorry." Anna whimpered softly as she nervously cowered in guilt.

"First it was father, and now this!?" Nina yelled ferociously.

Nina was overcome with emotions as she pointed the gun directly at her sister's head. The feelings of anger, sadness, hatred and betrayal coursed through her veins. She was unable to hold her weapon steady. As much as she wanted to be rid of her sister, she couldn't muster up the courage to pull the trigger. Her eyes remained focused on her sibling even though tears were quickly beginning to gather.

Anna looked back with tears rolling down her cheeks. Her heart was filled with regret. She felt like she had failed her sister again.

Bryan was baffled by what he heard and saw. He also thought it was also very unusual to see Nina so… emotional. However, he thought it was time to defuse the situation. Their sibling squabble was quickly getting out of control and escalating into something he knew he couldn't handle.

"Nina…" Bryan said peaceably. Don't you think you're overreacting here? Just put the gun down." He coaxed.

Nina did not respond or acknowledged his words.

The tense standoff lasted several more seconds before Dragunov quickly appeared from the shadows of the darkened room. Everyone was surprised by his sudden appearance. Bryan wondered how he got into the room unnoticed or if he was hiding in the darkness all along.

Bryan chuckled. "Well, well… look who's here." He said jokingly as greeted the silent man.

The Russian walked up to Nina then calmly and gently push down her arm; bringing the gun to rest safely at her side. He then pointed at the doors to the office. Nina continued to scowl at her sister for a few seconds before she angrily walked away.

"We'll continue this later." She said in a stern, angry tone. "Right now, we need to get out of here. Mishima soldiers will be coming through those doors soon."

"Well, shit." Bryan muttered as he got to his feet. "How are we gonna get out of here?"

"There's a hidden elevator in this room. Just follow me." Nina explained.

"Wait a minute." Bryan said perturbed. "How do you know that?"

Nina quickly stopped and turned around to face him. "You seriously haven't figured it out?" She said disbelievingly. "I work for the Zaibatsu." She said calmly.

Bryan was totally shocked. "Are you fuckin' kidding me?"

"I'm not." She said bluntly. "I know you have many questions… I do as well…" Nina said as she angrily glanced at her sister. "Let's promise to answer them when we get out of here."

Nina walked into a dark corner of the room. She removed a small, stone block from the wall to reveal a small access panel. She pressed a few buttons and suddenly a large part of the stone wall dislodged and slide opened; revealing a hidden elevator.

"Get in."

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