Cruel Punishment


Jin was furious. Furious over what had transpired two nights ago. His building was attacked and damaged by two unknown assailants. A man and a woman. He wanted to learn their identities. He was determined to make them pay for what they had done.

Jin angrily glared out the tinted windows of the black limo as it slowly drove down the crowded streets of Japan. His new robotic toy, Alisa quietly sat beside him.

He saw mobs of protesters holding signs and pictures of his face that was vandalized in a multitude of ways. Jin noticed there were a lot more protesters today than ever. The attack had shown a sign of weakness; that he is not as invincible as he proclaimed to be. It had empowered the people to stand-up against him. This angered him to no end.

The assault on his empire made national news and also caused rumors to spread. Somehow the public believed it was connected with the one at Violet Systems. They feared that a new war was about to erupt; One between the United States and the Mishima Zaibatsu in Japan.

Jin admits that the connection was possible and had a strong inkling that his uncle was the main culprit. However, he knew the whole world despises him. The attack could have been done by any rebel group or nation.

The assault also hindered his plans. Jin wanted to become the first global leader of the world, but the attack had complicated things. He knew that he had to fight the bigger nations in order to achieve his goal however he wasn't ready to fight them… not yet. But if he had to, He was willing and able to do what needs to be done.

The black limo slowed to a stop at an intersection. The street was barricaded and heavily guarded by Jin's personal militia. He had ordered them to guard and close off a large portion of the city from the public. He technically did not have the authoritative power to do so, but he did it anyway. He didn't want the media to get close to the Zaibatsu. He didn't want his failure to be viewed by the world. It was embarrassing; humiliating.

He also threatened to shoot down helicopters and any official law enforcement if they dared to get too close to the building. Jin's power and might was greatly feared by the government of his home country. They reluctantly complied with any of his demands.

One of the guards slowly approached the limo with a machine gun at the ready. Jin lowered his window to show that it was him. The guard immediately stopped in his tracks and saluted him. The other guards stepped aside to allow the limo through.

The atmosphere was completely different on the other side of the barricade. The streets were completely empty and desolate. It felt like they were driving through a ghost town.

The limo picked up speed and raced down the empty streets towards the Zaibatsu. They entered the underground parking lot. The driver slowed to a stop and turned off the ignition.

Jin and Alisa exited the vehicle and walked towards the entrance of the building. Jin grunted irritably when he saw Nina standing next to the doors.

Nina watched as he and the creepy mechanical girl made their approach. She felt uneasy. She knew Jin was upset with her, but to what degree, she wasn't sure. He had entrusted his empire to her, but she failed to keep it safe and now he had become a public spectacle. Nina swallowed nervously as she prepared to greet him.

"Good morning sir." She said in a stern yet quiet voice.

Jin did not acknowledge her. He sighed angrily as he walked past her and through the doors.

"Good morning Miss Williams." Alisa said and smiled. "Master is very upset with you. So you shouldn't approach him just yet." She warned as she shook a playful finger at her. "My body scan detected a drastic increase of his adrenaline levels."

Nina looked at the robotic girl uneasily before quickly running through the doors to catch up with Jin; totally disregarding the young girl's advice.

"I apologize for the security breach last night." Nina said as she walked beside him; trying her best to keep up with his brisk pace. "However, I must say that the attack was well planned and executed sir. The intruders seemed to know what they were doing. We were not-"

Jin swiftly grabbed Nina by the throat and slammed her against a nearby wall. The sound of her body hitting the hard surface echoed throughout the hallway. Jin was infuriated with her excuses. He wasn't in the mood to hear any of it.

Nina let out a short yelp by his sudden attack. Jin slowly lifted her by the throat until her feet no longer touched the ground. The woman fearfully looked down at him as she clutched the hand that was wrapped around her throat. His appearance was different. He looked… evil.

Jin snarled and bared his teeth. His eyes glowed red as he scowled at her. His flesh seemed to have darkened right before her very eyes and strange, black markings began to form on his face. He was changing; transforming into something that could only be seen in nightmares and dreams however this was real… too real.

Nina screamed loudly at the monster. "I apologize! It will not happen again!" She begged her as she clawed at his hand.

He seemed have heard the woman's pleas. Jin suddenly released his grip and Nina fell to the ground and gasped for air. He took a few steps back as he covered his face with his hands. He let out a frustrated yell as he tried to regain his composure. He was genuinely mad at the woman, but he didn't want to kill her. She was still somewhat useful to him.

Alisa giggled and clapped her hands with child-like glee. "That was entertaining!" She said with utmost joy. "Should I kill her for you sir?" She asked innocently.

Nina stared at the psychotic android in utter disbelief. Her voice was incredibly cheerful and bubbly for such a macabre question.

"Alisa…" Jin said tiredly as he looked at her.

"Yes Master Kazama?"

"Be quiet." He said sternly.

The android seemed surprised by his response but she quietly did what so was told.

Nina turned her attention towards Jin. She noticed that he was back to his normal self however he seemed tired and drained of energy.

She slowly rose from the floor and rubbed her aching throat to try to alleviate the pain. She was quickly beginning to fear this man. He is cursed with the devil gene and it was gradually becoming harder for him to remain in control of his emotions; especially after what happened that night. With a threat of a new war on the rise, she knew something had to be done and quick before it was too late… before the evil inside him takes over.

"Follow me." Jin ordered quietly as he glared at Nina.

He led her to a special elevator that went below ground. They took it to one of the sublevels of the building. Then they walked through a long, narrow corridor until they reach a large steel door. Jin entered a code at a nearby access panel. The door slowly slid open revealing a huge lab behind it.

Nina looked around as they ventured deeper into the lab. The place was dimly lit and filled with very expensive equipment. She suddenly gasped when she saw what appeared to be body parts strewn all over the place. Loose limbs, appendages and torsos dangled from the ceiling and lay lifeless on experiment tables. It was both gruesome and ghoulish.

Nina cautiously approached one of the tables to get a closer look. She hesitantly reached out to touch one of the severed parts and quickly realized that they were not human. They were something else… There was metal, wires and circuitry jutting out of the disembodied parts. She knew what they were.

Nina slowly turned and stared at the android in shock. The girl simply giggled and smiled back. Nina returned her attention to the table. She was genuinely surprised to see how much Jin had accomplished during the six months she was there.

"My men were working hard to replicate her." Jin said quietly as he approached Nina and stood beside her. "We have all of his research… all of it. But... Boskonovitch's work is too complex... My scientists couldn't comprehend it."

Suddenly they both looked up when they heard someone approaching them. It was Dr. Abel. He hobbled towards them with a cane in hand.

Nina's eyes widened when she saw him. She couldn't believe that he is still alive and breathing.

"I see you have finally arrived." Abel said in an annoyed voice. "It took you long enough."

"Yes." Jin said sternly. "Are you ready to begin your research?" He eyed the elderly man as he approached him.

"Why is she here?" Abel said as he pointed a disdainful finger towards Nina.

"Miss Williams?" Jin said as he shot her a glance. "She will be keeping an eye on you."

Nina couldn't believe it. She didn't want to be in the same room with this crazy old man. She refused to be.

"Sir, don't you think that I will be more useful-"

"That is an order, Nina!" Jin said; gruffly cutting into her words. He gave the woman a frightening gaze. "You will stay here and make sure the doctor is doing what he is hired to do."

"You cannot be serious Kazama!" Abel said in total disgust. "Are you not aware of what this woman had done to me!?"

"Yes..." Jin said tersely. "I know you two have history… But now she is working for me now."

Abel perked a disbelieving brow upon hearing those words, but chose to remain silent on the matter. Jin seemed furious and he did not want to antagonize him any further.

Jin turned and began to walk towards the lab's entrance. "I am sure she knows the consequences if she dare try to betray me." He said forebodingly as he walked past Nina.

"I just don't want her to get in my way." Abel said quietly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"She won't." Jin growled. "I'll be in my office. I need to meditate." He said somewhat uneasily. "Do not fail me again!"

Jin exited the lab leaving Nina alone with the aging man. She watched as the door shut behind him. The lab was quickly filled with an eerie silence making her feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Nina didn't like how things were going. Jin was advancing his plans too quickly and all the talks of war were definitely getting to her. Everything within her told her to put a stop to this; to end the old man's life. It would have been easy and would definitely halted Jin's plans.

However, she knew it will only be temporary. Jin would simply find a replacement right after murdering her for her treachery. If she wanted to stop Jin, she needed to patient and wait for the right moment... no matter how aggravating it will be.

"Well, time to get to work." Abel said as he approached Alisa who was quietly standing near an experiment table.

Nina slowly turned around and stared at the man skeptically. She didn't trust him or that thing. She chose to quietly observe them from a distance.

"Good morning doctor." Alisa said cheerfully.

"Good morning, my dear." Abel said rather pleasantly. "Would you please lie down on the table?"

"No problem." She chirped.

The android girl did what she was told. Abel walked over to the table and stood above her. He stroked the young girl's pink hair as he stared into her eyes excitedly. He was eager to learn more about his rival's work; his secrets. He wanted to steal them and make it his own.

"Enter standby mode." He commanded.

"Yes sir."

Abel watched as her luminescent eyes slowly faded and closed. Her body went limp on the table. Abel continued to watch her; admiring the technical marvel before him. He was suddenly reminded of the one he made some years ago.

"How is he?" the old man hesitantly asked as he kept his attention on the young girl. "Bryan… Is he still alive?"

Nina looked at the man incredulously. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. "What do you care!?" She spat.

The old man said nothing. He cackled quietly as if he was satisfied with her response.

Noise and chatter. It was all he heard as he slowly regained consciousness. Bryan sluggishly opened his eyes. His vision was momentarily blurred. He felt disoriented and confused. He didn't know where he was or how he got there. He tried to move, but his body ached... badly.

His vision slowly returned to normal as his eyes darted around the place he was in. He realized that he was in his hotel room. The chatter he heard was from the TV.

"You're awake!" He heard a familiar voice.

Anna came into view. She gave him an astonished look as she approached his bedside.

"How long was I out?" Bryan said; His voice sounded coarse and gravelly.

"Over a day." She said concernedly. "I'll get you a glass of water." Anna quickly turned around and ran towards the bathroom.

Bryan slowly sat up in his bed. He was still tired and his body felt stiff from lying down for such a long time. He looked around the room taking in his surroundings. He saw his metal cigar case that held his medication. It lay open on a nearby table.

Anna hastily exited the bathroom and gave Bryan the water. He quickly guzzled it down then handed her the empty glass.

Anna was happy to see him awake. She had quietly watched over and took care of him as he slept. She didn't want to admit it, but she missed Bryan's company.

Being in the tiny hotel room with him brought back memories of when they were sharing the apartment together. It wasn't that long ago, but Anna desperately wished that they were there again; when it was just the two of them.

She realized she had feelings for him. She didn't know when it happened, but it did. Anna was amazed at how far their relationship had progressed. They started off as enemies who completely and utterly hated each other, but now she believed they were something more. Her feelings slowly grew and blossomed over the short time they spent together.

It all began when she realized she was trapped in a lonely and loveless relationship. She needed someone to talk to. Originally, Nina was supposed end her bout of loneliness. It was the main reason why she wanted to see her again, but Bryan quickly filled that role. He was attentive and made her feel better. He probably was not aware of it, but Bryan had helped her get through a tough time in her life.

Now the time they have together was limited and coming to a close. She thought that Bryan was being taken or stolen from her. Anna was beginning to wish that they never found her sister. She originally wanted to reunite with her and try to reconcile and repair their damaged relationship, but she was starting to regret her decision.

"What happened?" Bryan said tiredly as he pointed at the cigar case.

"You've lost a lot of blood due to your injuries and went unconsciousness." Anna said quietly as she somberly looked at him. "Dragunov carried you here and Nina… She knew what to do…" Her eyes darted towards the cigar case. "She's the one who administered your medication."

Bryan sighed solemnly as tried to recall what happened. He remembered taking an elevator to a parking lot and entering a car, but nothing else beyond that.

"Where is she now?"

"At the Zaibatsu." Anna said quietly as she sat down on a chair near his bed. "She and Dragunov left immediately after giving you your medication. She said they will return in a few days."

"Anything else happened while I was out?" Bryan asked as he looked as Anna. He noticed the depressed expression on her face.

"Well, our attack made national news… everyone is talking about it… People are worried that a new war will begin…"

"Fuck." Bryan muttered to himself.

He was shocked. The news took him by surprise but honestly, he should have seen it coming. He didn't think things through and neither did Lee. Lee was filled with so much anger and resentment that he didn't see the horrible consequences of his revenge. The little squabble between an uncle and nephew had caused repercussions on a much larger scale. It affected entire nations and complicated the situation beyond comprehension. Bryan had no idea how Jin will retaliate. The thought worried him immensely.

"It's frightening…" Anna said solemnly. "We should have never attacked the Zaibatsu."

"Well… It's too late for that now." Bryan said irritably.

"Lee was trying to call you. Your phone rang constantly while you were out." Anna said softly.

"Considering what's going on, I'm not surprised… He must be shitting himself right now." Bryan said and chuckled quietly.

"What should we do?" Anna gave him a worried look..

Bryan sighed resignedly. "I don't know Anna… I honestly don't know." He said as he passed a hand through his hair. "We could try to infiltrate the Zaibatsu again… Destroy it to avoid a global catastrophe… But I'm sure the security is fuckin' tighter than it's ever been."

"I agree… That's definitely out of the question." Anna concurred quietly. Bryan noticed her sadden expression and silently dreaded what was about to come.

"Well let's not stress about it right now." Bryan said reasonably. "You're sister works for the Zaibatsu and said she'll pay us a visit, right? Maybe she will fill us in with what she knows."

Anna suddenly began to whimper. Tear quickly rolled down her cheeks. Bryan groaned wearily as he heard the woman sob.

"What the fucks the matter?" Bryan said feeling thoroughly annoyed as he sat up in his bed.

"I'm so stupid!" She muttered. "I should have never done it… I should have never betrayed Lee." She said softly.

Bryan sighed irritably at the drama that was unraveling in front of him. After observing her actions and behaviors during the time they were together, he was certain that Anna was an emotional mess. Handling her emotions was always a challenge for him… an unwanted one that he wished he could avoid.

"Calm the fuck down Anna." He muttered irritably. "Don't you remember anything I said? You gotta stop blaming yourself and move the fuck on." He said gruffly.

The woman calmed her sobbing and stared at him wide-eyed. "What?" She muttered. "You're still not mad at me?"

"I'm not—well, maybe just a little- but quite frankly, I'm fuckin' over it right now, Anna. There's more important shit to worry about!" Bryan said feeling totally frustrated by the woman's sadden demeanor. "Me and you… we hated each other, we both had said and done some shitty things, but it's all in the past now. So you no longer have to feel guilty about it!"

"You're right." Anna mumbled softly as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I apologize."

Bryan sighed as he rested a reassuming hand on the woman's shoulder. "But if you want me to be mad, then I suggest you continue with the waterworks." He said and smiled.

Anna smiled quietly giggled at his joke. She was happy that he was trying to make her feel better. His method seemed a little rough and insensitive, but she appreciated it all the same.

"Thank you Bryan." Anna looked at him admiringly. She began to reminisce over what happened a few nights ago. She deeply regretted wearing that wig and wondered what could have happened if she never did.

Bryan closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. He felt as though he had successfully defused a bomb.

He suddenly felt small hands cupped the sides of his face. Before he could open his eyes, he felt Anna's soft lips pressed against his. She tried to gently push him back on the bed, but Bryan immediately shoved the woman off of him. Anna staggered backwards and fell on the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Bryan said in both shock and anger.

Anna quickly got on her feet and shamefully kept her eyes on the carpeted floor below her. "I'm sorry" She mumbled. "I just… I just…" Her voice trailed off.

Anna's promiscuous behavior threw him off guard. It was unexpected and it made no sense to him. He tried to think up a rational reason for her actions. He did notice that she was a lot more sullen and quiet ever since they went to that restaurant together. He suddenly groaned in disbelief when an idea popped to mind.

Anna turned around and began to head towards the door. She felt too embarrassed to stay there any longer. But Bryan quickly stood up and grabbed her hand to stop her. He dreaded the question that was about to escape his lips.

"That night when we went to that restaurant…" Bryan said slowly. "What happened?... Did we uhh…"

"…We almost did..." Anna turned and looked at the man. "But you were drunk." She said quietly. "You thought I was her."

Her? Bryan thought. He was shocked by what she said. He absent-mindedly let go of the woman's hand. Anna quickly exited the room feeling ashamed and embarrassed of what she had done.

Nina hurriedly exited the lab and walked towards the elevators. Jin had called her to his office. He said he had discovered something extremely interesting and wanted to show her. She wondered what it was. Nina was extremely worried

Nina saw Dragunov standing next to the elevators. It seemed like he was waiting for her. He immediately pressed the button to summon one of the elevators after he saw her. The doors opened and they entered. Dragunov pressed the button for the top floor.

Nina kept her attention on the small screen that indicated what floor they were on. She watched nervously as the numbers slowly increased. She was extremely worried and it was hard for her to keep a stern and professional demeanor.

Dragunov looked at her observantly. He noticed the woman's troubled behavior. He understood the dire situation they were in but it didn't bother him in the least.

"What are we going to do?" Nina muttered quietly even though she knew the Russian will never respond. "I never handled anything like this before."

Nina suddenly felt the man pat her on her shoulder as if he was trying to comfort her. She looked at him in utter surprise. The Russian gazed at her intently in such a way that she felt he was communicating with her. She sensed he was trying to tell her that everything will be okay.

The elevator beeped signaling that they have reached their destination. They both quickly exited and walked past the guards that protected the entrance to the office. Nina hesitated for a brief moment before opening the doors.

They both walked inside and saw Jin sitting by his desk.

Jin gave them a devious grin as they made their approach. "Come, in… Have a seat." Jin said excitedly.

Nina and Dragunov both sat down in chairs that were placed in front of his desk. Nina quickly noticed that the man was in a better mood and wondered what had him in such good spirits.

"You seem to be feeling better." Nina remarked quietly.

"I am." Jin concurred. "I've found the animals that attacked me." He smirked. "Take a look at this."

Jin turned his laptop to face her and Dragunov. On the screen was a picture of two people standing in an elevator. Nina let out a gasp at their images.

"They look familiar, huh?" Jin said jokingly. "Bryan Fury and Anna Williams… It seems like your previous partner and sister are working together… Interesting wouldn't you say?" Jin said proudly.

"Yes..." Nina said uneasily as she gazed at the computer screen.

She thought the situation quickly gotten from bad to worse. Nina was certain Jin was going to conduct an intensive manhunt for these two. His militia will be scouring the city for them. Bryan was no longer safe.

"I'm intrigued… Why are they working together and what exactly, are they trying to achieve?" Jin quietly rubbed his chin in thought. "My uncle wanted to find his woman, but I wonder how he will respond when I tell him that these two are allies." He said cunningly.

Jin quickly picked up his cellphone from off the desk and searched for Lee's number. He looked at Nina mischievously when he found it.

"Should I call him?" He asked sinisterly but, his question was a rhetorical one.

He dialed his uncle's number then slowly lifted the phone to his ear.

It was the middle of the day.

Lee was very busy in his office typing away on his computer. He was conducting important research on his Combot machine; trying his best to get it functioning correctly. He wanted to complete it immediately in order to clear his guilt.

Lee greatly regretted his decision to attack the Zaibatsu. He quickly realized revenge was not the answer to his problems, it only created more.

He had heard what happened to his nephew's empire. The media covered the story non-stop from morning 'till night. Now an impending war was on the horizon and he was to blame for it. He wished he could take it all back. He wished he never sent Bryan on that ridiculous mission, but it was far too late.

Lee buried himself in work in order to compensate for his wrongdoings. He wanted to try and make things right again. If Jin planned to attack the States, he wanted his Combot machines to be ready to defend it and its citizens. It was the least he could do to atone for what he'd done. He worked tirelessly and forced his employees to work long hours until his machine was complete.

Lee decided it was time to try Bryan's cellphone again. He desperately wanted to get in contact with the man. He hadn't heard from him since the attack. He called him numerous times and eventually lost count of the attempts he made, but no matter how hard he tried, the results always ended in failure.

Lee impatiently drummed his fingers on the desk as he listened to the phone ring on and on. Eventually a very blunt and crude message began to play.

"It's Bryan. Leave a message then fuck off."

Lee sighed irritably at the vulgar recording. He had heard it a dozen times so far. He hung up and quietly placed the phone on the desk. Lee decided to try again later.

He began to continue his research, but suddenly his cellphone rang. He immediately thought it was Bryan trying to contact him so he quickly answered the phone.

"Hello?" Lee said eagerly.

"…Hello uncle."

Lee immediately frowned when he heard his nephew's voice. He started to wonder if Jin was responsible for Bryan's disappearance.

"I'm sure you've heard the news." Jin's words were laced with mockery.

"Yes… I am aware." Lee said flatly.

"You did it, didn't you uncle?" Jin said sternly; wanting to confirm his guilt.

"It was me." Lee said uneasily.

"'An eye for an eye'… that's how that saying goes, right?" He drawled. "Well, I hope it was worth it… Your little retaliation has caused a global panic."

Lee let out a frustrated sigh which caused Jin to chuckle quietly over the phone. He could sense his uncle's nervousness.

"I'll admit… I was very upset by what you've done, but I'm not anymore." He said deviously. "You have done nothing, but advanced my plans." Jin smirked.

"What are you going to do?" Lee muttered softly.

"Don't worry…" He said mockingly. "You'll find out soon enough." Jin let out a loud laugh.

Lee's apprehension grew with each passing second. Jin was going to strike back, he was sure of it. Many people will die because of this. The thought made his blood boil. Lee wanted to stop him; he must stop him before it was too late. He wished he could in contact with Bryan. Bryan was his best bet at stopping or at least halting Jin's plans but he didn't know if the man was alive or dead.

"You have him don't you?" Lee asked nervously. "Bryan."

"Oh?" Jin said amusedly. He was beyond excited that he had asked this question. "No… I don't have your most trusted man or his accomplice, but I will find them soon. I'll make them pay for what they have done."

"Accomplice?" Lee said; feeling puzzled by his words.

Jin grinned from ear to ear. "Check your email, I've sent you something that is quite interesting."

Lee immediately got on his computer to retrieve Jin's message. He opened up the attached image and gasped at what he saw. It was a picture of Bryan and Anna. He momentarily thought his eyes were deceiving him.

Lee couldn't shake the feelings of betrayal as he sat and continued to observe the picture. He slowly balled his hands and angrily slammed them against the desk.

He was devastated and couldn't believe that he was tricked again. He wondered why Bryan would do such a thing after he was working so hard to fix the perpetual generator for him. Granted, Bryan did not trust him, but he thought that was in the past. He thought that Bryan had gotten over it; that they have worked things out. Perhaps he was mistaken.

However it completely baffled and infuriated him that Bryan was working with Anna; The catalyst that started this whole series of twisted events.

Why? Why are they working together? What do they want? The questions plagued him constantly as he mentally tried to fit the pieces together. The more he thought about it, the more his anger grew. Lee's mind raced as he tried to figure out the exact moment of Bryan's treachery.

"I've warned you uncle…" Jin said condescendingly. "You must be wary of the company you keep." He chuckled. "It appears you most trusted man and ex-lover are partners. I wonder how long they have been working together."

Lee had enough. He will not give Jin the satisfaction of laughing in his face. He immediately hung up the phone and let out a loud yell. He was completely and wholly filled with unbridled rage. He quickly got up from his chair and left his office. He has work to do.

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