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The Story of Rose Snape The First Year

By Lexa_Skywalker

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

My name is Stephanie Rose Partridge, but please call me Steph, I live at 2 Richard Street Surrey with my Mum and Father. A new year has started and in a few days I'll be back at school and I hate it. It's true school wouldn't be so bad bad if 1. I had friends that were my own age 2. I wasn't considered weird and 3. If I didn't have Dudley and his goons following me around all day! Ah yes Dudley Dursley - overweight, spoiled brat!

He comes up to me and brags about the nice new toy his parents got him because he got a C in a test, then he makes eyes at me and asks if I'll "hang out" with him at recess or lunch time! I always say I'm too busy and usually I am, after all it's not easy trying to keep us with homework as well as staying on the teachers' good sides.

All that aside school's pretty good, besides there are a few people I'm looking forward to seeing again: my kindergarten friends (yes my only student friends are seven years younger than me), my teachers (well most of them) and then there's this boy. He's really shy, he always sits alone on the same bench everyday (or at least when he's not being harassed by Dudley). Sometimes he notices me, he's tried to talk to me a few times, but Dudley always stops him and pushes him away. So we've never actually spoken, although there are times when I feel I know him and I wish I did.

He's got bright green eyes and kinda scruffy black hair, but my favourite thing about him is his smile. It's the nicest smile I've ever seen! Unfortunately I don't get to see it much because normally sad (normally because of that idiot Dudley, I might add) Today however has been pretty boring all I did was make sure that my uniform fit (which it does). Other than that I spent the day reading, the book's pretty good, but it was kinda boring.

The next few days have been the same just making sure that I'm good for school, which was why I was surprised that Mum asked me to come to the Zoo with her, but hey I wasn't going to argue! My Mum may be strict sometimes, but she's as fun as any girl my age and because she works at the Zoo I get to do things that the general public can only wish for.

I get to feed all the animals from the penguins, to the sharks, to the snakes, to the bears and even the lions, but most times I could be found with the big cats. When I was eight an orphaned cheetah cub arrived at the Zoo, I named her Keera and we've been best friends ever since. We played for hours until we started to get a bit tired so I left and let her get some rest.

I decided to go to the reptile house for change and see my friend the boa constrictor. While I don't spend much time there I do still visit and of all the times I decide to go it had to be today that Dudley was there too. I decided to ignore him and walked over to the boa constrictor's enclosure.

He was strange, he ignored the other visitors, but when I came over he sat up and took notice. Sometimes when I talk to him he acts like hr can kind of understand me, which is really creepy, but cool at the same time. Then Dudley spotted me, I said goodbye to Benny (yes that's his name Benny the Boa) and was about to make a quick exit....  That was until I saw the other boy from school.

Weird I thought they hated each other. Why are they together? I wondered.

'Mum! Dad! Come meet my friend!' Dudley dragged his parents over to me. I honestly thought "friend" was a major stretch.

'Hello Mr and Mrs Dursley, hello Dudley.' I smiled weakly.

'Hello Steph.' Dudley said arrogantly.

'It's Stephanie.' I replied coldly. 'Why are you here?'

'I'm here for my birthday!' He grinned. 'You know I got thirty eight presents and that's just from Mum and Dad! I bet-'

'Oh well happy birthday and it's been great to see you, but I've got to go meet my Mum....  See ya.' I started to walk away when Dudley had a tantrum. He blamed the other boy for being there and his Dad threatened to not give him food for a week so I came back. 'It's not his fault I wanted to leave.' I explained pointing to the other boy.

'Then why?' Dudley asked.

'Because of you! You're so full of yourself! Every time you talk to me you've always got to show off! I got this, I got that! Well I don't care, so goodbye!' I stormed off. Dudley started crying and they went over to Benny's enclosure while I hung around near the entrance/exit to see if I could talk to the other boy. I wanted to at least find out his name before he left.

That was when I saw Dudley and his father annoy Benny by banging on the class trying to wake him up, but it wasn't long before Dudley classed him as "boring" and they went to the next enclosure but the boy stayed back and he talked to the boa like I do. What really surprised me was Benny began nodding like it fully understood him!  Then Dudley ran to the boa's enclosure pushing the boy the floor, it made my blood boil but I didn't say anything I wanted to see what the boy would do.

The next thing I know the glass of the enclosures gone, Dudley fell in and the boa came out, not only that but he thanked the boy! He actually said thanks, when he slithered past me he gave me a curt nod and kept moving, making the other visitors scream. I tried to calm them down but they just kept screaming, when I looked back to the enclosure the glass had reappeared and Dudley was trapped inside screaming and banging on the glass.

I couldn't help but giggle, he finally got what he deserved, but how did the glass come back? It was almost like.... Magic.

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