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Working late


My story is about working late

Action / Horror
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Chapter 1

My manager almost killed me because I did not want to date her her name was Hazel Hazel was a psychopath she asked me out I said no I have a girlfriend later on that day it was around 9pm I was getting of work she still had a hour left I was walking out I the store she helped a knife at me I said wait don’t Stab me I ran out side she chased me I got to the car and locked the door I called 911 they said come to the police station so. I drove to the police station I ran to the door. Question me I told them what happened she went to jail but 3 months later somebody knocked on my door I went to answer it. It was Hazel she said she had wanted to apologize for her bad behavior I said I accept the apology I closed the door she knocked again I opened it she said can I come in I said no she said please I closed the door she kicked the door I walked to the kitchen I grabbed my phone I called the police they said you might half to move I said ok The next day I started packing my stuff it took me a week to do it but I got a ticket to LA I moved into a three story house it was close to Christmas so I bought some gifts for my new friends I also got a new job I decorated my house. But three mouths later i was at work my boss said I had a package I said ok I went to get the package I opened it it had a number on it on my Break I called the number Hazel answers the phone and says oh hey remember me I’m coming to LA I said the FBI is on to you and I already called theme they said if you don’t stop stalking me There going to put you in jail she hung up on me 1 mouth later I found a girlfriend her name was bre she was cute and hot we were together for a week she finally let me meet her family her moms name was shakisha her dads name was milo.
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