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Demigods in high school


As a part of relaxation the gods decided to send the heroes to highschool . Join there adventure to find out more

Adventure / Fantasy
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Percy's POV

I have been relaxing at camphalfblood with annabeth in the beach . I was talking to some fishes when it was interrupted by superman aka Jason grace and beauty queen aka Piper McLean . "chiron has summoned us come on guys off to big house . "jason said .

So I got up along with wise girl aka annabeth and followed her to the big house . we reached the big house Chiron was sitting in his wheelchair .

The seven excluding us along with Nico and will was waiting.

"So you decided to join us "nico asked

Chiron said " so l guess everyone is here . the gods has decided to give you ten demigods a break in order for the break you will be attending school""what ?????school????? No iam not going to that wretched place "l said . "why school!!!"leo said ."i am not going to that place "nico said

"we are going to school . so when are we leaving "Wise girl said. You should go and start packing . you'll leave today at noon and start school tomorrow. Now pip pip(dumbledore does the same in half blooded prince )"

I went out of the big house with annabeth to the Athena cabin .it was empty . annabeth said "percy it is going to be all right . calm down it just school ""but Annie "i whined . she gave me look and give me a small kiss and said "now go on pack your bags .

So I went to the Poseidon cabin .

Jason POV

School . not bad at least I get to be with piper so no problem . I don't like going to school but whatever . please don't let it be like wilderness school.

Pipers POV

School . iam excited. I get to enjoy a normal life with Jason . as long as Jason's there i am happy .........


Man ihate school why gods why . it could have been a vacation to Olympus or. Something . but at least I get to spent with calypso (Percy and calypso are friends no awkward situation)

Calypso POV

I always wanted to experience a normal life and also Leo will be with me so no problem. Its just school

Frank POV

School . I don't go to school . but hazel is excited so iam too.

Hazel POV

I know this sounds crazy .

I can't wait to go to school and frank will be their.

Nico POV

School no there will be a lot of mortals. I hate ittt¡!!!!!!!!!!!!at least theirs will with me

Will POV

School . as long as Nico is with me no problem

Annabeth POV

School I am exited you know with my seaweed brain iam so excited to go to school . a normal life is what I want to experience and the wish as been sanctioned . l better go to seaweed brain and tell him to speed up ..


Hey guys here's the first chapter

I hope you like it



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