Silent Hill: The Revisit

Epilogue: The Aftermath

“So this baby, the one that was created by this…Angel-Demon creature, lives with you now?” The doctor asked, interested.

“Yes. That’s the real origin of my daughter, Heather. She was adopted. But we tell most people that that we just found her, which was exactly how we actually found Cheryl. Most people wouldn’t believe me if I told them the real story.”

“Oh, understandably. It’s simpler that way. And I’m sure you’re tired of being called a lunatic.”

“Yes, absolutely. I mean, had it not happened to me, I’d never believe it, either.”

“That’s a good way of looking at it objectively. But you would like someone to believe you, outside of you and Cybil. It reminds you that you’re not crazy.”

“Yeah, it would be nice. But I know it’s not going to happen. I mean, I’m sure you don’t believe me…do you?”

“Mr. Mason, I’m not sure how to answer that. On one hand, it sounds crazy and impossible. Magic, creatures, a dark God to form an apocalyptic Paradise, a Nightmare world. But then again, your incredible attentiveness to detail…you don’t often get that. Especially with such consistency. It does make me wonder how much it is really made up.

So I’ll tell you this…I believe that what happened in Silent Hill is what you truly experienced. Whether it happened in my scope or reality is questionable, but I really believe you went through something that was very real.”

“At least you don’t think I’m nuts.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’re crazy, Mr. Mason. You’re not hysterical. I’ve seen many crazy people in my day, and you’re much too coherent. I just think perhaps you need some anxiety or sleep medication for your nightmares.”

“Yeah…probably so.”

“So…I’m curious. Have you ever gone back to Silent Hill?”

“I did. I wanted to see if it was really there. If the town ever existed outside of the nightmare. And it was there, the normal town. I guess that I wanted to face my fears. Every street corner reminded me of something that occurred. It was very surreal…the strange happenings. There were remnants of it everywhere.

I think this town is somehow so…magnetic. Seeing the normal town was quite enchanting. It pulls you in. Once you’re been there…you have to go back. Even after I went back home, the town still stayed with me. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad. Almost as if the town beckons me to come back.”

“Yes, that makes perfect sense. That’s great that you’ve faced your fears, Mr. Mason. Now…I want to start…”

Suddenly, I jumped at the sound of my cell phone ringing. I immediately recognized the ringtone as my daughters.

“Oh, could you wait one quick second? I asked.

“I’m paid by the hour, sir. Take your time,” Ingram replied, smiling.

“Hey! What’s up, sweetie?”

“Hey, Dad, I’m at the mall. I need you to…”

And that was the last time I heard my daughter’s voice…

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