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Rangers in Retrograde: Operation Overdrive


When Andrew Hartford find The Corona Aurora he races against time to create a Team of Power Rangers to defend the world starting with a living Legend...Tommy Oliver but that's when things go awry...

Action / Fantasy
Nikolai Crumb
Age Rating:

Kick into Overdrive, Part 1

Year 2007
Long ago, two rivaling brothers sought the powerful Corona Aurora, 'the Crown of the Gods,' and when they laid their hands on it they were cursed and banished to two separate planets. The guardian of the crown seeking to protect if for further adventurer hid the five jewels of the crown throughout the Earth. However recently the extremely wealthy treasure hunter Andrew Hartford found the crown and the two bothers Flurious and Moltor were released, returning to the Earth to seek the now revealed crown. Guilt ridden by his actions and under the guidance of the guardian’s spirit, the Sentinel
Knight, Andrew recruits four young adventurers to become Power Rangers.
The team is equipped with advance vehicles such as a hovercraft cycle, a fast jet, all-terrain vehicles and a vast array of vehicle-inspired zords to combat the machinations of the brothers and other who come seeking the jewels but in the end can they succeed?
Kick into Overdrive, Part 1
In a high flying plane, a young adventurer is tied to it against his will. His foe has the treasure he wanted and is about to escape. The man breaks free with a secret laser and jumps after the enemy. He tangles with him but unfortunately falls...
Back to reality, where he is Mac Hartford, who was caught up in an adventurer novel and so happens to be the son of a millionaire adventurer. His butler Spencer comes with a drink. Mac wishes to be with his father and seek the Crown of the Gods which Spencer believes doesn't exist.
Location Unknown
Mac's father Andrew has found the Crown but the cave he is inside starts shaking. This kicks off an energy wave to two planets waking up Moltor and Flurious.
The guardian of the crown warns Andrew that great evil will be after the crown and it is his fault.
Hartford Estate
Four months later Dr. Tommy Oliver receives a small case. But things do not go as planed after answering the call and coming to the Hartford estate and meeting with Spencer.
"Mr. Oliver, I am overjoyed to have you here."
"What is this about?" He asks skeptically.
Andrew takes a deep breath, "I'm afraid I have made a terrible mistake, I heave released two great evil into the world, and only one force can stop them. A force you are intimately aware of, a force you have wielded five times over. Will you wield it a 6th time?"
"You mean?"
"Yes, I am forming a new team of Power Rangers and I would like you to be my second in command as I find three others to complete the team."
Tommy did not hesitate "Of course I will, once a ranger, always a ranger."
"Good,” Andrew said with a smile “Follow me, to better prepare your body my gene sequencer will optimize your DNA, granting you not just the power to be a ranger but a unique genetically enhanced skill as well."
Tommy nods pausing only a moment to reflect, in his tenure as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger he had such a ability but the gem is inert, its power no longer with him. Soon the duo is in the chamber, waves of energy coursing through their bodies. Emerging from the pad Andrew examines his hand but nothing seems to be different.
“It will take a while for it to kick in, still I expected to feel some sort of change.” Andrew muses.
“Mr. Hartford,” Dr. Oliver’s voice cracks in uncertainty. “Something is going on with my body.”
Andrew looks back to see Tommy about half a foot shorter then he was, his clothes hanging loosely off his body just as his pants and underwear slip from his hips and hit the ground.
A month later...
NASCAR Track, Indianapolis
Renowned NASCAR driver Ronny is celebrating another stellar win on the track, her pit crew handing her the golden cup. Hover the familiar wait of the cup is different, Curious Ronny checks the interior of the cup to find a small black box with a compass insignia on the top. Setting the trophy down she opens the box to see a hologram of Andrew Hartford appear.
“Ronny, your tenacity and skill on the track is a trait I have always admired. I am Andrew Hartford and if you will meet me at my estate I have a proposition for you, a project of grave importance that your unique skills would be invaluable on.”
Ronny smiles, her interest piqued.
New Zealand
Elsewhere Dax, an underappreciated but talented stuntman, slinks back to a small chair labeled with stuntman on the back, however before he sits down he notices a small black box. With a shrug he opens it and is greeted to a message from Andrew Hartford as well.
Location Unknown
Sneaking past laser tripwires and complex motion sensors super security expert Will begins to delicate task of opening a wall safe however once open it is not a jewel which greets him but a small black box. Scouring the area for his quarry he finds nothing and slips his way back out of the stronghold, box in hand. Once in a secure location Will opens the box only to be greeted by a hologram of Andrew Hartford, and an invitation.
MIT, Massachusetts
Thinking quickly the young Rose stops an experimental robot from hurting anyone, garnering much praise from the fellow scientists and professors in the laboratory. Passing a work table she spies a small black box with a note card with her name taped to the top of it. After asking a few questions on if indeed the object is for her and who sent it she opens the box and receives a message from Andrew Hartford.
Hartford Industries, Van Cover, Canada
Deep within the bowels of Hartford Industries Justin Stewart returns from a bathroom break to find a small black box atop a pile of complex mechanical diagrams. Opening the box he is greeted to a hologram of his boss Andrew Hartford. Ecstasy fills his step as he slips an included black card that was taped to the box into the time stamp box as he races out to the parting lot. A blue jeep revs its engine and flashes its lights as he approaches as Justin leaps into the driver’s side securing the safety belt.
“You won’t believe what happened today old buddy, quick, to the Hartford Estate!”
The jeep revs its engines, lights flashing as it pulls out of the parking lot.
Hartford Estate
Soon at The Hartford estate Mac is amazed to see people around his age entering his home. Spencer leads the quintet into the main foray and shortly after that Andrew comes in closes the door on Mac before he can join the others. That doesn't stop him and Spencer however from listening in through the air grate.
Meanwhile a glowing circle of light takes shape just outside the compound, an elder figure in a grey tunic with salt and pepper hair turns a stern eye to the Hartford estate and begins a determined stride toward it.
Inside Andrew sits at a large oak desk as he looks over his five cadets. “How many of you have heard of the Corona Aurora?”
“The Crown of the Gods?” Rose answers quickly. “What does old legend and folklore has to do with us.”
“It is not a legend, five months ago I found the crown and with it.” Andrew pauses, a tremble in his voice. “With it I unleashed a great evil that was once bound by the crown.”
“Moltor and Flurious,” Rose continues drawing all eyes to her. “In the legend these two brothers sough the crown but its power was too great, they were transformed and imprisoned within their own elements. But that is all legends I still don’t see what you need the five of us for.”
“I think I know,” Justin pips up. “Those evils are awake now, and your trying to stop them aren’t you!”
Andrew nods.
“Wait, come again, your expecting us to believe some mythological evil force is walking the earth, and were supposed to…” Will never finishes his statement as a purple ring of energy appears on the floor and the salt and pepper haired man rises into view, Leanbow!
His steel gaze falls on Andrew, “Surrender the crown, and I may go easy on you.”
Something shifts, invisible to the naked eye just out of Leanbow’s magical senses when a sudden flash of golden light marks the appearance of the spirit of the Sentinel Knight.
“Hold your blade wolf warrior,” the knight intones. “This man Andrew Hartford is not what you believe he is.”
All but Justin jump in surprise to the appearance of Leanbow and the Knight, Justin just smiles. The Sentinel Knight waves his hand toward Andrew, yielding the floor to him. Andrew lets out a low sigh.
“Spencer, Mac, come on in, Might as well tell then to your face.”
“How did he…” Mac whispers but Spencer only smiles.
After a moment the duo join the others, Andrew turning to look just off the side of Leanbow. “You might as well show yourself as well Tommi.”
A shimmer like waves of heat soon reveal the figure of an 18 year old boy? Girl? It is hard to tell under the baggy clothes, however the face, even with its short spiky hair, is instantly recognizable to Justin.
“Tommy, is that you? How the heck did you wind up younger then me.”
Tommy’s voice is low and gravely “It’s a long story Justin.”
Andrew, and the others, including Leanbow, looks between the two with curiosity.
“You know each other Tommi?” Andrew wonders.
“Yes,” Tommy states simply, “Let me introduce you to Justin Stewart, the Blue Turbo Power Ranger.”
“And that’s Tommy, former Red Zeo Ranger, and Red Turbo Ranger.” Justin pauses looking lost in thought. “And the white Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger. Did I miss any Tommy?”
“Not much, before I was the white ranger I was the Green Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger, and not to long ago I was part of a team called Dino Thunder where I wore the color black.”
A whistle is heard from Dax, “Wow a real power ranger legend here.” Casting a critical eye on Tommi he blinks “Wait your like 18, what were you like 5 when you became a ranger. You have to be like the youngest power ranger in history.”
“No that honor goes to Justin who was Turbo Blue before he could shave. I was around 18 when became the Green Ranger.”
“But your 18 now,” Rose adds, “Hummm your either immortal or something caused your body to regress.”
“Very astute Rose, but that is a tale for another day.” Andrew interrupts “In any case I called you all here because, as you might guess by now, in order to defeat Moltor, Flurious, and all others who come seeking the crown and its jewels the Sentinel Knight and I are forming a new team of Power Rangers. Justin by now may have gathered that those plans Hartford Industries was working on was not new construction equipment but Zord and Morphers. And while I only have four morphers to spare I wanted to bring Justin in officially to the big picture. As for the rest of you.”
Andrew took another deep breath, “My foolishness not only released Moltor and Flurious but alerted the universe to the Crown’s presence. If you will I would like the four of you to become my new team of Power Rangers.”
After a short pause the five all agree to help, Leanbow lowers his head as he, Tommi, Mac, Spencer, and the others are lead into a command center below the estate.
“I sorely misjudged you Mr. Hartford, I had sensed much magical energy here, no doubt from your relic collection and believe your motives impure.”
Andrew sighed, “How pure can they be to foist my mistake on the shoulders of others?”
Finally the group came to the DNA sequencer and Andrew motioned for the five new arrivals to step up, holding his son back for the moment. “In a few moments your bodies will be enhanced by my machine, and each of you granted unique genetically enhanced skills which will also optimize your bodies for the morphing sequence.”
“Question,” Justin added, drawing all eyes to him. “When I was the Blue Turbo Ranger we didn’t need to do this, so why now.”
Andrew smiled, “You don’t need too but the sequencer will make morphing easier then it was in the past. The additional genetically enhanced ability also doesn’t hurt.”
“And don’t worry about regressing two decades,” Tommi adds “I unfortunately omitted my time as the Black Ranger and my own dino powered genetic ability. We determined that was the cause of my…condition. And have additionally enhanced the device to prevent a similar mishap. Those with dormant genetic gifts are simply skipped by the machine.”
As the machine did its thing Leanbow watched silently and as it finished Rose spoke her mind. “If Justin is only going to be a technician which of the four of us is going to be the Red Ranger?”
“I would never make any of you do something I was unwilling to do. For a month now Tommi and I have been functioning as a duo and I will continue to fight along side you, I am the Red Ranger, your leader. Now please take Mac and Spencer and enjoy yourselves on the estate. I believe our unexpected visitor and I have much to discuss.”
“But dad!” Mac whined as Spencer led him out of the command center, the quintet soon following.
Andrew turned to Leanbow and took a deep breath. “The Sentinel Knight trusts you but I don’t even know your name.”
“I am Leanbow, the wolf warrior. And I must apologize for my rash actions earlier.”
Tommi stood beside Andrew silently, offering his support.
“No, you were right, if anyone if the villain here it’s me. My ego released Moltor and Flurious. I had sought the Crown to use its power to better mankind but I ignored the warnings of sages and mystics that all it would bring is doom. My shortsightedness inflicted Dr. Oliver here with his condition and my cowardice forced me to share the burden with people who have no need to be involved. There are only 5 of us, against an unknown army of crown seekers, it’s a fool’s game and I dragged the others into my hand.”
Leanbow smiles, “A hero is not defined by his mistakes but what his is willing to do to correct them. Creating a team of Power Rangers is no easy task, and I can not even begin to imagine the cost. And yet in less then half a year you have created a team ready for when Evil strikes.”
Leanbow drew his mystic cell morpher, “Magical Source, Mystic Force!” he shouted as a ring of purple enveloped him transforming him into the Inferno Wolf Knight.
“And your numbers are six, not five.”
Andrew smiled, “Thank you, I fear it will get much worse from here on out.”
On one side of the estate Mac sat alone, after a moment Spencer joined him. Mac takes a deep breath before looking up to Spencer as he sits beside him. “I’m not a child anymore Spencer, why won’t dad take me on any of his adventures, or join his rangers.”
“Master Mac your father has many treasures but there is one he values as priceless, one he would sacrifice even his life to protect. Do you know what that treasure is?”
“The Corona?”
“You master Mac! Your father care deeply for you and could never live with himself if you were to be hurt.”
Meanwhile on the other side of the estate the quintet is talking a walk on the large lawn, talking.
“Do any of you feel kinda weird, you think Mr. Harford spliced us with a bug or something?”
“You watch too many movies Dax.”
“Well actually when I was the Blue Ranger Divatox shrank us and we started to turn into bugs. So anything is possible.”
“Mr. Hartford doesn’t strike me as someone who would let that sort of mistake happen. He seems really…” Ronny starts.
“Depressed?” Will adds.
“Well I was going to say…”
“Shhh wait…” Will interrupts as he squints his eyes, suddenly he sees clearly over the hedge some distance away. “My vision, its telescopular!”
“That’s not a word,” Rose admonishes.
“Wait, I see something past those hedges, looks like Lizard…men.”
“I was a Lizard man in a movie once, the suit weighted a ton and was hot as hell.”
A moment later the Lava Lizards come into the others view. Reflexively they take a fighting stance. The lizard charge and with a surprising leap twenty feet straight up Dax avoids the attack. “This is so cool.”
A pair a lizards charges at Ronny, with a quick step she is over by Justin as the Lizards crash into each other. “Sweet!”
As the Lizards close in on rose she closes her eyes “What’s my power, what’s my power!” she mumbles as the Lizards lunge at her and she vanishes. Quickly she rolls as they crash into each other. “Wow!”
The ground begins to shake as a Lizard changes Justin, his eyes closed tight one of the trees on the estate shakes and suddenly the Lava Lizard is sent flying as an uprooted tree crashes into him, Justin opens his eyes to see the result, and there is only one thing to say. “Morphiniminal!”
The last lizard charges at Will, his ears resonate with the crushing of grass under the lizard’s feet. Will leans back as he hears the rush of wind coming toward his face and duck right under a broad swing. “I could get to like this power!” he says with a grin.
A moment later Mac and Spencer run onto the scene to investigate the commotion. A moment after that four Andrew Hartford’s come rushing toward them behind the controls of a jeep, 2 motorcycles and an ATV. Leanbow and Tommi seat in the back seats of the jeep. Before anyone can blink and confirm the Hartford Quadruplets there is only one, behind the wheel of the jeep.
“Get on, we need to lead them away from the estate.”
Spencer and Mac quickly pile into the Jeep with Justin and Rose a moment later. Dax hops onto the TV while Will and Ronny get on the bikes. The Lava Lizards hot on their tails they peel out quickly.
Peering over the side Justin shouts out past the Lava Lizards “Storm Blaster we're peeling out!”
Several confused faces look back to Justin but Tommy only smiles.
“That old rust bucket still hanging out with you. Did Teeja ever hook back up with Lighting Cruiser.”
Justin smiled as the blue Jeep came rolling up beside the Hartford jeep, mowing down several Lava Lizards with blast from its cannons on the way. Nimbly Justin Hoped one jeep into the drivers side of the other and secured his safety belt. “Last I checked Lighting Cruiser is doing the amateur circuit of the Custom Run with TJ.”
Ronny gasped “You talking about ‘Red Lighting’ TJ?”
Justin smiled wide “One and the same, He took up the reins of Red Turbo Ranger when Tommy retired.”
“Sentient vehicles?” Andrew mused “Fascinating.”
The commentary was cut short as a sudden explosion caused the caravan to swerve as Moltor made his presence known. “Relinquish the Corona, now!”
Pulling the crown from the passenger compartment Andrew quickly turned to the others and reached into a bag at his feet. “This looks like the moment of truth Rangers.”
With a quick toss Will, Ronny, and Dax caught their new trackers. As Leanbow, Tommy, Justin, and well everyone hoped of their vehicles.
“Spin the gyro and use the command Overdrive, Accelerate to take on your ranger forms.”
As Rose hoped out of the Jeep Tommy quickly passed something from his palm to hers. “And I think you’ll look much better in pink then I ever did!”
Rose smiled, “You’re probably right.”
Leanbow raised his mystic morpher as he looked back toward the others. “I’ll cover your Escape Mr. Hartford, and give the others time to transform.”
“Count me in!” Justin exclaimed as he leapt at a Lava Lizard.
Tommy was silent, joining Justin in the fight as Spencer took a firm grip of Mac’s arm. “This way master Mac.” And began to pull him away from the fight. Andrew bolted dragging his own tracker along the ground. “Overdrive Acel…” he started but a blasted of fire from Moltor sent Andrew, his tracker, and the crown sprawling. Mystic fire spewed from Leanbow’s wand enveloping and tossing the Lava Lizards aside but they were back up unsinged.
Moltor laughed. “Lava lizards are born in the hottest pits of a volcano, your blaze won’t even faze them.”
“Overdrive, Accelerate!” With their arms out stiff Ronny, Will, Rose, and Dax ran the gyro over their arms and in an instant were the Black, Yellow, Pink, and Blue rangers, respectively. Immediately they took the fight to the Lava Lizards.
“Drive Claws.”
“Drive Slammer.”
“Drive Vortex.”
“Drive Gyzer.”
Weapons in hand the Rangers dealt with the Lava Lizards with Justin, Tommy, and Leanbow. Andrew scrambled to his feet moving toward the crown but Moltor was already rising with the prize in his hand. Mac paused, now was the time for action, his father’s tracker had landed not far from his position. He crossed the few paces, to Spencer’s objections and lifted the device. Time seemed to slow for a moment as he drew the gyro across his sleeve. “Overdrive, Accelerate!”
There was a flash of Red and a moment later the eight warriors stood alone, the Lava Lizards reduced to ash. They turned to Moltor and Mac extended his hand expectantly.
“The Crown.”
Moltor laughed, “Well now we have a situation, heroes.”
With a quick cut of his sword toward a distant mountain the top exploded, Lava rushing toward the city below.
“You can fight me for the crown, or save the city. Speeding bullet time heroes.”
Andrew growled. “Go, save the city.”
“But the crown!” Justin protested.
“The city is more important.”
“Right,” Mac said with a nod, already getting ready to move.
“Someone has to stop the lava though.” Rose commented.
Mac made a quick decision then, “Will you’re with me, Rose take Ronny and Dax and stop the lava.”
“As for Moltor.” Leanbow said as he crossed the distance to the villain, Tommy with him helping to raise Andrew to his feet. Something slipped from Andrew’s hand to Tommy’s in that moment and both smiled knowingly. Justin hopped quickly into the blue jeep and then out before meeting the other two.
“As for Moltor,” Justin repeated. “We’ll handle things…Shift into Turbo!”
With a quick motion Justin raised his wrists and plunged a key into the wrist morpher turning it. A second later the Blue Turbo Ranger stood. “Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!”
“Magical source, Mystic force!” Leanbow chanted raising his mystic morpher high as a purple ring formed at his feet. As it rose he was transformed into the crimson armor of Korragg. “Inferno Wolf Knight!”
“Overdrive, Accelerate!” Tommy added last as he swept a new tracker over his arm and was quickly transformed into. “Kick into Overdrive…Violet Ranger Style!”