The Client

Chapter 17

The band had a singer that could actually carry a tune, some recording artist that Mike had never heard of. They were playing a Broadway number. He couldn't place which one. While all of his training kept part of him alert to the changes in the room, Mike focused the majority of his attention on his date. All of her attention was on him. "What's your type of music?" Abby asked.

"I don't know if I have one," Mike mused, "I'll listen to pretty much anything once." He noted Abby slightly rocking to the band. Maybe she'd like to dance Mike thought. "How about you? Got a favorite artist or band?" he inquired.

"Several!" she laughed.

I will follow you down wherever you go- I, I, Baby, I'm bound to you and do you know?

The band ended the song they were playing. He stood as the next one started. "May I have this dance?" he asked.

Abby grinned, "I'd be delighted." He reached out his hand to her. She took it and he helped her to her feet. He kissed her knuckles.

"It's been a while so I am a little rusty- I hope I don't step on your toes too badly," Mike quipped.

"I'm willing to risk it," she replied. Arm in arm he brought her to the dance floor.

Closer, pull me in tight- I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero.

They joined hands in hold. Mike placed his free hand on the small of her back and pulled her body flush to his.

And my heart beats- Like the empires of the world unite- We are alive.

Mike looked down into her beautiful face. Abby locked eyes with him. She could feel both of their hearts beating like drums. He made the first step out. Abby followed his lead.

You're my wildfire every single night- We are alive.

Mike took full advantage of the sizable dance floor. He whirled Abby from once side to the other. In these moments she let go. Mike made her feel so free. Abby had no responsibilities in this moment and certainly no one to make her feel threatened. No, she was safe with Mike. Out there in his arms she was just a young woman falling in love.

The stars make love to the universe- And you touch me.

Mike dipped them down. His nose brushed against the soft skin of her neck. The touch sent a charge through them both. His breath against her skin was about to drive her crazy. He brought them up on the second line. Keeping the skin to skin contact, he drew his face across her check until his cheek was against hers. Abby closed her eyes. This was better than she ever imagined it could be.

And I'm like. And I'm like. Ooooo Ooooo And I'm like. Ooooooo...

They spun around together. Mike & Abby were totally in their own little world. Agreeing without a word spoken, the couple decided to keep dancing after the number ended. They found a new rhythm with the next song.

Charlie and Lucia watched the couple from a distance. "Aren't they just perfection?" Lucia sighed wistfully.

Charlie took a sip of her martini, "Abby does look happy."

Lucia nudged her with her shoulder, "It's a party."

"Sorry, I guess my mind is on a patient at the moment," Charlie replied.

"I see," Lucia pursed her lips, "Anything you can talk about?" She wouldn't want the doctor to break doctor patient confidentiality, but if Charlie needed to vent Lucia was there for her.

"Shouldn't you be looking for some trouble to get into?" Charlie replied. She tried to push the thoughts of Hannah, resting in the hospital bed, out of her head. Charlie hoped the little girl was asleep by now.

"The trouble I want to get into is working," Lucia frowned.

"There are plenty of other guys to flirt with here," Charlie offered.

"I don't want Johnny to see that," Lucia admitted. She frowned, then ran her finger around the top of her glass. "Let's pick one for you," Lucia grinned wickedly.

Charlie rolled her eyes, "Fine." The two scoped out the room.

"How about that one?" Lucia pointed out a guy that was up mingling with some other guests.

"Nope, he's got a woman waiting for him at his table," Charlie nixed that one.

"Ok," Lucia drummed her fingers, and looked around until she spotted another guy sitting all alone at a table. "He's kind of cute," she motioned.

"Too young," Charlie shook her head.

"Picky, picky," Lucia put one hand on her hip. She continued to scan the crowd.

Her assistance was unneeded however. An attractive man approached their table with his eyes on Charlie. "Hi, I'm Sam," the tall, dark haired man introduced himself.

"My name is Charlie and this is Lucia," Charlie replied.

Sam tipped his head to Lucia, "Miss." His attention immediately turned back to Charlie. Sam cleared his throat nervously. "Listen, I was hoping you might let me take you out for a dance- that is if you'd like to dance," he smiled coyly.

She looked him over. Sam filled out his tux well. A man was not something Charlie was looking for. She had already vowed off other doctors especially her fellow surgeons with their god complexes. Still a dance with a nice, handsome man wasn't out of the question. "All right," Charlie agreed.

"Go," Lucia waved her off. Charlie took Sam's offered hand and went off to the dance floor.

A guy a few tables down saw the chair beside Lucia was empty so he made his move over. He sat down without asking. "Evening, Gorgeous," he greeted.

"Ms. Solano and you are?" Lucia straightened up.

"Felix," his eye's roamed Lucia up and down. She shifted uncomfortably. "How's about a dance?" Shawn caressed the back of her hand with his fingertips.

"Not tonight, thank you," Lucia pulled her hand away.

He grabbed her by the wrist, "Come on, Sugar."

"Let me go," she demanded.

Johnny saw Lucia struggling with the guy and strode over to her table. "The lady said hands off," Johnny ordered.

"What's your problem?" Felix snapped before recognizing that Johnny was with security.

"This guy bothering you, Miss?" Johnny asked.

Lucia pulled her arm out of the guy's grip, "He was just leaving." She collected herself. "Weren't you?" Lucia pressed.

"Yeah, see you around," Felix got up and backed away.

"Are you ok?" Johnny asked.

"Fine," Lucia rubbed her wrist. He made a mental note to hunt down the jerk and deck him. "You probably should get back to work," she urged.

"Flag me down if you need me," Johnny instructed.

"Will do," Lucia promised. She wanted to tell Johnny she could have taken care of the jerk herself, but it was sweet he jumped to her defense like he did.

"Are you coming back to the house with us after this?" Johnny asked.

"Yep," Lucia answered.

"Cool. All right," Johnny nodded, "Talk to you later."

Mike & Abby finished out the second song. "Want to continue?" Mike asked.

"That would be heavenly, but we should probably see if the food is being served," Abby replied. Mike leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Holding hands they left the dance floor. They joined Brennan at the table.

"Hey, you two," Brennan smiled, "How are you doing?"

Mike's cell beeped. "I have to check this," Mike excused himself. It could be from Lauren or Briggs or Johnny. Abby nodded. He pulled up the message. It was from a number Mike didn't recognized. He read the message silently, "Enjoy Abby while you can. You're going to miss her when she's gone." Mike's face flashed in anger for a brief second before he collected himself.

"Everything all right?" Abby placed her hand on Mike's larger one.

Mike tried to force a cover smile, "For now."

"What is it?" Brennan asked. Mike showed him the text. Brennan muttered something unrepeatable under his breath. Abby looked between the two men and knew something was wrong.

Mike rose, "I am going to get it called in." He kissed Abby's cheek. "I will be right back," Mike promised.

Johnny saw Mike approaching and met him part way, "What's wrong?"

"Has there been any trouble?" Mike asked.

"Things are all quiet on my front," Johnny said. He had been given an earpiece and was in constant contact with the rest of the security team.

"Call Lauren and have a trace run on this number," Mike repeated the number off of his phone.

"All right," Johnny replied, "So the Governor got another message?"

"No, I did," Mike answered.

Johnny was visibly confused, "You?"

"Yep, me," Mike shook his head. He showed his friend the text.

Johnny frowned, but went right to work. "You better head back- I got this," he assured Mike.

"If there is any kind of disturbance let me know," Mike requested.

"Will do. Now get back to your date," Johnny directed.

"Stay sharp," Mike backed away and headed for the table. He really wanted to hurt someone after that, but shook it off. He wasn't going to let that color the date for him or especially Abby. By the time he got seated back in his chair, the food was being served. "Sorry about that," Mike apologized.

"It's fine," Abby replied.

"You came back just in time," Brennan said as a plate was set before Mike. He went into another conversation with one of his political friends.

"This smells wonderful," Mike checked out his plate, "Did you put the menu together?"

"Yes, that's the best I can do in the kitchen- I can't cook," she admitted.

"Funny, I am not a great cook, but I am decent at it," Mike replied.

"I never said I was perfect," Abby shrugged.

"Maybe we could take a class together," Mike offered.

"I'd like that," Abby replied. The three and everyone else at the table went on eating.

Hours later Abby ended the gala in Mike's arms on the dance floor. She knew it was over when the band stopped playing.

"What time is it?" she asked.

He checked his watch, "Two."

Abby gave out half a whine, "Where did the time go?"

"I don't want the night to end either," Mike said.

They went back to the table where Brennan, Charlie, and Lucia where waiting for them. Johnny joined the group and they headed outside to the Limo.

Brennan led the pack with Johnny and the two girls in the middle. They were ahead quite a few steps with Mike & Abby bringing up the rear.

"I had a great time tonight," Abby said. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Me too," Mike put and arm around her and rested his cheek on the crown of her head.

A man rushed Abby from behind. She let out a yelp. A man tried to yank her way from Mike. Mike flew into action. He wrenched the man off of Abby. The man reached for her again. Mike snatched him by the wrist and began to twist. "Run, Abby," Mike instructed. He put himself between Abby and the intruder. The man began to lift a gun in his other hand. Mike managed to take hold of the other hand and wrenched the gun from it. Hearing the commotion, Johnny ran back. The assailant threw off Johnny. He went after Mike. Mike hit him in the middle of the chest as he charged. Mike then flipped his opponent onto the ground. The other man landed on the concrete with a loud thud. The hood on his sweater flew up and covered his face. Within moments Johnny had his gun unholstered and aimed at the would-be abductor. Mike was practically on top of the man with gun drawn. "Don't move- stay where you are," he ordered. The other man froze.

The most inappropriate thoughts fluttered around her head, watching Mike take down the assailant. His heaving chest and the glare Mike directed to the man on the ground. Was Mike that intense in bed? Mike looked around for the others, then turned his gun back on the assailant. He realized that Brennan's security team had taken down two more guys.

"Who are you?" Johnny demanded.

"Why don't you ask Mike?" the hooded assailant replied. His hand reached up and pulled the hood off of his face and head. The man with an eye patch stared up with one eye, directly at Mike, "You know who I am."

Mike's brow furrowed in recognition, "Eddie?"

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