The Client

Chapter 31

Grant brought Callie into the house and looked around at the people in the meeting that was dispersing. "I hate to ask, but is there anyway someone could watch my daughter?" Grant requested.

"I can," Brennan offered.

"Thanks, I apparently have to have a talk with my wife," Grant said.

"I'm Brennan," the governor smiled at the little girl in Grant's arms.

"Callie," the raven haired child said softly.

"Do you like chocolate chip cookies, Callie?" Brennan asked. Callie nodded. "The cook made a batch fresh this afternoon. Would you like some?" Brennan offered.

Callie looked to Grant. "You can eat some, Munchkin," Grant nodded.

Grant handed Callie over to Brennan. Brennan settled her weight on his hip like an old pro. "It just seems like yesterday my girl was this size," Brennan reminisced.

"She fit in the palm of my hand when she was born," Grant rubbed Callie's back.

"I wasn't that small, Daddy," Callie objected.

"Yes, you were. I have pictures to prove it," Grant bopped her nose with his finger, "Be good for Mr. Brennan- I'll see you soon."

"I will," Callie promised.

"Alright, Callie, let's go find those cookies," Brennan took her through the double doors of the kitchen.

Mike & Abby came in. Piper followed in just after the couple who continued on their way. Grant stepped her in front of her.

Mike's phone rang as he and Abby left the living room and went toward the stairs. "Warren," he answered. Piper looked over Grant's shoulder and watched the couple disappear.

Grant shook his head at Piper, "You are so damn predicable."

"Whatever," she tried to move past him. He grabbed her arm to stop her. Grant brought her back into the living room, then let go.

"I knew it was a matter of time before you showed up," he growled, "But bringing Callie with you? That's low."

"What did you expect? I had no one to watch her," Piper countered, "Your crazy sister doesn't count."

Grant put his hands on his hips, "Maybe you could have taken that as a hint that you were supposed to stay home." She crossed her arms over her chest. "Do you have any idea what you brought our daughter into?" he challenged.

"I am sure it has to do with Bello," she flipped her hair, "You didn't volunteer any information."

"Why bother? You were going to hack into my computer anyway," Grant threw his head to the side.

"Like I have any other way to know what you are up too," Piper rejoined.

"I told you the truth: I am on assignment," he insisted.

"You were searching some other woman on the internet," she charged.

"Please, don't even pretend you came all this way to check on me," Grant clenched his jaw.

"Then why did I come, Mr. Know-It-All?" Piper challenged.

"You saw a photo of Mike in a tux, all smiles, with a beautiful woman on his arm and got your panties all in a twist," he put his hands on his hips.

Piper's face fell, "You think she's pretty?"

"It's Mike's opinion that matters," Grant smirked. Piper glared at him. Her reaction let him know he had touched a nerve. "It's always Mike that matters," he mumbled under his breath.

"Mike's not all about looks," she lifted her chin.

"You wouldn't follow me across the continent and drag our daughter along if Mike weren't here!" Grant accused.

Piper giggled. "Is someone's ego bruised?" she taunted.

"Does the Bureau know where you are?" he questioned.

"I had some vacation days that I needed to use," she shrugged.

He blew out a breath and tried to keep his temper under control. "Did you read all the articles on the situation?" Grant asked.

"A few," she replied.

"A man is dead," he thundered, "Abby has been threaten multiple times- she was nearly kidnapped, had her car wrecked, and been shot at twice- all because her father was doing his job."

"It's dangerous like all our cases," Piper said.

"Bello doesn't care who gets in the way and he'll target family," Grant craned down to make sure he caught her eyes, "What if Callie is in the wrong place at the wrong time or Bello finds out she's here? Did you think about what could happen to our daughter because you had to drag her along chasing after a man that dumped you twice?" He stomped off to let Piper think about that.

Grant pushed through the kitchen door. He found Callie sitting on a stool at the counter with Brennan. "Daddy!" Callie called.

"Hiya," Grant mused her hair, "Thank you for watching her, Governor, I hope she wasn't too much trouble."

"She's a darling," Brennan replied.

"I saved you some cookies," Callie pointed to a plate.

"Thanks, Munchkin," Grant leaned with his elbows on the counter and took up one of the cookies.

Mike ushered Abby into the wing with her father's office instead of going to her room. He indicated that they should sit down on the couch. "Ok, Lauren, you're on speaker," Mike said.

"Abby?" Lauren asked.

"I'm here- what's up?" Abby answered.

"Vance is coming in for our talk. I thought you might want to listen in," Lauren offered.

"Ok," Abby nodded.

"He's coming in now," Lauren said. Mike hit the mute button so Vance wouldn't hear them. There was the sound of a door opening.

"Dr. Lars," Lauren stood.

"Agent Kincaid," Vance replied.

Lauren sat in her chair behind the desk. "Have a seat," she directed.

"What is this about?" he took a seat in front of Lauren.

"The day Miss Sinclair was at the hospital for the Christmas in July party- you were at work that day were you not?" she asked.

"I was at work," Vance nodded.

"Mr. Tuturro reports that you tried to crash the party," Lauren continued.

"I just wanted to talk with Abby," he defended himself.

"But she was there with her new boyfriend," she said.

"Are they that serious?" Vance questioned.

"Mike Warren received a threat by phone including a picture that came from the area you were seen in and in the time frame you were there," Lauren replied, "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" Vance opened his mouth to speak. "Before you answer you should know I have personally checked the security footage and they have traced the message back to its source," Lauren warned.

He hung his head.

"Did you hear that, Abby?" Lauren asked.

"Abby?" Vance frowned.

Mike unmuted the phone. Abby cleared her throat, "We did."

"Are you interested in pressing charges?" Lauren inquired.

Abby looked to Mike. He squeezed her hand and gave her a soft smile. "Not at this time, provided Dr. Lars does not attempt to contact me or Mike again," Abby said.

"I was just trying to get your attention," Vance began to plead.

"Listen, you send an electronic threat, at best a misdemeanor that can get you 6 months in prison and worst a felony that carries 2 year jail term," Abby said, "I don't think you want to go to prison. Do you, Vance?"

"No," Vance answered.

"Then stay away from me and Mike," Abby ordered, "Do you understand? No contact."

"I got it," Vance sighed.

"I understand where you were coming from, but that does not make it ok. Get yourself together," she told him, "Goodbye, Vance."

Mike hung up his phone. He tucked it into his pocket. Abby fluffed out her chocolate locks with her fingers. Mike got the vibe that she didn't want to talk about the call. "Sorry our swimming got canceled," he said.

"That's all right, I don't exactly want Piper to see you in your swim trunks," Abby admitted.

Mike grimaced, "That makes two of us." He leaned back into the couch then looked straight at her. "The bad thing is I didn't get to see you in your other swimsuit and I was really looking forward to it," Mike pouted.

She brushed his bangs back from off of his forehead. Her hand drifted to the back of his head. "Patience is a virtue," Abby twirled the ends of his honey blond strands around her fingertips.

"I will try to be a very good boy," he said.

Abby let him go. "Piper is pretty," she remarked.

"You jealous now?" he smirked.

Abby chuckled. "Maybe a little," she motioned with her fingers.

"She's no you," Mike replied.

"Her eyes were definitely flirting with you," Abby pronounced.

"Really? I didn't notice," he brushed it off.

"I know you weren't encouraging her," she assured him.

"Well, I'm pretty much spoken for," Mike stated. He hooked his index finger under Abby's jaw. His thumb caressed her chin. Abby let him draw their faces together. Mike kissed her tenderly. It was a sweet kiss, not hungry or heated though it lingered. She felt the affection behind it.

Mike & Abby went downstairs when they got the alert Johnny had returned with Charlie. They got to the foyer as Johnny was closing the door. "Hey, Girl," Abby greeted, "How did it go today?"

"Great, I found a house," Charlie hugged her.

"Awesome," Abby returned the hug.

"And the sellers accepted her offer," Johnny added.

"Really? That's terrific," Abby pulled back.

"Just have to get through the home inspection," Charlie crossed her fingers.

"This calls for ice cream," Abby declared.

"And wine," Charlie added.

"Ice cream, wine, and beer," Johnny grinned.

"That actually sounds awful," Abby made a face.

"Maybe we'll stick to ice cream," Mike suggested. He took Abby by the hand. The four head off.

They caught Dale and Paul in the kitchen. "Want some ice cream?" Abby offered.

"Are we celebrating something?" Dale asked.

"Charlie found a house," Johnny answered.

"I'll get the ice cream," Charlie said.

"I'll grab the bowls," Abby said.

"I'll bring the beer," Paul offered. They grouped up the needed things and headed for the dining room table.

Piper saw the group congregating and joined them. She decided to sit opposite Abby. Someone had to be feeling a little insecure to be draped over Mike like that. Abby had one arm around Mike with the hand resting on his opposite shoulder and her cheek resting on his other shoulder. Mike seemed to be encouraging the closeness. He crossed one arm over his chest so he could hold Abby's hand that had rested on his bicep.

Johnny offered his hand to the new comer, "Johnny."

Piper shook his hand, "Agent Harris, but you can call me Piper."

"The FBI sent you to back up Agent Frisco?" Johnny questioned. He hadn't been briefed on the day yet.

"She's my wife," Grant answered from behind Piper. He sat. They passed out two more bowls. Grant looked over his shoulder to check on his daughter who was watching a cartoon in the living room.

"We're separated," Piper replied- mostly for Mike's benefit.

"There's beer if you want it," Johnny offered.

Charlie caught Piper's interest in Mike and raised an eyebrow. She did not like that one bit. She looked over Johnny and he communicated the same uneasy feeling. They looked over to the other couple. Mike was busy feeding Abby from his bowl of ice cream. Piper did not appreciate the bedroom eyes Abby directed towards Mike. It didn't escape Piper's attention. Mike's ocean eyes were sparkling at Abby.

"What did you do after you left California?" Piper asked Mike.

He was jarred back to reality and reluctantly pulled his eyes away from Abby. "Until Briggs found me, I didn't know what to do," Mike answered.

"You could have always come back to the FBI," Piper suggested. Mike laughed. That was a joke. He was blackballed and he knew it.

"Have you thought of going to law school?" Abby asked.

Mike pursed his lips. The idea had never really crossed his mind, "Don't you think it's a little late for me?"

Abby shook her head. "You'd make a hell of a prosecutor," she encouraged.

"Hey, no poaching my guys!" Paul quipped. They all laughed. Paul took up his beer bottle. "To my merry band of misfits," he toasted. Mike, Johnny, and Dale clinked bottles with him. Charlie and Abby joined in with their drinks.

"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" Mike requested, "We don't have to have sex- I just want to stay with you." He and Abby reached the top of the stairs.

Abby turned to him. "Of course you can sleep in my room," she cupped the back of his neck with both of her hands, "As for sex let's just let whatever happens happen- I wouldn't count it out."

Mike smiled, "I can live with that." He'd take her lead. They went to the room he had been staying in and grabbed his bag.

"I'll get dressed in here," Mike offered, "Bathroom's all yours."

"Ok," Abby went to her dresser and pulled out a nightgown before heading into the aforementioned bathroom. He stripped down to his boxers and changed into a pair of sleep pants. Mike decided to skip the shirt tonight. He was about to pick up when Abby came out of the bathroom.

Mike grinned at her, "Very nice." He took a moment to appreciate his girlfriend. She was wearing a blue and white silk teddy. Nothing overly sexy, but still she was a sight to see. Abby crossed to him. "Sleepy?" Mike asked.

"Suddenly I am wide awake," Abby purred. She ran her fingers over his defined abs. Mike dipped down and captured her soft lips with his own. As they kissed Mike flopped down on the bed bringing Abby with him, down in his lap. She turned, placing her hands on his chest. Wanting as much contact as possible, Abby straddled him. They spent several minutes enjoying quite a few deep kisses. She urged him off further up into the bed. His hands drifted up her sides. He tucked the straps of her night gown down. The fabric pooled around her waist. They broke the kiss long enough for her to take the teddy off and toss it to the side. Mike pulled her back to him hungrily. He nibbled her neck while she began to rub their bodies together. Abby smiled. She loved the way his body reacted to hers. His thumbs hooked the top hem of her underwear.

He was about to pull them off when there was an insistent knock on the door. Abby slipped off the bed leaving him to cool his engine. Mike turned onto his side with an exasperated growl. The first item of clothing she found to put on was his t shirt. Abby scooped up his shirt and pulled it on before answering the door.

"Yes?" Abby asked after finding Piper on the other side.

"Sorry, I was looking for Mike," Piper stammered.

"Of course you were," Abby tucked a strand of her chocolate hair behind her ear. Piper blinked rapidly seeing what Abby was wearing. That was the same shirt Mike had on earlier that evening. What was the slut doing wearing Mike's clothes? Were her lips swollen?

"Yeah, ummm," Piper tried to remember her excuse. Just then all thought flew out of her mind when a bare-chested Mike came up behind Abby. Too bad her view of his toned body was blocked by Abby in front of him.

"What do you want, Piper?" he demanded. There was a hint of annoyance and dare she say frustration in his voice.

"I just wanted to say goodnight- Callie and I are heading out to the hotel," Piper explained.

"Ok," Mike replied. He refrained from rolling his eyes.

"I'll be back tomorrow," Piper promised.

"Goodnight," Abby said. Piper didn't respond so Abby closed the door.

She turned away. "Can you get the light?" Abby requested. She went to the bed and laid on her side with her back to the door. Mike flipped the light switch and made his way to the bed.

"Sweet dreams," he kissed the back of her head. Mike laid on his back and closed his eyes. After a minute, Abby let out a breath. She turned toward Mike. He moved his arm to make room at his side for her. Abby cuddled down into Mike's chest. Soon their heartbeats synced and they drifted off to sleep.

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