The Client

Chapter 34

"He's bleeding!" Abby repeated, "Charlie, help him, please."

Charlie slipped off her little sweater, "Look at me, Abby, breathe."

"You gotta help him, I don't know how," Abby pled. Charlie's chest got tight. It hurt to see her friend crumbling in front of her. Abby had been so strong up until now.

Charlie handed the sweater to Abby. She guided her to the best location to attempt to staunch the blood, but not move him. "Hold it there," Charlie instructed. Truth was there wasn't much they could do for Mike there in the driveway. Sirens echoed in the distance getting closer and closer.

After what seemed an eternity an ambulance pulled up alongside them. Three paramedics jumped out. "The EMTs are here- they are going to help you," Abby told Mike, "We're going to get you to a hospital- hang in there, please." Charlie took Abby by her shoulders and gently tugged her up and away so the paramedics could work on Mike. After accessing him the paramedics put a neck brace on Mike and slipped a backboard under him. They lifted him up onto a gurney.

One of the paramedics noted how distraught Abby was. "Do you want to ride with him, Miss?" Abby couldn't speak, but bobbed her head. They got Mike into the back of the ambulance.

"Johnny ride with them," Paul directed. Johnny nodded and collected Abby from Charlie. "We'll follow you," Paul called. Paul, Dale, and Charlie ran to Paul's car as Johnny and Abby got in the ambulance. Grant and Piper weren't far behind in her rental.

Abby sat beside Mike. She silently prayed. Abby slipped her hand into Mike's. Her heart broke in about a million pieces when he didn't squeeze back.

At the hospital a team of nurses and doctors whisked Mike away. The groups that had followed them joined Johnny and Abby. A nurse came up to Abby. "Follow me, please," she took them all to a private waiting room where Brennan was waiting for them along with his security and assistant. Abby went slowly to her father. Her feet seemed to drag. She hugged herself. The fear and anguish etched on his daughter's face just about killed Brennan. He closed the gap between him and kissed her forehead. Abby looked at the floor.

With Dale and Paul there to back him up Johnny went off to the side. Charlie followed her brother. She hugged Johnny from the side. She laid her cheek on his shoulder. "You ok?" Charlie inquired.

Johnny wiped his eyes, "Yeah, our job is dangerous- we know the risk going into it."

"It's doesn't make it any easier to see a friend hurt like this," Charlie replied. Johnny blew out a breath. No, it didn't. Mike was one of the best guys that he knew. "I am going to go check on him," Charlie said. Johnny nodded. She pulled away and headed through the doors toward where she knew they had taken Mike.

"Say something," Brennan implored.

"Maybe it would have been better for everyone if we had let Bello take me," Abby muttered.

"You don't mean that," he shook his head.

"I do! I can't take much more of this!" she grew more agitated. Brennan held Abby tight as she vented. His daughter kept trying to push away, but he wouldn't let her go. "I just found him!" Abby cried out, "It's not fair!" The air was forced out of her lungs. "It's not fair!" She stopped struggling and began to fall.

Brennan caught her before she could slip down. "No, it's not fair," he agreed.

"I haven't told him…" Abby pressed her lips together in a vain effort to stop her tears.

"Told Mike what, Princess?" Brennan pulled back and locked eyes with orbs identical to his own.

"I love him, Daddy," Abby confessed. He nodded in his knowing fatherly way. That was pretty obvious to everyone.

Brennan guided her over to a row of chairs and lowered her into one while he sat next to her. He had no words to say, but hope he could calm her by being there.

Charlie came back in. She sat down beside Abby. "Mike is stable for now. They are getting him a CT as we speak," the doctor informed the attorney.

Lauren arrived and spotted Brennan. He pushed up off of his knees, standing up. Brennan went to her leaving Abby in the care of Charlie. Grant and Piper joined them.

"Any news on Mike?" she asked.

"Nothing yet," he shook his head.

"What's the progress with the bomb?" Grant asked.

"Forensics is still processing the scene and security footage," Lauren answered, "Mike's lucky he wasn't inside the car during the explosion."

"Thankfully," Piper replied.

"How is she holding up?" Lauren motioned her head to Abby.

"Not well," Brennan frowned, "First her brother gets killed and her mother dies- then Bates and now." He shook his head. "If Mike doesn't pull through…" Brennan closed his eyes. He let out a breath. "I'm scared," Brennan admitted, "My Chloe died of a broken heart."

"That won't happen to Abby," Lauren took his hand.

"How much loss is she supposed to take?" Brennan asked.

"We'll take care of her," Lauren promised.

"I couldn't do anything to help my wife," he pointed out.

Mike began to stir. His head ached like hell. Everything was pitch black. He was awake- that he was sure of, but where was he? Mike raised his hand to his eyes. They were covered in some sort of gauze. Why would his eyes be bandaged? He tried to sit up. "Don't try to move," he felt a feminine hand on his chest easing him back down. "It's ok, Sir," a nurse tried to soothe him, "You are in a hospital."

Mike felt another person approach where he was laying. "I'm Dr. Webber," a man's voice said.

"Dr. Webber," Mike repeated. He eased down and the nurse went about her work.

"Can you tell me your name?" the doctor asked.

"Mike Warren."

"It's nice to meet you, Mike," Dr. Webber replied, "Can you tell me what year it is?"

"2015," Mike replied.

"Good, good," the doctor said.

Mike groaned. It sucked not being able to see what was going on. "Where is Abby? Is she all right?" Mike demanded.

"Who is Abby?" the doctor asked.

"My girlfriend," Mike clarified, "Is she ok?"

"No one else was brought in," Dr. Webber told him, "There are a group of people waiting for you."

"Is there a pretty brunette with them? She was wearing a light colored dress," Mike brought himself up onto his elbows.

"Hey, slow down there, Mike," Dr. Webber lowered him back down onto the cold hard surface, "Take it easy. I believe she rode with you in the ambulance."

"You saw her?" Mike instinctively grabbed onto Dr. Webber's arm.

"She's a bit shaken up, but fine," the doctor reported, "The best thing you can do for your girlfriend is stay calm and let me do my job so you can get better."

Mike knew the other man was right. Abby had to be scared out of her mind. "All right, what do we do now?" he asked.

"Well, we just finished getting you a CT scan," Dr. Webber began.

"Miss Sinclair?" a strapping blonde doctor approached the group.

"That's me," Abby stood.

"I am Dr. Webber- I have been examining Mr. Warren," he greeted her.

Abby wiped her eyes. "How is Mike?" she asked.

"Mr. Warren is actually asking for you," the doctor answered. Abby let out the breath she had been holding. Mike was awake and he was asking for her. She let that sink in.

Piper stood to follow them.

"I am sorry, but there are only two visitors allowed back where Mr. Warren is and he specifically requested that only Miss Sinclair and one of his security team be let back right now, preferably a Mr. Tu…"

"Tuturro," Johnny finished for him.

"That must be you," the doctor smiled.

"Mr. Warren said he will talk with everyone else when he is released," Dr. Webber looked around at the other people gathered.

"If you will please follow me, Miss Sinclair and Mr. Tuturro, I will take you to him," the doctor motioned them in the right direction. Johnny nodded to Paul. His boss nodded back. Johnny followed behind while Dr. Webber and Abby walked side by side and talked. "I have to warn you: we have him stitched up, but he is very well bandaged," the doctor said. Abby nodded.

Soon they were at Mike's room. There were two cops on the door. Even with Dr. Webber's warning what Abby saw still through her for a loop. Mike was using the bed to sit up slightly. He couldn't have his head too high. She expected his skull to be wrapped sure, but not for him to have bandages over his eyes. "Mike?"

Mike's eyes were bandaged, but his head snapped up in the direction of her voice, "Abby?" He held his arms out wide for her. She went right for him and wrapped her arms around his chest.

"Thank God," Abby whispered. Mike rubbed her back comfortingly. "You scared me to death," she said.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"I'm just glad you are alive," she kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"Hey, Man," Johnny greeted.

"Hi," Mike replied.

"I'll spare you a kiss," Johnny quipped.

"I appreciate that, Johnny," Mike smirked.

"I'm really glad you're ok, Mike," Johnny replied.

"Were you crying?" Mike asked.

Johnny cleared his throat. "I just had a frog stuck that's all," he protested.

Mike chuckled. Abby grinned. It was good to see Mike in such high spirits.

"He's got a concussion so while we want him to rest he's going to need to be woken even couple hours," the doctor began to give instructions.

"I can do that," Abby nodded. She'd do anything to help Mike recover.

"We'll have to keep a good eye on his stitches," Dr. Webber added.

"There was lot of blood," she replied.

"Head lacerations bleed like hell," the doctor said.

"What about...?" Abby asked.

"My eyes?" Mike asked.

"Can you see?" she bit her bottom lip.

"Not at the moment. It's just flash burn," Mike said.

"Flash burn? Like in MacGyver?" Abby asked.

He chuckled, "Why am I not surprised you've watched that show?"

"So, he's going to be able to see again, right?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, it's a severe case," Dr. Webber replied, "He'll have to keep his bandages clean and we'll watch him for infection, but if all goes well he will have his sight back within the next few weeks."

"Sounds like a plan, Doc," Mike replied.

"I have some rounds to make, I will be back to check on you later," Dr. Webber said.

"Thank you," Abby replied. With that the doctor left.

"I'll be on the door if you need me," Johnny excused himself to give the couple a little privacy.

Outside Vance passed through the hall quickly with his head down. He wouldn't even make eye contact with Johnny. For his part Johnny didn't say a word to Vance. It's not like they owned the hospital. Vance had patients in neurology. As long as he went about his business there wouldn't be any trouble.

Slowly Mike sat fully up. "Are you sure you should be moving like that?" Abby asked.

He swung his legs out over the side. "C'mere," Mike urged. Abby came in front of him as he beckoned. Mike could feel her between his knees. He reached down and took Abby's hands in his. "That bomb was just as much for me as it was for you," Mike asserted.

"I can't help thinking I'm cursed," she admitted.

"From where I'm sitting? I think we're lucky," he smiled. She hugged him tight. Mike decided to get them on a lighter topic, "Are you a big MacGyver fan?"

"I have the whole series on DVD including the movies even if they sucked," Abby answered.

"You didn't like them?" he teased.

"They had the same actor, but they didn't feel like MacGyver to me," she said, "He was so much cooler in the series."

"Am I sensing a little hero worship?" Mike asked.

"The show was like my Saturday morning cartoons," Abby explained, "When I was eleven you couldn't tell me I wasn't going to grow up and marry MacGyver someday."

Mike straightened his back, "Wow, I better get out of here before he shows up- that's some stiff competition."

"I found a younger, sexier version so I can't complain," Abby licked her lips.

"Is that so?" Mike quipped.

"Uh uh," she kissed him, "You are important to me, Mike."

Mike moved his mouth, but couldn't make words come out. "Mike?" He tried to speak again. "Mike? What's wrong, Baby?" Abby rubbed his knee. She watched in horror as his whole body tensed and jerked back.

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