The Client

Chapter 35

Mike convulsed and fell back into the hospital bed. His body shook violently. Abby pushed the call button and screamed frantically for help. The first in was Johnny. After a couple minutes Mike went completely still. His monitors started to go crazy. A code blue was announced over the loud speaker. Vance rushed in followed by a team with a crash cart.

Johnny pulled Abby back and held her while the team re-positioned Mike correctly. Vance laced his hand together and began chest compressions. A nurse placed a mask over Mike's nose and mouth. She began pumping the attached bag, giving Mike needed oxygen.

"300 Jules," Vance ordered.

"Charged," a second nurse replied.

Vance grabbed the paddles of the defibrillator. He placed the pads on proper points on Mike's chest. "Clear!" Vance called out. Every one of the medical team lifted their hands. Vance pressed the buttons delivering the current. Mike arched up.

Abby whimpered. Johnny guided her to hide her face in his shoulder. He smoothed down her hair. She shouldn't have to see this.

Vance watched the heart monitor. After the initial rise in the line on the monitor it went back flat. The alarm from the monitors continued. The nurse went back to pumping the bag. "Again," Vance ordered. He set the paddles on the cart then went back to chest compressions. "Come on, Muscle Boy, now is not the time to make me look bad in front of Abby," Vance muttered.


Vance repeated the placement of the paddles. He pressed the buttons causing Mike to arch once more. This time with much better success. Mike's heart monitor stopped the alarm and began to record heartbeats once again. "We got a rhythm," the nurse announced. Vance put the paddles back on the cart. The nurse removed the mask and bag. Mike was back to breathing on his own.

Johnny released Abby. She rushed over to Mike. "You did it, Baby," she kissed Mike's lips and forehead. Abby looked up at her ex with tears shining in her eyes, "Thank you." Vance tipped his head. It fully hit him in that moment he had truly lost Abby. Her eyes said it all. Mike had Abby's heart.

Dr. Webber came racing into the room. "Steve," Vance greeted.

"What's with the code blue?" the other doctor replied. He went to the monitors and read the printouts.

"Your patient flat-lined," Vance replied.

"He convulsed before that," Abby offered.

"Any other symptoms that you noted?" Steve asked.

"Well, he was trying to talk, but couldn't… I don't know if I'm explaining correctly," Abby wrung her hands.

"You're doing just fine, Miss Sinclair," Dr. Webber encouraged.

"Sounds like a grand mal seizure," Vance said.

"Is that bad?" Abby asked.

"It's a common type of seizure," Steve answered.

"He's not waking up," Abby observed.

"It isn't out of the normal for it to take a few minutes for a person to regain consciousness after this type of seizure," Dr. Webber assured her, "He needs to rest." He went over and began to look at the printouts of Mike's monitors.

Mike began to stir. Vance slipped out of the room. He didn't need to see Abby get all fussy over his replacement. "What happened?" Mike groaned.

"Squeeze Abby's hand for me," Dr. Webber directed. Abby placed her hand next to Mike's. Mike found Abby's hand and squeezed. Abby smiled and nodded at Steve.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Dr. Webber asked.

"I sat up," Mike began.

"You sat up?" Mike could feel the doctor frown. "I told you no sudden movements," Dr. Webber reminded his patient.

"It wasn't a sudden movement, I was careful," Mike countered.

"He's stubborn," Abby replied.

"So anyway, yeah, I sat up- Abby and I were talking and then I began to feel warm, I don't remember anything after that," Mike finished.

"Young guys like you think you are invincible- spoiler alert, you're not," Steve lectured.

"Is sitting up what caused me to pass out?" Mike asked.

"You had a seizure and flat-lined," Dr. Webber corrected, "And well no, sitting up wasn't the cause, but, you just woke up from head trauma- you shouldn't push your body right now."

"He's right, you need to rest," Abby rubbed Mike's shoulder.

"I know," Mike conceded.

"You can't even feel how hard you hit the pavement," the doctor said, "You're lucky your skull didn't crack. Once the painkillers wear off you are in for a world of hurt." Abby winced. That didn't sound good. "No more of this sitting up stuff until I say so, am I clear?" Steve ordered.

"Crystal, Dr. Webber," Mike said.

"Now all I want you to do is lay there and rest while I get you an MRI set up," Dr. Webber directed.

"Will do."

"I'll sit on him if I have too," Abby threatened.

Steve tipped his head to her, "I'll be back." He and the rest of the medical staff left.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Sleepy," Mike answered.

"Go ahead and sleep," Abby urged. She pulled away to find a chair.

He caught her hand before it left him. "Will you rest here with me?" Mike requested. Abby kicked off her high heels. She tossed them in the chair. He held out his hand to her. Mike helped Abby slide gingerly into the bed beside him. She laid down. Abby snuggled down into Mike's chest. She closed her eyes. Abby held her breath. Holding perfectly still, she made no sound. Abby lost herself in his heart beat. THA THUMP, THA THUMP, THA THUMP. She fought back tears. "I swear to God, if you die on me, Mike Warren, I will kick your ass so hard you will feel it in the afterlife," Abby vowed.

Mike angled his head down deliberately burying his nose in Abby's hair. He breathed her in, memorizing her scent. "I am not going anywhere," Mike kissed the crown of her head.

"Promise?" she queried.

"Promise," Mike affirmed. Emotionally exhausted, Abby closed her eyes.

Piper ran into an open bathroom stall. She fell on her knees just in time to vomit into the toilet. Grant was waiting for her when she came out of the stall. "You can't be in here!" Piper chided, "This is the ladies room." He shrugged. She went to the sink and rinsed out her mouth.

Grant leaned on the counter beside his estranged wife. "How far along are you?" he questioned.

Piper glared at him and contemplated lying. She grabbed a waiting paper towel and dried her chin. "None of your business," Piper tossed the used article into a trash can.

"The hell it isn't," Grant put his hands on his hips, "Anything that affects my daughter is my business."

"What makes you think I'm pregnant anyway?" she snipped.

"Besides you tossing your cookies?" he tilted his head.

Piper crossed her arms over her chest. "Mike almost got blown up, naturally I'm upset," she rationalized it.

"It's more than that, I know your body," Grant smirked as he looked her over.

Piper rolled her eyes. The last and only other time she had been pregnant was four years ago. How could he know already when she had just figured it out yesterday? "And you are even moodier than usual," he quipped.

"Do you really want to go there?" Piper brushed her hair back from her face.

"I'm just being honest," Grant replied.

"You are being a jackass," she countered.

"Well, you're not showing yet so I'd guess under three months," he pressed on.

"You're really happy about this aren't you?" Piper frowned, "Once Mike finds out- he'll be even more done with me than he already is."

"Callie will love a sibling," Grant switched gears.

"Who says it's yours?!" she snapped.

"Who says I care?!" he roared. Piper just about jumped out of her skin at his outburst. That was the wrong button to push and she knew it.

Grant closed his eyes and counted to ten. He dropped his shoulders. "I got offered a promotion, a position in Seattle," Grant informed her.

"Seattle?" Piper scowled.

"Yeah," he nodded, "I've pretty much decided on taking it."

"You're going to ditch us completely?" she sighed.

"No, if I go Callie is coming with me- I am not leaving my daughter," Grant stood firm.

"You can't take her from me!" Piper saw red.

"I don't want to," Grant shook his head.

"You would use my daughter to punish me?" she sneered.

"Come with me," he urged.

"What?!" Piper interjected.

"We can wash the slate clean now, stop the divorce, move to Seattle, and start over," Grant reached for her hand.

"You make it sound so simple," she shook her head.

"You can get a transfer," he pled, "Let's be a family: you, me, and the kids."

"Let's just go," Piper pushed away. They'd deal with this later.

They walked out of the ladies room at the hospital. Piper surprised Grant by continuing with him toward the doors. "You're going?" he raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Well, I can't stay here," Piper shrugged. There was no point. Mike had pretty much banned her from his room in favor of Abby. If the brunette was what Mike needed to recover then he could have her for now. Right now there were words to be had with Bello's associate.

Charlie walked up to Johnny were he stood guard with the police officers. "Hey, she greeted.

"Hey," Johnny said. He nodded to Dale who was shadowing Charlie.

"How are they doing?" Charlie inquired. She looked into Mike's room and saw the couple snuggling together. Both were asleep. They looked quite peaceful.

"He had a seizure that scared the sh!t out of Abby," Johnny said. And him too though he would never admit it.

Charlie understood and squeezed his shoulder, "It's not uncommon for people with head trauma to experience seizures afterwards."

"Yeah," Johnny gave her a pained smiled. He shook his phone. "I've been looking it up," Johnny said.

"I see- do you have any questions?" she offered.

"Will Mike have to be on anti-seizure medicine for the rest of his life?" Johnny asked.

"It is possible, but it's also quite possible he'll never have another seizure," Charlie answered.

"Have you seen Hannah?" he asked. Johnny wanted to talk about anything other than what was going on.

"I was about to head that way, I just wanted to check on you and Mike after rounds," Charlie reported.

"Say hi to her for me," Johnny requested.

"I will, text me if you or they need anything," Charlie directed.

"Sure thing," he nodded.

She left him at the door. Charlie rubbed her neck and made her way to the elevator as Dale followed her. Hannah was up a couple of floors.

"Knock, knock," Charlie peeked her head into Hannah's room. Once she had caught Hannah's attention Charlie came into the room. Charlie nodded to the volunteer who had been staying with Hannah.

"Dr. Charlie!" Hannah exclaimed brightly.

"Hey, Sweetie," Charlie hugged the little girl. Hannah returned the hug as best as she was able. Hannah frowned at her cast as she brought her arm back down. "One more week," Charlie smiled.

Hannah looked out the door. Dale was waiting outside where Johnny would normally wait. "Where's Johnny?" Hannah inquired.

"Do you remember Johnny's friend, Mike?" Charlie sat down on the bed beside the little girl.

"Kind of, he likes Miss Abby," Hannah answered.

"Someone tried to hurt Miss Abby, but Mike got hurt instead- Johnny is visiting with him now," Charlie explained.

"He's going to be ok, isn't he Dr. Charlie?" Hannah batted her eyes.

Charlie took Hannah into her lap, "I think so. He's resting right now."

"Good." Hannah didn't know Mike or Abby all that well, but she didn't want either hurt or sad.

"I found us a house," This was exactly what Charlie needed right now. "What color would you like your room painted?" Charlie kissed Hannah's forehead.

"Can it be yellow?" Hannah requested.

"It sure can, Baby doll," Charlie agreed.

"Hello, Hannah," a familiar woman's voice greeted. Charlie and Hannah looked up and saw Tara. "Dr. Demarco," the social worker added.

"Hi, Miss O'Neil, were you looking for me?" Charlie asked.

"Actually I was stopping by to talk to Hannah," Tara replied.

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